NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new doll hitting stores in the U.S. is causing some controversy with parents. It’s called The Breast Milk Baby and it claims it teaches young girls how to breast feed.

The doll is made by Berjuan Toys, a company out of Spain. It comes with a special halter top that has two flowers where nipples would be. When a little girl puts on the top and holds the baby doll up the flowers, it makes suckling sounds.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Many New Yorkers Say Breastfeeding Doll ‘Bizarre’

The company says the doll is a top-selling toy in Europe and on its website, says the toy “lets young girls express their love and affection in the most natural way possible, just like mommy!”

But the toy has many parents asking if it’s going too far.

“I think that it’s totally bizarre to teach a prepubescent child how to breastfeed,” said Nicole from Manhattan. “Quite strange.”

“I think it’s very creepy,” said one woman. “I don’t think little kids should be breastfeeding.”

“I don’t approve of it at all. I think it’s ridiculous for a child. Let her learn it when she’s older,” said another woman.

Scott from Manhattan says he wouldn’t buy the doll, but gives credit to the company for coming up with the idea. “Make a product, if it sells, it sells,” he said.

The company has had to defend itself against critics. In a news release on its website, U.S. spokesman for Berjuan Toys, Dennis Lewis, says “Breastfeeding is good for babies, it’s good for mommies and it’s good for society. We really don’t understand why this has created such controversy.”

Lewis also claimed in a release promoting the doll’s introduction to the U.S. market, that the company has “been asked by millions of U.S. women to offer the doll here.”

Whether or not that’s the case, the doll’s arrival is sure to stir up mixed emotions with consumers around the country.

For more information about the The Breast Milk Baby, click here to visit their website.

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  1. Catherine Lavallee says:

    I will get these for my daughters if they aren’t too expensive. Who cares? It’s not sexual.

    Goodness, they have been selling ACTUAL SEX to little girls for 3 generations and a breastfeeding doll gets people in an uproar? I love America but maybe we really are doomed?

    1. Catherine Lavallee says:

      breastfeeding isn’t sick. It’s normal and healthy. I formula fed my twin girls and I breastfed my son and they’re all extremely healthy. Meh. People need to get a grip.

      1. Becky says:

        Anyone who has bad a baby and breastfed them with older siblings (ages 2-4ish) around will most certainly have witnessed the older siblings (both boys and girls) pulling up their shirt and putting the doll to their chest. Who cares? They can emulate a lot worse in society than providing pretend nourishment and bonding experience with a doll. Why this is such a big deal is beyond me.

    2. Symphorian says:

      Yours is a very salient comment, Ms. Catherine.

    3. Paul Haas says:

      Amen! God forbid that little girls should actuallyfind out that breasts are for feeding babies and not for boosting ratings on CBS. We live in a world turned upside down.

    4. Heidi Serrano says:

      I love your comment. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. Daisy says:

    How do people find little girls imitating breastfeeding disturbing but find no difficulty w/anyone — child or adult — putting a make believe breast (aka ‘baby bottle’) into a doll or actual baby’s mouth?

    1. Catherine Lavallee says:

      Because they are small minded idiots.

      1. Julie B says:

        Catherine…AMEN to your comments! I have seen all my kids make believe they are nursing their baby dolls. They have all seen me nursing the babies. A child who sees their mother nurse a baby will emulate their mothers. Oh well, if people want to stick with bottle feeding and not set an example for their children, they will eventually weed themselves out of the gene pool! (People have only been feeding formula since the 1940’s) How do they think we got here over the last several million years? Formula?…….Hello………..Any other country you go to, breastfeeding is generally the norm and nobody raises an eyebrow.

    2. atlgal says:

      because with the advent of bottles, ALL can now share in the responsibility and joy of caring for the baby– we’ve come a long way and aren’t excited to go back to the idea that women are baby making machines and their boobs are just for nursing babies and no one else is supposed to help take care of the baby! I find this toy and that notion small minded!

      1. kk says:

        So, let me get this straight… from a doll that’s aimed towards young girls learning about a natural function, you read that “women are baby making machines and their boobs are just for nursing babies and no one else is supposed to help take care of the baby”?

        Do you get offended when you see mothers in public alone with their children? Breastfeeding mothers with hungry babies? Baby showers? We’re mammals. Breastfeeding is kind of one of those big, identifying traits mammals have. Why is it offensive?

        I find the notion that this toy implies *anything* that grandiose small minded.

        (For full disclosure, I am not a baby person. I don’t like them, I don’t want them. Even so, I find the ‘controversy’ over this toy rediculous.)

      2. Charles says:

        Boobs ARE just for nursing babies. Has the word Mammal become hate speech?

      3. kim says:

        men and feminists have hijacked our boobs and they are worried they won’t get them back.

      4. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

        Wait a second Kim. If men have hijacked your boobs, why would they be worried about getting them back? Wouldn’t they already have them, if they hijacked them? I think it’s you who would be worried about getting them back. I asked my wife, and she agreed with me.

      5. atlgal says:

        As a mom who actually nursed my kids and as a child development specialist I feel like I have to point out that this doll/toy is NOT the enlightened, natural product that some make it out to be. It sends a stereotypical message to children that girls are just designed for taking care of babies and boys cannot have a natural or legitimate part in it because they come with different body parts.

        IN the US many women breastfeed their babies, but also use pumps due to practicality and to encourage other family members to have bonding moments with the baby as well as to help support mom. This is healthy for siblings to feel like the baby is not a rival and to help take special interest in the new family member and it is important to reduce stereotypical gender roles from setting into relationships. Men can feed the baby too and mom is not always around so the bottle is a unisex and asexual, utilitarian tool to be used by ALL peoples of all ages and makes sense to come with a baby doll seeing as WE here in the US encourage boys to play with dolls just like we encourage girls to play with trucks. Pretend play is important to children and a baby doll with fake nursing bo ob buds on a vest makes it difficult for boys to feel like they can play too. It reinforces old stereotypes and is not good for our culture, our children or our sensibilities.

        Most children here in the US see bottles, not boobs with babies attached, and for YOU all to assume those bottles are filled with formula and not breast milk is YOUR ignorant folly! This doll should come with a pump AND bottles if it is sold in the US because that would make it more realistic so little girls can pretend that they are doctors/lawyers who pump their milk while on break and then let daddy feed it to the baby doll later, in a bottle!

        Honestly, not all mothers are capable of nursing and most Americans are polite enough to nurse in private (most of us don’t like to rub it in)– we even have special places in public restrooms to accommodate this idea that discretion is best. Being able and willing to nurse your kid DOES NOT make you a good mom, nor better than other moms, so why on earth are people acting like this doll is a great thing, when it sends an obsolete message about femininity and child rearing. After all, not all girls will grow up to be able or willing to have children and not all that do will choose to nurse and very few will nurse in public and never use a pump or bottle!

        I would hope that any realistic person who would buy such a thing would at least have enough sense to not allow their child to play with it in public, as we all know that this world is full of psychologically disturbed p e d o s and they already get plenty enough “stimulation” from the internet and when moms let little girls wear high heels, 2 pieces, halter tops, makeup, etc… and it is not prudent to hyper-s e x ualize small girls especially in such a way as to show them the”joys of motherhood” too soon. Of course, if a toy should be played with in private only, then how appropriate can that toy really be?

