Residents Disgusted, Police Concerned Stunts Could Harm Homes

ROSELLE PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Who is torching American flags?

It’s a disturbing and potentially dangerous trend in one New Jersey community, reports CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

Someone is definitely up to something sinister in Roselle Park.‪

A day or two before the Fourth of July, two homes on West Colfax Avenue and another on East Lincoln Avenue all had their flags burned. The charred black remains of Robert Lingenfelter’s flag are still stuck to his pavement.

“It’s not the thing to do to burn something like that,” Lingenfelter said.

Over at Jill Stanton’s house, the situation was just as bad.

“It was just shocking to me,” she said. “Someone burned it. There was nothing left of the flag. It was burned down to the metal.”

Then just this past Tuesday a home on Chestnut Street had its flag torched.‪

Throughout the town many are asking themselves the same questions: who’s doing this and why?

“To desecrate the flag like that, I just don’t understand it,” resident Clem Gibeault told CBS 2’s Rapoport.

“It’s very unpatriotic … and disgusting,” another resident added.

Roselle Park police officers are on the case and more than a little concerned. They said the flag burnings are more than just a disrespectful act; it’s an act of arson.

“The danger is the flag is attached to the residence. And if the residence were to catch fire you’re now endangering lives,” Roselle Police Chief Paul Morrison said.‪

Police said they are investigating, hoping to put the heat on the firebug who’s torching old glory.

Police speculate the flag burnings could be the work of some kids on a dare, or someone with a grudge against the military.

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  1. AndThenWhat says:

    yer jes jealous cuz you wernt born American.

  2. john says:

    I’m retired and I am totally disgusted with Obozo and his merry band of socialists, who are destroying this country. These flag burners, who are probably under the age of 21 are most likely from families , who have the same socialist/marxist ideas that Obozo has dumped on this country. These kids have not been taught to respect this country and the values it once possessed.
    I get up in the morning and sit down to read the paper with my cup of coffee. Every morning when I open up the paper and look at the front page, I hope and pray that I see an article about the white house being surrounded by a battalion of army troops and Obozo being dragged out of the white house by his ankles; then tossed in a prison to be charged with treason.
    I know this will never happen in our democracy and I don’t advocate that our troops conduct such an mission, but I can always hope, we get rid of this cancer one way or another.

    1. wanda sikes says:

      me too. i dream the same dream

      1. Elmo says:

        My dream’s a lil more uh … well let’s just say MORE. And when the dream comes true? I’ll have to run out and buy anuther pocket vid cam … in order to film/ post my second YouTube vid, of me dancing (literally) in the streets [first vid was me singing Tiny Bubbles (dedicated to Bambi of course)].

        Elmo/Anechoic Room

    2. Douglas Ortiz says:

      I have been watching the same channel in my dreams for quite a while now. I often wonder if the military will save the country it is sworn to protect..

    3. RocknRoll says:


      Probably misfit rabble.

  3. Iraq Vet says:

    Go home then, camel jockey.

  4. Denny says:

    Roselle Park has an enormous illegal population considering it is a relatively small town. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the doing of those who don’t belong here in the first place.

    1. Shaman says:

      You’re right, because people who move here from other countries MUST be disrespectful vandals. This country sure as hell doesn’t create disrespectful vandals.

      1. Gator says:

        Don’t generalize. You say people who “move here from other countries”, but that is not what was mentioned. I am all for people “moving here from other countries”, however I am NOT for people running across the border by the millions, carrying their flags with them, hiding from the very system they take complete advantage of, and bringing the principles and behavioral components of a failed culture along with them. I spit on political correctness … the notion that speaking one’s mind makes them racist. I am not racist as I do not judge one by their skin color. However, I do recognize behavioral patterns, cultural patterns, etc. as they are shown to me. In most communities, like my own, where a small town is overrun by an onslaught of illegal immigrants, crime, drugs, vandalism, and a deterioration of the culture which once made this country great, occur in startling numbers. That isn’t ignorant racism, just honest observation. Mexico itself has a great and historic culture, but those sneaking into America are typically not bringing a lot of great things with them. When I read this article I immediately assumed it was either ignorant teenagers who were not brought up with the same sense of national pride as my generation and those before me, or illegals with no desire to have a sense of AMERICAN national pride. Follow this story and you will see, if it is ever reported, that it was one of the two.

      2. Ginger M Landry says:

        You’re reaching! Remember when the twin towers were attacked and there were muslims in New Jersey celebrating in the street because thousands of innocent people were specifically targeted burned alive by jet fuel. Oh and I guess you think W purposefully murdered thousands of U.S. citizens to have an excuse to start a war too. Please do us all a favor and just go live in a communist country instead of turning ours into one. I never do this, but you, sir, are an idiot. Have a nice day, and I’ll be praying for you.

      3. Shaman says:

        Gator: you’re telling me not to generalize but you go on to mention behavioral patterns of an “onslaught” of illegal immigrants? It has been my observation that illegial immigrants tend to flock to the poorer areas….so maybe the deterioration of the culture you see in those areas has less to do with illegal immigration and more to do with economic health? Lower income areas statistically have higher crime rates.

