NEW YORK (CBS 2) — New surveillance video could be the key to capturing a suspected serial attacker preying on women. Video from a subway station at 77th and Lexington shows the man police suspect in a string of groping attacks dating back to May, only moments before what would have been his eighth attack on an unsuspecting woman.

“Oh my God, I don’t have any idea, I don’t know,” said Seyda Sterns of Tribeca. “Scary, but I’m surprised it’s happening on the Upper East Side.”

Women at the 77th Street subway stop shown the video expressed surprise at the clarity of the footage, and at the suspect himself.

The suspect’s movements through the turnstile, his apparent youth, the gap between in his teeth, his height, only about 5 feet tall, and his close-cropped spiked hair were all visible.

“He doesn’t really look like what women would assume a groper would look like. He’s well-dressed, he’s clean-shaven, he looks young,” said Elina Bystritskaya of Bensonhurst.

The NYPD counted eight groping or attempted groping incidents since January. In most of the incidents, police say the suspect grabbed his female victims, some under their clothes, then ran off.

“I think it’s terrible,” said Marion Bachmann of the Upper East Side. “I think one should be safe in the subway and everyplace else in New York.”

Prior to the video, there was only a sketch of the suspect. He was caught on camera trying to follow another woman last Sunday morning..

“He wasn’t intimidating at all to me so I didn’t really think anything of it,” said victim Heather Kirkpatrick.

She said she was getting off the number 6 train when the suspect asked for directions, then followed her to her apartment, getting inside behind her. She scared him off.

“I turned around and saw him right there. And I just said ‘what are you doing’ like really aggressively. And he just paused for a second and just took off,” she said.

Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or visit

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    this illegal mexikunt wouldn’t be a problem if everyone carried guns, and that goes for many other problems as well

  2. Bell Toller says:

    He looks like a 5th grader….He’s a juvenile so they’ll release him if he’s caught.

  3. Jester The Slacker says:

    Why is it that everyone is just assuming he’s illegal?

    1. Rick says:


      1. Gina says:

        Just because he looks Hispanic means he’s illegal? Really?!

    2. Meme Meyagi says:

      because he is illegal, and so are you

  4. Kindness for animals says:

    All cultures should change if there is a wrong to it. Mexico city woman should rise up and protest the groping.

  5. OpenBorders4Liberals says:

    If he’s not illegal, his parents are. Give him a fair trial , then kill him….

  6. Jose says:

    He’s cute he can get a lot of women and men who would love to go with him…lol
    but he’s stupid…

    1. IllegalsMustGo says:

      We all know you’re gay Jose. Loser!

      CBS Local – Way to go on cheating your CPM advertisers with the auto-refresh rate!!!

  7. Mac says:

    Maybe this will make people to reconsider their doubts as to whether DSK was able to force himself on that maid.

    A man is man and a woman is a woman. Very simple folks.

    1. Tina Yuthers says:

      What a stupid post. You’re the one that’s simple…..

  8. Leonard says:

    I’m a 6 feet tall, 200 pound male. I can bodyslam this insect. Once he goes to Riker’s, he’ll be Bubba’s wife.

    1. Bell Toller says:

      The bigger you are the louder you fall

  9. lori says:

    He must be a TSA agent

    1. FTW says:

      T&A agent, Lori.

  10. Rick says:

    shocker… he is a mexican

  11. Cee says:

    I’m not surprised in the slightest–after Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, got away with rape (even though the jury admitted they believed the cops had done it, even though Moreno admitted it), a strong message was sent about how little New York City respects the safety of women. Even a boy can get that message. Sex crimes have spiked ever since that verdict came out.

    For the jerks who are blaming women for not fighting back, the point of groping is that the guy runs away too quickly. It’s also shocking and horrible–the victim is too stunned to do anything right away, in many cases. Stop blaming the victim–you’re part of the problem. Start talking to other men about respecting women. These women are your sisters and mothers. Learn some compassion.

    1. Mr. Manners says:

      Exactly. Don’t grope the buttocks. Unless invited to do so, merely admire them from a safe distance.

  12. TruthStrangerThanFiction says:

    Giuliani served as a security consultant to the Mexico City subway system and his solution to the groping problem in their subways was to provide paperback books for people to read (I am not making this up). Now that the M.T.A. is short a chairman…

  13. DIANN says:


    1. Amelia says:

      DIANN, were your parents as ignorant as you are?

