WASHINGTON (WCBS 880/AP) – Long Island Rep. Peter King is continuing his controversial series of hearings into Muslim radicalization on Wednesday.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb: The Hearing Will Focus On Al-Shabab

Wednesday’s hearing, the third of its kind, focused on an organization which has been recruiting American citizens of Somali descent in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, according to King.

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says more than 40 Americans have been recruited by a group known as al-Shabab and have gone to fight in Somalia. King said at least 15 Americans and three Canadians are believed to have been killed.

Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the double suicide bomb attack in Uganda’s capital last year and members have aligned themselves with other anti-Western terror groups.

“Al-Shabab is now linking up with al-Qaida and they’re training together, working together and the threat is that they would be coming back to attack the United States,” said King. “This isn’t just me saying this. This is pretty uniform view of the intelligence community based on what they say in public. I’m not even getting into what they say privately.”

United States citizens may be particularly attractive as recruits to foreign terror groups because of their comparative ease of access to the U.S. homeland.

King has been criticized for unfairly singling out Muslims in his series of hearings over the past few months on Islamic radicalization in the U.S. Some of those who oppose these inquisitions have said the committee should also focus on the threat other types of extremism, including right-wing extremism in the U.S., particularly as that ideology appeared to motivate the man accused in the recent deadly attacks in Norway.

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  1. Perdition 101 says:

    The Radical Muslims would sure have a field day with the atheists in the ACLU!

  2. Perdition 101 says:

    Rep King has probably seen what is happening in European counties like France and Great Britian and is trying to keep our nation from being overrun with Muslim radicals. Their first allegiance will always be to Islam and their ideology of conquering the entire earth with the “Sword” and killing the infidels who do not convert.. The left and probably the atheist ones who are now defending them here forgot they will be the first to go by the way of the sword since they are immoral and Godless in their eyes.
    The Godless liberals a are always victims of their lazy, sloppy thinking and masters of the Rule of “Unintended Consequences”.
    Tsk! Tsk!

    1. Perdition 101 says:

      It would be great to see the Muslim radicals get rid of the commies in the ACLU and other pinko groups.

  3. Rodin says:

    i am a crybaby ni88er who loves to have my dog doggystyle me. i am also a welfare , ssi collecting leech on society. and those are my good quailities

    1. Perdition 101 says:

      Sounds like a personal problem Rodin and too much personal information.
      Stay on topic.
      You get no sympathy from me.

  4. Bleecccchhhhhh says:

    CBS should read all the posted comments on the air, instead of playing endless commercials.

  5. FactCheck says:

    An American was killed when the non-Muslim Provisional I.R.A. bombed Harrod’s department store, in London. Peter King raised money to arm the Provisional I.R.A. They were trained in weapons and explosives use by Khadafy’s people, in Libya (I guess this proves that King doesn’t hate all Muslims). King’s active support for the Provos caused the Secret Service to regardhim as a threat to President Reagan, when President Reagan attended a Special Olympics event in Long Island, in 1984. Why is he in Congress, instead of in jail?

  6. Bob Fowler says:

    Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? McCarthy would have been proud.

    1. Andromedia2003 says:

      Lydia: The Norway shooter could use a good doctor right now and can definitely give you real love.

  7. David Goldstein says:

    It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not wait until another 9/11….Be Proactive now before it’s too late.

  8. marx engels says:

    Greedy Long Island Flag-Waving Hypocrits, practice what you preach and stop selling your homes to foreigners!!

  9. DanTe says:

    Just nuke the entire Middle East. Nothing but stupid sand n/ggers comes out of there.

    As to why muSlimes are “singled” out:

    FACT: Everywhere where there are muSlimes, sh-!t happens.

    China — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children and run amok with metal pipes in the streets)

    India — sh-!t happens
    (mu-slimes burned 100s of hindus alive in packed trains and burned villagers alive while they slept)

    Middle East — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children)

    Russia — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill women and children in crowded theaters)

    South East Asia — sh-!t happens
    (mu-slime thugs who kidnap teachers, school children, nurses, priests for ransom, than murder them all)

    Europe — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children)

    USA — 9/11 happened

    Notice the pattern here? Even you sanctimonious twits can’t be that dense.

