By Sean Adams

NORTH BERGEN, NJ (WCBS 880) — Physicians may soon be able to monitor a patient’s prosthetic joint or implant with one New Jersey’s doctor’s new device.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports

In the future, doctors will the know the fate of an artificial joint or implant without making an incision. North Bergen orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lee Berger has designed the Ortho-tag, a chip programmed with patient information that can be scanned from outside the body with the wave of a wand.

The next phase, implantable bio-sensors that measure temperature, PH and motion.

“Just like we have smart phones, we’ll have smart implants so that once they have a device implanted in their body, doctors and the patients will be able to find out what exactly is happening with the implant,” said Dr. Berger.

Berger is in the process of seeking FDA approval for the Ortho-tag.