NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s a new web-slinger in town.

New Yorkers take their fictional heroes seriously, so it may come as a shock to some that Peter Parker, the Queens native whose destiny was forever altered by a radioactive/genetically altered spider, has been killed off in the “Ultimates” imprint of Marvel Comics. The Ultimate series is different from Marvel’s standard line, in which Peter Parker is still happily toiling away as everybody’s favorite hard-luck hero.

No, in the Ultimates series, Peter Parker gets killed at the hands of his nemesis the Green Goblin. But, being a comic book series, no hero stays dead for long. While Peter Parker may be gone, a new kid is stepping into the tights: Miles Morales.

Miles Morales is a half-black, half-Hispanic super-powered teen who gets into the hero game after being inspired by Parker’s death.

“He’s younger than Peter Parker, he’s coming from a completely different background, a completely different world view,” writer Brian Michael Bendis told the Associated Press. Bendis, who has been writing Ultimate Spider-Man (and many other) comics for Marvel since 2000, is enthusiastic about the change. “I’m now sitting with a pile of legitimately new Spider-Man stories to tell and that is the best news a writer could have.”

No word on whether the change in ethnicity is going to play a role in casting decisions in upcoming Spider-Man movies or Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

What do you think: does a comic book super-hero’s ethnicity matter? Is this just a cash grab from Marvel or a long-overdue update? Sound off on our comments section.

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  1. Brain says:

    Batman is DC, not Marvel. Dolt.

    1. Doctor B says:

      Nerd Check

  2. Da Troot says:

    Awesome idea! Rather than market already existing superheroes who happen to be minorities- (think Moon Knight and Power Man)- let’s just kill off a beloved superhero and fill his suit with someone no one’s ever heard of. Brilliant! Mexican Spiderman battles the Vulture is an entirely new storyline, nothing like Spiderman battles the Vulture.

    1. ma67 says:

      your IQ can freeze water……………………….not to mention you are an idiot!

      1. marg1 says:

        He’s an idiot because he has an idea that differs from yours? I thought he made a cogent point.

      2. rpv says:

        Why the personal attack? So much for tolerance of opinion.

      3. Cookiepuss says:

        He’s an idiot because he referred to the new spiderman as “Mexican”. Not all Hispanics are Mexican. Btw…this is a horrible idea.

    2. ab says:

      Da Troot or whatever your name is.Miles should be his own person,not someone else.Stand up be a man Miles! Or are you afraid?

    3. dmorris says:

      Moon Knight is not a minority. He is white.

    4. Steve Gibson says:

      Way funny comment Da Troot!

    5. Melanie Lee Smith says:

      I love the NEW biracial spiderman! It’s about time. Mr. Alonso U have brought the excitement back to comic books. I will be buying all of my 5 children a copy! Way to go Marvel for blazing the way!!!! God bless America & Spiderman….a true American hero!!!

      1. Mike Kondilas says:

        Wait, so now that the white spiderman is dead and they cheaply threw in a supposed minority for ratings you’ll buy it for your kid?! So a white spiderman isn’t exciting but now that he’s black and hispanic he’s somehow better? Ah, the truth on racism never ceases to amaze me. I was even kind of interested in the kid taking over, but now I won’t touch that damn book. If I being white had said the same about a minority character dying and being replaced with a white character i’d be crucified for my “blatant” racism. Gratz on promoting what you claim to oppose….racism.

      2. ANTIHERO says:

        Peter Parker IS SPIDERMAN. It’s about time for what… to kill whitey? You are either a self loathing pale-faced yuppie that will buy into anything. Or, you are a bitter Euro-hater. Here’s a little something have to say to you if you are the latter. You can take your five children and huff it back to Mexico with the Illegal slob that knocked you up.

      3. John Harper says:

        Anything to get rid of White guys, huh? You’re sick.

    6. IrishCop says:

      Although covered in sarcasm. Da Troot has a valid point. Instead of “killing off” Peter Parker, why not use their imagination (y’know, what writers are SUPPOSED to do) and create a NEW character whose ethnicity/sexual orientation can be whatever they want? We’ve got Hollywood making movies of every comic book/TV show/already done film because they have no imagination, and now Comic Book folks have to redo established characters instead coming up with new ones, just to have a different “world view” to write about. Horse Hockey!

    7. scott summerschooled says:

      Agreed this news of a death of peter parker (white or black) saddens me. The idea of making a new character and giving him an actual push would be more interesting.
      At the very least pete could drop funny one liners the kids way for basically taking up the mask for him ala batman beyond..

