Voter Turnout Said To Be Extremely Low; Final Results Not Very Close

Updated at 7:20 a.m., Aug. 2, 2011

UNIONDALE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Long Islanders have officially had their say on the future of Nassau Coliseum and the New York Islanders. It looks like they don’t want either.

Voters hit the polls Monday and defeated a $400 million bond issue that would have funded a replacement for the 39-year-old Coliseum. The funds would have been used to construct a new hockey arena, minor league ballpark and convention space. Now that it has failed, it’s believed Islanders owner Charles Wang will move the franchise out of the area once its lease is up in 2015.

The referendum failed 57 to 43 percent in what officials said was a very low turnout for the unusual midsummer election. Nassau County has roughly 900,000 registered voters.

In a publicity blitz, supporters said the project would create more than 3,000 jobs and bring in $14 million in revenue each year. But at the polls CBS 2’s Emily Smith found registered voters who were questioning a government-funded projected when the county is already financially strapped.

“They say it is going to create jobs, but there are no facts really. It’s like here’s the money and all of these wonderful things,” said Warren Marcus of Mineola.

Wang made no predictions about the future in brief comments before hockey fans and supporters at a gathering at the coliseum after the vote late Monday night.

“I’m disappointed, I’m heartbroken,” the millionaire founder of software maker Computer Associates said. He promised the team would remain on Long Island until the lease expires.

Republican County Executive Edward Mangano insisted the new coliseum project would generate income to overcome any initial taxpayer investment, but he was clearly rebuffed. He also expressed disappointment with the outcome, but insisted he was not quitting on the idea of developing the 77-acre site, one of the most valuable undeveloped parcels of property in the county.

“This just opens up new doors,” Mangano said.

Elections Commissioner William Biamonte said by early afternoon the turnout was about 5 percent of all registered voters. Making matters worse for evening voters were terrible storms and Long Island Rail Road delays. Turnout was extremely low with only about 100,000 voters expected to cast ballots; an election official said a typical November election attracts about three times that number.

Voter Christopher McNally questioned why the vote was held on the first day of August, instead of in November.

“Why are we holding this referendum of an important thing, on a summer day, on Monday. That is really a departure from the norm in this area,” McNally said.

Listen: Charles Wang’s interview with Boomer & Carton

Many business groups backed the move, saying it would have create much-needed jobs. Opponents don’t see why the government — already running north of a projected $100 million deficit — would hike taxes to help fund the build.

“Is it perfect? There’s no such thing as perfect right now, especially in the county,” said Brian Rosenberg of the Long Island Restaurant Association. “But millions and millions of dollars in tax revenue will be lost if we sit back and keep debating.”

Listen: Ed Mangano & Jay Jacobs with Boomer & Carton

Islanders owner Charles Wang votes on the proposed $400 million bond measure to fund construction of a new coliseum on Aug. 1, 2011. ( credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

County officials said the project would’ve cost $58 a year per homeowner. Supporters of the project suggested with revenue from sales, hotel and entertainment packages — plus the creation of more than 1,000 jobs — it would actually have cost the county much less.

Mangano said an independent budget review projected the risk, once all revenues were accounted for, to be $13.80 per average household.

Desmond Ryan, of the Association for a Better Long Island, was against the $400 million project and said earlier Monday he believed it was going to be a close vote.

“The Islander fans and the unions will be turning out in force but I think the already over-burdened tax payers of Nassau County are about to come forward and say ‘enough is enough,'” Ryan said.

(credit: Handout/New York Islanders)

Clifford Sondock of the Land Use Institute also took issue with the plan.

“Nassau County is effectively bankrupt,” Sondock said. “They have too much debt. They can’t pay their bills. So it flies in the face of logic for them going to borrow $400 million to build a stadium.”

East Meadow resident Irwin Kahn was among those who said now’s not the right time.

“I love hockey,” Kahn said. “I don’t want to pay for it,” he added, referring to the bond issue.

Added Ed Marczewski: “I don’t want to pay for it. Not just for me, I’m 62 years old. My kids and grandkids are going to have to pay this bill — $400 million now; $800 million over 30 years.”

Among those in favor of the project was Josephine Barbieri.

“My son from Boston called to tell me to get out and vote, and vote ‘yes,’” Josephine Barbieri added. “Yes, I did so.”

The referendum and postcards to notify of polling place changes will cost Nassau $2.2 million.

In the end, was the right decision made by the voters? Sound off in our comments section.

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Comments (136)
  1. Kurt in Dallas says:

    The Houston Islanders…has a nice ring to it.

