NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — At least one person is dead and 30 injured after a New York City-bound tour bus and tractor-trailer crashed in upstate New York.

Police said the bus was pulling back onto the highway when it was struck in the rear by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 90 near Waterloo at around 1:30 a.m. Both vehicles erupted in flames following the crash.

The tour bus was carrying 52 people.

The driver of the truck, 59-year-old Timothy Hume, of Dryden, Mich., was killed, police said.

The injured were taken to hospitals in the Rochester area. There was no immediate word on their conditions. Some were airlifted by helicopter to area hospitals.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety says 32 people have been killed and 323 injured in tour bus crashes so far this year.

There have been a spate of tour bus crashes in the New York City area recently, prompting calls for new legislation regulating them. In March, a bus bound for Chinatown rolled over onto its side and smashed into a pole, killing fifteen people.

Since the crash, there have been some 3,000 surprise bus inspections throughout the state, State Transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald said. Some 304 drivers and 238 buses have been pulled off the road.

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  1. Hello Dolly says:

    Frankly, sounds like the truck driver was dozing off — and the bus driver may not have seen the truck….(he may have been dozing off too).

    Simple solution, more robotic devices to detect and avert collisions on the roads. The technology is here. Cars indeed can and should be “driving themselves.”

  2. Tomas says:

    The news is quick to report the name of the driver responsible for the crash. But with regards to the bombing in Norway this morning, “There was no claim of responsibility”. This is why I don’t read or watch the daily news…I listen to conservative talk radio (real news).

  3. Cas Eindhoven says:


  4. Ralph Cramden says:

    What another tragic SHAME!………. It doesn’t matter what ethics were driving.
    This was definately an accident that could and should have been avoided!
    I used to drive a bus for eight years and if and when I pulled off the road, like grass
    or something I used to pull up with the bus at least ten feet off the highway with the nose of the bus pointing towards the highway so I can physically stick my head out of the window! (not that the mirror lies or anything! lol But it used to give me
    piece of mind knowing my lane was clear, AND FURTHERMORE…
    buses have slow acceleration and I used to add all of that into the equation when pulling out! Hope I didn’t put you guys to sleep now! have a safe bus ride to all!

  5. Ellen says:

    My deepest sympathy goes out to this poor bus driver and his family. I can only say one thing, It seems that people today don’t pay all that much attention to the road and what’s ahead of them as far as cars, vans, buses and trucks go. What are they on cell phones, testing or what?

  6. nartt says:

    so far, no one know what exactly cause the crash .. unitl that info is released, please hold off all assumptious comment …

  7. Ilene says:

    I am a sales rep with metro NY being my territory. After driving many miles over the past ten years on all the local interstates–there is no way I would get on any bus that travels any highway.
    I do not drive on the slow side–usually between 55-70, depending on conditions.
    I have had buses pass me on the right and on the left when they are not suppose to be in that lane–They drive insanely unsafe.
    I would sooner pay more money and take a train when need be

  8. Chantal Guillard says:

    “Non Americanized Asian”? What the heck is that as you write on
    your Chinese made computer lol

  9. M.R.Rilke says:

    I am wondering if these drivers are on Ambien ? not a safe drug at all to
    stay fully alert in the daytime especially if addicted to them.
    We need more investigations of these fly by nite bus companies and the
    type of training their drivers have .

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