        The truth is that this toy has WAY more negative ramifications than positive ones, and just like you wouldn’t have children wear fake “adult” hair in certain places while they play grown up to make it more “natural and realistic”, you shouldn’t have a fake nursing buds that are supposed to represent adult female, lactating breasts that would only be lactating because a baby was created from having s e x … so how on Earth can anyone say it has No sexual connotation and isn’t going a little too far with children who should be allowed to have fun childhoods and only play pretend on the most superficial levels as a way of understanding the word around them?

        When a child holds a doll and feeds it a bottle, the boy or girl may not be pretending to be the parent, they may be pretending to be the sibling, the nurse at the hospital, or any number of possibilities. If they want to pretend to be the parent, then it is on a superficial level lacking certain understanding and does not need to include adult body parts to make it successful play. If the fake armpit, p u bi c and facial hair play toys came on the market today, you would think that is a strange and inappropriate toy despite it’s “natural or realistic” qualities. After all, I liken this doll/toy to placing little plastic cups in the bathroom so little boys can pretend to give “donations” as if they were at the s p e r m bank because according to YOU ALL, that is what that body part is really for and that is apparently their only contribution to child rearing, considering they don’t lactate and the baby doesn’t come out of them!

      6. Joe says:

        atlgal your liberal illness comes out in full force with your ignorant comments. First, most little girls are playing MOTHER with baby dolls – not “sister” or “cousin”. You and your liberal diseased friends may in fact attempt to get your testosterone challenged sons to play with dolls but the rest of us understand that boys and girls are different regardless of what you think. No offense, but evolutionarily speaking women are baby making machines – and you act like that’s a bad thing. There’s no more important role for a human than producing offspring – but of course you’re college educated in the soft sciences so undoubtedly you hate the role nature has given women. You are the one offending women, no one else here is. Where is your proof that stereotypical gender roles are harmful for society? Don’t have any? – surprise suprprise. Doctors/Lawyers? Would want them tothink of themselves as mothers though, would we. Sorry to break it to you but the majority of people aren’t becoming doctors OR lawyers. Children do wear fake adult hair when it’s available – its called a wig and they’ll put them on with no problem. And I think few people would be upset about it besides yourself and your cronies. So the internet is making pedophilia worse? Do you have something to back THAT statment up? Oh right – I thought not. We can say it has no sexual connotation because the child does not relate it to sex, only old dried up hags like yourself view it in those terms. Kids don’t undertand sex yet unless some filthy liberal in a public school feels the need to give sexual education to 5 year olds. Breast feeding, to a little girl, has about as much sexual connotation as the nany doll she is holding or did it escape your brilliance that a baby can only be made through sexual intercourse, while lactating can be induced by pharmaceutical means. As it is, no one cares that you’re a child development specialist, in fact I say it gives you less qualifications to say anything due to your liberal bias and the fact the people in your profession have caused FAR more harm than any pretend baby doll will ever do!!!!!!

      7. Christina smith says:

        Attagal. . .get over yourself. . .this forum is full of pretend sociologists and people with made up titles (like child development specialists) . . You have some deep seated issues lady. . .and for the future don’t ever use the word “we” again just in case it would appear that you are representing anyone other than yourself.

    3. j Janes says:

      Because little girls aren’t suppose to have babies to breastfeed. That might be why little girls do not have breasts…you think? I can’t believe how stupid some people are.

      1. Richard says:

        Little boys aren’t supposed to go off and kill people in wars, but American society accepts boys playing with toy guns.
        This is about pretending to be an adult. Something children have always done.
        Can’t believe how stupid you are.

      2. ESJ says:

        Little girls don’t have babies, either, but we’ve been buying or making dolls for them since the beginning of civilization. What’s your point? I’d rather a little girl learn what nature made breasts for instead of her being taught that they are only sexual objects.

      3. SirGareth says:

        Well then why do we give our girls “make believe babies” – or “dolls” in the vernacular, if they “aren’t supposed to “have babies”?

        What an idiot!

  3. Miroxas says:

    You’re the only emotional and dramatic person I see complaining here.

  4. Lucius Junius Brutus says:

    I don’t get it. PrePubescent kids, both boys and girls already KNOW how to breast feed. I had a friend whose wife did it with their daughter till she was four. . Only in countries like America do women not know how to breast feed because their parents and schools never teach them just what those two lovely conically shaped jugs are for. Some get lucky and it comes naturally along with new babies. Too Many don’t feed on time and have an awful time of it. Many women in the US give up and immediately use synthetic formula. This is bad for babies and makes the experience between new mothers and babies very difficult as bottled feeding causes more urine and lots of solid waste which breast feeding avoids. Many breast fed babies can go almost a MONTH without having to pass their first solid stool. Further, the consitency and smell of said stool is no where near as offensive as the food the big drug companies push.
    I think all girls ought , along with money education, have to learn what their breasts do and how and when they’ll need to access them. A Doll is a great idea!

    1. Bob says:

      Breastfeeding until 4? That’s just creepy.

      I personally think kids should stop breastfeeding just before they start having long-term memories.

      1. Isaiah says:

        Why is that?

      2. Dayna says:

        Your comment is rife with Freudian/Oedipal issues. It’s creepy only because we have shifted the purpose of breasts from utilitarian (feeding babies) to sexual (arousing men). It has been the norm in many societies for millennia to breastfeed for an extended period; most kids will naturally self-wean between the ages of four and six. This doesn’t mean they’re still nursing exclusively, it just means it’s in the daily routine somewhere (often before bedtime). This isn’t to say that ALL women SHOULD do this; we as moms find out what works best for our family, and the very private and personal decision to nurse/keep nursing/not nurse at all should not deserve condemnation (both sides of the issue have their militants). That said, there are so many benefits that come from extended nursing, for both the mother and the child, both physically and emotionally . . . do some research, and perhaps you’ll be a little less creeped out.

      3. Lisa says:

        I agree, if it’s time for PreK, it’s definitely time to stop, please don’t tell me they are pumping & packing a thermos in the kids lunch bag.

  5. sloggo says:

    I’m just a little “old fashioned” , but I like my milk straight from the tap, mommies tap

  6. gbj says:

    I haven’t read many of the comments, so I’m not really sure what the objection is. If it’s not presented in a sexual way, then I don’t understand the problem. It’s natural and normal… only people with warped minds would see it as something else.

    1. Marbran says:

      And that is exactly is the leap that critics are making. How does one acquire a baby? Usually through intercourse! So critics are making a leap from breast feeding to ultimately sex, then looking at the young girl and crying “Foul!” It’s those with the warped minds that see something different.

  7. biggoofer says:

    Do they have a Doll that teach a two year old how to wipe the behind as a toilet training?

    1. Laura says:

      No, but they have tons of potty dolls that actually PEE in a potty to teach children. This is not about bathroom issues anyway, this is about a child BREASTFEEDING A BABY in emulation of her mother. Pretending to nurse a baby doll is more natural than giving that doll a bottle, but of course the latter is what’s widely accepted in our perverse backwards society.

