By Sophia Hall

HUNTINGTON STATION, NY (WCBS 880) — We’re all trying to save money these days, but now a few upgrades to your home can save money on your energy costs and your taxes.

Long Island residents Billi Roberti and Ira Zucker transformed their home into a green, energy efficient structure. The end result is a total utility bill of $50 per month.

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“We knew the house was very leaky,” said Roberti. “We found insulation and no ceiling that is why we were having so many drafts.”

Some of the changes inlcluded solar panels, Goetherman heat pumps, new windows and a new heating and colling system.

Congressman Steve Isreal said you can save on your taxes for each Energy Star change you make. A new roof for example could earn you a tax credit of $500. 

The tax credits will expire by the end of 2011.