      4. Gator says:

        Actually you seem to be misinformed, though I will grant that it is impossible to stereotype any two areas of the country. However, I find myself wondering if you live in an area that has experienced a massive influx of illegals. My town (with a pop. of about 20K ten years ago) was not exactly economically robust, but in the last 10 years we have gained approximately 10K legal / illegal mix. They have actually restimulated some of the economy with new Mexican restaurants, etc. but the social and cultural costs are what is the most noticable. Many of those social and cultural expenses show themselves in economic losses which typically outweigh the other gains. If you have not lived with it, you can’t understand. Our crime rate, gang related violence, drug related crimes, burglary, theft, and murder / serious assault rates have all gone up significantly in the last ten years. And it isn’t the locals nearly as often as it is Hispanic subjects involved. Don’t pretend to understand that which it is clear you do not.

      5. Shaman says:

        Gator: I’m not pretending to understand anything, I’m suggesting that there may be more than one factor involved in the crime rate in your area. I’m not from an area with an influx of illegal immigrants, just immigrants from other states. Similarly, the crime rate sky rocketed. Should I conclude that it’s the Californian’s, Washingtonian’s, and Minnesotan’s fault? That would be too simplistic. Crime rates involve many factors, immigration being only one.

      6. Val says:

        I live right outside of Hilton Head where illegal Mexicans are EVERYWHERE. Don’t tell ME that they tend to migrate to the poorer areas, cause they migrate everywhere there is an opening or where other family members welcome them. Our beaches, libraries, grocery stores, schools and retail stores are full of them. And they aren’t POOR. They don’t have the burden of HAVING to pay anything into our society and seem to do everything with impunity. They are SUCKING THIS COUNTRY DRY and people like you are blind to it. It’s not racist to see this and come to a conclusion on this. Keep defending their so-called “right” to be here. All illegals, no matter WHERE THEY HAIL FROM are NOT WELCOME HERE.

  5. Julia says:

    Who called them terrorists? You sound a little defensive, SEL…could you be a muslim? Wife wear a burka? Daughters afraid to cross you lest you cut her head off? Who was it that flew those planes into the WTC, et. al? Patriotic redneck republican? Well, that’s a mouthful isn’t it? Sounds a little racist to me. Oh, and how about being just an American? not an Eqyptian American, just an American.

  6. Jim in Houston says:

    If this country is so bad, why did you come here and as you stated become “An Egyptian American”? You are more than welcome to go back to the Islamic paradise you left to come here.

  7. J-man says:

    Actually, I think America has shown great and commendable restraint in dealing with the Religion Of Peace.

    Were I the Presidient or the US in 2001 I would have flattened your precious Muslim world with saturation nuclear strikes. Fortunately for you, I was not, nor were any of the millions of Americans with like minds. You got lucky. Enjoy your Jihads while you can. Someday you may have to deal with Americans who are less tolerant and even-handed than was George W. Bush.

  8. Westmob says:

    All those things you listed, of course, being void of facts. We didnt have these problems until you libs started the social engineering programs of the 1960’s.

  9. ConanTheRepublican says:

    I say we nuke Tehran, Riyadh, and the Kaaba, and end the global jihad TODAY. How about that, ya raghead prick?

  10. J-man says:

    Give it up. Buring a flag is inherently political, regardless of intent or lack thereof. Either the culprit is someone sending a message or a chucklehead masquerading as someone sending a message, but the message is still received loud and clear.

    Even assuming you are right about it being kids, I am done with giving Generation Whatever a pass because they are “bored.” Whoever it is, I hope they catch them and charge them-as adults, should you be correct-with multiple counts of arson.

  11. wendell says:

    Clearly the obama worshippers cannot wait for Nov. 2012 to express their “love” for America.

    1. scott222333 says:

      I can’t wait either … to kick his butt out.

  12. Big Dog says:

    Why don’t you take your sorry A$$ back to Egypt where you belong? And in case you missed it moron, the flags are attached to residences that can catch on fire.

    Want to burn your own flag it is your right. There is no right to burn the property of another.

    And, if you don’t want to have Muzzie countries bombed then tell the occupants to stop attacking people around the world. You cowards send children to blow themselves up and then complain when you get your a$$es handed to you in a fight.

  13. John Smith says:

    I would say these young men are doing things to go against the Obama-ites. They have no idea what they are really up to. This comes from the poor education the DEMOCRAT CONTROLED eDUCATION SYSTEM IN THE us

  14. Alex says:

    S EL…….Well we do war well, too bad your not man enough to protect anyone you mentioned. Your just an ignorant person from an ignorant land, get over it.

  15. J-man says:

    There is one thing I know for sure: that if the culprit votes at all, he voted for Obama.

    1. Shaman says:

      Really? How do you know that for sure?

      1. "Mr Hiss is Lying" says:

        Recent study showed that Republican were more likely to attend a July 4th Parade then a socialist, oh sorry, I meant Democrat.

      2. Shaman says:

        Mr Hiss: What does that little stat mean, and how does it apply to my question?

      3. Dr. Steven says:

        Because Obummer is ruining our country & his supporters want him to do even more.

      4. J-man says:

        Because any person willing to take a risk to make such a powerfully anti-patriotic statement would rather not vote than vote Republican. Rebublicans are shallow, mindless patriotic robots who march to the beat of Sarah Palin’s drum, remember?

        I don’t discount the possibility that this is just a malicious little teenage prank, but my comment still stands. If they vote, they voted for Obama. Or maybe Kucinich as a write-in.

      5. Loejay says:

        Because liberals are the ones who hate the country. The rest of us just hate liberals.

      6. Shaman says:

        J-man and Loejay: just as I suspected, you use stereotypes (aka lazy thinking) to make assertions. Good to know; makes it easier to disregard what you say.

