By Irene Cornell

NEW YORK (WCBS 880/AP) – Lawyers representing a black fraternal organization at New York City’s fire department say a special monitor is needed to ensure discriminatory hiring practices don’t continue.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell On The Case

The Vulcan Society is arguing the need for independent oversight. It wants improved test preparation for all candidates and changes to the FDNY screening process.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis has already decided the city’s firefighter entrance exam discriminated against minorities.

Garaufis heard testimony Monday that black candidates with minor arrest records tended to be cut while white applicants with records were allowed on the job.

More than half of the city’s population belongs to a racial or ethnic minority. However, only 9 percent of the more than 11,000 uniformed firefighters are black or Hispanic.

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  2. Jim says:

    Exaxtly what organization do we white guys have to go running to every time we’ll feel the least bit slighted? Absolutely NOBODY helps us nor do we ever ask for it. It kills me to think that a young white guy who ACTUALLY WANTS TO WORK will go to school, study & take the test only to be told that although he did well some porch monkey that never worked a day in his life (welfare–checks & cheeses doesn’t count) scored higher with his 20pt bonus question about the NBA or Menthol Cigarettes.

  3. The FDNY is a racist fraternity and we all know it, like it or not!

    1. emmas says:

      this judge ruled that the test is discriminating minorities but however when he was ask why asians are not in the lawsuit, he reply and said they are not considered as minorities…
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  4. Wilma says:

    The new black fire fighters can show the old white ones how to properly rob stuff from houses and how to stuff groceries under there rain coat.

  5. Boot stuffer says:

    Firefighters are losers no matter what color they are.

  6. John says:

    The white man is the backbone of this county.

  7. kenny says:

    be honest and dont be ignorant….why do u want them to make the test easier when lives are at stake??? Bman have no arguing points at all…i would guess u r a nyc firefighter…imagine someone look at u and said u got in fdny not because u work hard for it but its because u r black??? how would u feel?? imagine a black firefighter walks in your firehouse but he got choosen not because he score the highest but its because he’s black??? work hard for took the same test like everyone else did…. dont buy into the dept. is racist or discrimination…..

  8. monkeys says:

    yea. more cravkheads for nyc

  9. Bman says:

    Thank god for this descion. .. Eveyone knows that the FDNY has been monopollzed by white overpaid lazy ass irish and italians for many many decades if not longer.. Its like a close knit fratenrnity, The fact is that if acceptance by a simple test would allow anyone to join the department, The ratio of black, latino or any other minorities would be tremendously higher than it is now.. I think the rratio was like only 2% like 10 yrs ago and then 0.5% 80 years prior to that…I agree with the Vulcans complaint and this decsion, its obviously valid.. Hopefully we can get some more competent brothers on the dept. Theyll save more lives instead of being fat and drunk…

    1. Tommy says:

      Great, now we can have lazy latinos and blacks in the FDNY too

    2. badman says:

      it may be a close knit closed fraternity, but they aren’t lazy ass. they’re all fit and strong (much more so than the NYPD!!!). Any one fireman will kick your a$$ up and down the street. and I’m sure they’d like to oblige if you’ll be willing to share your real name.

  10. blacks r a disease says:

    once again we have to dumb something down so the black man can get thru it. thats the reason our schools are in the shape they are. we had to dumb down our tests so these idiots could pass them
    remember years ago when they were crying the SAT’S were racist tests too.

  11. kenny says:

    this is bulls&*t….its not about racist. its about who scores the highest and they should be the one who gets the job. i dont care if u r black white yellow green…who ever scores the highest should get hired. Why do the vulcan society have to complain about the test being racist? i dont mind if they complain about the recruitment strategy but why complain about the test being racist? can you show me just ONE question that a white person can answer and a black person cant? why do people want things to be handed to them? just because there’s not enough minorities in the FDNY doesnt mean that the test or FDNY is discriminating against minorities. its an OPEN COMPETITIVE test..and the Vulcans complain the test is racist..unbelievable!!! this judge ruled that the test is discriminating minorities but however when he was ask why asians are not in the lawsuit, he reply and said they are not considered as minorities….can u imagine FDNY start to hire people based on their race and not because they are the best? good luck new yorkers…imagine u need help in a fire and the best is not the one coming for u??

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