      1. Daisy says:

        Exactly. I personally find flinging make believe breasts (aka “baby bottles”) wildly about in public pretty disturbing. But then, I’m a normal, natural woman.

    2. Judy says:

      yes, actually they do.

  8. doc in NJ says:

    makes sense that it’s a hit in Europe – they’re far less uptight. Their are virtually no “taboo” subjects there for kids. This leads to TRUE anatomical knowledge at young ages, and this further understanding of the human body disallows misinformation from propagating.

  9. Marg says:

    When I was nursing my younger child, her older sister, about 2 years old at the time, would place her doll under her shirt and pretend to nurse. I don’t know about my feelings when it comes to this doll, but would the same people who oppose it oppose toy guns? Just wondering.

    1. Catherine Lavallee says:

      I love this doll and I also love toy guns. 😀

  10. Theosebes Goodfellow says:

    What hypocrisy! So it’s perfectly acceptable to sexualize little girls in pageants like those seen on “Toddlers & Tiaras” but you don’t want to expose her to breastfeeding? This is simple folks. If you don’t approve of the product, simply DON’T BUY IT. If you don’t “have a dog in the hunt”, it’s none of your business. I have to say that I find it humorous that this is somehow newsworthy to a liberal elitist “news” organization. Can you say, “Slow news day”, anyone?

  11. TTC says:

    This is so stupid

    1. MadCharles says:

      At least now the toddlers will know how to breast feed when they start having kids at 7 year’s old. Good for Mattel. Our public schools are so over worked teaching k thru 5 with putting condoms on banana’s.

      1. anthony says:

        No shi$ , what is the goal here – to show little girls how to get ready for single momhood before they are out of grade school. Listen breast feeding comes natural mom and daughter have lots of time to discuss breast feeding at the time of pregnancy. This sounds more like some kind of plan to promote more single moms who need govt aid . Call me out but little children are just that little children. Breast feeding is a natural learned behavior for women who are expecting babies. Not little girls learning there a b c ‘s or how to color or little basic math. Don’t buy this toy!

      2. momoftwo says:

        you guys are the exact example of how boys become daddies without having a clue how it happened. You do realize that a 7 yr old doesn’t ovulate to be able to get pregnant right? You do realize that 7 yr olds aren’t ‘sexual’ right? They’re kids, and the only reason they’d be ‘sexualized’ is if an older person in their life introduced it. Nursing a baby, or learning what a woman’s breasts are for, doesn’t sexualize a child. Idiots.

    2. teaisstronger says:


      Little boys will want to get in on the fun. The Gay boys will find this a real treat.

      1. Laura says:

        You sound like a sick pervert to me.

      2. atlgal says:

        Little boys will not be able to play with this toy, so it is too gender specific and in a very bad way because it will show that boys are not “made” for nurturing and care giving because they have different body parts. Of course, you may be joking about ga y boys, but what is sad is that they too will learn early on that they are “naturally ill equipped” and not meant to take care of babies due to this type toy BUT we should have no problems with furthering those antiquated notions if we continue to let children play with dolls and bottles like they have for decades.

        Next, we will bring back the occupation of “wet nurse’ so that our little girls can pretend to play that instead of software developer or math teacher!

      3. momoftwo says:

        Of course he’s a sick pervert, and you ATLGAL are warped. If my daughter is playing house with one of the little boys her age you can damn well better believe she may ‘nurse’ her baby, but she’ll hand it over to ‘daddy’ to change the baby’s diaper. You’re an idiot and obviously got your ‘child development degrees’ out of a cracker jack box. NO one respects what you’re saying, NO one agrees with you and the only thing YOU are doing is pointing out how idiotic YOU are. Do all of US women a favor and quit feeling like YOU are the one who speak for us all. You’re not even remotely qualified enough to speak for me.

  12. joannemarkov says:

    This one is for “Truth Detector:”

    As for the rest: I agree that the halter is vaguely ridiculous and unnecessary. Then again, as I commented earlier, the whole doll is unnecessary, given that children will do this on their own.

    As previously stated, teaching little children to breastfeed is no different from teaching them to bottle feed. I am not “teaching” my son to breastfeed, though he sees me nursing his brother and that in itself is a form of catechism. Children do practice what they see in their families, and if you wish to encourage your children to value breastfeeding in the future, there are worse things you can do.

    To all those who view this as being even remotely sexualized or leading to teenage pregnancy… really? There are three types of dolls: the baby dolls, leading little girls to be maternal, the “sister” or “best friend” dolls (like American Girl Dolls), and the “grown-up dolls” like Barbie/Bratz which are often highly sexualized and come with really skimpy clothing. If you’re going to worry about any dolls, I’d worry about those. They seem far more likely to lead to children emulating grown-up sexual behavior. That being said, I don’t think a single Barbie in existence can be blamed for a teenage pregnancy.

    1. TheRealKingMax says:

      It is not so much sexualized as it is Europeanized…..

      Just another small chip away at the American societal normas & structure by the cancerous Progressives.

      And they’re laughing at us all as we argue this issue back ‘n forth.

  13. Gary Falls says:

    The problem is the baby food companies don’t like the doll. Profit and loss. It’s bad for business.

    1. dontfencemein says:

      I Wholeheartedly agree. All the big manufacturers bank on the next generation of bottle feeders. It is sad that we have come to rely on a purchased product to teach our children how God intended us to feed our babies, instead of passing this along to them through our culture. Back before bottle feeding, daughters observed their mothers feeding siblings and older siblings feeding their own children. It was discreet but educational for them. It was natural and accepted.

  14. Laura says:

    You can buy a dolly from the store that comes with a bottle and a burp rag. This is exactly the same concept, except the “bottle” is the halter top with which the girls use to pretend to breastfeed their babies. Every little girl, and even BOYS, will hold their baby dolls up to their chest and pretend to nurse them. We don’t need to give them a dolly with a halter top that causes it to make suckling sounds for them to do this. It comes NATURALLY as they see their mommy breastfeed their younger siblings, just as they would give their baby a BOTTLE as mommy does, if the sibling was bottle-fed. This is FOOD we’re talking about here. It’s simply a matter of personal choice here what FOOD you use to raise your baby. It has NOTHING to do with anything sexual. Our culture approves of Barbies and Bratz dolls with their breasts hanging of their clothing, booty shorts and mini skirts. Little girls are conditioned to want to be sexy at a young age in our declining moral society. THAT and the near pornography we see on television is what is going to cause teen pregnancy, not a breastfeeding doll.

    1. Erika says:

      My sentiments exactly!

  15. David Heath says:

    Having a seven-month old son, I feel so grateful my wife is continuing to breastfeed. It is so difficult finding a suitable place, the physical pain that occurred at the beginning, and the views of idiots we find in this comment section who would make her a pariah for ensuring our child will be healthier, live longer and attain a higher level of intelligence. But then, I live in Europe which is enlightened and looks after its people (it practices family values rather than mouthing inanities about them) whilst Americans are represented by clowns such as Palin who endlessly attack their own President for at least trying to bring the United States’ duty of care to its citizens up to a standard more aligned with Europe’s than, say, China’s.