    Goes to reason, no muslimes, no sh-!t.
    All these camel turds understand is violence and lies anyway. I say we oblige them by killing them all and than lie about how sorry we are.

    Islam. It’s a disease. And like any other infestations of boils, pox and pestilence, it should be eradicated. You don’t talk to diseases. You eradicate them like you did polio and small pox.

    And some bleeding heart imbecile here will post that it’s just a few “radical” individuals that are murderous, just like any other society. But than conveniently forgetting about the Fact that it happens worldwide and by a LOT MORE than just a few individuals. And they also continues to blank out of their empty heads the worldwide mu-slime jubilee celebrations as people burned on 9/11.

    1. Rodin says:

      Then, you could say the same about AmeriKKKans ….

      1. Rodin says:

        MISPLACED (my mistake):

        The real culprit is RELIGION, RELIGIOUS ZEAL, ALL RELIGIONS.

        Religion is, by its very nature (MY god vs. YOUR god), exclusive, faith based bigotry, “GOD’ sanctioned hatred.

    2. Tommy C says:

      Well said Brother !@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Perdition 101 says:

    So when did the left and progressives become enemies of Israel?
    Many, many American Jews are liberals so are they also against Israel like Obama and other leftwingers as well???

    Just like when Bush was president, the liberals hated him more than the Muslim Terrorists that were responsible for 9/11 and would have loved to kill them if they had the chance.. They were so against the US retaliating against them, Gitmo, waterboarding and the Pariot Act.
    I guess the more than 3000 American civilians that died that day were not important enough.???

    1. Rodin says:

      1 – When Jews/Israelis became fascists (Zionists), well trained by their Nazi schulmeisters.

      What all schoolchildren learn,
      Those to whom evil is done
      Do evil in return.
      ~ W.H. AUDEN

      2 – American Jews’ FIRST allegiance, like that of all Jews worldwide, is always to Israel, no matter where pure chance had them born and no matter that chance also had them born Jews. You know, the “chosen people” in the “promised” land, the Torah, the Babble … and all that jazz. Their birth country is always a distant second.

      “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”
      ~ JOHN SHEEHAN, S.J.
      Jesuit priest and missionary

      The only Jews I ever knew to be different were Old Left American Communist Jews, many of whom fought Franco’s Falangists (Spanish Fascist forces) in the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) and were branded Premature anti-Fascists by the same America that rejected displaced European Jews after WWII and dumped them on the Palestinians.

      “Hunting Jews has always been a European sport. Now the Palestinians, who never played it, are paying the bill.”
      Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist

      Go learn something before you spew.

      1. Rodin says:

        I’ll fine-tune:

        The real culprit is RELIGION, RELIGIOUS ZEAL, ALL RELIGIONS. REligion is by its nature exclusive, faith based bigotry, “GOD’ sanctioned hatred.

      2. Perdition 101 says:

        Gee! All that sounds right out of the things Hamas the terrorists claim and lie about. A little anti-semitic Nazi hate speech thrown in for good measure huh?

        Sounds more like you are the one spewing and ranting like a mad dog Muslim terrorist. I didn’t spew, I asked a question.
        I take it then it is true from your long winded anti-semitic manifesto. that the leftwingernuts are on the same page as Marxist “Barack Barry Hussein Obama”and baby Muslim.
        The Commies also hated the Jews and Israel
        Go Figure!

      3. Rodin says:

        “Perdition” means ‘being lost. Like you are. Great moniker! Did you come up with it on your own? Outstanding! I think you should upgrade yourself to at least 401.

