NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The federal government is now saying that cancer-striken Ground Zero responders will not benefit from the Zadroga Act.

The decision, which comes after the first of a series of reviews, was made by Dr. John Howard, who is overseeing the program.

A report released Tuesday by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health finds, at this point, there is not enough scientific evidence to add cancer to the list of diseases covered by the $2.7 billion measure President Barack Obama signed late last year.

WCBS 880’s Pat Farnack With Rep. Peter King

Reps Peter King, Carolyn Maloney, and Jerrold Nadler have released a joint statement in opposition to the decision.

“This is disappointing news for 9/11 responders and survivors who tragically have been diagnosed with cancer since the attacks and are suffering day-to-day and awaiting help,” they said in the statement.

“We are confident that studies on the effects of the toxins at ground zero -research that, under the Zadroga Act, can be funded and fully supported for the first time- will ultimately provide the scientific evidence that Dr. Howard needs to make this determination,” the Representatives continued.

“Thankfully, we know that today’s announcement is not the last word on the inclusion of cancers in the program,” they added

“There are so many rare types of blood disorders, blood type cancers, which have been suffered by those who worked at Ground Zero,” Rep. Peter King told WCBS 880’s Pat Farnack. “It would defy all the rules of probability to say that these were not caused by what they inhaled and what they worked through down at Ground Zero.”

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight: John Feal Will Keep Fighting

John Feal, largely credited with helping to get the bill passed, reacted with disappointment.

“I’m insulted and I think the 9/11 community is insulted because you don’t need to be a doctor or scientist to realize 9/11 caused these cancers in these men and women,” Feal told WCBS 880’s Steve Scott.

WCBS 880’s Steve Scott With John Feal

Feal said he is not surprised by the report but believes, in time, the disease will return to the list of covered conditions.

“The onus is no longer on the 9/11 responders to prove that 9/11 got us sick, the onus is on them to prove that 9/11 didn’t get us sick and they’re wrong,” Feal told 1010 WINS. “We have the facts, we have the statistics, we have the numbers and we have the amount of funerals we’ve been to for people that died of cancer.”

WCBS 880’s Wayne Cabot And Steve Scott With Rep. Carolyn Maloney

Feal said this is another hurdle in getting justice for 9/11 responders and victims.

“It’s hard to ask people to sit back and wait that have cancer or have a loved one that died of cancer but we waited so long to get this bill passed,” Feal said. “You just got to try to be patient and just go through this political process; it’s ugly and it’s wrong.”

WCBS 880’s Steve Scott And Wayne Cabot With Rep. Jerrold Nadler

In June, new rules were proposed to widen the area of Manhattan covered by the act.

Some 60,000 people are being monitored by current 9/11 health programs, including 20,000 who have had some kind of medical procedure related to the terror attacks.

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  1. Ed says:


    I created a petition entitled WTC heroes are being denied under the Zadroga Bill.

    I’m trying to collect 100000 signatures, and could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Please ask your friends to sign the petition as well.

  2. Philip B Kirschner says:

    I was a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician on 911 with the Bed-Stuy Volunteer ambulance corp. Many of us spent an entire 8 days hope to rescue and save people. All we recieved in return are illnesses. Mine were Reactive Airway Diease, Ashtma which i never had in my life, Severe GERD and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and the worst Renal Cell Cancer of my right Kidney, with a 6 cm tumor which was removed with the entire kidney. As such, I have one remaining kidney that has Stage 3 CKD and might fail in another few years. I am 47, and can’t work and also have PTSD. I was asked many times if I would do this over again, and I said yes. I even tried to supervise my corp in Haiti only to become a victim if dissentary where and almost went into kidney failure and had to be airlifhed due to that and breathing issues. Kidney Cancer is one of the rare types. Only 52 thousand cases per year world wide.

    1. MS says:

      So, why are you telling us this? Do you know what “occupational hazard” is?

  3. karen s says:

    and the lies just keep on coming. they lied about agent orange not being a carcinogen, they lied about the petrochemical fires in the dessert during the first war with iraq not causing health problems. the government lied about not needing rebreather masks in the days and months after 9/11. it’s ok to bail out the wizards of wall street who then reward themselves with 7 figure bonuses, but the government also lied about recession. it is not okay to cheat the people who stood up for america by going to the pit every day for months to try to recover those who were murdered by terrorists on 9/11. i hope those who denied real heroes what is due them do not sleep at night. those who developed respiratory diseases as a result can’t get a good night’s sleep, why should the pols?

  4. CANCER says:

    Boohoo for them. It was their jobs. What were they going to do, not go into danger!

    1. mike says:

      You are a F ing A Hole If am sick with cancer I am not a Cop or Fire fighter

    2. Philip B Kirschner says:

      You are forgetting about all the volunteer fire departments and rescue sqauds in the city and long island. Many of us has regular normal jobs like computer salesman, IT people and even wall street types. They were compensated and so were cops and paid fireman,



  6. Didn't they give enough? says:

    now this! shameful.

  7. steffi says:

    So the so call DR. John Howard said there is not enough scientific evidence. I glad that Dr. Howard isn’t my doctor. He sounds like he was a member of the Casey Anthony Jury. The next time they attact, and there is goin be a next time, I suggest that the good Dr. Howard and all the others work on the rescue and see in time if they develope anything. They all should be ashamed of themselves. Once again, the goverment fails its people. I don’t like to wish anything bad on anyone, but I hope they have to go through what the people who worked at groung zero are going through. Shame on you

    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      Excuse me, but what does being a life saver have to do with 911 and occupational science.

  8. TheUSgovtBLOWS says:

    I find it disgusting that our veterans and 9/11 responders healthcare is being short changed. Our governemnt just loves to use people up and then disregard them when they are no longer of use to them. I also find it upsetting that people who never worked a day in their life get better health coverage than veterans with disabilities.

  9. BobbyONJ says:

    Need the funds for ACORN.

    1. Michael H. says:

      ACORN no longer exists.They filed Chapter 7 and closed up shop in 2010.

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