    1. John Campbell says:

      ” ………. duty of care to its citizens …….” ??? Please show me where that one is in the Constitution. Government needs to stick to the things it was created for and keep it’s nose out of everything else. Government is NOT our god and savior. Try freedom. It not only has a nice ring to it, it also is what allows people to exercise their rights, including making imbecilic comments that promote dictatorship from those, who for whatever reason, seem to think they care more than anyone else and that somehow justifies the dictates.

      1. Highwatch says:

        Right here: “…promote the general Welfare…”

        See 257 F. Supp. 564 (W.D. Mich. 1966) for an example of how that clause is applied by the courts.

    2. zbacku says:

      You are a delusional fool. Obama is a traitor to the Constitution of the United States. He has had millions of dollars buy weapons and then given to the Mexican drug lords. Hundreds have been kill. Obama is NOTHING.

      Sorry, but I don’t want to be anything like Europe.

      1. khpdave says:

        I agree. From here across the pond, the only thing of integrity and value that Europe has to offer is its history – not its future.

    3. Matt says:

      “[…]whilst Americans are represented by clowns such as Palin who endlessly attack their own President[…]”

      I don’t think you understand how the US system of Government works. The President is our democratically-elected representative. He represents the United States.

    4. Miroxas says:

      It started out well and then began to circle the drain rather quickly. Stick to what you know and pull your tin foil hat on a bit tighter buddy.

    5. momoftwo says:

      right, because Palin is the ONLY politician in the US besides Obama. Despite the fact that you think you’re better than Americans and that you’re smarter than Americans, you actually sound pretty ridiculous.

      1. Bri says:

        Statistically speaking, they ARE smarter than Americans. Their IQ’s are higher and they perform better educationally.

      2. momoftwo says:

        I wasn’t speaking of statistics. I was speaking of the poster himself, but apparently that wasn’t obvious. I breastfed my youngest, but my oldest was adopted at birth and was bottle fed. There are NO differences between the two, intellectually, or health wise, and I really doubt that my older daughter will die an early death because she was fed formula as an infant.
        Regardless, if this particular commenter was all that much more intelligent, would he not have a clue that in any country there is more than one ideology and more than one politician to spout it? I do believe so.
        For whatever it’s worth, however, David, I would like to congratulate your wife. Not everyone can or will endure breastfeeding that long, esp when it comes to no accommodations and far too many who are judgmental (both pro and con on this topic). I was in a bit of a nasty mood last night, so I apologize for being as abrasive as I was. Not an excuse – if it I felt the need to make excuses for myself, I wouldn’t be apologizing 😉

    6. Catherine Lavallee says:

      You had me there for awhile but you lost me in the middle somewhere.

      I breasted my son, who was my only singleton baby- but my twins were formula fed. I intended to breastfeed them but c-section, twins, bad hospital, inexperience, lack of support, blah blah blah my twin girls were formula fed.

      They are just as intelligent and just as healthy as any breastfed baby out there. Both of them have above average height, healthy weight, and above average intelligence. My son is healthy and smart too but he’s certainly not as well spoken as my daughters were at his age. Just sayin’!

    7. TheRealKingMax says:

      Ah, another left-wing loon spews the typical attacks and works of stupidity and hate….

      We have, for better or worse, placed a true red communist at the helm of our country, he has done nothing but constantly attack and dismantle his own (?!) country.

      But here comes lil’ Davey, and under the umbrealla of his “enlightenment” from a dying part of the world, call one of our citizens a “clown”. Yep, you get a gold star, Davey, for marching goosestep with the socialist/communist marching orders of the Left…

      Methinks you protest too much, Davey: YOU are the one that belongs under the big tent, sccoping up and playing with elephant dung.

    8. brinniewales says:

      Why, if you are living in Europe, is it difficult for your wife to find a suitable place to nurse your son? By your admission, Europe (all of the continent) is more highly enlightened and forward thinking about issues pertaining to the citizens. Mrs. Palin is a private citizen; therefore, she represents no one but herself, and, by the rights guaranteed in our First Amendment, she is allowed to browbeat and condemn President Obama all she wants. We call it freedom of speech. The legislative branch of the U. S. government alone is responsible for writing and passing all federal laws including those pertaining to the health and care of Americans. The president merely signs the law, or not. If not, his veto can be overridden and the law put into place minus his signature. Please visit and learn more about the operation of this country. It’s an eye opener, even for Americans.

  16. Kitkatatl says:

    The problem is that this is a CHILD’S TOY that encourages a CHILD to use her PRIVATE PARTS to do what only GROWN WOMEN do with their private parts. Do you see the slippery slope here people??

    And another point, if you get this doll for your little girl, do you really want her reflecting when she’s older on how creepy it was that mom or dad (yuck!) got her a toy when she was 4 years old that pretended to suck on her breasts? Please … for the sake of your future relationship with your child, do NOT be that parent!

    1. joannemarkov says:

      I only know that my 3 year-old son pretends to “nurse” a teddy bear or stuffed dinosaur when he sees Mama nursing his little brother. He pulls up his shirt, and makes his own sucking sounds. Perhaps the real problem here is not what the doll does (which, let’s face it, children of breastfeeding parents are likely to do anyway when they see their mothers doing it) but that someone is going to charge money for something that any doll – indeed any stuffed toy – can do with a little imagination.

      1. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

        and your son must be a fairy boy already..god all impudent..when i was 3..i was playing with guns and pretending to kill mexicans cause i knew they were coming..and i was right..Davy Crockett at the alamo….. he chose a good way too die..wish i was there …

      2. joannemarkov says:

        I’m glad you have nothing better to do than to call my son a “fairy boy.” I would hate to think of you spending your time fruitfully.

      3. Miroxas says:

        How low of Pike to attack a child.. but hey.. with him being on the same level as the three year old plus with a huge dollop of jerk thrown in.. not surprising in the least.

      4. Science guy says:

        I wish Pike Bishop Jr had been there too

      5. atlgal says:

        Well, I didn’t have that issue with my 3-4 year old because, like many of my friends and colleagues in the child education and development field, I made a decision to remain discreet while I nursed his little brother for 14 months! He never once had to ask me awkward questions nor pretend to do things he didn’t truly understand. He never displayed typical sibling jealousy against his brother nor did he have any emotional or developmental setbacks that can come from “sharing mommy”. Later, at about 8 or 9 years old, when he was learning that mammals feed their young milk, he figured out that mom’s breasts are similar to cow’s teats and happily reflected on the times he fed his baby brother with a bottle of mom’s milk so he too could help out like a big boy! It wasn’t hard to keep him in the dark, just go to another room, wear appropriate nursing clothes, stick to a schedule, use a pump from time to time and sit much higher than the child so he cannot see anything but a baby in it’s mother’s arms no differently than if you were feeding it with a bottle. If the child sees the dad, grandma, etc… feeding with a bottle and also feeds his sibling with a bottle, he will assume that is what you are using too and not FIXATE on it.

