NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Two well-known billionaires are helping to launch a new program designed to lift black and Latino men out of poverty.

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The Young Men’s Initiative is a bold new program that overhauls how government interacts with young black and Latino men by, among other things, establishing job recruitment centers and fatherhood classes in public housing.

“This can be a game-changer,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “We can take ourselves to a new level and maybe the impact of what we do will be copied in other cities.”

Bloomberg and billionaire George Soros are each contributing $30 million of their own money to the $127 million initiative, a program Soros says he’s proud to be part of.

“This will help make our city stronger and a better place,” said Soros. 

The city will also allocate up to $67.5 million.

For more about the program, visit

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  1. Bigbrostyx Walls says:

    More of the same old Bull.

  2. bubble boy says:

    send them over to starbucks
    for coffee and

  3. Bob Fowler says:

    This is great!!!! Tax money is being set out for the directors of this new program to skim. Does anyone really believe that a program telling men to be better fathers, and gather them together to increase their chances of employment is anything more than another backdoor thank you to someone who supported the right answers?


  4. Mommos Lounge says:

    So 67 million in tax money is going to these lazy animals? I can picture the administration that is going to run this place, it will be filled with baby momma’s that can’t write or read, just like our public schools. Oh America without blacks, what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world it would be.

    1. nancy says:

      totally agree! we just use our money to give them a good life. they have public housing, medicare, food stamp….and so much more. and dun forget, their next generation will rob us,beat us in school, and all bad things just keep going on………

  5. Leroy Washington says:

    Now lookie here, wit da knew fire dpartment test here, now, I be havin mo chance to pass da test. Oh lord! They be sayin I dun not hav to knough how ta read an I be still havin a chanse to pass the mo foer cause the machine gon be speakin ta my blak a$$, so I don’t be needin no readin. Oh lord. Ya know what I’m sayin.

    Yall knough I cant be watin 2 git in dat fire truk. Ima pimp dat mo foer up and put a bangin raydeo up in there. I prolly gon spent all my pay on sum rims cause I brotha gotta be lookin fresh in dat dare truk. Wen my hommies git on dis here job, we be parkin da truk in da street N jus chillen out smoken sum dope and drinkin sum malt likher. Yall know der nevah gon be no reel fire and if der be one, da white boy can go put dat mo foer out. Danks Mistah Mayor and Judje Graffius

    Aww Yeah!

  6. Charles F. Bolden, Jr. says:

    Post pictures of Charles F. Bolden, Jr. everywhere. He was appointed by Obama himself to be the new NASA Administrator. Thse kids should be looking up to Mr. Bolden, as a shining exemplar.

    1. 1st Black Astronaut says:

      Bless my soul…a Black Astronaut. You know if he be a Baptist? I got to tell my friends at Church about him. I am so proud.

  7. Hoe Tel says:

    A Teacher holds up a picture of a gardening hoe in front of the class:

    Teacher: Can anyone tell me what this is?
    Johnny: I know, I know…that’s a Hoe.
    Tawana: Unh, unh, my sister’s a Hoe, and she sho don’t look anything like that!

  8. You ARE the FATHER says:

    Q: What’s the most confusing day in Harlem?
    A: Father’s Day.

  9. Valdas says:

    I live in Europe, but I can see that a lot of people in USA didn’t lost their sense completly. It doesn’t matter what country or what city, but the fact is that where this kind of people show up, everyone can expect same problems… This is a waste of money and quite a cheap way to get some extra votes.. And we can hear same voices again and again. Oh I was raised in a very poor area, gangs around and bla bla bla..If a person wants to achieve something in his life, nothing can stop him, but most of them just don’t want.. Don’t forget, that USA is one of the most advanced countries in the world with lots of opportunities for everyone..

  10. Reverend Rev says:

    Any attempt to “mitigate” poverty should be ILLEGAL. The Bible, in Matthew 26:11, specifically REQUIRES society to maintain some level of perpetual poverty AT ALL TIMES and AT ALL COSTS.

  11. Concern says:

    Medium Net Worth — cost to raise one child

  12. Paul says:

    Here’s a simple strategy: HAVE ONE [1] CHILD that you can devote your resources to, and raise properly, NOT TEN [10] that you don’t even know their names, Tyrone #1, Tyrone #2, Tyrone #3, etc……

  13. Concern says:

    How many people donate their tax cuts?

  14. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  15. TheDemsRKillingNY says:

    Maybe he should stop protecting illegal, aliens. That may open up some opportunties…

    1. Carrie says:

      SO right you are.