      7. "Mr Hiss is Lying" says:

        The Name isn’t Hiss. Hiss was a New Deal Democrat that was providing State Department secrets to the Soviets in the 30’s and 40’s. And since he was at Yalta, it helps explain why Catholic Eastern Europe suffered under the Soviet yoke for 50 years.
        And quite frankly, my fact isn’t small or for that matter insignificant. I find it very revealing. I have only see the flag burned by lefties (like yourself) during the Vietnam War and the latest war in Iraq (the war the current Secretary of State-voted for). On both, lefties, like yourself were doing the deed.
        So yes, albeit there is no way to really tell what the motivation is, chances are….

      8. Shaman says:

        “Mr Hiss Was Lying”: So you’re making a connection between 4th of July parade attendance and level of patriotism? I doubt there’s a statistical significance there.

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      Would you care to match educational achievement and number of degrees with some of us “mindless robots”? I thinks you would come out second best, but then you are a liberal intellectual elitist phoney.

  16. Dan F says:

    I grew up in Roselle Park, graduated high school, was drafted into the Army and served in Vietnam. I am a 100% disabled veteran.

    It saddens and infuriates me that anyone would disrespect not only our flag, but also have no regard to the consequences of arson.

    I now live in Pennsylvania and fly the flag everyday. If I saw someone approach my house at night and start a fire, I would be within my rights as a lawful gun owner to use necessary force to protect myself from an arsonist.

    As to many of the comments here…it shows me why this country and this world is in such bad shape.

    I do remember the words of a poem by USMC Chaplain O’Brian.

    It is the soldier that serves under the flag, that salutes the flag, whose coffin is draped by the flag, that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    However, this is not a protest.. I hold protesters in higher regard, as at least they don’t do their cowardly acts in the dark of night.

    1. ConcernedCitizen says:


    2. patriot not nationalist says:

      What’s the nature of your 100% disability. You brought it up.

  17. Briga says:

    Your not an american talking like that. You are an egyptian who unfortunately lives in america. You mention torching children and bombing wives but i thought that was a muslim past time. I think you meant muslims turn their children into torches and their wives into bombs. When you guys emerge from the 7th century you might garner more respect in the world. When you stop turning your children, wives and the mentally challenged into human bombs you might garner a little more repect. When you stop covering your wives in a blanket, raping them and beating them for your sick muslim pleasures you might garner a little more respect. If you feel like this country is so bad why are you here exactly? Is it because your country is an undeveloped back water that is controlled by muslims? I’m glad to see your egyptian patriatism runs so strong in you you fled your country for greener pastures. HaHa!

  18. An American says:

    Bombing every Muslim country in the world? Try looking in the mirror first, nearly every terrorist act in the world is carried out by Muslims. When you people can stand upright, stop dragging your knuckles and can step into the 21st century with the rest of us, you maybe then can criticize with any semblence of legitimacy. How many times has the US reached out and helped the world? More than Egypt or ANY Muslim country ever has, I don’t recall seeing a long line of Muslim countries lining up to help out Indonesia after the tsunami, just the evil US.

    1. Shaman says:

      Are Muslim countries creating trade sanctions on other countries and making it almost impossible for the citizens to access medicine, water, and food? Are Muslim countries picking and choosing who can and cannot develop nuclear energy? Are Muslim countries using their influence to keep other countries from succeeding? Also, did you check into which countries donated to Indonesia, or are you just assuming that no Muslim country helped? Your post is just as ignorant as the one to which you replied…with just as many unfounded assumptions.

      1. Val says:

        You REALLY NEED to move to a country that you hold is less contempt. Why live here if you hate it so much?? Funny that YOU should be pointing out another person’s so-called ignorance when you are steeping in it yourself so much that you must be all pruney by now. You are not an American, that is obvious.

        Great post Bearway!!!!!!!

    2. Bearway says:


      Are Muslim countries creating trade sanctions on other countries and making it almost impossible for the citizens to access medicine, water, and food?

      Yes, the Gaza strip is under embargo only because the Muslim Extremists refuse to stop the violence against the Jewish people.

      “Are Muslim countries picking and choosing who can and cannot develop nuclear energy?”

      No, and they are misleading everyone about their intentions until they have a weapon developed and ready. Muslim countries don’t have the integrity to chose who does and who does not get a nuke.

      “Are Muslim countries using their influence to keep other countries from succeeding?”

      OPEC, Muslim Brotherhood… Wanna talk about the Muslim attitude towards Israel for a bit?

      If Oppression, State sponsored rape and murder, destruction of societies and cultures is a good thing, then Islam is for you….

      1. Matt says:


        Do not forget the Iranian influence in Iraq seeking to deliberately destabilize the situation there. I has been proven time and time again that the rockets used to target US forces, and Sunni Iraqis are all coming in from Iran. The IED materials are from Iran, and Iranian army Quds force operatives have been repeatedly captured providing technology to Shi’a militias in Iraq.

  19. mb says:

    I find your comments VERY DISAPPIONTING.Good luck

  20. TO says:

    you are what is wrong with this world. hate only reciprocates hate. you have to love no matter how wronged you have been or even if you disagree with someone. and you certainly aren’t no american, even if it says so on paper.

    1. Shaman says:

      So…..American’s only love? Going to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. is love? Having the highest crime rates of most developed countries is love? All these people talking about killing the flag vandals is love? Mmmhm. Ok.