    1. BCISLEMAN says:

      Yeah, Houston is sure a big hockey town. A lot of tradition there. They barely support hockey in Dallas.

  2. RepublicanPensFan says:

    Good Riddance! Islanders are a hockey team like milli vanilli are musicians. Bunch of unprofessional HACKS! They, like Obama are headed to the forgotten dust bin of history. BTW- Jewish New Yorkers: How’s that Hope and Change thing workin’ out for ya’s?

    1. JMS says:

      we HOPE you CHANGE ur status from living to deceased. a self inflicted gunshot to the head would be preferred but sucking on an exhaust pipe would suffice as well.

    2. BCISLEMAN says:

      I’ll say this for you, you are every bit as clueless about politics as you are about hockey.

      The hope and change thing is working out fine. There’s a lot more hope for this country and the world with BHO in the Oval then there would be if Grizzly Mama ever became president.

      Then again I could say the same thing about most any potential candidate. Even Michelle Bachmann would be better. Grizzly Mama should just saddle up her bus, start shootin her guns and ringin her bells all the way back to Wasilla. Once she gets there, she should stay there. Gabrielle Giffords, for one, would feel a lot safer if she did.

    3. Mike says:

      you’re a looser, plain and simple. You show how feeble your mind is by putting religion in your pointless rant about an article about the Coliseum. Then again, Pens fan, not surprised with your dumb arse team that was embarrassed that faithful Feb. 11th game! Don’t worry, the Isles are going nowhere!

  3. Richard Rocco Scott says:

    all these politically- and ethnically-well-connected and CM / PM firms who want to build, then go build houses for people at YOUR expense with the monies you have all stolen from the people, Nassau Community College, the LIRR, the AirTrain, etc.etc.!.

  4. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    Now Wang can sue the County to recover the welfare he isn’t getting.

  5. Sir Charles Dividends says:

    The county is bankrupt. The idiots running the finances are so inept that the state had to come in to sort things out. So Mangano has absolutely no credibility when he tries to use voodoo math to sell this boondogle. The Islanders suck which is why nobody goes to see them. Putting a sucky team in a nice building is like what happened with the Mets. And who cares about the lost jobs? They are all union jobs anyway and union workers are parasites who are bankrupting the country. This county is the most highly taxed county in the USA. The less rubbish we have to deal with, the better. That includes the Islanders and the union parasites. If Wang is so heartbroken, let him finance this thing. After all he is a billionaire.

    1. BCISLEMAN says:

      Union members are NOT parasites. They are the ones who have built and run this country. The Islanders will soon be one of the dominant teams in the NHL and Nassau residents will have to watch them take their Stanley Cups elsewhere.

      1. Guffawing Uncontrollably says:

        And they’ve done such a GREAT job maintaining the current arena.

      2. BCISLEMAN says:

        The current arena is 40 years old and previous owners did not invest in it. Neither did the County or the Town.

      3. TAX PAYER 556 says:

        Union members are NOT parasites. They are the ones who have built and run this country. The Islanders will soon be one of the dominant teams in the NHL and Nassau residents will have to watch them take their Stanley Cups elsewhere.
        Yeah sure, smoke some more pot.

      4. BCISLEMAN says:

        Never touched the stuff…and everything I wrote is or soon will be factual.

    2. JMS says:

      Wang has lost over $250 million on this team. I think all Islander fans owe him a debt of gratitude for hanging in there and trying to restore this team to its former glory. No, it hasn’t worked out but not for a lack of effort or money. Unlike the Ranger fans, the Islander fans have not supported this team during the lean years and yoou saw the net result of that yesterday. Had the team been more competitive I have little doubt the result would’ve been different.

    3. Dear Rocco, Scott, and Richard says:

      The biggest parasites are the greedy arrogant spiteful resident hypocrites who patriotically wave the American Flag and then go sell their houses to foreigners who pay cash with money from drugs, terrorism, and G-d-knows what else.
      Speaking of parasites, all these politically- and ethnically-well-connected and CM / PM firms who want to build, then go build houses for people at YOUR expense with the monies you have all stolen from the people!.

  6. Jealous In Jersey says:

    I wish they would’ve given Giant/Jet ticket holders the chance to vote on the new meadowlands money pit. nothing was wrong with the old stadium and b/t the PSL , the quadrupling of my ticket prices and the fact I am now in worse seats I’d of loved to have voted that bad boy down. no opinion on what the L.I. outcome should’ve been but count yourself as lucky that you had a say in it at all.

