American Journal of Hypertension: No Proof More Sodium Shortens Lives

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A dash of doubt was added Wednesday to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s assault on salt.

He’s made it one of the calling cards of his administration. But now a new study is taking the idea of cutting sodium with a grain of salt, reports CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

He’s been the anti-salt mayor, preaching the hazards of too much salt in food. He’s tried to get restaurants and food manufacturers to use less of it. It has all culminated with the city plastering ads warning of heart attacks related to too much salt.

“Would you like to live longer? My suggestion is don’t overdo the salt,” Bloomberg once said.

But a new analysis in the American Journal of Hypertension is now casting skepticism.

“It’s hard to know who to believe when they come out with these tests,” one New Yorker told Rapoport.

The report found little significant evidence that eating more salt would shorten one’s life, and that people on salt-controlled diets didn’t live longer than people on normal healthy diets, leaving some to say the city may have gone overboard in the war on salt.

“To do it across the board with everybody … it’s a bit too much,” said Dr. Franz Messerli, the director of the hypertension program at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

Messerli said the city’s intentions were good, but the salt restrictions aren’t for everyone.

“Perfectly normal types of people with no family history … there’s probably little need or little benefit in restricting salt intake,” Messerli said.

So what does Mayor Bloomberg have to say about all this? Rapoport asked him at a news conference on Wednesday.

“It’s one study out of all the studies,” the mayor said.

The mayor stuck to his familiar sodium script.

“Most heart specialists will tell you you would be better of with low sodium intake,” Bloomberg said.

Meaning in the great sodium debate, perhaps both sides of the issue should be taken with a grain of salt.

Other doctors said salt reduction is most beneficial in people with hypertension and no history of instant payday loans which add to a persons daily stress considerably.

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  1. FredB says:

    Exactly, follow the money trail. I wonder what Messerli’s connection is to the billion dollar sodium industry. There are no health benefits to sodium and I for one do not see how it “enhances” the taste of food. I do not need Big Brother saying it is necessary to have sodium in milk, soda, candy bars, pancake mix, etc, etc. If I want it I will put it on. Sodium is just another example of the poisoning of America along with saturated fat and trans fat. Sometimes I wonder how we call ourselves an educated society.



  3. Honeygirl says:

    Who funded this study? “Follow the money trail.”
    I agree with Mayor Blolomberg- it’s one study. Too much salt is NOT healthy. Bad for the heart, blood pressure, kidneys, interferes with calcium metabolism., causes water storage in the body.

  4. DanTe says:

    Eh. That Hitler wanna be, Bloomberg, will just find something else to dictate.

    Bloomberg IS Hitler:

    Bloomberg and Hitler both unilaterally broke the law on term limits and extended their terms due to an “emergency”.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both like to dictate what healthy activity or food the peons need to do or eat. Hitler was a vegetarian too.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both have grand automobile/people mover plans. The Autoban and the massive lane changes in NYC.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both hates it when civilians are allowed to own guns. Gee, I wonder why they both like a helpless citizenry.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both use “emergencies” to increase their special police’s powers. NYC’s SS even perform overseas “investigations”, like NYC is a wholly separate little dictatoriate.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both just love to control how our youths are “educated”. And children were encouraged to report the teachers if they said the wrong thing.

    Bloomberg and Hitler people both wear monochrome colored shirts in a uniform manner. (While it’s true, this is placed here more so that the fascists can have something to respond to.)

    I wonder what “emergency” will occur for Bloomberg to break the term limit on the Presidency?

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