  3. JET2023 says:

    One hopes audiences will understand that a super-hero should be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. But, alas, what’s important today is the content of the skin and the color of the character.

    1. dwg says:

      As opposed to the rest of the history of the USA, where what was important was the color of real people’s skin. Yeah, that was much better.

      1. Peter Parker says:

        Shucks, and I thought we were looking for progress instead of payback. Oh well, what goes around…………….

      2. Edward says:

        What would you know about the history of the USA? Probably an un educated moron who watches CNN.

      3. Stephano says:

        Miles Morales looks like Tiger Woods’ illegitimate Love Child ROTFLMAO!!!

    2. Defigo says:

      I can care less about the color of ones skin. I am just not happy with them killing off Spider Man.

      1. Chad says:

        This is an alternate Spider Man series , The “Ultimate” series…. the regular Peter Parker spider man is still alive and well in the regular Marvel series.

        Let me guess, you didn’t actually read the just linked here from Drudge Report.

      2. Neb says:

        Chad, they are still killing him. I think you just need an excuse to slam Drudge. Chill out.

      3. jw says:

        and where did you link from, the comic book nerd club?

    3. Kev says:

      The problem that comic book fans will have is that Miles Morales is not Peter Parker. He’ll be accepted as Spider-Man by the fans as much as Ripper Owens was accepted as the lead singer of Judas Priest. A pale imitation of the original. I’ll wait to see what MM brings to the table, but unless he’s flat out better out of the gate, fans will hate, hate, HATE him. Not because of his race but because he’ll fail to live up to the mantle of the original. He will be SPINO. Spider-Man In Name Only.

      1. badman says:

        “pale imitation”

        nyuk nyuk

      2. dave says:

        Bla Bla Bla, who gives a Yuck!

      3. RacerX says:

        This’ll end up like every other superhero-that-died storyline: the world mourns, n00b takes his place, comic fans hate it, comic company resurrects dead hero, n00b becomes 2nd-tier hero with a slightly different costume.

      4. Newt says:

        I actually liked Ripper when he replaced Barlow for Iced Earth. I didn’t like him more than Barlow, but I didn’t mind the total change.

    4. St Jack says:

      Marvel has a long history of ethnic superheroes/heroines. In the Sixties/Seventies, we had Black Panther/Panther, Falcon, Red Wolf, Sun Fire, Firestar. Marvel even played with Los Vegedores led by Firestar a Latina/La India. She was openly Christian to boot.
      An ethnic super hero change may irritate some True Believers, but there is a purpose. It says to kids of all backgrounds that there is a superhero/heroine inside of you that is waiting to express itself.
      On the contrast, Marvel dropped Cap’s Bucky when society changed the name Bucky to imply a subservient Afro. Society changes for the better, and so should we.
      this has inspired me to put on my silk gloves and read my pristine copy of Submariner/Iron Man #1 (And Only); not that I’m bragging. Excelsior!

      1. Buckz says:

        So your leaving out the blue German with a Catholic background? With a tail, to boot?

      2. CK says:

        St Jack said, “It says to kids of all backgrounds that there is a superhero/heroine inside of you that is waiting to express itself.”

        Has anyone here really ever had this reaction to reading comics? I mean, really? Geez, it’s only a comic. For myself, I read for entertainment. I was never looking at comics to verify my existence.

        As for the change, I think it’s just to be PC, maybe to make a try at increasing revenue. And, I will admit that I highly doubt I will read it, if for no other reason than to rebel against the overwhelming PCism that floods our nation to its detriment.

      3. CP says:

        CK said ”
        Has anyone here really ever had this reaction to reading comics? I mean, really? Geez, it’s only a comic. For myself, I read for entertainment. I was never looking at comics to verify my existence.”

        Well I’m sorry that superheroes didn’t inspire you as a kid, but they meant a lot to me in the days that I let my imagination run wild. Its nice to see an ethnic character come into the role of such a beloved hero even if its just to “see what would happen” because its an acknowledgment that there are fans who will relate to “Miles Morales.”

        Being half black-half hispanic… I think this is really exciting, and will have an interesting run in the comics series.. The original Peter Parker will be back, they kill off characters and resurrect them like it was nobody’s business. This will be no different, they’re just trying to take a fresh approach on a classic character… let them think outside of the box and have a little fun. If it sucks… well then… whatever… the world keeps turning.