  21. Buck Bagaw says:

    You should remove the word ‘american’ from your signature and GTFO of this country.

  22. Matt Williams says:

    They have one suspect in custody. His name is Michael Eisenberg. Apparently he was dressed up as a Muslim.

    1. Edwon says:

      And one fake commenter was detected, a Nazi/Muslim masquerading as an American.

  23. Matt says:

    Your hyperbole is noted. Have you had children killed by U.S. servicemen? A wife bombed by the U.S.? I didn’t think so. Do you know anyone, first-hand, that has? I didn’t think so. When you say the U.S. is bombing every Muslim country in the world, you don’t see that as an exaggeration? Next time, resist the urge to prove your ignorance in such a public manner. As you stated in in your signature line, you are an Egyptian American. Figure out which of the two you a more loyal to, then sort your priorities.

    1. Shaman says:

      Are you implying that because you assume this person hasn’t had his children or wife killed by US servicemen that it is not happening?

      1. UncleSamZombie says:

        Shaman not quite sure what your trying to accomplish here other than tweaking people’s American spirit. I’m not sure if you are a citizen of our country or not so I am going to assume the later of the 2, but I do know this!! Had you have had this much of a voice of opinion in your own home country we most likely would not be having this conversation right now, as you would be lying in a ditch somewhere. If you are a citizen here and you detest our country this bad, then please don’t let us stop you from leaving. The one thing that amuses me the most is all these immigrants that come to America on their own will, gripe and complain about how horrible we are and how evil we are. How we all need to be “converted” or destroyed. Yet you come here and use the freedoms that someone else paid the price for. Then you use that freedom, in my humble opinion that you have not EARNED, and use it against me and those of us who fought and died and sacrificed for this great Nation. But I also understand that fighting for that very freedom allows you to do this. It is very amusing, yes there are some who shoot first and ask questions later. But we have gotten to that point because we are tired of TRYING ( I say trying because it does not always work out that way) to help in most cases and having it thrown back in our faces. You chant to burn America and you burn the flag I defend and then ask me to stop interfering in your lives. Pray to whatever god you believe in and thank him. Thank him for the fact that we do have morals and the standards that we do. If we were to behave and act as the extreme Muslims do around the world, we would of nuked Mecca during the yearly pilgrimage a long time ago and been done with this non-sense. You incite the people here, and wonder why you get hate in return.

        1. Shaman says:

          UncleSamZombie: Hahahah! This is the best reply I’ve gotten thus far. Point out where I am advocating for burning flags. Point out where I’m chanting to burn the flag. I’m not wondering why I “get hate in return” here, I know why: people do not like to have their deeply held beliefs questioned or challenged. Your entire rant was hilarious because you’re SO wrong about me. Everyone is…and it’s cracking me up. So far it’s been assumed that I’m an illegal immigrant, a liberal, an Obama lover, and a Muslim. All because I *dare* to ask questions when people make ridiculous assertions. And if asking these questions is “tweaking people’s American spirit”, then how much spirit could they really have to begin with? I’m sorry you (and many many others on here) are unable to think beyond stereotypes or deal with the questions I’m asking without seeing some evil anti-American behind them. You don’t have to agree 100% with what the country does to love it. Do you have disagreements with your family? Does it mean you hate them? Mkay then.

    2. Matt says:

      I am saying that I have been there, and that no, the US is not targeting women and children as his hyperbole and your liberal accusations imply. Have you? Or do you just comment as a CNN/MSNBC arm chair State Department expert?

    3. scott222333 says:

      you don’t like it here? GTFO you piece of garbage

    4. scott222333 says:

      Sorry .. my comment was directed at S EL, not you Matt

    5. Shaman says:


      You sure make a lot of assumptions based off of one simple question. I don’t read in the original post where he/she accuses Americans of targeting women and children. I do see, however, that thousands of civilians have died in the war, many I’m sure were women and children. Liberal accusations? Please point out my liberal accusation in that one question I asked. I know it’s hard to resist seeing everything as left/right, conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat, because that’s what current politics makes you do, but try thinking outside their little boxes for once and realize that people can have differing opinions on things and they don’t fit into nice little black and white labels for your benefit.

    6. Matt says:

      “so how do you think we feel when your solders come and torch our children and bomb our wives and families from 5000 ft in the air?” was his exact quote. First, the US makes every effort to avoid any and all civilian casualties. Second, the overwhelming majority of civilian casualties in Iraq were directly caused by attacks from militia groups targeting their own countrymen. Finally, the last time I checked, we are not, and have not been targeting Egypt where S EL claims to originally be from. It is plain hyperbole, nothing more. You are fine with S EL using hyperbole but want to dissect any dispute, amazing. Your liberal attitude is indicated by the typical American apologist attitude that thinks that all the wrongs and evil in the world is there somehow because of American involvement. Until you have been to some of the effected countries first hand, and seen what evil man is capable of inflicting on his fellow man, and seen the efforts that U.S. troops are making to better the situation, provide health care, access to education, infrastructure, etc. then do not be so fast to blame the U.S. first in every case.