    1. Good point says:

      I agree – I don’t think NYC taxpayers had a say in their money being funneled into construction of the new baseball stadiums either

      1. Jealous In Jersey says:

        Both the new Yankee Stadium and Citifield were essentially paid for by the fans, just like the new meadowlands stadium. no public money was used to fund their construction. IMO, the only one that was needed was Citifield as Shea Stadium was a broken down eyesore. Unfortunately, all 3 buildings resulted in many true fans being priced out of the ballpark and the owner’s primary objective seemed to be to reach out to the big corporate accounts who desired the additional luxory suites these ballparks offer

      2. BCISLEMAN says:

        They were paid by bond issues that the owners are repaying over time.

      3. Jealous In Jersey says:


        They are repaying those bonds w/money they get from PSLs and exorbitant ticket prices. This is why I said they are “essentially” being paid for by the fans.

      4. BCISLEMAN says:

        In Wilpon’s case, his fanbase is rapidly dwindling so that he will be unable to pay for it with their money. Tearing down Shea was a big mistake. A very thorough renovation would have been cheaper and ticket prices wouldnt have been so high. Now Wilpon is stuck with a stadium he wont be able to pay for.

      5. Jealous In Jersey says:

        You may be right about Wilpon and the Mets although this new GM and manager seem to be on their way to turning things around. Time will tell whether that results in a winning record with fans returning. Not sure whether refurbishing shea was a feasible option. The stadium was ugly, with bad sight lines and its proximity to the landing routes of laguardia airplanes made attending games an unenjoyable experience. Add in the fact that the yanks, giants & jets were all getting new buildings and it becomes a tough sell to just refurbish.

      6. BCISLEMAN says:

        I never thought Shea was ugly, never had a problem seeing the game from any seat in the house, and always enjoyed going there. Can’t see how CitiField is that different in terms of proximity to LaGuardia either.

        I began attending Met games in 1964 but will never return while the Wilpons own the team. They have ruined the franchise.

  7. Truth says:

    Bad move by voting no. I’m glad I don’t live in th area. In the long run, it would have paid for itself. Without the new areana, shows and events won’t come. Those tax dollars that are generated to help the county pay for certain things will disappear. The taxes will now even go higher. Now you will have thousands of jobless people. Hopefully they will put something else there to generate jobs and tax dolllars.

    1. shot down says:

      Your comment couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ll enjoy waving my extra “$13” in the air in the faces of uninformed people like yourself and celebrating the defeat of the vote.

      Oh that’s right, you don’t live in Nassau County SO YOUR OPINION DOESN’T COUNT. Haha

      1. Bring in the projects says:

        truth is 100% right wait till they put the low income housing there .IT will end up being worse then newark.You guys voted no now deal with it.

      2. welcome to nassau says:

        bring in the projects must not realize that the entire surrounding area is already low income. newly built low income housing would be an improvement over the low income area that exists there now

  8. Bill W. Clearwater says:

    As a former Long Islander and an Islander season ticket holder I am not surprised by this. From many years experience as most of you already know, Nassau Coliseum is by far the worst arena in the NHL. When I moved to Florida and started going to the St. Pete Times Forum for Lightning games I was in awe of the facility. The voters of Nassau or very shortsighted as now they will have an empty building to maintain.

    1. Jonny Reality says:

      Um, Bill? The buildingt wasn’t maintained when it was full.

      1. Tiger Al says:


  9. MR J. DOLAN says:


  10. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    The reason for such a low turnout?? Obviously, the LIRR deliberately scheduled the weather and sabotaged the signal system to prevent Nassau County residents from getting home to vote for the Coliseum bond issue.


  11. marx engels says:

    Nassau County has a history of fugazy projects – for openers, how about the Eisenhower pool, the Leaky ‘G’ Building at Nassau Community College – and the old nonsense that it will only cost the taxpayer afew dollars more. For those in the construction industry, whatever became of the ripoff artists in those disasters, like Target Rock and Manshul? And the cost overruns that benefitted LiRo and DeMatteis? This man Mangano ran and railed and raved about Tax Revolt, wouldn’t spend the relatively small amount to keep Long Island Bus from privatizing and surely “selectively” cutting service to minority areas, but willing to spend my money to benefit rich construction cronies such as aforementioned. Shame on you and Suozzi and Alphonse DeMento and Gulotta!!

    1. False Face says:

      Mangano who prides himself on “cutting wasteful spending” then turns arond and spends $1.5 million to hold the 8/1 vote! Another sleazy politician.

      How about a huge cut in his salary and benefits – that is money well spent.

