Comes Down Hard On Prosecution After It Shows 2008 Congress VideoBy Peter Haskell

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork / AP) — The judge presiding over Roger Clemens’ perjury trial has declared a mistrial over over inadmissible evidence shown to jurors that could have prejudiced them against the former Yankees star.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: The Judge Said Not To Go There

“In the United States of America we try to ensure that everybody that comes into our courthouse is treated fairly,” U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said. “I have no alternative, despite the tremendous loss of time, effort and money.”

Walton scolded prosecutors for twice violating his orders not to reveal certain evidence to the jury and said it put the whole case at risk. He took a short recess Thursday morning to consider how to rule on a motion for a mistrial from Clemens’ attorney Rusty Hardin.

When Walton returned, he made it official: mistrial.

He said that because prosecutors broke his rules, “the ability… to get a fair trial with this jury would be very difficult if not impossible.”

LISTEN: Newsday’s Jim Baumbach with WFAN’s Marc Malusis moments after the mistrial decision

Defense attorney Hardin patted an unsmiling Clemens on the back as the judge announced his decision. Clemens did not speak to reporters as he left the courtroom and made a telephone call in a private corner of the hallway.

Clemens and his lawyers remain under a court gag order and they declined to comment as they left the courthouse. Clemens hugged a couple of court workers, shook hands with the security guards and signed autographs and a couple of baseballs for fans.

“I’m not going to say anything,” Clemens said, sounding frustrated at the mass of reporters and camera crews. He and his legal team ducked into a nearby restaurant to escape the horde of news people.

A Sept. 2 hearing was set to determine whether to hold a new trial.

Prosecutors suggested the problem could be fixed with an instruction to the jury to disregard the evidence, but Walton seemed skeptical. He said he could never know what impact the evidence would have during the jury’s deliberations “when we’ve got a man’s liberty at interest.”

“I don’t see how I un-ring the bell,” said Walton.

Walton interrupted the prosecution’s playing of a video from Clemens’ 2008 testimony before Congress and had the jury removed from the courtroom. Clemens was accused of lying during that testimony when he said he never used performance-enhancing drugs during his 24-season career in the Major Leagues.

One of the chief pieces of evidence against Clemens is testimony from his former teammate and close friend, Andy Pettitte, who says Clemens told him in 1999 or 2000 that he used human growth hormone. Clemens has said that Pettitte misheard him. Pettitte also also says he told his wife, Laura, about the conversation the same day it happened.

Prosecutors had wanted to call Laura Pettitte as a witness to back up her husband’s account, but Walton had said he wasn’t inclined to have her testify since she didn’t speak directly to Clemens.

Walton was angered that in the video prosecutors showed the jury, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., referred to Pettitte’s conversation with his wife.

“I think that a first-year law student would know that you can’t bolster the credibility of one witness with clearly inadmissible evidence,” Walton said.

He said it was the second time that prosecutors had gone against his orders — the other being an incident that happened during opening arguments Wednesday when assistant U.S. attorney Steven Durham said that Pettite and two other of Clemens’ New York teammates, Chuck Knoblauch and Mike Stanton, had used human growth hormone.

Walton said in pre-trial hearings that such testimony could lead jurors to consider Clemens guilty by association. Clemens’ defense attorney objected when Durham made the statement and Walton told jurors to disregard Durham’s comments about other players.

There was no objection from Clemens’ team during the Laura Pettitte reference, but the judge stopped the proceedings, called attorneys up to the bench and spoke to them privately for several minutes. Hardin pointed out during that time, the video remained frozen on the screen in front of jurors with a transcript of what was being said on the bottom.

Cummings had been quoting from Laura Pettitte’s affidavit to the committee. “I, Laura Pettitte, do depose and state, in 1999 or 2000, Andy told me had a conversation with Roger Clemens in which Roger admitted to him using human growth hormones,” the text on the screen read.

Walton later told jurors: “We have taken a week out of your life to reach this point. When a judge makes rules regarding evidence that can or cannot be presented to the jury … there is an obligation of the lawyers to comply.”

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Comments (139)
  1. Jack Kennedy says:

    clemens attorneys should just use videos of congress and obama lying and it will be over in a heartbeat

    or is this just more LIBERAL HYPOCRISY …………. no one is allowed to lie except the liberals/democrat congress/president

    1. JJv says:

      You got that right!!!