        For nearly 20 years, I’ve worked with children of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds and have RARELY seen a child emulate nursing, but I see 95% of them pick up a doll and rock it, feed it a bottle, and play with it gently as if it were a sibling or their own pretend baby. I think people assume that what happens in their lives is typical and that is not true; it is not typical like it is not typical for a little girl to publicly pretend play to be on her period just because her older sisters and mom have this happen to them on a monthly basis. How strange would that be? No stranger than this doll/toy seems to me. My son once busted in on me in the bathroom and saw my pantyliner and asked what was going on, was I hurt?. He was 4 or 5 and didn’t start putting panty liners in his underoos to emulate me. He accepted it after I explained it and recognized that was a mom thing and went on with his life. Imagine if a toy maker started selling adult things like pretend panty liners or waxing kits and the such to little girls to enhance the realism of their pretend play, after all, a woman can’t have a baby without having her period and hair is a natural part of growing up too.

      6. momoftwo says:

        Hey ATLGAL, did you seriously buy your degree? You are a quack! I’ve known all sorts of ‘sciency’ types that are quacks and you are surely among them. Your son may grow up healthy and normal but I assure you, that’s not through YOUR doing. I don’t care how long you’ve been in childcare development and education, you do NOT know 100% of all children and all Americans and how they interact with their parents/siblings. Newsflash for you. I did breastfeed my youngest baby in front of my 3 yr old daughter. She did *gasp* see my breasts and ask me if someday she’ll have them like I do. And you know, I didn’t feel a single big awkward about it – maybe because I’m not repressed and uncomfortable with my body. I also had her pretend to breastfeed her baby dolls and stuffed animals, and even once she tried to use a Barbie doll to breastfeed her sister! Boobs = woman to her, not anything more or less. Oddly, I also don’t find it awkward if she asks questions about other women she might see breastfeeding their babies. She knows what’s going on, is mature and ‘gets’ it better than you do, obviously. Motherhood is special, motherhood should be cherished and revered and hidden so that women can be like men. Women can do ANYTHING a man can do AND have babies too. Why should we be ashamed of that just because you think we should be? You’re the one who’s the throwback to the 50s and 60s. I’d suggest you go back to school and update your degree but I’m certain you’re not capable of learning anything new in your old age.

    2. Dikauff says:

      For cryin’ out loud…it’s a doll. If you don’t like it….don’t buy it. The slippery slope is that too many prudish people can’t mind their own business. BTW my daughter “nursed” her dolly when she was 2 years old by instinct and she grew up fine. Being a prude causes more neuroses and perversions than just accepting nature.

      1. SailorV says:

        I heartily agree. You nailed it.

    3. delainet says:

      oh for heaven sakes! God made those “private parts” to be used to nurish our children. When I nursed my youngest, his older sister pretended to nurse her dollies, too. I thought, There! Now my daughter will know what God made those two things for on her chest, not as a sex object, but, as gifts from God to bring her closer to her babies, and to give them the best start in life. She didn’t need a special doll with noises, she just used her imagination as she “trained” for being a mom when she grew up. Mimmicing is how children learn. I swear. Some of you sound like old anal retentive Barbara Waters when she had to sit next to a mother nursing her baby. You’d think someone took the babie’s dirty diaper off and sat it in her lap! Wonder if she ever even changed any of her kids diapers-probably had “the nanny” do it all. We know her kids were bottle fed. Probably not by her, either. i’d be shocked if she did much with them at all until they were potty trained.

    4. Laura L. says:

      Those “private parts” are sexualized in numerous other toys that are catered to little girls. A doll that demonstrates the act of breastfeeding is not a dirty thing. You make it sound like it is. Why? It’s perfectly natural, just like the dolls that pee on the potty. Because of a medication I have to take for epilepsy I could not breastfeed, but I would have if I could. I would buy this doll for my daughter if I came across it because I’d like her to know that there are two ways to feed a baby: bottle and breast. The breast has been turned into a sexual thing, but that’s not what it is. It’s a functional body part that you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about. If you get over that, I think your kid will grow up knowing that other things in life are often not a big deal and that we all have choices. Don’t make this into something unnatural or weird.

  17. Joseph Lobosco says:

    While the doll may be popular in Europe I believe in the United States critics fear that it becomes common place that prepubescent girls actually breastfeed real babies.

    1. mboc123 says:

      Unfortunately, you are correct, girls are having menses at increasingly younger ages and while they will not technically be prepubescent as that is impossible, they will be very much younger than the “teen moms” of the past. Moms at age 9-12 is happening already in some places in the US and when we continue to have a pop culture filled with way too much s e x it will become more common.

      We need girls to see motherhood as the difficult job that it is and too many have babies too soon because they want love and mistakenly think a baby will bring them love, attention and improve their lives. Have any of you watched MTVs Teen Mom series or heard about the pack of teens who got pregnant all at the same time on purpose? Immature girls see other’s having babies getting showered with gifts and attention and see little future for themselves and just have babies for selfish reasons. At the other end of the spectrum are those that have s e x for just as messed up reasons and keep having abortions so that they can keep having s e x. We have some serious problems in the US and this doll/toy will not help those issues but will only add to the negative things working against us by promoting old stereotypes about gender roles and focusing on the biological aspects of babies/mothers rather than the fact that such baby dolls are truly tools to teach compassion, responsibility and are unisex, meaning boys can learn from them too, and they are also tools for professionals to use to interact with children and get them to play out scenarios for various purposes. All children can equally feed a baby a bottle and know that they are capable, but only females with working, lactating breasts are seen as the capable ones by those who promote this toy and that is not helping our situation but rather hurting our girls even further and sending mixed messages to our boys!

  18. Frank L says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    1. Bill K says:

      No book has been banned in the U.S.. No need to get hysterical yet. Give it time.

    2. hound says:

      No Frank, it’s just the voices in your head.

  19. kim says:

    How dare you teach a girl that her breasts are actually functional for a purpose other than the enjoyment of men, hollywood, reality shows, teens gone wild, oh yeah, and that Louisianna festival where woman show their boobs for beads. That is just sick.

    1. Bill K says:

      Actually, breasts are only for the enjoyment of men, from an evolutionary perspective, just as male over sized genitalia is for the enjoyment of women. It is well established that women who are entirely flat, and chimpanzees, which have no breasts, can produce sufficient milk during lactation. The only possible conclusion is that breasts are not necessary and are simply there as a secondary sexual signal. Sorry. I know it’s unkind. But evolution is like that.

      1. Mary M says:

        What kim said was entirely accurate. She did not designate the size of the breasts. Breasts are actually functional, in addition to the other uses. Flat breasts are still breasts.

      2. Daisy says:

        Hate to break it to you, Bill, but your fantasy that oversized male genitalia is enjoyable to women is just that, a fantasy. Now don’t you regret all those wasted years wishing you were so endowed? Pay attention to Mary, Kim and me — we are correct.

      3. momoftwo says:

        well said ladies. I believe Bill’s problem, from an evolutionary standpoint, is that he’s a neanderthal throwback who really just needs a cave and a club to catch women. He can’t help it if he thinks that men are all that and more. It’s all he’s got to hold on to – pun intended.

