Neighbors Disgusted By The Callousness Of The Crime; Victim Unharmed

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police in Brooklyn are looking to track down a suspect wanted for stealing the purse of an elderly wheelchair-bound woman.

Authorities said the incident took place at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Bleecker Street in Bushwick on Wednesday, July 20, shortly after 1 p.m.

A video was released by police in which it appears the suspect — described as a white male approximately 6-foot and 180 pounds — first walks past the 78-year-old victim riding in her motorized wheelchair before turning around, snatching the purse and running off in the opposite direction.

Police said the suspect was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt and dark colored shorts with a white stripe.

CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey showed the video to the victim’s neighbors and they were quickly beside themselves.

“It’s an atrocity,” Melissa Medina said.

“It’s really upsetting when you hear something like that, especially about a woman in a wheelchair. How could somebody do something like that?” Sheena Chatarpal added.

The callousness of the crime sickened others.

“I think it’s really sad what some people will do when they’re desperate, especially when they’ll pick on someone so incapacitated and unable to help themselves. You feel bad. It hurts your heart to see that,” Nicole Ouzounis said.

The elderly victim was unhurt but left without her purse and everything inside it.

“You wouldn’t like that done to your family so why would you do that to someone else? It’s low lives.” Paul Quintera said.

“She can’t defend herself and it’s just sad. People have no heart to anything for someone to do something evil like that,” Marlena Gomez added.

The neighbors said it was evil with an obvious motive, an easy crime of opportunity.

“There’s no remorse, obviously. I can’t believe it,” Kami Singh said.

One woman told Hennessey the guy looked familiar and given the quality of the video, others may feel the same so it shouldn’t be too long until police zero in on this remorseless thief.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime stoppers website at or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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  1. Bell Toller says:

    The police should setup a wheelchair decoy and catch these cowards.

  2. Jed Clampett says:

    Looks like Kid Rock has fallen on hard times.

  3. Micha says:

    It takes a real low life to do this kind of thing to an elderly woman, let alone one in a wheel chair. I hope this POS is caught… I bet his family is real proud.

  4. GrantGabriel says:

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  5. Send 'em all back to Europe! says:

    Great, another white savage on the loose.

    1. emmas says:

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    2. leroy brown says:

      He is NOT white HE IS LIGHT SKINNDED lol hahahaha hahahaha

  6. MAYOR MIKE says:


  7. 757 says:

    no RACIST comments? come come now….i thought the ignorance would be equally applied in this instance, silly of me to think better of the closeted and cowardly KKK members that usually rant and rave here when the alleged perpetrator of a crime is a “minority”. should the perpetrator of this heinous act not be subjected to the rantings of the 1010 wins Klan simply because he is a caucasian? does it make the act he committed any less vile because he is caucasian? wait, let me guess, it doesnt happen very often where caucasians are the perpetrators of crimes,so you dont know how to respond appropriately yet,right? the “man” that committed this crime against a defenseless and wheel chair bound elderly woman should be donated as a volunteer specimen for Shark week with all types of sauces and condiments on his skin so that the sharks can enjoy their meal…….

  8. Arnulfo Sticks Clauzel says:

    Usually when it’s one of our own the comments section is usually on fire but this time around it’s the opposite. What a shame.

    Voice your anger! Don’t let his skin color stop you!! We only human, after all!

    1. KPMc says:

      Well… now that we know his name we can all get back to normal.

  9. stealthfighter says:

    This is the 21st century. Live in it. Its not going anywhere soon.

  10. Arjun Madan says:

    where are the racist comments? oh, i forgot he is white.

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    2. KPMc says:

      Opps.. you fail… His name is Santiago.

      He may be white but he ain’t “real” white!
      Paraphrased from Gary Sheffield.

  11. The Punisher says:

    Oh wait!!! No racial comments because he has blond hair?

    1. LL Cool J says:

      Lots of urban folk are sporting blonde locks.

  12. Dr. John says:

    the best have lost all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity

  13. Barry Levine says:

    Oh this poor man, obviously he is in need of therapy….the kind of therapy that is applied in the Central African Republic. Tie this mofo to a post in the market place and beat the hell out of him for ten minutes, then cut the ties and let him just lie there untill his mommy comes to get him.

  14. ProFromDover says:

    Such a brave man! What’s next: Lunch money from first-graders?

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