    7. Shaman says:

      Matt: Yes, I read his quote, and I still don’t see how that means Americans are *targeting* women and children. Atrocities happen all over the world; evil is committed by evil people whether America gets involved or not. There was no need for me to dissect S EL’s hyperbole because every aspect of it had been dissected by others; there was nothing new for me to add. He made just as many unfounded remarks as you and the others….also, playing devil’s advocate is more interesting. I don’t blame the US first in every case….but when it’s US bombs killing civilians, it’s kind of hard not to blame the US there. And just because I mention the US bombs killing civilians doesn’t mean I”m disregarding what the “enemies” are doing as well. Just because I’m against the US going to war ANYWHERE doesn’t mean I’m unpatriotic. Really, one might see it as MORE patriotic since I don’t want AMERICANS dying or coming back with PTSD, TBI’s, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, etc. These wars will have untold societal impacts for generations, in America and abroad. Not worth it.

    8. Val says:

      Great reply UncleSam. I concur.

  24. Matt says:

    This act represents a failure of parenting and failure of education to instill a sense of respect for the flag in what is more than likely a group of ignorant teenaged vandals. What the vandals need to realize is that the flags they are defacing represent the sacrifices of greater men than they can ever hope to be. Here is hoping that the guilty parties are caught soon, and preferably by a group of motivated verterans that can instill in them the sense of respect for the flag that their parents have so utterly failed to.

  25. Jarhead6981 says:

    I have a display in my front yard with the flag, a Marine statue, a statue of a bulldog and 2 plaques of granite, all lit 24/7. Please tell me why ANYONE has the right (some of you think anyway) to destroy what I own simply because they or YOU don’t believe in what the flag stands for (most likely don’t know nor care). I have been told (my wife) that my display might be stolen or, as in this case, destroyed. I did consider this when I built it. So, once every few months, especially in warmer weather (Michigan), I sit on my front porch with all my weapons and clean them, all while the neighbors can see. At neighborhood watch meetings, I have been asked by some parents, if their children can come to my house if something happens in the neighborhood. Do you think they would ask this type person who destroyed the flags, or if you are a backer of these cretins, to protect their kids? Yes, I am a former Marine (always and forever) who believes that some of those who came to this country for a better life are the same people trying to change our great America to what they left behind. Why is that? Didn’t you leave to come here BECAUSE we have what you wanted and couldn’t get in your old country? So these purveyors of “change you can believe in” are nothing more than an army of invaders and should be treated accordingly. Shot on the spot. Don’t ya just love rhymes.

    1. Shaman says:

      Here’s some food for thought: imagine you are an Afghanistan citizen with a similar patriotic display in your yard, and America comes over and bombs it to dust. Who gave those Americans the right to destroy what you own because they don’t believe in what your patriotic display stands for?

      1. Jarhead6981 says:

        Your leftist rants are not what this thread is about libby. If you can’t understand respect for what I own, I have no respect for your views either. Also, it is your opinion about what you speak. It has not been proven or shown that your assertion has or will happen. It is nothing more than what the left does, just say something right off the top of your head and spew it forth and consider it factual. Your libby buddies will pick up on it and call it fact. Idiots all. If some Afghan citizen has a display in his yard, he should protect it and not fly planes into our buildings. Prove to me that what I just said isn’t true. More to the point shaman, tighten that towel and cut off the circulation.

      2. Kenny says:

        Here’s an even better thought. Stop harboring our enemies and you won’t have to worry about it!

      3. briga says:

        Hey Shaman actions have consequences. When the government of Ashcanistan decided to harbor a bunch of child killing women raping barbarians they forfeited the right to be a member of the civilized world. When the Taliban took over and set the country back another 500 years they forfeited the right to be a member of the civilized world. When they decided to attack the most powerful country on the planet they forfeited the right to determine their own destiny. Hopefully this will be a good learning lesson for you and you won’t repeat the same mistake twice. You can apply the same logic to the Arab-Israeli conflict. When the Arabs attacked and got their butts handed to them on the battle field and then lost some of their most precious land they forfeited all claims to that land unless they can take it back with force. Actions have consequences smart guy.

      4. Shaman says:

        JarHead: Sorry I don’t conform to what you think “this thread is about”. I do understand respect for what you own, I’m not sure you understand that other people in other countries (yes, even the ones with Muslims living there) like to own things and have others respect them to….because they’re people as well. Also, did you not notice that this is a hypothetical question meant to illustrate the “other side”? I don’t recall touting it as fact. Or an opinion. It’s simply a hypothetical situation for the writer to consider. Prove to you that what you said isn’t true? I’m not sure what you’re going for there, I dont’ see any facts posited in your rant. Tighten my towel? All for asking questions. Amazing.

      5. Shaman says:

        briga, Yes, I’m fully aware that actions have consequences. So if Afghanistan was the one harboring child rapists and sending people to attack us and giving up their right to be a part of the civilized world….why did we go to Iraq?

      6. Jarhead6981 says:

        Hypothetical is ALL you have. And I do respect what others have in their country. That’s why I don’t go there and destroy it, nor aside with those who do. The reason I would “bomb to dust” without sadness is the fact that your terrorists hide behind your women and children. Oops, to bad too sad when they are in the way of our bombs and bullets. It is therefore YOUR people’s fault if that scenario happens. We will protect ours any way it is needed. We, unlike Barry, are not un-proud of our country and will not apologize for it nor protecting it. What are you proud of, other than your mouth? I so want to meet those who would desecrate my stuff, or, I’ll just settle on trying to educate you…in person. Either way, job well done.

      7. Shaman says:

        Jarhead: So you claim to respect what other people have, but go on to say that you’ll bomb other people’s countries to dust because they “harbor terrorists behind their women and children”. Keep assuming I’m Muslim though, it’s pretty funny. And it shows just how dense you are.