      4. Perdition 101 says:

        Fine tuned ? LOLThat’s a good one.
        Hey Abdula wannabe, did you forget it’s your pals the Muslim terrorists that are trying to pull another 9/11 so what’s your problem with the investigations?
        It’s not your ” Zionists” archenemies that are trying to bomb the US or anyone else..
        It’s your Muslim nutjob buddies.
        Remember that in the future before you go off your Mein Kampf rant.

      5. Perdition 101 says:

        I’m here to show you how lost you are in your hate and probably in your souless carcuss. That’s were the 101 comes in.
        Your rants and inane childish insults don’t bother me like the truth I’m enlightening you with does you.
        Come into the light!

  11. Rodin says:

    At 01:22:31 on July 27, 2011, muslims r evil said (though it was deleted}:
    “nuke palestine and every pigdog muslim nation into oblivion. death to islam and all of its followers”

    … And all Jewish occupiers and ‘settlers too!

    1. Perdition 101 says:

      Looky a little Eichmann or Arafat.
      How sad. Must be either a progressive or a redneck from down yonder with sand fleas.

      1. Rodin says:

        A little hot under the collar? Gotcha going, loser!


    2. Perdition 101 says:

      It’s the left and little Hitlers that throw the hissy fits as your all of your rants on this story that tell the truth about your thinkskin. You can deal it out but can’t take it.
      Now go wipe that foam off of your chin!

      1. Rodin says:

        Still at it, bozo? Really riled up aren’t you. Oh so cencitiff under all that bluster. Can’t contain yourself. Can’t stop, can you?

        Listen, I’m bored. When you come up with something original, an argument, a fact of some sort, any idea at all, let me know. Unless you do, don’t bother cuz I’m tuning you out you. There’s no one left here to have a discussion with and I refuse to have duel with an unarmed opponent. Pffft!

      2. Perdition 101 says:

        That’s mean . So does that mean were aren’t buddies now?
        I don’t want to stop especially when I own you.
        Don’t you really mean you are “Boring”.
        I have my arguments copy righted they are so good. Your’s are a dime a dozen fella..
        You mean it took little old me to run you off?
        You seem to have brought a pea shooter to a gunfight.
        Try harder next time!

  12. Ali says:

    Why are they going after Muslims and not Catholics, Jews, Christians, Jehovah Witnesses, Baptists and Hindus?

    1. Rodin says:

      Because in freedom loving, equal rights, democratic AmeriKKKa Muslims and Mexicans are the taste du jour.

    2. Nelson says:

      Because none of the other religions you mentioned are terrorists…

      1. Rodin says:


        “Police identified the suspect as Anders Behring Breivik, 32, a right-wing fundamentalist Christian, while acquaintances described him as a gun-loving Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threats of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration.” – The New York Times, July 25, 2011

        im David Adkisson, John Patrick Bedell, Ted Kaczynski, Jared Lee Loughner, Timothy McVeigh, Terry Lynn Nichols, Scott Roeder, Joseph Stack, James von Brunn: all AMERICAN, all CHRISTIAN

        Adolf Hitler: “The work that Christ started but could not finish, I, Adolf Hitler, will conclude.” (DEVOUT CATHOLIC.

        I could go on but I wouldn’t want to make you think.

        N.B.: Mexicanix NOT a religion. ‘Mexican’ is a scapegoat for for right-wing, bigoted, racist and, yes, CHRISTIAN AmeriKKKa

  13. Meme Meyagi says:

    can you tell a difference between radical and not radical muslim? there is no difference. better to deport all muslims now, rather than to face jihad from inside. do you like being groped at airports because of muslims, do you want to be groped by police everywhere you go because of muslims? i don’t want this nonsense.

    1. Rodin says:

      “can you tell a difference between radical muslim, [radical Christian, radical Jew]? there is no difference.”

  14. Ramon Maroulis says:

    These hearings are a complete waste of money. What does King think the FBI and CIA are for? This whole thing is a show boat for this man’s ego and paranoia.

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      so you want us to ignore 7 million muslims trying to take over amerika from inside, and a muslim president too? i don’t think so. if you like muslims so much you can join them in afrika.