      4. Baltazar says:

        You made that up about “Bucky”; nobody besides you knows that it’s to “imply a subservient Afro.”
        Society has changed for the better?
        That’s two in a row for you…

      5. cheeflo says:

        Why not just develop a new superhero who meets the multicultural criteria? Why discard the authentic Spiderman in favor of an “ethnic” wannabe? Peter Parker is as ethnic as anyone else. MARVEL is just pandering to identity politics, stoking those biases.

      6. Melanie Lee Smith says:

        Right on ST Jack! Well said & very true. Thank U!

      7. jacks logan says:

        we dont wast a n i g g e r as are hero

      8. FXA says:

        Diversity demands that Zorro be killed off and repalced wiith a red headed Irish guy who fights Spanish soldiers in Mexico but that would make him a racist.
        So how about a Lone Ranger who becomes a Muslim and has a Jewish sidekick
        who likes to cross dress as a Native American? Tthen again Native Amaricans
        only became Native Americans after White Europeans came to the continent and told
        them they were Native Americans. More racism. I give up. How about Godzilla
        gets replaced with a ten story ferret? Or, Superman gets a sex change operation? Hell, that won’t work unless Supergirl gets one too and then we’re back where we started.

      9. AJ says:

        On one hand, I like the idea as it does open many new possibilities. On the other hand, I wish this would have just been a NEW character and not another Spiderman. I don’t like changing something that works, even though the other Spiderman still exist. I didnt like the Hulk becoming Red. I don’t like it when someone from a popular tv series is replaced by another actor, even it fhe new actor is better. To me, it just never is the same.

      10. Babyluv says:

        Seriously??? Politically correct Spiderman, possible “temporary replacement”?Are you guys smoking illegal supstances baned by the Federal Government?
        Excuse me I just puked πŸ™

      11. John Harper says:

        And there’s a long history of taking things that were created by Whites for White kids and turning them non-White. Um, why can’t non-Whites just create their OWN stuff? They never seem to respect White culture the way they demand we respect theirs, do they?

      12. drifter67 says:

        I think this is a very bad idea. I hate it when they change a superhero.. Just to make the ethinic groups happy. I feel like they have betrayed the ideal of spiderman. I grew up on spiderman, now they have killed him off. They have alot of other ethinic superheros, why not build on those superheros?

  4. Michael says:

    Isn’t the spiderman 2099 spanish?

  5. Anthony Passonno says:

    Priceless! Great comment!

  6. Marvil Suks says:

    Marvel Comics…The “House of (Dumb) Ideas!”

    1. ab says:

      Is STAN LEE even know about this,And where is he?

      1. cheeflo says:

        I would imagine that Stan Lee is on board for this. It fits his worldview.

  7. Doombot says:

    Why did they have to kill off an established superhero and give the title to someone who isn’t Spiderman? Peter Parker IS SPIDERMAN. Clark Kent is Superman. Bruce Wayne is Batman.

    If Marvel wanted to be edgy they would their Black comic book characters (Luke Cage, Black Panther, Blade, Storm, Bishop and so on) into White Guys. Oh wait, than people would call them racist.

    Marvel High Ups have been replaced by Skrulls.. The only explanation.

    1. Chad says:

      Another (I assume) Drudge reader* , who didn’t bother to read the article. The regular Spider Man, Peter Parker , is alive and well. This is a spin off “Ultimate Spider Man” series.

      1. jw says:

        if you actually knew any of this before reading the article…i suggest you get out more.

    2. Joey says:

      They just made Bishop in to a baby killer.

  8. One Eyed Jacks says:

    Sheeesh…TALK about Racism @ Marvel !!!

    1. Bobbito says:

      Homer Simpson is yellow.

      1. Erik says:

        Actually, I recently watched an episode and it was revealed that he is 1/8 black as well. Sorry, to advise but look it up yourself.

    2. Anna Remedial says:

      you’re joking, right?

    3. Heidi says:


      My husband and I have noticed this too. All the commercials portray the white husband as stupid and useless. His wife or someone else always has to come in after him and clean things up..

      Or in a recent cell phone commercial, three white men are looking like idiots while a black lady looks on with indignation. It is White Genocide.

      1. Melanie Lee Smith says:

        white genicide??? really?? We are totally capable of this all on our own. We’ve done a great job πŸ˜‰

      2. John Harper says:

        Oh, they’re trying to replace White men at every turn! We suck, don’t you know lol? They’ve even got a movie where Cuba Gooding, Jr. replaces all the White fathers at a summer camp and shows the White women what a REAL father looks like. It’s sick, sick, sick. And of course, every burglar commercial shows White guys trying to break into houses, and there’s even one where some Obama bi-racial dude is going to save the White woman from the sorry White man. There are a million examples of black guys lording over white guys and showing them up, it’s overt. Any shot in a movie or TV show has been carefully arranged by people who studied cinematography. It’s a 24-hour a day exercise in the media of diminishing White men.