  12. NeverDrinkingTheKoolAid says:

    This type of approach also failed in other states. Guaranteed that the tax increase would have ended up significantly higher than projected. This real estate proposal put the burden on Nassau to support a multi-millionaire and fans in other areas that don’t have to spend a dime extra in taxes. Wang uses the team as a tax write-off and never made a serious effort to bring a Stanley Cup to Long Island. A baseball field? Like we need more baseball teams around here. Are the Mets, Yankees, Cyclones, Ducks, and the Staten Island Yankees not enough? Here’s a novel idea. How about attracting major companies to Long Island and Nassau County. That creates permanent jobs and reduces taxes.

    1. BCISLEMAN says:

      Obviously you know nothing about the Islanders. Wang invested plenty in failed efforts to improve the team when no one else wanted to do so. He’s lost upwards of $20 mil a year on the team.

      Chasing the Islanders to Queens or wherever else will not bring in major companies. It will, however, eliminate thousands of jobs, reduce the tax base, and ultimately increase your taxes probably by more than this proposal would have done.

      1. Jobs ,my @ss! says:

        Please describe the mysterious “thousands of jobs”?

      2. BCISLEMAN says:

        It has already been estimated that 3-4000 jobs will be lost both within the Coliseum and in area businesses dependent on it for business.

      3. Good bye nassau Hacks says:

        crony jobs in the Arena gone im crying.

      4. BCISLEMAN says:

        You will be crying when you have to pay higher taxes to make up for a reduced tax base.

      1. Carrie T. says:

        this is the land of opportunity. do you really think when the islanders leave that there will be no other businesses looking to come to nassau to replace their revenue if you can even call it that. they are unprofitable and any different biz there would be a welcome change

      2. BCISLEMAN says:

        Oh yes. That is what I see whenever I visit the Coliseum….businesses falling all over themselves to move into central Nassau. NO….I see empty spaces in malls, buildings shuttered, vacant spaces. And with the income from the NYI and Wang’s money gone, it’s going to get worse, not better.

  13. Alan says:

    I’ve lived in Nassau county since 1953, back then it was alot of farmland. All of you short sighted BOOBS who voted NO yesterday probably wouldn’t have homes today , because all development would have been voted down. Good work you MORONS.

    1. ha-Ha- HA! says:

      Hi Alan! Yank me.

  14. LEE says:


    1. Brooklyn Islanders says:

      Brooklyn Brooklyn thats where he will make the money.

  15. AAAAmerican.Com says:

    Why keep spending and getting no returns of monies spent. What did having this (IMHO) ABSURD ELECTION on a Monday August First , Two Thousand and Eleven do ?

    Why does it have to cost so much, Over Two Million Smackaroonies… for the County and the TaxPayers, when it should have been part of the Election in November coming?

  16. B. MCBRIDE says:


  17. BCISLEMAN says:

    Its unfortunate that this was done in such a bad economy and especially in the context of a possible first in our history default of the US government. In this environment, it was always going to be a tough sell. This was a bad decision for Long Island’s future.

    As an aside, what kind of journalism is this? The writer tells us that “it’s believed” Wang will move the team when the lease ends in 2015. Believed by whom? According to whom? Perhaps the writer believes Wang will move the team out of the area.

    The NHL will surely insist that every possible option be pursued before the team is moved out of the NY area. I regard that as very unlikely.

  18. Nick 1975 says:

    Good, Let the owner & team pay for it 100% if they want it. Why should taxpayers have to pay $14 or anything at all??

    1. Nick's mama says he is a idiot says:

      Idiot YOU ARE dumb and stupid too.He was going to build a reana there and he was turned down.Did you hear of the lighthouse project he talked about how he wanted to build new arena a baseball stadium and casino as was turned down.Just face facts your taxes will go up even more because of the lost revenue from future concerts and games and not even mention the lost jobs.

  19. ace11 says:

    Thank God


    NO NO

    and NO

    No wins

    1. People are clueless says:

      But the people lose.Taxes will raise anyway and you lose only team you have. That building will cost 10 times more to repair then tearing it down and rebuilding.Lets go brooklyn islanders

  20. james says:

    I can see it now – The CT Islanders, or – The Bridgeport Sound replacing the Islanders in the NHL. It’ll help build up Bridgeport!

  21. Homer says:

    When are you propagandist going stop infect all blogs with your anti-American, pro-gay, anti-black, anti-muslim, pro-jewish propaganda? It is ANNOYING and it is not brainwashing anyone – hello?