      4. delainet says:

        News flash, Bill! Those “flat” breasts fill out when a mother is lactating. As far as chimpanzees are concerned-your breasts would look “out of sorts” too, if you had a baby chimpanzee hanging from your nipple for dear life as you bounce from tree limb to tree limb! 😉 I can’t think they’d be all “perky” after the baby primate stretches it way out of shape when it grows older while it does a few summersalts as it catches a quick snack! Sexualizing breasts is a societal thing. You will not see this in most third world countries.

    2. Miroxas says:

      Well said Mary and Kim.

    3. LubDaBoobies says:


      I think you’ve got it! LOL

  20. bigbiz2 says:

    Just more gooofyness from the neanderthal breastfeeding pinheads.This is 2011 not 11AD. 10’s of billions of people have been bottlefed over the past 75 years and live long healthy biased junk science study can prove otherwise.But women always want to be treated special soooo there you have it…now dolls to brainwash children into turning back the clock..Of course the more this bf bs steamrolls the more pain in the @ss women are going to demand extra paid time off from their job (while on the job)to milk themselves…take their babies to work yada yada yada.Lactation coaches paid for by insurance…
    Oh as far as the purpose of full size non lactating breasts? Got plenty of anthropology research suggests that the reason that human females are the only mammals that have full breasts even when not pregnant was to prevent them from being killed by more benevolant rival tribes that sumised that they had a baby somewhere..Nowadays the main purpose is to attract men…
    Ok girls ….let the hate begin

    1. kim says:

      wow, you are an idiot.

    2. David Heath says:

      My God you’re ignorant. You obviously have no kids; if you do, I worry for them. Every study conducted shows breast-fed children, even for only two months, live longer and have a higher intelligence level than those who follow your thinking.

      1. rhinana says:

        which studies? If you are going to use “studies” to back up your asinine claims, cite them. There is no scientific proof to back up your statements. While breastfeeding is undoubtedly a good thing, by no means are bottle fed babies less intelligent or live shorter lives. Don’t resort to lies to push your agenda.

      2. rusyn says:

        everyone should take a deep breath. these are little girls who should be allowed to be little girls. what is next- menstruating barbie dolls. leave the kids alone. they will learn about breastfeeding when they are older. all these women who like to breast f eed in public can do it in ways that provide privacy for everyone-a blanket works just fine or pumping breast milk for an event works as well. the problem is many of these women are narcissistic, using breastfeeding in public as a way to say, look at me. as to those studies about the superiority of breast milk, i would like to see the data behind them. how do you know breast milk makes kids superior when there are many variables in a child’s life that influence their development.

      3. TC says:

        It’s very easy to find the names of children who have been permanently disabled or died because their mother’s brest milk was inadequate to the nutricional task and they believed so deeply in the Cult of Lactation that they failed to just give their own child a life saving bottle if Similac… Still waiting for the data on those studies that show bottle fed people are inferior. Hey, do you believe that Aryan AND brest fed are doubly superior? What would you call smarter and healthier – other than superior? Hummm?

      4. momoftwo says:

        narcissistic? safety of similac? How ignorant do you have to be? I agree no one should be throwing about made up statistics, but neither should anyone be throwing about fake science either. Show me the studies that show that women who breastfeed their kids in public, are, by far, suffering from some mental problem. And as for similac? Statistics on breastfed babies that died or were permanently disabled? Hogwash! There have been, in truth, several recalls because of metal shards and other problems with formula, similac included, in recent years. And in China, there were infants who died because of formula that was tainted. I’ve NEVER heard of a breast milk recall in my life.
        I had to formula feed my oldest daughter since she was adopted. She is healthy, happy, and is quite intelligent (she has tested above her peers in pretty much every category they can test young kids).

      5. Jokerette says:

        I didn’t breast-feed my son and he’s a a member of Mensa with a very high IQ.

    3. NeverAlways says:

      You typed this in hopes of an argument. Bait not taken!

    4. momoftwo says:

      nothing but an idiot… probably beats his wife and kids too… whatever – what a waste of space and life.

    5. delainet says:

      Bigbiz-you are king of the idiots. AND king of the neanderthals. Knuckle dragger. Where did you get your anthropological research, “Playboy mag”? You sound like you are the hater-a hater of women. What’s your problem with women nursing their children? Children who are bottle fed are many more times likely to develope allergies and to be obese. Don’t think you know one thing about nursing or it’s benefits. Your stupid is really showing, “big”.

  21. Chi Sam says:

    Taking a dump is just as natural, and much more common… So it’s OK to do that in public too?

    1. Jen says:

      The difference is it doesnt matter to your health if you take a dump now or in an hour, but if you always have to wait to feed your baby until you get home your baby would likely starve not to mention scream all the time. Although I suppose you are also one who thinks mothers should not be allowed to take their kids out of the house at all as they might disrupt your peacefull grocery shopping experience

  22. Just Asking says:

    What is wrong here? Breast feeding a baby, which is nature’s way, is offensive and disgusting, but sodomy is the new normal.

    1. kim says:

      “like” Exactly.

  23. John says:

    It’s natural and normal for a litlte girl to emulate her mother and it’s happened many times before. The only issue I have with this is why they would go as far as to add specific features on the doll (nipples, sucking sounds, etc) to actually encourage such a thing. I’m not saying it’s completely wrong, but it certainly raises an eyebrow.

    1. momoftwo says:

      Do you realize they make ‘bottlefed’ babies that also make sucking sounds, right? Why is it wrong to encourage girls to want to nurture their babies the same as their mommies nurtured them, or as they see them nurture their younger siblings? The only eyebrows it raises, are the ones who aren’t comfortable with the idea of a woman using her breasts as nature intended, by feeding her children.

  24. Truth Detector says:

    We’ve been sending bookmobiles to government schools for decades now.

    I think they’re ready for the Knockermobile:

  25. Tot Mom says:

    Where can I get a push-up version of that halter top?

  26. Maggie Fanelli says:

    I’d rather my daughter have that than a Bratz doll, which present boobies in an entirely different, less functional manner.

  27. Chantale Ignall says:

    Yes, Hannah. We are already teaching our children to give baby dolls bottles. It is a teaching toy. I want a choice on what to teach my child and I am personally offended and disqusted when I see a bottle in a real babies mouth as well as a baby dolls mouth.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      “I want a choice on what to teach my child and I am personally offended and disqusted [sic] when I see a bottle in a real babies mouth as well as a baby dolls mouth.”

      Bottle feeding is totally DISqUSTING, alright…

    2. Jack says:

      Offended and disgusted? So you get to pass judgment on all the moms who cannot nurse?

      I’m glad you could nurse. My wife tried with all four and medically couldn’t. And she has taken nothing but grief from all the “boob nazis” like you who assume that they are superior mothers because they can lactate and wrongfully assume that every bottle-fed baby has a second-rate, lazy, selfish mother.

      And even though she did nothing wrong, I had to let her post-pardon depression self wail and cry every time so smart-mouthed know-it-all called her a bad mommy.

      In short, suck on your own nip till you are dry, you angry, self-righteousness cow. And I hope that your milk is less sour than your words lest your poison ruin your children the way it has ruined you.