    4. heatherfeather says:

      It is one reason I will not buy advertised products. Ad-blab seeks to divide our race against itself, and is also sexist. People who buy ad-blab products are just paying more for the stupid skits anywhere, since the advertised product is not superior to a non-advertised one.

    5. Edward says:

      Yes, it is a form of Genocide against the White Males. I too will not buy any product from a company that portrays White Males as buffoons and morons, and being humiliated in their commercial advertisements.

      For example I haven’t bought a single product from Frito Lay since their Super Bowl ads in which every White Male was seen being humiliated in front of White Women, and Persons of Color.

      Are you listening Corporate America? This REVERSE DISCRIMINATION has got to stop. It’s no more acceptable than discrimination against anyone else.

      1. Frederik Ahlgren says:

        Only mindless idiots take subliminal commercial advertisments for granted. Yeah, Euro (white) culture is being disenfranchized by the peons through media agedna, but there is a reality and that is called academics; which we dominate in.

      2. adfsf says:

        Frederik – ummm you might wan tot look up education so you can find out where to get some you useless piece of garbage

      3. WillieJohn says:

        I noticed this also, more than once with Fritos
        –Let the blacks buy their products from now on.

      4. justin says:

        This is no surprise. Just symbolic of what’s happening in this country. Kill off all the white guys and replace them with “other” races.
        Look for this happening more and more. The Socialist Plan is working. Whoever has the majority, has the power. So look out. Should there be a white baby boom? Guys? πŸ™‚

      5. Wes says:

        It not Reverse discrimination, it more like the News today (CNN, MSNBC) is attempting to do. it’s attempt to push the America public to accept the illegal aliens that are in our counrty.

      6. Wearyman says:

        It isn’t “reverse” discrimination, it’s just plain old discrimination. Using the “reverse” appellation buys into the Lefty paradigm that only whites can discriminate/be racists and that therefore any discrimination or racism by non-whites is somehow “reversed”.

        Discrimination and racism is just that. No need to add a “reverse” prefix. The simple truth is that lefists are racists. They judge people SOLELY on the basis of what “race” they belong to. People of the “lesser” races are somehow “more pure” than whites, and thus get elevated status based on perceived past wrongs.

        Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to kill off a white superhero and replace him with a mixed-minority-race person, but not worth the time to simply promote or improve an already existing minority superhero. Or even (Horrors!) Create a NEW Superhero that also happens to be “not white”. Nope, gotta kill off whitey first to assuage all that lefty white guilt.

        I predict failure for this unfortunate social experiment and a return of Peter Parker via magic or science.

      7. Sunmannuboo says:

        If you don’t like it why don’t you do something about it white boy? Oh, thats what I thought, sit back down. You scared of the real man. While your white women flock to us in droves. The commercials are just speaking the truth.

      8. cheeflo says:

        There’s no such thing as reverse discrimination. That term validates a false assumption. It’s discrimination, period.

      9. Melanie Lee Smith says:

        Well Mr. Edward now U see how minorities have felt for centuries. A lil uncomfortable isn’t it???

      10. John Harper says:

        You’re absolutely right. I have been blogging about this for 15 years and it is such a relief to see more and more people commenting on it. There is a sick agenda of diminishing White men and destroying White women’s admiration of us. It’s infuriating.

    6. Jeff says:

      Actually the correct term is mestizo, mulatto is a black/white mix.

    7. Htos1 says:

      One should be concerned with the upcoming handing of sovereignty to the UN,which is getting ready to decalre co2 a poison.What do you exhale?Be ready for the family friendly fema camps where everything is “free”.

    8. korean66 says:

      Sucks!!!!!! doesn’t it? now you know how we have felt all our lives.

      By devils I assume you mean white devils and I agree for all the ones that it applies to. Not all of them are racist a-holes though. My best friend is caucasian.

      1. LiberalsSuckDung says:

        And so was your daddy, Korean66.

        Say hi to your mama for me, and I’ll drop the check off later this week.

  9. rockerjj101 says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! Daaaammmnnnn. Now that’s funny!!

  10. Carlos says:

    That’s hilarious Archie.

  11. bonita says:


    I’m not against a multi-ethnic super hero but how about creating an original one instead of taking a well-known, well-loved character and changing it?