  22. Joshua the whale saving heeb says:

    Evn your mother says. NO

  23. Wow says:

    That’s it
    The people saying no are idiots
    You get higher taxes ($16) without the arena and businesses to revenue loss which leads to new taxes being created than having an arena with businesses more jobs and more revenue which is$13.80 in taxes per household for 30 years. And just cuz this vote gets passed doesn’t mean its set in stone, it opens up more options between the legislature and WNg/Mangano
    If you deny this, you are lost

    1. The KING says:

      VOTED today ,and I want a better deal for the taxpayer in Nassau. Move the team to Suffolk, DEER PARK is a GREATTTTTT SPOT!

      1. Brian says:

        Actually this will be good for some more apprrciative city in canada or western USA Long Island doesnt deserve a hockey team. ,But dont worry I am sure other americans or canadiens will take better care of this team

      2. Quebec says:

        is a better place. Bye, bye Icelanders

    2. Buster Olney says:

      Wow, when did you attend Nassau Community? VOTE NO, unless your a rider on the LI Short Bus!

    3. Too Bad Cry Baby Wang and His Lap Dog Mangano! says:

      Building a new Colisseum will NOT all of a sudden make people want to attend Islanders games or drum up new revenue for the team, Just remember, each time you raise taxes you make it a little more unattainable for young folks to stay in the county or buy a home. If enough young people are forced to leave the area since it is already so unaffordable, one day there will even be fewer Islanders fans to support the team if they were to stay. In a county where home prices have fallen at least 25% there are a lot of underwater homeowners and a tax hike so a BILLIONAIRE is not what we need right now.

      People are forgetting that the vote was not to determine whether or not voters wanted the Nassau Colisseum to exist, but it was to determine whether or not to have taxpayers foot the bill.

      Mangano needs to find a beter plan for privately funded development. For a man who touts that he is implementing plans to save the county money, asking taxpayers in Nassau to pay $400 – $800 million projected cost to develop the Colisseum property is a fax cry from saving money. Broke Nassau County building the Colisseum would be similar to buying a Porsche when you are broke – not a good idea!!

      1. BCISLEMAN says:

        You are forgetting that Wang already tried funding it privately through the Lighthouse project and was turned down.

  24. SANITY says:

    Just look at this guy for an example of the type of people who voted no. Xenophobic, racist, low-lifes.

    The ISLES will prevail 🙂

    1. SANITY says:

      By the way, I’m a republican. I like jobs. I like the Islanders. I spend $13.50 on Starbucks every week.


    2. Sanity is a pedohile says:

      I bet your a fat cheater too!

  25. Vince Perillo says:

    NassauCounty has been corrupt for the last 100 years. Nothing politicians say is ever the truth. How can you vote “yes” on a proposal that isn’t even complete. There is no environmental impact study, no reports on traffic. Mangano and his buddy, Wang want this shoved down our throats. This is why they decided to have the vote in August. If the Islanders want to move, let them. And while they are leaving don’t let the door hit them in their butts.

    1. Steve says:

      So, you think that taxes will go down or stay the same “when the Isles leave”? They won’t. They will go up to compensate for the $150-$200 Million in lost revenue the Coliseum generates on a yearly basis.

      So you will have higher taxes anyway and now add to it a barren wasteland where the Coliseum sits decaying.

      “No” doesn’t seem to smart to me.

  26. Stephen Trinder says:

    I am not a Nassau County resident, nor an Islanders fan. While the loss of the Islanders would be sad, I would vote “No”. I know Nassau County is bankrupt, and who wants to pay to see a team that has not won a playoff series since 1993? The NHL has three teams in NYC, which is too many. All other leagues have two for a reason. The Islanders also have the lowest attendance in the NHL, even worse than some Sun-Belt teams. I don’t think Nassau County residents should pay for an arena many will not use. They should move the team to Quebec City, to be a revival of the Nordiques. Quebec has already approved construction of a new arena to start in 2012 and open in 2015. It has the sponsorship of Quebecor (a Canadian media giant) and a fanbase who still support the Nords as though they never left. We all remember when Nordique Nation came to Long Island. Quebec wants a team more than Long Island and will pay for an arena, that we know will be built. Go Nords! (FYI, I’m a Maple Leafs fan).

    1. MCK says:

      If Quebec is such a great NHL city then why did the great fans of the Nordiques fail to support them? They suffered the same fate that will befall the Islanders if they can’t get help from the outside! The Islanders can and will be a great franchise again! Besides the Islanders…. Long Island needs a coliseum for all the other events that are staged there! Who wants to travel to MSG or Brooklyn or Newark? Long Island needs their own showplace!

      1. BillyV says:

        How dare you imply that Quebec fans failed to support the Nordiques. Unlike the Islanders, the Nordiques did not suffer from attendance problems, but from a weak Canadian dollar in the mid 90’s and from rising salaries. Case in point, the hundreds of Nordique fans who traveled down to Long Island to show support for an Islanders relocation to Quebec.

