City Hall, Advocacy Group Thrilled, But Not Everyone Jumping Onboard -- Yet

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Look left, look right … bicyclists are everywhere in New York City. A new transportation report finds more people are biking.

Tyrone Gardner of Astoria said he cycles 15 miles a day commuting to and from work.

“It’s easy access, plus it’s good for my health,” Gardner told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office is boasting that bicycles are now the toast of the town — up 14 percent, with close to 19,000 city cyclists every day compared to spring 2010 where that daily number was 16,463.

“Bicycling is booming in New York,” said Michael Murphy of the pro-cycling advocacy group Transportation Alternatives.

“When you make a bike lane more people, as we see with the increase, choose to use that mode of transportation,” Murphy said.

There’s more bike lanes and more bike sales. The owner of one bike shop in Chelsea told Carlin his booming business is proof that this way of life is on a roll.

“It’s good for health, good everybody,” Rafael Vazquez said.

However, Burghardt Jegutzki said he wants to see fewer New Yorkers on bicycles and a lot more safety education.

“No good. No. It’s dangerous,” he said. “It’s going to take a long, long time to have the understanding between the drivers and the cars and the bicyclists to be one on the road. Never gonna happen, no.”

But a new Quinnipiac poll shows support for bike lanes growing, revealing that 59 percent of New Yorkers like the lanes, up from a few months ago when the approval was at 54 percent.

“I think it’s a matter of growing pains around a new change. Change is difficult and we’re in the very early stages,” Murphy said.

Murphy said driver and rider education are key, as the city adds bike lanes and keeps up this push to pedal.

The Quinnipiac poll went borough by borough and found support for bike lanes highest in Brooklyn and lowest on Staten Island.

Why do you think a majority of Staten Islanders polled came out against bike lanes? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Orlando says:

    I bike a lot. I bike to work and have been doing so for a good part of the Summer. From the UES to the South Bronx and back. And as this article and the piece that aired on the CBS show states…there has been an increase in bikers on the rode. I think that his is a good thing…you know more people getting in shape…and maybe (though there is no direct correlation), less cars on the road.

    I think that the bike lanes are great…but due to the fact that this is a Four Season Town…the bike lanes separated from the rest of the street by concrete islands are sort of dumb. For a good part of the year New York City has rain, snow, sleet and freezing weather. Between November and let’s say April the weather is not conducive for bike riding.The number of average people biking during this time is very low. Bad weather will always effect ridership.

    Bike lanes? Yes. Bike lanes with concrete islands separating them from the main street? No…it is dumb. They are useless for a good part of the year and only get in the way.

  2. John E. Depth says:

    Quinnipiac? Really? Your “polls” are suspect. You also fed us the poll which stated that Ray Kelly is Highly favored for Mayor. You collectively have no clue about how much most of us who actually live in nyc hate these bike lanes.Just because you give us such propaganda does not mean we believe it.

  3. No name needed... says:

    I love and will continue to use the bike lanes! Thank you, NYC!

  4. Nick 1975 says:

    {{Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office is boasting that bicycles are now the toast of the town — up 14 percent, with close to 19,000 city cyclists every day compared to spring 2010 where that daily number was 16,463.}}

    There are what 3.5 million people in NYC (plus the suburbs) who commute to and from work in the city and 19,000 is supposed to be this ‘huge’ number??

  5. true NYC says:

    Not true. Everyone i know hates the bike lanes, Including people on bikes.

    1. badman says:

      if people on bikes don’t like them, it’s only because they’re ineffective due to all the jack @sses (including COPS) who double park in them.

    2. Bob says:

      And clearly your own personal experiences trump the unbiased data. Is everyone you know a statistically significant sampling across all five boroughs? No, it’s a self-selected group. Moron.

  6. D says:

    Looks like bicycle use in NYC should be licensed. It is a danger to people, it is widely abused. It needs more management, more regulation, more enforcement for violations. AND it is a great source of revenue to keep the city running.

  7. I dislike you says:

    Right on, my racist friend! Death to whitey!

  8. Bryan P. says:

    nobody called me either…and I vote YES to bike lanes !
    Also ; hats off to the Mayor for getting natural gas as they way NYC bldgs. will burn garbage !!!! So disgusted w/ having to rush to close windows when the wind was blowing the wrong way, god knows how much exposure during sleepng hours…… All these improvements add greatly to the quality of life in NYC !! Maybe the staten Islanders will encourage each othger to take take advantage and get the obesity #’s moving in the right direction !

    1. badman says:

      what the H3LL is Bryan talking about?!

  9. disgusted says:

    Nobody called me. Sorry, everyone I know in Brooklyn hates them. The poll is too small to be effective.

    1. Taisha says:

      Yeah, because polls call EVERYBODY. Yeesh.

  10. Nick 1975 says:


    1) Put bike lanes where they are truely needed like on Northern & Queens Blvds in Queens. The service road off QB should could be used for Bikes

    2) Cyclists need to be fined for riding on the sidewalk. Why do adult cyclists think they can ride or walk bikes on the sidewalk. If you knock someone down you (the cyclist) may get punched in the head

    1. Lisa says:

      Bicyclists ARE fined for riding on the sidewalk. It’s illegal.

      1. Nick 1975 says:

        Really?? I have never seen a cop stop anyone despite the fact that see grown adults riding on the sidewalk cutting thru pedestrians. Bicyclists also should be required to purchase liability insurance and be accountable tor any damage they do to cars such as hitting the side view mirrors.

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