      1. lydia says:

        The charges should be dropped. Clemens is guilty of nothing more than refusing to cheerfully participate in a Congressional witch hunt and being friends with the Bush family.That sleezeball trainer who’s trying to frame him is the only person in this situation who committed a crime.
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    2. Jackie Joerns says:

      Has anyone ever taken a tour of the wing of the hospital that Roger Clements and his wife donated to the children’s hospital in Houston?

      1. bronxilla says:

        Has anyone ever taken a tour of Mike Piazza’s concussioned brain in New York that Clemens donated?

      2. eponymous says:

        No, I wasn’t aware of this, but since people buy new wings for hospitals in order to put their names on them, it’s no surprise that Clemens has one.

    3. Bob says:

      Suck it Thunderroad.

    4. Tricky D*cky says:

      lt’s not forget “I am not a crook” or “read my lips, I will not rise taxes”

      “I haven’t, in the 23 years that I have been in the uniformed services of the United States of America, ever violated an order – not one”

      So much for LIBERAL HYPOCRISY right Jack@ss Kennedy.

      Right-wingers love to blame liberals for all the problems even for those lies & actions taken by their own Republican party.

  2. steve says:

    Waste of the taxpayers time and money. God what a silly country we have become.

    1. joeybiten says:

      If lying to Congress is a crime, why isn’t the enitre obama administration in jail?

      1. ThunderRoad says:

        If lying to Congress is a crime, why isn’t the entire bush administration in jail?

      2. urdumb says:

        whos bush?

      3. bronxilla says:

        Hey legal geniuses, the crime is lying “UNDER OATH”, not just lying, otherwise I’d be indicted and convicted for my profile on hot american studs . com.

      4. whoops says:

        Hey there, Legal-G: When you testify to Congress – you ARE under oath.

        The More You Know.

    2. Greg says:

      Agree!! My wife takes MD prescribed HGH. It’s not illegal. Let baseball take care of what it outlaws within the sport not Corgress. How can they justify wasting their time and our tax money. Absolutly ridiculous.

      1. Mark says:

        And even better yet – HGH was not illegal in baseball at that time ( when Clemens allegedley took them) The whole deal is about lying to Congress (which is made up of liars) so his image wouldn’t be tarnished. Kind of a circus when you think about it

  3. steffy says:

    My question is this: why did the judge suppress this evidence? What other evidence did he suppress? Any judge can make trying a case similar to walking through a minefield by the way he rules before trial on evidentiary issues.
    What was wrong with letting jurors hear the evidence and decide for themselves if it had any value? Doesn’t this judge trust jurors to assign to the evidence whatever value they thought it might deserve? Doesn’t he believe in the jury system? Otherwise, let’s quit tricking jurors into believing they are hearing all the evidence when it fact, the reall important information is suppressed and they never hear it.
    This sounds like a very important piece of information. It looks like this case might have turned out to be a he said-she said, ie, Pettite vs Clemens-if the defense argues Pettite is making it up, or Pettite misheard what clemens said-wouldn’t it be important that jurors hear that pettite said this that day to his wife, he did not make it up, and at a time he had no reason to make it up?
    Bad ruling by the judge. Keeping evidence from the jury they wouuld have been entitled to hear. And as pointed out in this article, the judge said the prosecutors broke “his rules” not the rules of evidence, and not the rules of criminal procedure.
    Perhaps we need to find out what other evidence he precluded? How does the truth ever prejudice a jury? Judge needs to reevalute admissibility of evidence and let jurors hear the truth. Don’t be so quick to blame the prosecutors for judiical mistakes.

    1. H.B. says:

      Some of the prosecutor’s allegations were clearly hearsay in nature, in particular the taped testimony of Ms. Pettite. She had no personal knowledge of any of Clemens supposed misdeeds other than that gained from discussion with her husband, clearly inadmissible testimony in its presented form. Had she been called to testify and the defense been given the opportunity to cross-examine, the ruling might have been different, although it would have ibeen dentified as hearsay. The system worked properly.

    2. rjm2238 says:

      It is hearsay, not allowed.
      Rich in New Mexico.

