NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Ten sets of human remains have been found along Ocean Parkway in Long Island since four bodies were discovered last December.

But even today there are no new leads and no suspects.

Erin Moriarty will take a look at the case during a special edition of “48 Hours Mystery” titled “Long Island Serial Killer” airing tonight at 10 p.m.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Steve Scott With Moriarty

Moriarty will speak with the friend of escort Amber Costello who is believed to be one of the victims of the so-called Long Island Serial Killer.

Dave Schaller said he believes Costello was not afraid of meeting the client who would kill her. In fact, Schaller says the caller was so persuasive that  Costello walked out the door without her purse or even a cell phone.

A Preview Of The Episode:

The case began with the search for missing Jersey City escort Shannan Gilbert. She was last seen running in terror into the night from some unseen danger in Oak Beach on May 1, 2010.

While searching for Gilbert police unearthed the remains of four other women – all in their 20s– in December. They were all prostitutes listed on Craiglist.

Investigators suspect a serial killer is responsible their deaths.

In total, 10 sets of human remains have been found. None of them have been identified as Gilbert.

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  1. JL & Associates, Ltd says:

    Private Investigators…besides tracing phone logs, another idea maybe to see if one of the victim’s sisters(who actual spoke with the killer) can ID the voice from the three suspects interviewed via cell phone.

    PS: Also we feel that Ms. Moriarty exposed the Suffolk County PD for what they really are. Over paid and incompetent…There was a sense or urgencing when Shannon Gilbert called, also when the resident(fraud investigator)called. to show up 30 minutes later, and probably not even search the area, properly shows negligence and unresponsive behavior on the SCPD part.

    JL & Associates, Ltd

  2. Jim Alston says:

    Just an idea from a retired Detective. Police should check the incoming and outgoing phone logs of all the victions phones, from about a month prior to their disappearance, to see if there are any matching numbers between the victims.

    From watch a television program, I believe the suspect also called the mother and sister of one of the victims, using the victims cell phone. Was the victims cell phone used by the suspect to call any other numbers. If so these numbers (subscriber information) may have a connection to the suspect.

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