    EthosMan – a SuperHero who embodies the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as seen in its beliefs and aspirations. The belief that crime is wrong and must be stopped, that villians must be caught and punished…meet EthosMan!

    …Wait, maybe this new Spidey will just go after BIG corporations, Arizona lawmakers and fiscal conservatives. /s


    1. Someone who reads says:

      Peter Parker is only dead in the Ultimate universe.. He is still alive in the regular comics… Wish people learned to read. The Ultimate universe is different from the normal universe in comics always has been. Actual that’s the reason the Ultimate universe exists.

  12. Rod Thrust says:

    who cares

    1. ab says:

      Rod Americans should care.This how it starts.A little there a little here,then America is no more.

      1. Stan says:

        Marvel isn’t American? Can’t they do what they like with their company?

        Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

  13. Bell Toller says:

    How about the new Mary Jane? what ethinicity is she?

    1. Caintwukfodaman says:

      Naw, she beez a white ho, ’bout 240 lbs en wiff fo’ kidz of various hue…

    2. Alejandro says:

      White, Blonde and Rich with uptight square azz parents… Or so it goes in TV these days.

    3. Spidey says:

      Mary Jane will be a blonde white girl that way the new comic is also about race relations. Ethnic Spidey will be banging nothing but white girls (like Tiger Woods).

      1. Erik says:

        Are you sure about that? I thought that the story line to this also goes that it is revealed that this spidey is gay later on? Spidey is already of mixed ethnicities no need for race relations dilemmas with white females.

    4. knuckledragger says:

      Oh I’m sure she’ll still be White, breeding out the caucasians is part of the multicultural agenda.

    5. ew_3 says:

      We all know, successful black/hispanic guys for white chicks.

      1. Erik says:

        This could not be further from the truth especially nowadays. Years ago, perhaps due to the mentality and ignorance of the times.

  14. Gene says:

    Brian Bendis is going to learn what every other writer has learned: it’s greatt to kill off boring characters but when you kill off a truly beloved an intersting characteer like Peter Parker the story telling suffers. Make no mistake: Peter Parker was a hell of a lot more interesting than the guy in the Spideer Man outfit. Anyone who doubts it should see the short-lived NBC series where Spider-Man didn’t ever say anythiing. It would have been better to kill the suit and keep the kid.

  15. Doombot says:

    I demand they make their Black comic book characters (Luke Cage, Black Panther, Blade, Storm, Bishop and so on) into White Christian Males Aged 18-35.

  16. the Rabbit says:

    The ‘issue’ will be decided by sales. If this moronic idea tanks as it deserves to do, hopefully the twits that hatched this turkey will become part of the unemployment statistics.

    1. Earl Dumarest says:

      Comic book publishers don’t worry about sales. They make their money in Hollywood. Comic books are lab for new ideas. But I think in this case they just ran out of ideas for the Ultimate Spiderman.

    2. Bec says:

      No, they’ll get a bailout from the WH to continue a publication no one would spend a dime on.

    3. rlroll2 says:

      Look for the theft of comic books to rise and the sales to tank.

  17. Rich says:

    A new super hero, Not sure if he wants to kill by a ( drive by shooting) or ( to chop the head off with a ax) great!

  18. martels ghost says:

    Any culture so desperate for heroes that it must steal those created and patterned off of another people is sad and pathetic. MArvel once again sacrifices honor and truth for money. For a company that tells us what real heroes are made of, it seems Marvel is made only of greed and deception.

  19. Cathy says:

    Political correctness at its ugliest. So sad for our country

    1. dwg says:

      This is “its ugliest?” A comic book? You have, like many others here, a ridiculously low threshold for pain. How about removing Huck Finn from bookshelves? How about harassment claims being impossible for men to bring against women? Aren’t those slightly “uglier” than making the new Spiderman black/Hispanic? Whaddya think?

    2. dwg says:

      This is “its ugliest?” A comic book? You have, like many others here, a ridiculously low threshold for pain. How about removing Huck Finn from bookshelves? How about harassment claims being impossible for men to bring against women? Aren’t those slightly “uglier” than making the new Spiderman black/Hispanic? Whaddya think? Maybe?

  20. teaj says:

    spida-mang, spida-mang

    1. Carlos says:

      Spida-Mang WILL cut you.

      1. Rupert Pupkin says:

        fo-keen guy

      2. Law of Reciprocation says:


      3. Law of Reciprocation says:

        That’s it! Spida-mang’s arch nemesis could be The Spook. Then I guess all those brownies could achieve self gratification in the white man’s demise. But, as my surname states… what goes around comes around and around and round…. get the point.