      1. steffy says:

        No, not hearsay. When Petite testifies that clemens admitted using to him, what is defense attorney going to argue-Petite made it up? Petite is mistaken? Petite is lying to get a deal? Same old defense atty arugments right?
        So her testimony becomes highly critical-petite tells wife 10 yrs ago about it? at a time before he had any motive to make it up, mistake or get a deal?

        (d) Statements which are not hearsay. A statement is not hearsay if–

        (1) Prior statement by witness. The declarant testifies at the trial or hearing
        and is subject to cross-examination concerning the statement, and the statement
        is (A) inconsistent with the declarant’s testimony, or (B) consistent with the
        declarant’s testimony and is offered to rebut an express or implied charge
        against the declarant of recent fabrication or improper influence or motive

        Clearly adimissible. obviously, defense atty is going to create some reason why petite is lying or mistaken, etc. statement is admissible to rebut allegation of recent fabrication or improper influence or motive. It is not hearsay.

        Who is judge? What trial experience does he have? Any criminal trial experience?

      2. rjm2238 says:

        Petits wife’s testimony, which is what is in question, not Andy Petits himself, is indeed hearsay. It is second hand info and hence hearsay.
        Rich in New Mexico.

    3. ImpeachThatLyingPunk says:

      It’s the HEAR-SAY rule… The Supreme Court has upheld it MANY TIMES… If this rule were not observed, then I could say that somebody told me that YOU were going to rob a bank. Also, an affidavit cannot be cross-examined… If you don’t know the rules, then back out and let the rules work like intended. With regard to this whole MESS, do you think Clemons should be jailed for perjury, if convicted ??
      If so, why didn’t CLINTON go to jail for his TWO COUNTS of perjury you never heard about, for which he was DIS-BARRED by an Arkansas judge, after he lied under oath during a deposition in the Paula Jones case, and lied in an actual court proceeding ( which is why the Arkansas Judge YANKED his law license ). CONGRESS is full of liars, thieves, crooks & perjurers. Roger Clemons shouldn’t be ANYWHERE NEAR a jail for LYING TO LIARS… KCUF THEM…

    4. Red says:

      Because it is not real evidence under the rules.

    5. baseballawyer says:

      Spoken like a true non-lawyer. Mrs. Pettite did not hear Clemons say anything, so you cant accept what she says as true…she dosent know anything, she’s just parroting what somebody else said. Andy heard the statement, so he can testify to it all day long.

      Ever played the game “telephone?” Once you get to a second or third person, the at-issue statement starts to change. People add and subtract information. They hear things differently thatn others. They interpret things. Ultimtately then, if you didnt hear it from the horses mouth, you dont know exactly what was said.

    6. baseballawyer says:

      buahahahaha… You are so wrong its sad. ANDY PETTITE’s statement that Clemmons said he used HGH is NOT HEARSAY because it is a ststement by a PARTY (Clemmons). MRS. PETTITE’s statement that ANDY told her that CLEMMONS told him that CLEMMONS used HGH IS HEARSAY. See the extra step in MRS. PETTITE’s testimony? She didn’t say “I heard CLEMMONS say X.” She said “I heard ANDY say that CLEMMONS said X.” The only person MRS. PETTITE heard speak is ANDY. She cannot speak to what CLEMMONS said.

      1. steffy says:

        1) If def atty suggests, in opening statement( shades of Casey Anthony) or during cross of Petite that he is mistaken, lying, etc., her testimony about what Petite told her 1999-2000, way before any motive too fabricate, is admissible to rebut any such insinuations, or
        2) I guess prosecutor could ask petite on redirect or even direct, if he ever told anyone this before and he could say, yes, my wife, in 1999-2000.
        Fact remains, he told her———– why is it being suppressed? it is key to case? That’s just life. Defendant has to deal with facts. He either cross-examines Petite or he doesnt. But if he insinuates Petite is lying, etc., he opens door to her testimony. Judge just can’t decide what he thinks jury should and should not hear. Jurors can figure it out for themselves who is lying if you give them all the facts. 1999-2000, that’s a long time ago, way before any reason to fabricate.

      2. Bob says:

        baseballlayer is on crack.