  14. Santi says:

    I have to agree that he is either Guatemalteco or Mexicano. It is a notoriously known fact that in Mexico, especially in Mexico City, that the men often grope and harass women on public transport, so it is deeply ingrained in their culture as they have very little respect for women and see them as being inferior. You can debate this to your heart’s content, but this is fact, folks, not racism.

  15. Annoyed says:

    The victims are all to blame? “Legalize groping”? It’s a “fact” that he was abused as a child? Where does this sick nonsense come from?

    He is a short, skinny, teenaged pervert, however preppy his clothing. He is practicing sexual abuse on a small scale, but that will escalate until he is arrested, tried, and convicted. He is dangerous,

  16. Common_sense says:

    1. How is it that public comments seem to devolve into personal attacks and a “you say, I say” diatribe of political venom, veering ever so far away from the content of the article?

    2. What does this cretin’s stature and race have to do with anything. What, there aren’t any tall, white criminals in the world?

    3. How do you get to “illegal” from a video snapshot? What bizarre road of illogic do you travel?

    4. Spell-check. It’s been around for years. Use it. And please. Find a friend who can spell and who knows how to apply proper grammar. Ask them to proofread your comments before you post to this or any other site. Manners, people. Manners.

    1. Enjoy! says:

      Proofread this *lifts leg, and unleashes toxic plume of gas*.

  17. Tired of Disrespectful People says:

    He’s probably another TVS’er. Try 103 and Amsterdam where they all hang out. If not, he’s one of the homeless ones who hangs around bus terminal or Blue Rose on 8th. These people have no respect for other people or other people’s property. Even the Mexican people are afraid to report them for fear of retribution.

  18. stever says:

    Don’t you women feel stupid to be scared of this insignificant mosquito? Swat him and crush him the next time you see him.

    1. Annoyed says:

      There are short skinny serial killers. Male chauvinist hoo-ha.

  19. Vernon Hell says:

    End the crime of groping — legalize it.

  20. Jay says:

    I’m ashamed to be a New Yorker. Back in the day, this kid would’ve gotten a beating from a woman. Nowadays, these so-called “New York Urban Woman”, are completely all-attitude, all-mouth and no action. They enroll in “cardio kick boxing”, but not real self-defense or mixed martial arts. So typical now. Just think about it, other women from other countries would just throw a simple slap in the face followed by a swift front kick to the groin. End of story and end of wasting NYPD’s donut eating time.

  21. Jim says:

    You sound kinda cowardly and racist yourself–on top of being a poor speller.

  22. HooDatIS? says:

    these freaks are getting younger and younger
    women carry some mace and a big left hook

  23. JasonS says:

    Seriously, women in NYC ain’t what they used to be if they’re letting a skinny little pipsqueak like that fondle them. 30 years ago he would have been laughed at followed by a swift meeting of stiletto heel and testicle, and a nice face full of mace. Now they scream and call the cops and put themselves into therapy for the next 20 years. God damn UES transplants.

  24. Jimmney says:

    One of the last prejudices that need to come down ASAP is heightism. Criminals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But somehow its acceptable to direct the most extreme contempt at short statured adults. I’m 5’4″, practice jujitsu, kung fu and am proficient in a number of weapons. I mind my business but if anyone messes with me their facing the grim reaper!

    1. spell_checker says:

      they’re not their

    2. Bell Toller says:

      I speak softly and carry a big stick too…..

  25. INJUN says:


  26. Dan Waldman says:

    Well, first off Brainiac, the country has been in existence for about 230 years, not 135, next yes Obama has been in office for about 2 1/2 years and what has he done to solve our current economic crisis other than throw more money at it that hasn’t done very much except increase the debt without helping anyone. Now he’s threatening to not issue social security retirement and disability payments in August, leaving about 70 million older and disabled Americans with either no income or a reduced income. That’s sure to help the economy. I sure HOPE his decision doesn’t CHANGE me into a homeless person. Two or three months without my retirement check and my wife’s SS disability check will make that a reality. BTW, his color has nothing to do with my dislike of the current President, it’s his politics that have me worried!

    1. Ruben Diaz says:

      Dan, it seems that you do not read newspapers (probably because they are the “liberal media”?). Neither Obama nor anyone has been able to do much about the economy because he has tried, mistakenly, to make consensus with the reppublicans, who have been opposed to anything that is proposed, just because it has been proposed by him or the democrats. Perhaps he has not been smart enough to get things done, but if the economy is in horrible shape, it is the legacy of Bush and the continuation of the republican policies.

      1. Lynn Samuels says:

        Exactly. It’s all Bush’s fault.