  21. Tim_CA says:


  22. DAVNRA says:

    WOW! 1/2 black and 1/2 hispanic? I am 1/2 white (scottish) and 1/2 native american. Where is my superhero? What about Asians and Blacks? What about Native Americans and African-American? Get real people. I agree with Rael Bayellis, Way to show that minorities don’t rate at Marvel! Marvel you have no imagination. Good bye Peter Parker and Marvel Comics

    1. tv2112 says:

      Asian Black super hero is Tiger Woody!

  23. William Jones says:

    Jesus, your brother, of course was not White, but Jesus Christ, of course, was.

    1. w. b says:

      Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish of middle eastern descent. technicallty he wasn’t white, neithe was he black.. Most likely olive skinned, darker complextion (from being outside a lot)..

    2. joe` says:

      haha. His ese locked up at Rikers.

    3. jojojet says:

      When did you meet Jesus? I assume that’s how you know he wasn’t white.

    4. Patrick Henry says:

      Funny how all you brown turds live off the “white washed world”…. Just another example of the ‘White Man’s Burden’.

    5. Phil says:

      There are only four typological categories of race: Australoid race Β· Caucasian race Β· Mongoloid race Β· Negroid race. Both Hispanic and Jewish would be classified under the Caucasian race.

      1. Hazmat77 says:

        Phil, Jewish is a religion and culture …. those trying to make it into a race are simply wrong.

        Hispanic is simply people of latin heritage whose ancestors dispersed from Spain in the Western Hemisphere through the island of Hispanola (Dominican Republic and Haiti)

      2. lkb says:

        unless you’re a Hispanic black

    6. Jeff says:

      No Jesus was Jewish. Jose you’re racist ass better play nice or I’ll call the INS on you… lol

      1. Steve Johnson says:

        Joe Momma.. (obviously talking about his sister) .. says all white people do is conquer and kill. Hmmmm. A quick look at history gives us Ghengis Khan, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Mao Tse Dung, Saladin, Attila the Hun to name just a few. None of these monsters can be considered “white” so go read a book, if you can, and educate yourself before you make a bigger ass of yourself than you already have.

        1. sdfgdg says:

          Not to mention the worthless Incas, Mayans and Aztecs and red indians that killed each other left and right but that’s noble.

          1. joe says:

            The white race has been killing each other for ever, you dumb az! WWI and WWII had approx 100 million casualties, thank god mostly white!

    7. icetrout says:

      Try telling Jews their not white . Some real wads on here must be their educators failings..

    8. iohannes says:

      ha ha ha. Jesus was not “white” in the pale european sense. IHe was most likely dark skinned because he was a semite and lived in hot arrid desert like regions. He looked more like today’s Arabs than anything. How do you like them apples?

    9. Michele Lloyd says:

      Joe, I agree with Steve Johnson. Given your last comment about mostly only white people having been killed in WWI and II, you need to read a book about both wars. I am sure that the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Gypsies etc., would disagree with you about what race suffered horrendous loss of life in both wars.

  24. R says:

    Couldn’t come up with a minority super hero? Why is that? PC is killing America.

  25. MireyaAyala says:

    Discrimination against…majorities?

    As a Hispanic female, I don’t need a white man to lose a job just so a Hispanic can replace him. That is a slap in the face to hard-working and intelligent Hispanics. It reinforces the stereotype that minorities NEED the government.


    1. R says:

      A breath of free air! TY! Just sounds just like the wrong rev wright, jessie the adulterer extortionist jackson and al the tax dodging racebaiter sharpton would preach to the fodder, You need us to protect you.. They are the NEW slave-masters…

    2. Big Dog says:

      My hispanic fiance feels the same way!

    3. Michael Thomas says:

      Well said.

    4. Edward says:

      Hispanics don’t even like the blacks, so the idea of half black and half hispanic is mis-informed. This just goes to show that political correctness is a mental disorder. I, for one, prefer being FACTUALLY CORRECT over being policitally correct.

      1. lkb says:

        you do realize that Hispanic is based on a shared language – Spanish – and that there a millions of spanish speaking blacks? Hispanic does not = Mexican. Ever been to Dominican Republic? Cuba?