    7. RP says:


    8. Richard Simpson says:

      Are you a prosecutor, or just a Nancy Grace fan?

      1. bronxilla says:

        Please do not insult Nancy Grace. I am trying to sell her hairstyle to the Defense Department as head protection.

    9. John Jones says:

      When a judge instructs ath prowecutor what is not admissible and the prosecutor immediately refuses to obey, it shows the lack of expertice of the prosecution team.

  4. Boomerscout says:

    Clemens should never have been prosecuted in the first place. No one should be forced to answer questions before Congress about activiities, if any, that occurred BEFORE the activity was made illegal.

    1. Boomerscout says:

      Make that “activities”!!

      1. Eldrick says:

        He wasn’t forced…he volunteered to testify. Nobody ever accused the Rocket of being a rocket scientist. Nonetheless, they should just drop this and move on.

    2. Bhopx says:

      He wasn’t forced to answer questions about PED use. He REQUESTED a congressional hearing to refute the allegations made by McNamee in the Mitchell Report. I still agree though that prosecuting him is a waste of time.

    3. Nittanyray says:

      Justice Ginsburg was right.
      We have reached a point in this country when an ambitious prosecutor has no evidence of a crime being committed will use lying to an official to go after someone famous and make a name for him or herself.
      Congress had no business ever holding hearings and wasting the taxpayers money on an issue that wasn’t even being considered for legislation.

      1. Nutstuyu says:

        They do it to the unfamous folks too, because they can’t afford big lawyers to defend themselves against the unlimited resources of the government.

  5. Brian says:

    If the government has a shred of common sense then this mistrial should just end the case altogether. There has already been too much time and resources spent on this pointless prosecution.

  6. Tom Hahn says:

    The trail we should have is one that indicts Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for the mess we are in……………think about this: Remember the day… January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress: …At the time: The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77 The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% The Unemployment rate was 4.6% George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB CREATION! Remember the day… January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee. The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy? BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES!!! THANK YOU DEMOCRATS for taking us from 13,000 DOW, 3.5 GDP and 4.6% Unemployment… to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOS! (BTW: Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy). And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie??? OBAMA So when Liberals try to blame Bush… REMEMBER JANUARY 3rd, 2007…. THE DAY THE DEMOCRATS TOOK OVER!”

    1. Kozlowski says:

      Tom Hahn,

      I don’t think its very fair for you to blame Democrats by choosing the date they took over congress. That ignores the fact that the whole debacle was brewing for at least a decade before.

      No, your blame and the public’s anger needs to be directed, ironically, at the very same people you mention, Barney Frank, Congress etc, but going back to the 1990s when laws were enacted to promote home ownership. Remember, the government kills everything it touches. It tried to manipulate home ownership to favor minorities, thus killing it for everyone. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac were creations of the Democrats, Congress and Barney Frank.

      The practice continues, as if we have learned NOTHING from this insanely expensive disaster. Eric Holder is at it again, pressuring banks to loan to people who cannot afford it. Truly if a minority can afford a loan, why would a bank reject them? They would lose business for no good reason. And another bank would pick it up. Free market competition. The problem is the govt is trying to “pick winners” and has no business doing so.

      You can thank Obama, Goldman Sachs, Geithner and crew for bailing out wall street, bailing out AIG, bailing out the Europeans at 100 cents on the dollar. They took no losses on their bad investments. American taxpayers saved Europe, again.

    2. rjm2238 says:

      Thank you Tom,
      You have nailed it. I have been telling people this for quite a while and the Democrats among them refuse to accept it.
      Keep spreading the word, so will I and so will others until the truth gets out, gets accepted and gets acted on in November 2012.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  7. charles says:

    Illegal aliens marching over the borders in droves without consequence, the country on the verge of bankruptcy and all you have to do is go after a retired baseball player???

  8. David Wooten says:

    Congress has no business conducting hearings about the conduct of baseball players. Roger Clemens is not a government employee and if he broke any laws it is up to law enforcement and courts to prosecute him. We are supposed to have separation of powers in this country which means that the legislature makes the laws but stays out of law enforcement. Congress had no right to demand testimony from Clemens or any other moron baseball player.