        I’m a Canadian, and I want the Islanders to stay in Long Island. Relocation, in any case, is a terrible thing and the Islanders could draw in many fans if they were successful. But please do a little research before trying to besmirch the loyal Nordique fans, lest the same thing happen to the Islanders.

    2. james says:

      There are three teams in metro NYC (should be 4 – CT!!), but each team represents a state (NJ), a city (NYC) and another state (NY). The US comes before Canada as CA does not have enough large cities to sustain a league. You have to keep in mind that NYC has about 8.5 million people alone, so in theory, each borough except for Staten Island could carry a team from each major sport on it’s own! Even Staten Island could have A team. Most sports cities are small, some are just famous for their teams. CT has a lot of rich people here – get us some TEAMS! NJ should not have teams if we can’t. We are in the NYC market TOO!!!

    3. Travel.AAAAmerican.Comn says:

      Dear Stephen Trinder,
      I guess also you sure need to do more research too.
      NYC, NY has only ONE NHL Team. The NY Rangers.

      You saying Three is like saying the Statue of Liberty is in NYC, NY too.. ( It resides on Liberty Island, City of Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey and is powered and gased by PEG :NYSE !)

      Quebec is a very nice Canadian City and does need a Team there. A NHL is a perfect fit.

    4. BCISLEMAN says:

      Actually the Quebec arena faces many legal challenges and has been denied federal funding. Who wants to pay taxes for a new arena when Bettman has made it clear that the NHL has no plans to move a franchise there? And the Isles have done something four times that the Nords never came close to doing once: Win the Cup!

  27. flea says:

    It’s not fun losing a hockey team. We lost the Whalers, and they never won anything. If i could vote yes, i would……VOTE YES.

  28. james says:

    They should vote no and then move the team to CT – where are our teams? We always get short-changed in this Tri-state area! Besides, hockey is not what it used to be.

    1. flea says:

      Good idea….Move the team to Hartford. We want our Hartford Whalers back…..LOL…from the Nassau Coliseum to the Hartford Civic Center. From one dump to another………..but i do wish we could get the Whalers back some day.

      1. james says:

        Well, I was not talking all the way up in Hartford. Hartford is just the political capital, but it is not the cultural capital or largest city in the state. Hartford is out by MA, I am talking keeping it within the largest TV market in the US – NYC. Hartford does not afford that. I do not care about the Whalers, I just want CT (Tristate part) to have our team. New Haven or Bridgeport is good as they can still be called Islanders or Sound.

  29. Emil Antanowski says:

    What’s wrong with the POS that is there now?

  30. iggy says:

    i am an islanders fan, i wouldn’t have voted for the bill. the answer was in the building of the nets arena in brooklyn. an ice rink should have been included and the islanders could have played there, sell-out every night. the money would have been there. there wouldn’t have been a conflict with the rangers since they sell out all of the time.

  31. you cant take it with you says:

    i dont see where you have any Little Wangs to leave these billions to yes you do give a lot away BUT not paying for this you are in a sence taking away all you have given. So Pony up pay for it yourself IT’LL be the BIG WANG of nassau county

    1. movetheislestoct says:

      Would you build a house on property that you don’t own? That’s a lot to ask of Wang. And I can’t stand him….

  32. goodbye Charlie says:

    Goodbye Charlie and take your team to Canada. You are a Billionaire which means you have more money then you can spend in 10 lifetimes (and your close to the of Lifetime #1 due to age) you want it you Pay for it make it your Legacy the big WANG which wont be duplicated. also if yo control it the County wont be able to put in its GOP rats to run the place. you wont need Nassau Unions telling you what to do. its a win win for the Big Wang

    1. CJ Pipes says:

      Wang originally was going to pony up a billion $ for developing the properties around the stadium, the nassau county board said no. If the new stadium isn’t built and the islanders move, then the old stadium which is falling apart (it is the oldest hockey stadium in the country) will be ripped down with tax payer money. The new stadium will bring lots of money into nassau county. If you vote it down, then your taxes will be jacked up much higher then if you vote yes. The county is bankrupt, ie they don’t take in enough money now, so where do you think that the annual $200 million in revenue that is generated at the coliseum will come from. Think people – It will come out of your pockets. Nassau county will be getting 11.5% of all sales from the new stadium. How will the county make that kind of money if the new stadium isn’t built? How many more jobs will there be if a new stadium is built. Don’t be stupid, vote yes.