      1. momoftwo says:

        Hey Jack, I meant to respond last night, but I guess I missed it somehow.
        I’m sorry your wife had to take grief from all those who felt it necessary to judge her for using a bottle.
        We were fortunate enough that I could breastfeed my youngest baby, but my oldest was adopted at birth and we had to feed her formula, from a bottle. I, too, had to deal with breastfeeding extremists who felt that I should have taken medication to induce lactation even when our daughter’s birth mother could have changed her mind at any moment before and for 2 months after the baby was born, and even though I had no guarantee that I would have produced enough milk to support her growing body.
        The ignorance of those who think they know everything, and think they know what is ‘best’ for everyone just because it’s what ‘they’ did is incomprehensible to me.
        Postpartum depression is horrible and that other women, other mothers feel the need to belittle another woman, especially a new mother, to make themselves feel better is reprehensible.

      2. momoftwo says:

        not to mention, to everyone who finds a bottle disgusting, for mothers who can pump, it might very well be breast milk in those bottles… Why is it anyone’s place to judge what another mother does as long as she is loving and nurturing to her child, especially when you have no firsthand knowledge of her at all?

  28. joe blow says:

    and it’s totally appropriate for me to stare at a woman while she’s breastfeeding, hey, it’s natural!

    1. Truth Detector says:

      “When a little girl puts on the top and holds the baby doll up [sic] the flowers, it makes suckling sounds.”

      Breast-feeding halter top for little girls?

      What’s next?

      Conception panties?

    2. Fred says:

      Wrong. It’s rude to stare at any person, for any reason. Were you raised in a barn?

      1. momoftwo says:

        LOL probably Fred, he is an ass after all. Just saying…

  29. Chi Sam says:

    Is this the same company that makes Baby BJ?

  30. Truth # 24 says:

    To the Left/ Feminazis this should be an outrage .

    First, a baby made it alive out of the womb burdening her mother with childcare!

    Now the baby is being encouraged to learn about motherly activities !? And breastfeeding ???? I mean what is a woman’s body now ? A milk dispenser ?

    I can see lawsuits being filed in weeks

  31. Sandy Lester says:

    This is a NON issue. Any little girl that has been around a woman who has breast feed their babies WILL already pretend to breast their baby dolls.
    People really need to worry about stuff that is important.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      “…Any little girl that has been around a woman who has breast feed [sic] their babies WILL already pretend to breast [sic] their baby dolls….”

      Perhaps they should be learning English instead.

      As long as someone ELSE is teaching them…

      1. Amanda says:

        My child knows English, is consistently ahead of her peers, and has emulated breastfeeding. Any more ignorant comments?

    2. Danielle Carey says:

      Exactly! My daughter’s already do this with their baby dolls. I don’t really see a need for the doll my self.

  32. BHO's Connecticut SSN 042-68-4425 says:

    The leftists love to treat children as little adults.

  33. Clark says:

    “Honey”, do you want your daughter(s) to be pregnant even before they’re 16 years old? That will happen if you support little girls practicing breast-feeding at the tender age of 10 or younger.

    1. Rachel says:

      I would think that teaching your daughter that her breasts are for something other than defining her sexuality or being used for sexual purposes would actually help decrease her chances of running out and getting pregnant. There is nothing sexual about a little girl holding a doll up to her chest and pretending to feed it. It’s not different for that little girl than the act of putting her baby to bed or rocking it, unless YOU make it so. Anyone who has breastfed a younger sibling knows that children who like to play with dolls or stuffed animals will probably mimic their mother and at some point hold the doll or stuffed animal to his or her chest. It’s normal and it’s NON-SEXUAL.

      1. breastfeeding momma to 4 says:

        Well said!!

      2. Melaine Cooper says:

        Ditto. Our society has confused breast feeding with sexuality. That is pretty sad.

      3. cm says:

        the point he was trying to make is that this doll could lead to an early obsession with motherhood, and desire to have a baby as soon as possible.

      4. momoftwo says:

        that’s baloney. A child knowing that her breasts could/should someday be used to feed her child isn’t going to make her want to run out and use those breasts to feed a baby. If she’s going to run out and get pregnant it’s more likely caused by not enough parental attention, not enough fatherly attention, because she’s looking for love in all the wrong places and all the wrong ways.
        Why would *this* doll cause an obsession that other dolls don’t? Is it so much better to have a doll that you feed from a bottle because she won’t want to be maternal? Is it better to feed a baby doll with a spoon? Or change her diapers? Or brush her hair, or swaddle her? It’s a ludicrous assumption to think that just because a young girl practices breastfeeding her baby doll that she will suddenly want to run out and get pregnant as soon as she can.

    2. Elaine says:

      Non-sense! If that leads to teenager pregnancy, then girls should not play with dolls at all. When girls play with dolls, they are pretending to be a mommy. Mommies feed babies, whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The former is a more natural way of feeding the baby and leads to greater health benefit for the baby. Why not teach girls to be a good mom if they want to play mommy? Is sad how our society sexualize breastfeeding and brain wash so many people to think it is sexual and not to be done in public. It because of that, many women feel uncomfortable nursing their babies in public. Shame on those who judge women breastfeeding their babies in public!

  34. Sharks R Us says:

    Breast feeding is a natural non sexual need ,however we have too many people
    on this planet as it is and we should also reinforce in breeder Humans to
    not breed unless you can take care of a babies financial and social needs.
    Don’t be like most African or S.American citizens and keep having kids that
    will up end up starving or in civilized countries on the public dole aka welfare.
    We should encourage some people not to have babies as in India.

    1. delainet says:

      you are so very wrong, shark. In many countries, population is below replacement. Baby girls are murdered in the womb simply because they were found out to be a girl, and not the coveted boy-child. now the ratio between the # of boys to girls are very imbalanced. Boys out number girls in countries such as China, Viet Nam, Korea, India, to name a few. You sound like a eugenist. i’m sure you consider yourself to be “progressive”. Progressive in what? The culture of death?!

    2. momoftwo says:

      Thinking someone needed to have a conversation with your mama about ‘breeding’…

  35. HooDatIS? says:

    this is awful
    i would slap the hell out of the people who make this doll
    ban this piece of trash in america

  36. nick says:

    so, apparently ALL females should be trained in the art of reproduction regardless of merit – CALLING CASEY ANTHONY FOR REBUTTAL

    1. momoftwo says:

      Perhaps if Casey Anthony were better trained in how to care for her child, that baby wouldn’t be dead. Perhaps your mother should have been banned from having kids…

      1. Jen says:

        And a breastfeeding doll would have helped her train? Uh, NO! It’s the constant companion and responsibility that get to a person (especially if all you want to do is party aparently) and there is NO way to train for that!

    2. momoftwo says:

      Jen, no where did I say a breastfeeding doll would have helped train her. If you actually read the words I wrote, you’ll see that I said “Perhaps if ‘she’ were better trained in how to care for her child…”
      Not that you deserve any explanation, but, of my two children, one was exclusively bottle/formula fed and the other breastfed. Neither one makes a mother more or less nurturing or makes a baby better or smarter.
      Nick here, however, said this doll would corrupt other kids as she was somehow corrupted. Perhaps you should read an entire thread before feeling the need to comment.