    1. tom says:

      Congress can tell pharmaceutical Companies what to do because it makes research grants; Congress can tell Colleges what to do because it makes research grants. Congress can tell baseball what to do becauese it grants an exemption from anti-trust laws. When you can get government out of the business of making grants and picking winners and losers in our economy, then you can stop answering to their every whim.

      1. David Wooten says:

        Congress should not be making research grants. Congress should have enacted anti-trust laws.

      2. David Wooten says:

        Congress should not be making research grants. Congress should never have enacted anti-trust laws.

  9. Conquest says:

    Congress is so concerned about some lying to them in a matter that should be of no concern to them, yet they continue to lie to the American public in a daily basis. Does any see the irony of this besides me?

    1. MadCharles says:

      Everyone just wants this matter erased……….. It was just a TV drama..

    2. tonyloaf says:

      Prosecuting someone for lying to Congress is like prosecuting someone for stealing from the Mob. Maybe we should prosecute the liars in Congress instead of the liars to Congress.

  10. VINNY THE SHARK says:


  11. GrumpyFan says:

    Good, now hopefully it’s over for good. I don’t care that it’s Roger Clemens, but I never understood why congress was investigating this? Seems to me that the illegal use of drugs is a local matter between him and his employer, and/or law enforcement if necessary.

  12. Mike from DC says:

    For the guy that said the trial is being held in Yankee fandom – it is being held in D.C. The “crime” took place in D.C. and it is the U.S. attorney for D.C. that is handling the prosecution. The story was headlined from NYC but that is all that is happening there.

  13. JJ1970JJ says:

    We are a ruined nation when Congress feels itself so omnipotent that it investigates what hormones a person may or may not have taken to help them play a game. End the witch hunts NOW and start to dismantle this out of control monstrosity of government that is crushing the life out of the American dream.

    1. david watson says:

      Ride on JJ I’m with you…

    2. Bernie in Louisville KY says:

      Amen to that JJ

  14. edwardo says:

    The fix is in!

  15. sngnsgt says:

    Case dismissed. We have bigger fish to fry!!!

  16. Deborah Lynn says:

    Total waste of taxpayer money! Casey Anthony can lie and get away with murder, so leave Roger alone – at least he didn’t murder anyone!

    1. Annie says:

      I agree Deborah. Casey’s jury really wimped out and allowed a murderer and a liar go free, but Roger Clemens gets tried for lying and every one gets all warped out because Clemens lied. What is wrong with our society of people anyway.

  17. Tim Hugre says:

    The Obama Administration sells guns to Mexican Drug Lords which end up killing Americans and used for other crimes and then end up getting caught, covering it up and it isn’t worth the time of the mainstream press like CBS, NY Times, et al to report. But get caught lying to congress (or being a weiner) and its national news that must be covered in every detail.

    WAKE UP AMERICA, you are being made a fool of by these people.

  18. jefe says:

    Lying to Congress ? The penultimate oxymorn notwithstanding the importance of telling the truh when under oath ..

    1. RufusVonDufus says:

      If anyone should be on trial for anything I would say it is that Congressman from I believe it was Indiana, Dan Burton, who should be on trial for stupidity and just being a moron. He fits right in with the arrogant azzed Clemens. Both are useless humans. I hope Clemens goes to prison for 10 years, but I know the liberal hacks will take care of him.

      1. ImpeachThatLyingPunk says:

        I didn’t think so… Clinton is one of yours, huh ??

  19. Emory says:

    Why is it okay for Congress to lie to us but not okay for us to lie to them? (allegedly)
    Why is it okay for entertainment celebs to use cocaine, marijuana, thai sticks, etc, but a grave sin for an athlete to use steroids? (allegedly)
    Just curious

  20. AJ in VA says:

    Just to calrify. It isn’t congress itself that is prosecuting Clemens. it is Eric Holders Justice Department. Of course Holder doesn’t want to concentrate on why we sold guns to Mexican Drug Lords.

    1. arguethefacts says:

      That would be why we sold drugs to Mexican Drug Lords UNDER THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION!