      8. briga says:

        Shaman, great job dodging my point entirely. Americans gave themselves the right to destroy his display because he is harboring our enemies. Actions have consequences. As for Iraq, we have had a long running conflict with Saddam Hussein going back to the Gulf War. In light of what happened on Sept. 11th our great president at the time decided we weren’t going to wait to be attacked by Iraq or some Iraqi funded terrorist cell. In case you didn’t know Iraq tried to assasinate one of our presidents. That’s an act of war. As you know our intelligence agencies as well as most around the world were convinced Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. In light of what had just happened on Sept 11th, in light of the fact that Saddam paid palestinian suicide bombers to carry out attacks, in light of the fact he had threatened and invaded his neighbors who supply us with much needed and important oil our president decided enough was enough and we couldn’t risk doing nothing. That is called taking a moral stand and snuffing out a threat before it can materialize. I’m sorry you are too stupid and intellectually dishonest to understand the full scope of the Iraq War. It’s your mentality that also makes you think Israel should have to give back the lands they won after being savagely attacked by incompetent arab countries. Actions have consequences. Saddam Hussein should have thought of that before he made empty threats he couldn’t back up. Also, smart guy, do you think the uprisings in the arab world would be going on right now had Iraq not been liberated? I doubt it. I’m sorry your psychy has been so badly damaged by the failures of the muslim world.

      9. Shaman says:

        briga, Here’s some key words from your post: “Americans gave themselves the right…” And that was my point with the hypothetical question. Just because America THINKS they have the right to attack a country based on harboring enemies doesn’t mean they actually have the right. I’m sure those vandals gave themselves the right to enter personal property and vandalize it as well, does that mean they actually had the right to? It’s interesting that you resort to personal insults though…as if my differing opinion somehow devalues yours, and requires you to call me names like a 6-year old not getting his/her way in the candy aisle.

      10. briga says:

        Saman, your skewed mentality and moral relativism is deserving of ridicule. You remind me of Michael Dukakis, a past presidential candidate, who was asked what he would do to the guy who raped his wife. You can go look it up for some american education but his answer sealed the deal on him getting beat. Also, we did go into Iraq so that was not a hypothetical question just so you know. Once again you dodged all my points which isn’t surprising. It’s hard to make a coherent argument when you have no facts to back up your assertions. I also guess you have no understanding of the definition of self determination and self defense. America, and any other country, absolutely has the right to attack another country if they are harboring our enemies willingly who are attacking us. Did you go to American public school or did you learn your history from some Madrassa? You could probably be equally misinformed in both locations.

      11. scott222333 says:

        Here’s some food for thought for you: People like you make me sick.

      12. Gator says:

        1) I do not believe the United States military has ever targeted Afghan civilian lawn ornaments. 2) I wish they would. If we had fought WWII the way we have handled the Middle East we would all be speaking German right now. We went on an all-out attack against the nations we were at war with (ref. Nagasaki / Hiroshima). We demoralized and devastated the people to the point that they no longer supported their leadership, along with destroying the leadership’s ability to wage war. 3) What gives Muslims the right to follow a doctrine that allows / encourages them to either kill or convert the rest of the world? That would be the Koran (sp?). When populations and religions attack us with impunity, while hiding behind civilians and falsely cooperative regimes, we give ourselves the right as a free and soveriegn nation to root out and destroy a threat against us. Of course, I am sure it is all our fault in the first place and we should lay down, play nice, and make concessions until we lose? Nah, I would rather use wisdom and absolute strength in our nation’s interest … not the interest of our enemies.

      13. Shaman says:

        Briga: I’m not making any assertions, I’m asking questions. Big difference. And no, I really don’t get what point you’re trying to make, because you’re all over the place. I’m not sure why you’re reminding me that we did go into Iraq….as I’m fully aware of that fact. Nowhere in my hypothetical scenario did I mention Iraq. Please expand on my moral relativism though, I’m interested to see what someone who proclaims intelligence (but spells psyche wrong) has to say about that…based on a few questions from me.

      14. HadEnuff says:

        Here’s food for thought for YOU:

        Whay don’t you drag our sorry, stupid azz over to Afghanistan, park your pathetic carcass in your front ‘yard’, and maybe you’ll soon find out WHY we’re over “bombing” things to “dust”?

        Better yet, just get out. People of your ilk have posined our country too long, and it’s time to clean out the sewer.

    2. Douglas Ortiz says:

      You Sir are a prime example of why I love this country. It renews my faith that all is not lost when America still produces people like you. Thank you for your service and for the moral boost reading your post gave me!

      1. Jarhead6981 says:

        You’re welcome & thanks for the back-up. Ooh Rah & Semper Fi. No, I don’t expect all to understand what that means to me. But for those that do, I will stand with any of you to thwart this internal invasion of cowards like shaman (again, no cap earned).

      2. Shaman says:

        Jarhead: what makes me a coward? Because I wouldn’t shoot some flag-burning punk in the head? If so, then I’ll gladly be called a coward, as it’s much better than being a sociopath.

      3. Jarhead6981 says:

        Because you’re nothing but talk. And cheap talk at that. And it’s more than likely, only on line so those you hate (anyone other than yourself), can’t get to you. It was pointed out that there are some who have the hacking ability to actually find you. You do need to be a lot more patriotic in your rhetoric. If you don’t like those of us being patriotic, stay out of forums that bring true patriots out. You spout toughness of word and admonish those who serve with innuendo and lies. Who do you actually know who has done what you espouse were done? Killing women and children, destroying what they believe in. Bull puckies sham. That is what I will now refer to you as…a sham. Perfect adaption of your screen name.