  27. Dan Waldman says:

    That should read IDIOT,

  28. Dan Waldman says:

    Another racist diot heard from.

  29. Steve says:

    What happened in 1876?


    He is a sick pervert.

  31. Twon says:

    How do you know what color people are that are posting here? isnt that racist in itself?

  32. Chris says:

    Cant someone just step on his guy, he’s 4ft tall!

  33. Shane Devino says:

    u do realize all of those guys from southern part of mexico, central america, and indigent parts of south america are VERY SHORT! he does look like a guatamalan.

    1. mikey says:

      yea true, I think he’s from somewhere around those countries also, but he also has a school bag. See the straps in the picture. He’s gotta be in high school. Police are you reading this? We’re giving you leads.

    2. Shane Devino says:

      umm… that’s not true. i’ve seen a bunch of them with school bags… especially those taking the n/q train to queens everyday! he looks more like a 19-25yo. a bunch of illegals who work the street vending carts selling flavored shave ice. i hope they catch that loser!!! if i was one of those victims, i would request the nypd to give me a large photo printout of that image above. i then would post it everywhere in the city… every damn mta station.

    3. Ruben Diaz says:

      … and just because he looks like a guatemalan or mexican he is a pervert? Come on!

      1. Shane Devino says:

        Ruben… you really NEED TO GET AN EDUCATION BEFORE RESPONDING!!! No statements were made to infer a generalization that all Guatemalan or Mexicans are perverts. We are notating his physical features based on the video/photo provided by the reporter. RUBEN, NOW GET A LIFE! YOU’RE THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO ALWAYS COMPLAIN OF RACISM EVEN IF RACISM NEVER OCCURRED. You’re nothing more but a LOSER AND IDIOT AND WASTE OF BREATH.

  34. Bob Fowler says:

    You are aware that when they finally capture him, it will be dismissed because he is suffering from some form of mental disorder. It might be due to his feeling alienated by society, or the fact that he was abused as a child, but he will not go to jail for this

    We as a people, should reach out to this urchin, and provide the needed treatments that he requires. And no, we shouldn’t hold him responsible for the bill either. We allow millions of illegals to reap the benefits of our society, so why should this young man be held accountable for his issues?

    Then again, if he were lucky enough to accost a young lady who was capable of defending herself, and she kicked the tar out of him, she would be arrested, and he would sue for failure to protect his rights, even if he is here illegally. And the funniest part of all, is that he would win a multi-million dollar award.

    1. justpassinthru says:

      Groper: “your honor, please… you cannot blame me — my mother & father, they both live a very short life…”

      Judge: ” oh? Did your parents both die young?”

      Groper: “oh no, your honor … my mother & father both 4 feet tall same as me”

    2. Raissa Castillo says:

      If they can’t respect this country and obey the laws then they should leave. I had an incident with an illegal inmigrant, he had sex with my daughter which was at the time 14 years old, he is 11 years older than her. He is still going to court for what he did and he plead guilty 2 months ago. Why is he still going to court after he was arrested 8 months ago?? Why is he still here in this country?? If you commit a crime, you should be deported and banned from getting a visa.

    3. Nelson says:

      So if he was white or black he would go to jail? You sound like an idiot… Just admit, you don’t like hispanics or is it any illegal immigrant? Because as you MIGHT know, hispanics aren’t the only immigrants in this country…

  35. Mikey says:

    that looks like a little kid, maybe someone will reconize him from school or something. @ ThePatriotMuckraker, yes assume everyone that is colored is illegal. What a model american you are guy.

  36. Joe Scmoe says:

    umm… where’s the video

    1. Dan Waldman says:

      At the bottom of the article, you know, the picture with the arrowhead in the circle in the middle of the picture. Idiot!

      1. Joe Double Schmoe says:

        Hey Dan Waldman Brain Surgeon,

        The video wasn’t there before. Now it is. You should be thanking me not insulting me Sherlock Holmes.

  37. Bill says:

    I hope the city’s crime wave comes and bites you, and then let’s hear your opinion on security cameras in the PUBLIC transit system. Also, overtaxation of citizens, mandatory healthcare, and wealth distribution are also against the constitution, what is your selective opinion on those?

  38. Guest says:

    He looks like a 12 year old kid! Whoever he is someones going to wind up kicking his ass, stabbing him, or shooting him.

  39. justpassinthru says:

    errr…that guy looks like 4 feet tall. Couldn’t one of the women have put him in a headlock or maybe swatted him with a rolled up newspaper?
    I mean, really … there are some really serious criminals out there to be taken care of…

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