      1. CJ UR r an idiot says:

        Yeah sure vote yes because it old. BFD, remodel it instead. CJ why should we the taxpayers pay for it and THEN pay for parking etc, and then only receive 11%. IT is a BAD DEAL FOR NASSAU! VOTE NO. The taxpayers should get a guarantee NO MOVE clause and receive nothing less than mgmt fees from WANG and receive at least 30% of any revenue. Then the revenue should be earmarked ONLY for the taxes on property, by law.


      2. CJ Pipes says:

        You call me an idiot, then write that utter nonsense. You should get off the computer and go back to licking your window. While your at it, you may want to save up for Rosetta Stone to learn English.

        The Coliseum is way beyond a remodel, the building is falling apart. No one wants to go to the Coliseum. Wang will lease the new stadium for 30 yrs if it is built. The 11.5% of all sales isn’t 11.5% of the profit, it is much higher than that. The new stadium might be the only thing that can save your county. If the Islanders leave the Coliseum, it will be ripped down with tax payer money. If that happens then no one will lease that property. Zero revenue.

      3. cj the accountant says:

        Yes CJ you truly are an idiot for attacking me.

      4. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Oh come on! Oldest in the country? It’s not even the oldest hockey arena WITHIN 20 MILES! Coliseum completed in 1972. The fourth and present MSG completed in 1968. Which came first, 1968 or 1972?

      5. Walt Gekko says:

        CJ Pipes:

        The Nassau Colosseum is actually the second oldest arena in the NHL (MSG is the oldest currently in use, and will be for some time). Perhaps the Islanders move to the new building in Brooklyn, as I’m sure Ratner and the Nets would love to have a co-tenant like the Islanders (who can still use that name since the building will actually be on Long Island, which Brooklyn is technically part of). Maybe they become the Brooklyn Islanders!

  33. mike says:

    i’m sure if the county put the 77 acres up for sale somebody would buy it; why should i have to pay for his new stadium?

    1. Bennnnnny says:

      that is one of the best ideas out there

  34. tom says:

    this is a joke, it didn’t work for the other 15 states across the country that tried this it won’t work here.. tourist arent coming to nassau to watch hockey or minor league baseball oh and i forgot the track field thats being mentioned… a casino would have been a better idea!!! He wang has some wealthy friends have them pony up some
    checks to cover the cost…

  35. Greg B says:

    I am a season ticket holder and I voted “NO”. Its not about the Islanders. Kate Murray turned Wang down, because the TOH didnt like something in the deal. But if Wang wants a new place ,let him pay for it. We still would have to pay for parking, 6.00 hotdogs and the rest. Nassau County has the highest tax rate in THE NATION!. Enough said.

    1. BCISLEMAN says:

      With friends like you, who needs enemies? Starting with the 2015-16 season, you will be saving season ticket costs, parking costs, and food and beverage costs because there will be no team in Uniondale.

  36. STEVO123 says:





    Y E S

  37. STEVO123 says:


    1. JoshSucks says:

      Take the caps lock off and go take some valium. It’s about your out of control budget and TAXES that are too high. Take a deep breath and look in the mirror. Now repeat after me – NASSAU COUNTY IS BROKE. Say it again until memorized.

      1. STEVEO123 says:

        NO VOTE YES

  38. RANGERS1994 says:

    All of you Ranger Fans whio Remember “1940”, this is your time to get even and get rid of this cancre sore team once and for all. VOTE NO AND SEMD THEM PACKING!

    1. CK says:

      First of all….learn how to spell then someone may take you seriously!

      1. Rangers1994 says:

        I didn’t put my contact lens in today. The last person who tried to correct my spelling was 40 years ago. Go stick it ! People got my message.. It’s time for the chickens to come home to roost and pay the bill for all the years of torturing Ranger fans. How did that song go: Going to Kansas City, Here I come!, Gonna meet some pretty women there and have some fun!

    2. BCISLEMAN says:

      The Isles aren’t leaving the NY area. They are going to stay here & torment you by winning Cup after Cup while your moribund franchise struggles to stay relevant.

  39. J says:

    Instead of letting the low lifes take over the place how about our $120,000 cops do their job.

  40. miki01 says:

    NO NO NO!! Charles Wang should take the money out of his own pocket, the money that he stole from his employees. Let him build a new colisuem…

    1. Nick says:

      He did want to. He wanted to spend $1 billion to develop the properties there. The politicians demanded payoffs. Development scuttled.