      1. rjm2238 says:

        It would seem you had been buying and using drugs because you sound like you are high. What kind of vapid statement is that about Mr. Bush selling drugs to Mexican cartels?
        You have to be the world’s most stupid person and the most partisan idiot in a long time. In case you haven’t noticed, the drugs come north, FROM MEXICO, while the cash goes south TO MEXICO. Got it?
        Now repeat after me, Drugs come north FROM Mexico, money for drugs goes south TO Mexico; repeat again, Drugs North, Money South…
        Now let’s try this, concentrate now, cartels do not buy drugs, cartels sell drugs. Try it again now, cartels do not buy drugs, cartels sell drugs, keep going you’ll get it…
        Good Lord already.
        Rich in New Mexico.

      2. Jack Kennedy says:

        on right ……………. its Pres Bush’s fault

        Pres Bush made obama give guns to the mexican cartel to kill Americans ………. right !!!!!!!

        obama sycophants on parade …………… defending obama incompetence as holder goes after retired baseball players to distract from obama corruption

  21. Bob G says:

    I’m from Boston and not a big fan of Roger. But wrong is wrong so just leave him alone. Lying to congress? I’ve been around too long to see a problem with that – it’s how THEY operate!

    1. Boom boom says:

      Boston s u x s. So who cares what you think

  22. Adam Smith says:

    Drop the charges and stop this charade. This is just a phony show trial by prosecutors trying to make a point for their careers. Their only data are the needles that the trainer injected Clemens with that contained traces of his DNA and steroids BUT we know he was giving Clemens vitamin injections and he could easily have subsequently used the same needle to take up steroids then expel them to leave a contaminant while the DNA evidence remains. For this lying felon to be trusted when there is no proof of chain-of-custody or that he did not falsify the needles in order to please prosecutors and get clemency for himself is exculpatory period when the criterion is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutors have no case and showed the film against the judges ruling because they know they cannot win in a fair trial.

  23. Toborlonly says:


  24. Massimo Deportado says:

    All democrats in good standing get a free pass from obeying the laws.

    So what else is new?

  25. Frank L. says:


    Seems blacks always start their sports careers with criminal records while whites always end their with them!

    1. Dennis in WV says:

      Do Mercury Morris of Dolphins and Darrell Strawberry come to mind?

  26. sam says:

    Congress should tend to the country’s business rather than get involved into sports which has nothing to do with the. if I recall at the time this supposedely happne steroids were not illegal in major league baseball. we have 9+% unemployment, the economy is sinking, we’re looking at a lower bond rate and these idiots worry about steroids in baseball. as far as perjury, how would congress know the truth if it hit them in the face. they lie to the ameircan people every day, but they are not held accountable. plus they listen to a crimiinal trainer.

  27. Buck says:

    This is the “Criminalization of America” unfolding before our eyes.The government has over reached to the point where you can’t walk out of your own house with a cigarette and a cup of coffee to start your car and you have broken 3 laws. By the time you get to work your a felon for poluting the air, not having your seat belt on and talking on your cell phone. The govenment will prosecute you and demand you get 15 years. God help us all

  28. kym says:

    “I, Mrs Petttitte, under oath state that my husband told me he had a conversation with Mr Clemons, He also told me he has been faithful to me our ENTIRE marriage – and I totally believe him so you should too.” — NOT a credible witness against Clemons!

  29. cattx says:

    Drop all charges.. This is a waste of tax payers money.

  30. Alex says:

    I get the whole concept of perjury…swearing to tell the truth and then lying. But seriously, with the whoppers that members of Congress tell every single night when they are interviewed on cable news programs, one after another after another…and when people like Charlie Rangel are still serving in Congress after all their crimes…how can we prosecute a Roger Clemens for telling a lie in Congress.

  31. Pat Pace says:

    I did not know that Human Growth Hormone is a steroid? They advertise that stuff on TV and internet all the time. Someone please explain.

  32. franko says:

    Lord no one one can his fast ball. Congress really? stick to your porn and mis-management of all things except sports PLEASE!

  33. db says:

    I still think Pettitte is a Douc** Bag – nice “team work” buddy – This guy is such a Putz he threw his old man under the bus…. Great friend…

  34. Bill says:

    Doesn’t congress have something more important to do??

  35. DH3873 says:

    If this trial was held in Boston he would have been found guilty of all charges already, the sleazeball. The trial is being held in NY Yankee fandom where no Yankeess player, whether Petite or Clemens, could have done anything wrong to cause the winning of a championship.