  37. Roxanna says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is! Children like to mimic their Parents and if Mommy breastfeeding a younger sibling then the older sibling will mimic this. It’s totally developemently appropriate. My daughter “breastfeed” her dolls because this is what she saw and what she knew. Besides we accept children feeding their dolls bottles but not to “breastfeed”! We need to relax and let the children mimic the better, more natural way to feed our children! We need to accept Breadtfeeding!

    1. mowrites32 says:

      Agreed! They copy what we do. And this is natural people. It is no big deal and more realistic for many families than baby dolls sold with baby bottles.

  38. Christine says:

    I think it’s great! Why should dolls just get bottles? I’m a little grossed out myself by people who think breastfeeding is sexual. I wonder why people are getting turned on by babies eating…

  39. Rebecca O says:

    Breastfeeding is natural beautiful and healthy. It not ‘just for adults.’ Hopefully this will help American’s get over the over sexuality of breasts and allow breastfeeding to come out of the closet!

    1. Clark says:

      Let me ask you, would you breast-feed right in front of everyone? Let’s give an example, in the lobby of a McDonald’s?

      1. Sandy Lester says:

        Yes, and I did. There are breast feeding blankets, or just a baby blanket will do nicely providing some privacy.

      2. Jen says:

        certainly provided I had along my babies blanket (or sometimes I even remove my sweatshirt and use that to cover!) for privacy, and there is no reason any child who uses this doll couldnt do the same, even though they will still have their shirt on!

  40. Elaine says:

    Great toy. No one would say that it is inappropriate for little girls to bottle feed a doll. Then why is breastfeeding the doll inappropriate? If fact, breastfeeding is a more natural way to feed babies than bottle feeding. Many people have been brain washed by our society to think that brastfeeding is unnatural, not to be done in public, and sexual. But the truth is breastfeeding is a natural thing that moms do for their babies. So if girls are playing pretend mommies, then it’s fine for them to play pretend breastfeeding, cuddling, and dipper changing.

  41. grumpy old man says:

    Damn doll should stay in Europe……..

  42. Linda says:


    1. Linda says:

      Kids need to be kids and play with kid thing! Not imitate adults!!
      Thats not have a doll which actually sucks their small breast buds (at least that was my understanding of the mechanics of this doll.). It is just so repugnant and over the top! ,…and Im a retired nurse!

      1. Linda says:

        This really has me crazy!!!
        First, I missed the halter with the flower buds,… So what, still disgusting!

        Second, claims it teaches young girls how to breast feed. For Why? Would they even remember when they finnally did have a child..

        Any girl still into dolls has to be at least (ideally) 15 to 20 years away from planning a family. This is nothing but a phony balogna way to make money.

      2. Laura says:

        Do you have any daughters? Do you remember when they used to play “mommy” with their dollies? Do you remember when they would pretend to bottle-feed? You can buy a dolly from the store that comes with a bottle and a burp rag. This is exactly the same concept, except the “bottle” is the halter top with which the girls use to pretend to breastfeed their babies. Since you are a retired nurse, I am assuming that you bottle-fed your baby. Bottle-feeding has been the method of choice for the past 75 or so years, before the recent surge in a return to breastfeeding. If you HAD nursed your babies, you would have noticed that every little girl, and even BOYS, will hold their baby dolls up to their chest and pretend to nurse them. We don’t need to give them a dolly with a halter top that causes it to make suckling sounds for them to do this. It comes NATURALLY as they see their mommy breastfeed their younger siblings, just as they would give their baby a BOTTLE as mommy does, if the sibling was bottle-fed. This is FOOD we’re talking about here. It’s simply a matter of personal choice here what FOOD you use to raise your baby. It has NOTHING to do with anything sexual and certainly nothing REPUGNANT. Our culture approves of Barbies and Bratz dolls with their breasts hanging of their clothing, booty shorts and mini skirts. Little girls are conditioned to want to be sexy at a young age in our declining moral society. THAT and the near pornography we see on television is what is going to cause teen pregnancy, not a breastfeeding doll.

    2. Elaine says:

      So isn’t cooking, vacuuming, mowing the lawn! But kid pretend play it. People need to stop their bias against breastfeeding!

    3. Clark says:

      Oh, do I agree, Linda!!!!!

      1. momoftwo says:

        Clark, that’s just because you’re an idiot with no valid opinion in this. Grow up.
        Linda, I certainly hope you weren’t a nurse on the L&D or postpartum units! It is NOT repugnant to breastfeed or to have children imitate it. I agree that Bratz dolls are far more disgusting and won’t ever cross my doorstep! You’re just old and repressed. Thank God you’re retired!

  43. Hannah says:

    Why is breastfeeding too “intimate”? Do you object to little girls using pretend bottles for their dolls? Because that should be the comparison, not sex.

    1. Jim says:

      Some people automatically associate breastfeeding with hardcore, sexual destruction of women. It’s called psychological projection… their minds are just sick.

  44. matumama says:

    What is inappropriate about it? If they took off their shirts to do it mybe, but they are flowers. It is entirely developmentally appropriate for children to be modeling the behaviors they see, and I would much rather my daughter be modeling breastfeeding than, say, smoking cigarettes or swearing or hitting people.

  45. Breastfeed THIS says:

    One thing for sure no matter which side you view, this doll

  46. Jodi says:

    Those who think it’s inappropriate need to grow up. They’re boobs. The sole purpose of boobs is to feed our children. Stop sexualizing breastfeeding. There’s nothing sexual about it! If you don’t approve of it, don’t buy it. It’s insane that a child was asked if they felt uncomfortable to watch baby animals nurse from their Mother and said “No, it’s cute” but felt uncomfortable seeing a Mother nurse a baby. It’s the same thing but we have immature, uptight people who feel the need to sexualize everything. Grow up.

    1. Michael Knight says:

      Yeah Jodi, but would you want your 5-year old daughter learning this? C’mon, think!

      1. Honey says:

        Actually, my girls know how to breastfeed. They DO breastfeed. They also cloth diaper their dolls, put them in their slings and wraps and cosleep. Children do what they witness. Some children use bottles to feed their dolls…some breastfeed.

        And, yes, I do want my 3, 10, and 12 year old learning this. As to the doll that is being sold I’m anti battery toy but otherwise I do support the selling of this doll.

      2. Anne-Marie Overton says:

        My 2 year old lays on the floor “nursing” her baby….she see’s me nurse her brother…big deal.

    2. Gabriela says:

      My little girls also emulate my breastfeeding without a special doll. I think the doll is just great and I would buy this toy!


    Whats the big deal? Kids love to play roles when small.They play doctor, mommy etc. Kids. already play mommy and hold baby dolls to their chest in an attempt to mimic mommy breast feeding….NY’rks at it again making them more money by raising undue controversy on some silly much a do about nothing thing…..


    ONE LESS STEP FOR MANKIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  49. anya says:

    completely inappropriate

    1. Michael Knight says:

      I completely agree, Anya!

    2. Roberta says:

      Agree-this is def inappropriate and sick

  50. Nicky says:

    What??? lol

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