NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Thursday marks a year since New Yorkers got acquainted with their ABC’s at city restaurants. The Health Department’s grading system for eateries started last July and many city residents say they are pleased, but that opinion is not shared by everyone.

“I think it’s completely arbitrary, it depends upon what inspector you get, how long they decide to inspect you,” a woman named “Robin” told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks on Wednesday.

Despite that opinion, most New Yorkers who spoke with Brooks said the grades helped them make choices on which restaurants to frequent.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks With New Yorkers In Lower Manhattan

“I don’t like to go to places that don’t have ‘A’ ratings, especially when you look on the health website and you see what the categories are and even ‘A’ rated restaurants don’t mean that they’re perfect. So it’s very important,” said one woman.

The A, B or C grades reflect a rating on things like cleanliness, food safety and other requirements laid out by the city. Restaurants can end up being penalized by inspectors for issues or lack of compliance in areas such as food handling, food temperature, vermin control and personal hygiene.

The grades are to be prominently displayed outside the establishment for potential customers to see. If a restaurant disputes their grading, they must display a “Grade Pending” sign until the appeal is heard by the Health Department and eventually checked again.

“It makes me feel comfortable when I go into a restaurant that it’s clean or at least that the city says it’s clean,” said a man named “John.”

Another man who spoke with 1010 WINS’ Al Jones said that he could stomach taking his chances eating at a place that had a B rating, but wasn’t about to try his luck at one rated with a C.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With Bronx Residents Talking About The Grades

“No that’s degrading myself. That’s rolling the dice,” he said.

The city’s Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley will release results of the program’s first year. According to the agency, during the first six months of the grading system’s existence, 57 percent were given A’s, 30 percent got B’s and only about 13 percent got C’s.

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  1. Aaron D says:

    Hi, I wrote an Android mobile application that lets you search restaurants ratings by name cuisine type and grade. Search area defaults to your current location. It’s free

    1. Aaron D says:

      So sorry I submitted twice.

  2. Aaron Dancygier says:

    Hi, I wrote an Android mobile application that lets you search restaurants ratings by name cuisine type and grade. Search area defaults to your current location. It’s free

  3. Steven says:

    don’t let the grading system deter you from eating at your favorite restaurant. in many instances it has nothing to do with food safety. my son is a chef and their restaurant received a B when first inspected because of leaky pipes in the basement (not near any food). they’ve since received an A since the problem was fixed.

    1. B means bye bye dont come back says:

      OMG just face it your son is unsanitary chef.Stop sticking up for these roach infested places just becuse your seed produced the next chef on kitchen nightmares.

  4. bloombergisafascist says:

    there is no such thing as a clean anything in this city, especially manhattan. there is not a building in this city that doesnt have roaches or rats and mice. just because you dont see them doesnt mean they are not there. some owners might clean up the droppings every day so they dont get busted, but they are there everyday

    1. There are clean buildings in city says:

      I disagree as a exterminator in nyc I frequent lots of dining places and there are some that have none.If people take pride and clean and dont leave a food source you wont have infestation.The good Restaurants clean at least 3 times a day.If there are roaches and mice it is because the workers there just dont care.

  5. E. Daniel says:

    Burger King at Remsen Avenue and Church Ave in Brooklyn, has taken its grade as its opportunity to rip people off. As soon as they received their rating, they raised the prices 20 to 60 cents,more than practically any other Burger King in Brooklyn, and the food is less fresh. The buns are stale.

    I complained, but no response so i don’t buy from them anymore (the rating went to their heads).

    Whatever happened to Have it your way?

    1. Cook ur own food says:

      You can have it your way by making it yourself.

  6. Daphne says:

    This is the best intervention ever with restaurants. There is a chinese restaurant/candy store/bodega on 99th st in Corona that has got to be the worst. It has not only a putrid smell but makeshift pipes and electrical cords running thru-out the store. Flies are more common then customers, I made the horrific mistake of ordering from a menu at my door and didn’t realize it was from them until I was sick as a dog. The health dept. needs to come out and shut them down.
    Did I mention she has a B in her window.

  7. Jay says:

    There are some restaurants with no grades posted. I wonder why and how you can report them? Were they skipped over?

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