    2. laxinbd says:

      Wang tried do do that, Kate Murray didn’t allow him to pay for it, now this is our last chance. Wang is also just a tenet in the Coliseum, he does not own it, the county does. Would you personally rebuild a house that you rent and have the owner still own it? DO YOUR RESEARCH MIKI01

  41. MCK says:

    For all you naysayers it would be much better to tear down the Coliseum and leave a giant empty parking lot so all the low lifes can hang out there amid broken bottles and trash! Then once a year it can be cleaned up for the county fair that brings in more low lifes! Think of that homeowners in the area that want to vote no! Or better yet…how would you like low income housing?

    1. Nick says:

      It’s Hempstead. It IS lowlife.

      1. joshsucks says:

        No, it’s Uniondale. How dare you compare Uniondale with Hempstead. Hempstead has no hockey team! No bragging rights!

  42. A says:

    Don’t build the new one and burn the present one. NO NO NO.

  43. pete manheim says:

    Financing sports areans always cost more than the projections say it will. A definite no.

    1. Rilly says:

      And the billionaire owners always build these monuments to their own egos on the backs on middleclass taxpayers who wind up paying for it but then can’t afford to attend the games and concerts held there. I’m glad it failed!!!!!

  44. nelsn97 says:

    Charles Wang is an idiot. Does he not know that there’s a brand new arena being built in Brooklyn with direct LIRR connection? He could have made this easy and just simply move the islanders to Brooklyn but he had to be egotistical and want a new arena built outside of transit connections. Moving the Islanders to Brooklyn will save taxpayer money from building an unnecessary arena in LI.

    1. AngryPete says:

      Right ….. he doesn’t know this. You’re the only one who does. You clearly know more about business and real estate than Charles Wang, a lifelong Long Islander and the founder of Computer Associates.

      1. jcap17 says:

        Plus, the NHL would never approve of the Brooklyn arena because it would not have enough capacity for hockey.

      2. joshsucks says:

        Ah, Computer Associates…..that gem of integrity. Where Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are the exception rather than the rule. Ask Mr. Wang’s protege who is doing 12 years in the clink about CA.

    2. BCISLEMAN says:

      He knows. He also knows that the arena is not being built to NHL specs and thus couldn’t be used by the Islanders. He also knows that the owner of the Nets has gone on record as saying that he wants no part of sharing his building w/ the Islanders.

  45. dan says:

    Vote yes.

    Keep the Islanders here.

    Vote yes.

    1. Jerry says:

      Gimme a break Dan we’re broke and their trying to balance the budget on this nonsensical venture.
      They should concentrate on lowering taxes and controlling spending,starting with police and teachers

  46. T says:

    VOTE NO! This is not going to create anymore jobs than the present place does. The rich will get richer and I will have to pay for something I will not use. And gains by the rich will not trickle down, the rich don’t create jobs they hoard their money. I would like to hoard mine too.

    1. Ignorant ppl vote no says:

      What happens when the Islanders leave and there is no one running the NVMC? You’re going to have an empty building that YOU”LL be paying for and NO ONE will be using….



  48. Davard says:

    We already have a sports center. How is this going to create any new jobs. It will just give the current parasites a new place to collect their illgottin gains. Friends of politiicans will continue to prosper on the backs of the homeowners. Contractors will get richer. Taxes are so high now. Don’t these people have any scruples or ethics except greed. Regular working people can’t afford to go to theses events as it is. It’s for business moguls who write it off as a business expense.

    1. BCISLEMAN says:

      When the Isles move out in 2015, there will be a big hole in central Nassau w/ thousands of fewer jobs. That’s because all us moguls (have to tell my wife she married a mogul. She needs a good laugh) will be taking the dollars we spend when we go to the game elsewhere. The construction jobs to build the arenas will also go elsewhere. You will pay more than $13.80 in taxes to make up for the lost tax base.

      1. Bob Fowler says:

        BC, I think that you might have missed the obvious. The Coliseum already provides jobs. Except for the overpaid construction jobs that would be created for a few months, what new jobs or tax revenues would be created that could possibly justify spending $400 million (before overruns)?

        When you bemoan the tax revenues lost when the Islanders depart, were the revenues really enough to offset the additional expenses? Police in and around the Coliseum alone add significantly to the expenses of having an event. America, like all of the past world empires, is coming to the end of her run as the world leader. Opulence and excess are signs that the end is near. The Coliseum is for entertainment, and in these tough times, that really isn’t a good enough excuse to take $400 million and give it to those who need it the least.

      2. BCISLEMAN says:

        Haven’t missed anything. What happens when the Islanders and their 41+ guaranteed dates a year and Mr. Wang’s money depart? Will there be enough income to justify NVMC’s existence much less the badly needed renovation / replacement? Of course not! Once the NYI go, the NVMC will be dead as a Dodo.

  49. ace11 says:



    and NO

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