    5. Fred says:

      Love you! πŸ™‚

    6. wolfl eyes says:

      Great statement MireyaAyala, but I disagree with your point on didcrimination on majorities because with political correctness rampart in this country yes there is discrimination against the majority. My children will not get a free education and medical insurance, but there are many minorities and illegal aliens will…and they probably make more money than me since I was laid off after 27 yrs with the same company…i’m almost 62 yrs old tell me that’s not discrimination…

      1. iohannes says:

        Sorry you lost job. But you are blaming the wrong people for it. You can thank republicans for most of the woes we are facing right now. But Democrats share in some of the blame too. Come to think of it, the ruling elite, the “top 2%” of population are to blame. Both Dems and Reps report to them. The ruling elites have always used the same tactic to keep us apart. They make us focus on race, ethnicity, etc. Ever read how steel companies turned Italians, Yugoslavians, Poles, Mexicans, and Blacks against each other? It’s easy for them, they just throw us a bone and we all fight for it.

    7. Mark says:

      “hard-working and intelligent Hispanics”

      good one! joke of the day!

      1. WPWW says:


    8. Steven says:

      Amen, sister. Welcome to the Tea Party!

    9. Ryan Johnson says:

      Well put Mireya!

  26. Vivian Bennett-Cohan says:

    I am not into political correctness in comics. I like the Classics, and will not be buying the new PC version.

    1. Eric says:

      Translation: I’m not into comics where everyone is white.

  27. R. Brow says:

    Please make him GAY also!

    1. Tim_CA says:

      LMAO – Perfect!

    2. Terry H says:

      Thats AWESOME!!!

    3. nyguy30 says:

      and get all the gov handouts too!

    4. dwg says:

      Better to die of AIDS than live infected by idiocy like yours.

    5. RobertT says:

      Or a transsexual with ADD that drives an electric superhero car and spends his/her days molding young minds as an elementary school sex ed teacher.

    6. ab says:

      Since Mary Jane rejected Parker did he turn gay.Or did he just bite him?

    7. dalgoda says:

      Just to complete the PC circle! PLEASE!!!!!!

  28. dagney taggert says:

    eddie’s one of the sheeple who’ve drunk the multi-culti koolaid. You know, “diversity for diversity’s sake.” Allows the “nuanced” lefties to replace values that actually mean anything (i.e. honesty, self-reliance, hard work) with mushy gray concepts like “fairness” or “choice” or “diversity.”

    1. John Galt says:

      Thanks Dagney. Long Live the Taggert Transcontinental !

  29. William Jones says:

    Just more White hatred by media stooges who, of course, target the youth.

    1. Rupert Pupkin says:

      So true Mr. Jones. Most of the dolts on this board won’t even understand your comment.

    2. MisterJones says:

      Did I own your kin folk?More than likely LMAO!

    3. WPWW says:

      Well stated. To further clarify, it’s das juden who spew the anti-White, anti-Christian propaganda.

    4. Bill says:

      You actually believe what you wrote. That is sad.

  30. Paul Fries says:

    I would expect this sort of thing from DC, but not Marvel… If you want to have a Super Hero to appeal to a wider audience or fit in better with a more multicultural / Global / PC environment make a new character. Don’t replace or radically change existing ones, in alternate storylines or otherwise. This is disappointing.

  31. nfinityman says:

    Marvel Comics should hire someone that has an imagination. How long are you guys going to live off the likes of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee??? Seems to me that they could come up something original.

  32. Craig J says:

    Being that it is in a different universe than the regular marvel lineup this change does not bother me. It is better than staying the spiderman you have been following for years is really a clone. Peter Parker will always be the heart of this comic even if he died.

    1. dalgoda says:

      The Ulitmates series is bascally Marvel’s answer to DC’s Earth 1, Earth2, etc…

      It seems though that the movies, Iron Man especially, is taking the two and mixing them up. I mean, we have The Ultimates Nick Fury in all the Marvel movies of late. I have not problem at all with The Ultimates Nick Fury. But, this is just beyond the pale of political correctness and stupidity.

  33. Rod Anders says:

    LOL. Hilarious!

    1. joe says:

      I found it to be a rather benign attempt. I enjoy racist jokes as much as the next guy, but Digital Bob has a painful lack of wit and an even worse delivery. Glad you enjoyed it though, simpleton.

  34. carol says:

    Is i just me, or does this Miles Morales look just like Obama?

    1. Chris says:

      You should see how marvel kisses Obama @ss in the comics. It’s embarassing.

  35. tc says:

    How stupid. How’d the new guy get his powere. Bit by a radioactive spider? Blood transfusion from Parker? This is pathetic.

    1. Chris says:

      Peter’s powers got “spread around.”

