NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – The New York Yankees have kicked off their annual HOPE Week activities.

WCBS 880’s Kelly Waldron On Broadway

The curtain went up at the Brooks Atkinson Threatre on Monday and the jaws dropped on the mouths of the members of Daniel’s Music Foundation, which provides free music instruction to people with disabilities.

Four of the Yankees were standing before them, including Nick Swisher.

“To be able to come here and to help these kids out, even if it’s for one day, even for half an hour, just to come out here, put a smile on somebody’s face, let them know, ‘Hey, we got some people thinking about you.’ It’s just an amazing feeling for all of us,” said Swisher.

Lifelong Yankees fan Daniel Trush, the foundation’s namesake, suffered a catastrophic brain aneurysm when he was 12-years-old.

“It was totally amazing to think that the Yankees would take the time out of their busy schedules to come to our little foundation,” Trush told WCBS 880 reporter Kelly Waldron.

Catcher Francisco Cervelli had an impromptu jam session with Braulio Thorne, a member of Daniel’s Music Foundation, on drums.

“I’m happy. I like to see people happy and then, you know, music for me, it moves everything,” said Cervelli.

“Actually, I had an idea that some special guests were coming, but I had no idea that it was going to be the Yankees,” said Trush.

Also there were Yankees Hector Noesi and Chris Dickerson.

HOPE stands for Helping Others Persevere & Excel.

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  1. Ralph Smith says:

    So, Brian, message me privately about your history of “doing something for” someone. I’m sure it’s LONG, albeit private. And I’m also sure, Mr. Steinbrenner would have spelled the word, “thAn,” not, “thEn,” but I could be wrong about that. While the quote is (at it’s essence, if not linguistically) correct, GMS DID lend his support to charitable causes publicly if only, as Susan W. stated, too encourage others to do the same!

  2. Brian says:

    Hope week is such BS and over rated. Hope week just leaves a bad flavor in my mouth. If the Yankees really wanted to help other then they would have done it like George Steinbrenner did it in secret.

    1. Susan Ward says:

      so i take it your team did not adopt the concept of Hope Week – too bad. nothing wrong with charity and airing info on hope week encourges other teams to get invloved – like the reds how is that bad?

    2. Rachel says:

      I was at this event today, and you have no idea how much it meant to the performers to have some of the Yankees on stage with them. Additionally, the Steinbrenner family donated $10,000 to Daniel’s Music Foundation, to help them reduce their waiting list.

    3. brian says:

      I am a Yankee fan that lives in New York and Tampa, George Steinbrenner never would have done this thing call hope week. He did by far more for the Tampa and New York areas in Secret. George Steinbrenner said “If someone other then the person you’re doing something for knows then you are doing it for the wrong reasons” and I feel the same way.

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