  26. cole says:

    Looks like the liberals are out again showing their patriotism

  27. Alex Winter says:

    Just some liberal who hates America. I hope someone finds them and beat them senseless.

  28. Bob A says:

    Thats what you get in a very liberal Democrat state. Disrespect, criticize. hate America negro Democrats!

    1. Bob says:

      I served with many in OIF 6-8 and 9-10, in Baghdad. Amen Jarhead. I am Army green before I am any race.

      CPT Redleg

  29. Old Fellow says:

    Jay if you’re ashamed of being an American than by all means leave. I’m sure many of us on this commentary wuld take up a collection for your one way ticket to ABA! (Anywhere but America)

  30. Broker Bob says:

    I’m 71 and grew up in NJ at a time when you learned to respect the Flag and the Lord’s Prayer in the school system.

    I am sure the Flag’s are being burned by inocent kids in today’s Anti American and God shool system that simply do not know better.

    Do not blame them, balme the system that has extended itselh all the way to the White House.

    1. Jarhead6981 says:

      The only thing mindless I see is your attitude. Yes, in basic understanding, a flag IS just fabric. What WE are saying (and not blindly BTW), is that this flag stands for something. Evidently this is beyond your understanding as well.

      The flag code is not a “dictated” directive, but a guide to respect for it. Try believing in something more than your dribble if you want respect in return.

    2. Matt says:


      I am not 70, but I am a veteran. You do not understand the significance of the symbol. Your liberal mindset that pressures you to ridicule what others hold dear is plainly visible. There are flag draped caskets returning to the US with the remains of men and women that have paid the cost of freedom with their lives. Until you have had to escort one of the caskets, or worse, watch one of your men be placed in one, you would not understand. It is east to speak from what you consider to be a position of moral superiority when you’ve never once had to experience the burden of sacrifice for your country. Until you do so, I would content that your opinion is just that, an opinion, and would recommend you keep future opinions to yourself. As the saying goes, it is better to let people think you are a fool than to speak and confirm it.

    3. Michael says:

      LOL! What a skanky post!

    4. scott222333 says:

      Ah shut up you turd. Show some respect to your elders. If I was there I’d punch you out.

  31. John Spurlock says:

    Had these crimes occured in Texas, we’d already know who did it, because their cold, dead bodies would be lying next to the flag pole!

    1. DeputyMarshal says:

      God Bless, and Don’t Mess with Texas!!

    2. Shaman says:

      You don’t see death as a little too drastic for vandalism?

      1. Buck Bagaw says:

        Let’s see here, if someone insults the moronic cult of islam, the moronic islamists call for their death. So yeah, flag burning is an insult to my Country and what it stands for, and to whom I and millions of others served , well then I would not have any problem with the removal of these unAmerican pieces of garbage.

      2. Jarhead6981 says:

        shaman (no cap earned), why are you so hell-bent on codling these criminals and actually saying they should be allowed their joys in crime because of what happened in Iraq. Why does that lead to an authorization of destruction of personal and private property? Oh, now i figured it out…you’re just a moron on line who loves the fight of words because you have no fear from words. Chicken shyt punk. If this was your property, you would be talking out of the other side of your face…ugly as it most assuredly is. In Texas, as here in Michigan, there is a “Castle Law”. Someone coming on to my property is taking their own life in their own hands. No, I’m not saying I would kill them, but a little wound here and there just might stop them from taking it further next time. Come and find out what I’m talking about, please. Trust me, I have NO fear of taking action against an intruder.

      3. Shaman says:

        Buck: Ah I see, it’s a “Well they do it too!” scenario? So because they can get away with being inhumane, you can advocate for it as well?

      4. Mikey says:

        Last time I checked using fire to burn someone’s property is arson, not vandalism.

        If an arsonist tried that with my home I would have no problem shooting them dead.

      5. Shaman says:

        Mikey: Would killing them be necessary? What if you called the cops, or only injured them instead of using deadly force? Why does death have to be the only solution? Also, if you’ve never actually killed someone, how do you know if you’ll have no problem with it?

      6. HadEnuff says:

        As long as it’s urinating on your grave, yes, death is a bit too drastic.

    3. scott222333 says:


    4. scott222333 says:

      That’s good!

  32. Joe Monteith says:

    Go pound sand up your ASS RagHead. You’ll soil your shorts when we come and bomb whatever 3rd World, 6th Century, rubbish bin country you live in.

    1. Shaman says:

      Who are you talking to?

  33. Chicago Nick says:

    And I’ll END YOU if you dare try. Walk onto my property uninvited to destroy my hard earned property and precious American Flag it’s a bodybag you WILL leave in Mohammad. .

    1. Shaman says:

      Really? Death for burning a flag? What century do you come from?

      1. Mikey says:

        Arson, Shaman. Get your facts straight.

  34. joe schmoe says:

    whats the “real america?

  35. Buck Ofama says:

    “The monstrous evils of the twentieth century have shown us that the greediest money grubbers are gentle doves compared with money-hating wolves like Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, who in less than three decades killed or maimed nearly a hundred million men, women, and children and brought untold suffering to a large portion of mankind.”
    Eric Hoffer

  36. Bippy Bellito says:

    Sad commentary on our state when the U.S. Flag is descrated by thugs and anti American Democrats.

    1. Buck Bagaw says:

      Dan, you left out the part where it’s Bush’s fault.