      1. Jeff says:

        he got radioactive splooge all over his face from Obama….

  36. Rod Anders says:

    Why is Marvel discriminating against minorities? Since Caucasians are now the minority in this country … they need another Caucasian. I think their political correctness has come a little late.

    1. Hazmat77 says:

      Caucasians are NOT the minority …. keep in mind that a large percentage of Hispanics are also Caucasian ….. Point of fact, Except for the US government’s bureaucratic Census rules, Hispanic is NOT a race…

      1. John Harper says:

        They sure seem to think so.

    2. roblavett says:

      Caucasians are not a minority in this country. Where the hell are you? Texas? As for the race being a big deal, it wan’t until they decided to change it.

  37. doc says:

    I hope this is the beginning of the marvel ultimate titles.
    rank idiocy.

  38. BPatMan says:


  39. N. Doc. Trinate says:

    Also, make him gay, with one leg shorter than the other and could you throw in a learning disability? I MARVEL at their ability to be stupid. You’ve been there, done that with the Punisher. How did that work for you Stan you cheese ball?

  40. right wing hooligan says:

    im shocked they didnt call him O man.,,,Or maybe O Hole? Maybe he can run for prez! yeah thats the ticket

    1. dalgoda says:

      Just wait and watch…that may be the only reason to read it now to see how much it parallels O.

  41. Davis says:

    L O Freakin L

  42. Gf Guy says:

    He is not replacing the reall Spider-man, so who cares?

    1. Carnage Rules says:

      Because the Ultimate Series was a great book. I can’t believe that the writers are so lost that they have to resort in another kill off. Maybe instead of killing a legend off because the writers are dried up, try bringing in some fresh NEW talented writers. Kill the writer, not the hero.

  43. Robby Reed says:

    Like ethnic Atom, ethnic Capt. Marvel and ethnic Aqualad, ethnic Spider-Man is stupid, and will not last. I will NOT follow ethnic Spider-Man, and I wish Marvel would stop this nonsense.

    1. Handsareforshaking says:

      Can you say resurrectio?

    2. dalgoda says:

      How about just the Marvel Ehnic universe. And then there could be this huge summer tie-in where the two Universes meld and meet each other. If they use this idea, I want royalties. πŸ™‚ The major enemy could be some cliche’d over the top tea party person that the media loves to focus on so all the rest will look stupid.

  44. Factchecker says:

    Great….another job lost to an illegal alien.

  45. Egor says:

    Of course they had to take the politically correct path. Boring.

    1. Eric says:

      So daring to have a hispanic superhero is ‘politically correct’?

      It’s not politically correct having every superhero be white?

      1. Mikey says:

        Daring? No Eric. Daring would have been to build a new hispanic superhero from scratch and sell him based on his own personality. Marvall simply took the easy/ coward’s way out.

  46. w.b. says:

    what a joke…kill off the white guy and replace him with an affirmative action hireling… that way if the Green Goblin or any other evil character dares to challenge the new spidey, he (spidey) can just pull the race card and win every time.

    1. dalgoda says:

      oh my gosh, you are absolutely right. The Goblin is just not evil…wait for it…he’s racist also!

      1. Uno says:

        LOL! Of course! Too funny. And sad.
        I guess good vs evil, or man’s eternal struggle with himself, pales in comparison to race vs race.

    2. antihero says:

      Bravo! Expert delivery!

  47. a says:

    no one will buy this stuff.

  48. Dirk the Impailer says:

    Are comic book writers so bereft of new ideas that they couldn’t leave Spiderman alone and come up with a new superhero for this new kid?!?!?

    This is just dumb…

  49. Rael Bayellis says:

    So, no one over at Marvel is smart enough to come up with a new super hero and have the kid be that? Instead you have to kill off the ‘white guy’ and replace him with a ‘minority’? I’m not sure who this insults more, white people by getting rid of an icon, or minorities by saying that they’re not qualified to come up with their own super heros, they have to take over one that a white guy made famous.
    Way to show that minorities don’t rate marvel!

  50. MireyaAyala says:

    Pathetic. It is sad when political correctness has infiltrated even the most historic comic books.

    1. dalgoda says:

      I.E. Superman being a citizen of the world now. Not an American citizen. That is blasphemy in my book.

      1. themadjewess says:

        If Spidey IS a ‘citizen of the world’, why does he have to be black and hispanic?
        There are no Asians? There are no A-rabs?
        The racism coming from the LEFT WING LUNATICS is disgusting.
        Hatin on whitey, all day long.

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