    Clemens stunk in Boston at the end, got better in Toronto, and when even older, got that much better in NY. Hmm, only Bonds, Sosa, and a few others got that much better with advancing age. How is that so..?

    1. Dan says:

      Clemens was always good, you idiot. I saw him pitch many times over the course of his career and he always threw hard and up in the strike zone. There was no significant surge in his abilities toward the end of his career as there most definitely was with Bonds. Bonds gained 40 pounds of muscle and his he couldn’t even fit into his batting helmet anymore because his head grew. None of that happened with Clemens. But to the point, the government is wasting our money pursuing this stupid case, esp. with the clownish amateurs prosecuting it.

  36. Ian says:

    Why s he being tried for lying to Congress? They lie to us all the time and politicians lie to Congress constantly. Let him walk.

    1. arguethefacts says:

      He was under oath. Congress isn’t under oath. I think instead of saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each Congressional day, they should be sworn in under oath. Then their lies would be actionable.

  37. carl ford says:


  38. Hall says:

    I think, as I’ve had prosecutors do multiple times, this is a way to get rid of a ‘tar-baby’ (one that’s messy to begin with, the more you work with it the messier and nastier it gets) case, while blaming the Judge Nobody Elected for not allowing Justice to be done, while avoiding NOT GUILTY headlines!

    That’s exactly what this is.

  39. AnneP says:

    This is a total waste of time and taxpayer money. We are in debt up to our eyeballs, and you go after a baseball player? Is he robbing, is he murdering? No, if he was you’d let him off, if you ever prosecuted him.

    I’m sure a bunch of lawyers made a tidy sum off of this one. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  40. Larry says:

    I am sure there are more pressing issues than wether or not Roger Clemons used steroids. How much money is going to be wasted on this. And if found guilty we send him to jail and pay to feed and house him for however long or fine him. But the fine will probably be less than the cost of the prosecution

  41. ebgodard says:

    Totally agree Ralph. Well said. Nice to see Congress spends their time so wisely. I can’t imagine what this witch hunt has cost Clemons. I think he’s paid his dues.

  42. WillRM says:

    Pursuing this case and the entire Federal investigation into use of steroids is a misuse of government resources. If anyone should be punished, it should be the members of Congress who insist on pursuing this and the prosecutors who waste resources that could be used to pursue criminals who actually cause damange to society. Simply appalling.

  43. John Brown says:

    It looks to me like the prosecutor didnt want to prosecute. It is very mich like taking a dive in boxing. but in this case, I say good job prosecutor. If we put people in jail for lying,the US Congress and the US Senate would be empty.

  44. outta' here says:

    If lying in congress is a felony then at lot of congress should be in jail. Oh, it is lying TO congress……that he is charged with… blood no foul, why spend money on what in the worst case hurt no one…but of course it did offend congress…

  45. wendell says:

    Could eric holder and the Justice Department be trying to get some revenge for Barry Bonds getting busted?

  46. StandingO says:

    Stop this persecution dead in its tracks. Dismiss the indictment with prejudice.

  47. rick says:

    Typical prosecutorial behavior–defy the rules and instructions, to prejudice the casel, and hope the Judge wont have the guts to declare a mistrial and start over.
    Sadly, it often works–I’m glad Judge Walton did the right thing. I think that prosecutor or his office should pay the costs of seating new jury..

  48. Joe Mama says:

    I’m glad time is being wasted on this very pressing issue.

  49. Ralph Gizzip says:

    Why is he even being charged with lying to Congress?!? Congress lies to us all the time!

    1. Rifka says:

      Thank you for saying that. I think they should bring those liers in Congress up on charges. We have video with their own words.

    2. WillRM says:

      Exactly. Will Rogers used humor to make the same point about politicians in general: “I’d like to meet your Mayor. After all, we’re both in the same business: kidding the public.

  50. Tanker74 says:

    The charges should be dropped. Clemens is guilty of nothing more than refusing to cheerfully participate in a Congressional witch hunt and being friends with the Bush family.That sleezeball trainer who’s trying to frame him is the only person in this situation who committed a crime.

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