    2. briga says:

      Dan, this is truely one of the dumbest comments i’ve ever read. Let me get this straight. Your contention is these flags were burned by patriotic americans who felt they weren’t being cared for properly? You truely are a product of liberal education in our schools. I guess these “patriotic” liberals didn’t understand that they might burn the house down that the flags were attached to. I guess you were too busy learning about the great contributions of gay americans in history on the day they were supposed to be teaching common sense.

    3. Sean says:


      You’ve said this a couple of times…how maybe these are just flag patriots who are burning flags that are not being properly cared for. You are joking, right? So you’re answer to someone displaying a flag improperly on their property is to torch it anonymously? Really? Instead of informing the person that their flag should no longer be displayed? Just trespass on their property, and set fire to something attached to their home. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Clearly these are true patriots running around with their lighters for the Good of America.

      While I’m sure you’ve provided a great defense for the court appointed attorneys of these vandals when they are caught, I have faith that a jury will laugh your ridiculous argument out of the courtroom.

    4. briga says:

      Dan, this is truely one of the dumbest comments on an article i’ve ever read. Let me get this straight. Your contention is these flags were burned by patriotic americans because they weren’t being cared for properly? You are truely a product of liberal education in our schools. I guess these “patriotic” liberals didn’t realize they might burn down the house the flag was attached to. You can’t be this dumb. I’m guessing you were learning about the important contributions of gay americans in history on the day they were supposed to be teaching common sense.

  37. Chicago Nick says:

    ANY 1 Trying this with MY FLAG DIES trying and that’s not a threat, that’s a promise to all the brave men and women who died for our right and freedom to fly it.

    Anyone comes on MY property in Buffalo Grove IL to do this I will shoot you dead and be proud to do it..

    That IS A PROMISE.

    1. John E Crain Jr says:

      Amen brother!

  38. Linda says:

    Open your eyes, read the comments. The Flag Like the Constitution is no longer relivent to many folks. AND if you are a non-caucasian, its your right, your duty, to treat the Flag in any way you wish. If you are a Caucasian, then the full rath of the Law can and will be applied to You…..

    1. Shaman says:

      What are you blabbin’ about?

  39. Htos1 says:

    Feral obamanuts,what else?

  40. PSavko says:

    They think they are immune to consequences… Show them some consequences! If you catch ’em, make ’em pay dearly for criminal trespass, on the spot!

  41. JoeAStroturf says:

    Just because Harvard’s study shows that patriotic people that like the 4th of July grow up to be republicans doesn’t mean you democrats should burn our flag.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    When he lost his commie czar it must have knocked off his socks
    theirs actually someone reporting news but its only Fox
    he still has another czar Chavez loving lloyd
    he’s busy trying to make free speech null and void

  42. Charles Halliburton says:

    BTW, EVERYBODY who lives in the western hemisphere, between the North Pole and the South Pole, is an ‘American!”

    1. NY Keith says:

      Actually since they are all named after an Italian, Amerigo Vespucci, then they are all Italians.

    2. digitus says:

      Gee, let me guess. Public school?

    3. Gator says:

      We are all Earthlings too!! Damn our country is in a world of trouble, lol.

  43. Charles Halliburton says:

    The United States of America lost it’s way the day we went to the polls and elected an avowed socialist! I too, am ashamed to be called an “American.”

  44. Philip Scharfy says:

    Slulking around in the night and destroying other’s property is “just being honest?!?

    Ashamed of being American?
    You voted for Michelle didn’t you.

  45. ProFromDover says:

    @ jay j wise & @ julianpenrod – Living in the USA ain’t workin’ for ya, hmmm? Well then… either get off your @sses and do something to make it better or move to some other country and see how THAT works out for ya. This country didn’t get created by sorry whiners like you who sit on your butts complaining.

    1. ham7 says:

      count me in that group too then. so when are you or your son headed to iraq to make the rich richer.

      1. Philip Scharfy says:


      2. NY Keith says:

        You are right. We have to remove this war monger from office. Epanding the war in Afghanistan? Attacking Pakistan? Wars in 3 more countries and now considering another one? Killing is not what Obama promised. He must be removed and I don’t care who replaces him.

      3. larry momary says:

        no i think he`s headed to labia ha! ha! to get that evil Qauddaffy.

  46. ham07 says:

    hear! hear!
    This country has lost its way and it is no longer the Unites States striving for to achieve all men are created equal. I’m not sure how it slowly changed to be this way and I don’t see any change short of a Catastrophe because the rich and powerful aren’t going to give it up.

  47. Linda says:

    What ever happened to citizen watch groups or neighborhood watch groups? In order for crime to go down neighbors have to get involved not just lock their doors and pull their shades.

    1. i wish u were smart says:

      there should be watch groups on the police and govt corruption. dont be naive, they are the biggest gangsters out there.. do the research, dont beleive me, believe your own eyes

  48. HUGO says:

    Probably some angry left wing liberal.

    1. Philip Scharfy says:

      Spot on…although “angry socialist” would have been more accurate

      1. yoda says:

        so blinded by the associated press you are. believing many other sources not of your own you follow

      2. Mikey says:

        Angry Socialist is a repetition.

  49. Martin says:

    You are incorrect, Ed. There is a Roselle and a Roselle Park, NJ. They’re next to each other. For once, CBS is correct.

  50. Ed Velez says:

    Typo there CBS…Headline should read Roselle Park and NOT Roselle.

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