      1. Rodin says:

        Paranoia will destroya !

        Muslims in USA:
        1.8 Million (2011)
        0.6% of the U.S. population (2011)
        (CIA World Factbook)

  15. Bay Ridge Supporter! says:

    God Bless You Mr. King! You should run in 2012…

    1. Rodin says:

      He should run alright, or BE run, right into Long Island Sound.

    2. Rodin says:

      Good without gods. Bigotry is a faith based initiative. Here’s the proof!

  16. A Boyle says:


    1. Rodin says:

      Hi, Peter.

  17. gjk says:

    Give us your tired . . . you know that poem on the Statue of Liberty, about people yearning to be free?

    Well, it seems many Americans want a new clause: As long as they aren’t Muslim. This country is getting worse and worse because of people like Peter Lamb.

    1. John says:

      You are so ignorant. He is investigating RADICAL MUSLIMS which is a widespread concern in the US. I am a Jew and if there was a widespread problem of radical Jews committing terrorist attacks I would have no problem with an investigation targeting such people. But in the case in the US and across the world we are being attacked by RADICAL MUSLIMS. They are our enemy. if you want to be in denial to that fact go ahead and continue being ignorant.

      1. Rodin says:

        You are a Jew. Need say no more. And I would say the same of Muslims or Christians, you are what you are.

        Anders Breivik is a Christian carrying out the work of the good lord Jesus to save Christianity in Europe. Jews are “the chosen people”” entitled to “the promised land.” Hitler was a fervent Catholic: “”The work that Christ started but could not finish, I, Adolf Hitler, will conclude.”

  18. walter77777 says:

    Anyone who believes he/she is justified in killliing people whose ideas they disapprove of is very dangerous.


    1. John says:

      If someone had an idea to kill you and your entire family would you disapprove of that by killing that person in self-defense? I would hope so.

      1. Rodin says:

        “Preventive warfare,” from W’s lips to your ears, and, a wasted trillion $$$ and 4,500 deaths later ….

  19. A Boyle says:

    Peter Kink is the only republican i have respect for he is the only republican who actualy earns his paycheck. Good for him in bringing the muslim problem to the american public. GOOD JOB

  20. Yahouda says:

    Big difference the terrorist from Norway is 180 degrees out of phase with Jesus’s teaching, the Muslim terrorists are adhearing to their prophet’s teaching.

    1. Rodin says:

      How would you know? That’s not the way HE sees it. “Interpretation” is the problem of ALL religion.

  21. Rick says:

    There are 200 million Americans and 40 of them were converted to become terorists. I don’t want to down play the damage one lunatic can do but is this really something we need to have a pretetual hearing about?

    1. Ronald Hussein Reagan says:

      Hot air – it’s what King produces.

  22. Khurshed Chowdhury says:

    This is necessary good job by Congressman Peter King. There should be hearings like this to find out how and why young immingrants muslims and coverts become radicalized frequently and leave America to join foriegn terrorist groups only to kill innocent non-muslims, or try to commit terrorsim in the soil of America to kill Americans. This is no joke for us.

    1. Rodin says:


      Not worth my time or energy.

  23. Paul N says:

    How sad tgat Peter King has to showboat to the bigot base in his party.

  24. Dilly says:

    Maybe Peter King should team up with Anders Behring Breivik.

    1. Rodin says:


      Lawyer Suggests Suspect in Norway Attacks Is Insane
      July 27, 2011

      On Tuesday evening, after visiting wounded young victims in the hospital, Jonas Gahr Store, Norway’s foreign minister and a senior member of the Labor Party, went to a large Oslo mosque of the World Islamic Mission to express solidarity with the country’s Muslim population.

      In an interview, Mr. Store said Mr. Breivik’s victims on the island were “Christians, Muslims, atheists, they were everything.”

      1. Rodin says:

        The article quoted above is from The New York Times

      2. Rodin says:

        he left out they were loser lowlife communist white liberals. and thats a damn goofd reason for shooting them

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