      Suddenly there’s $67 million dollars of my tax dollars available for this?


    2. saltine says:

      And besides, hasn’t this been tried over and over AGAIN?! And still, the black women are proud to call 5 men their “baby daddies”. And still, the black women allow and encourage their men to be irresponsible.

      Apparently, it’s only discrimination if you’re black or hispanic. Everyone already KNOWs that only WHITE people are RACIST!!!!!

    3. WAKE UP WHITE MAN says:

      Keep in mind that in a time when Whites are a minority, they will
      never be given monies, welfare, free education ect. on this basis. (western voices world news)

    4. KPMc says:

      When is the last time you saw a bunch of american born black guys at a morning shape up competing with those illegal aliens for jobs? Answer: NEVER… because they don’t WANT to do those jobs.

      Same as on the other end of the spectrum. Know why the FDNY is so devoid of black/hispanic people? Because they are not applying for the job not because of some BS claim of discrimination. They are calling for the next hirings to be 60% minority? If they aren’t applying for the job how in the world do you expect to fulfill 60%.

      This world is full of morons!

  16. TomNJ says:

    Didn’t affirmative action and other programs and laws passed in the last 40 years do any good? Seems there are enough programs in place to help minorities. When will the white guilt stop? The entire generation of black and latino people under 40 had the same opportunities and chances as white people do. There are black judges, doctors, and even a black president. I think the barriers are basically gone and the only thing in the minorities way today is themselves.

    1. sk says:

      i agree. we have given minorities plenty of oppurtunities to rise above poverty level. There are so many blacks in power that there are no excusesd anymore! I understand being sympathetic in the 50s and 60s when they really did face more discrimination/segregagtion but not now in 2011. Today many blacks are living below poverty level b/c of poor life choices they make, not b/c they are forced to! But certain groups know that they can always blame their problems on everyone else who has to pay for them!

  17. richard Allen says:

    Come on Mayor we all know the FIRST thing we need to do is teach black people how to speak ENGLISH…

    No more Ghetto Ebonics…..then they might understand ENGLISH enough to get what being a good father and getting a JOB really means.


    1. midi-man says:

      And get them to pull up there paints this is not jial.

  18. Victor M. says:

    “Not he who has little, but he who wishes more, is poor.” – Seneca

  19. Victor M. says:

    Maybe they will learn to live life better, on prayer it is amazing grace like this that will keep things up to speed. How sweet tis may make it charitable, or tangible . or palpable.

  20. MULTICULTURISM SUX says: (western voices world news) great site!

  21. against stupidity! says:

    we built this country for your lazy a- – white ancestors who wanted free labor dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Run says:

      Whatever was built, was either looted, burnt down, made into a ghetto, by your own hands. Prove me wrong!

      If things are not that great here, you can always freely move back to Liberia, NOBODY IS STOPPING YOU, where people are burnt daily with a large tire around their body.

    2. nancy says:

      u have to know who is the stupid……this is not an excuse to be lazy or being a dump because of the history. if these ppl are smart enough they can stand up by themselves. if our country owe anything to these animals., i think we already paid them off.

  22. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


    1. TomNJ says:

      Tell that to Obama. He made it to the top.

    2. Mike says:

      Glass ceiling? Minorities have more opportunities than whites now! Stop complaining, and feeling sorry for yourselves, and GET IT DONE!

  23. Linda says:

    This goverment just had elderly people in a panic saying money was gone, social security and programs could not be paid for so we urgently had to raise the debt ceiling. Well lo-n-behold, debt ceiling gets raised and the first thing these “politicans” start doing is throwing our money away again. How about balancing our budget first. Hope these guys are due to be voted out soon.

  24. Linda says:

    Hey there “fearless Leaders” how about getting our state of New York out of debt before you go wasting our tax-dollars again. What the HE## is wrong with you guys, STOP WASTING OUR MONEY. How hard is that for you to understand. I’ll give you all a starting point: SEND THE ILLEGALS BACK HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. M L K says:

    Why only Black and Latinos and not other minorities? We hold these truth…that all men are created equal

  26. Concern says:

    Charity Search Engines

  27. Concern says:

    Robin Hood Foundation

  28. Tricia says:

    The city will also allocate up to $67.5 million
    Public housing, food stamps, medicaid, and free college.
    Enough already!!!!
    STOP THE MADNESS< THE TAXPAYERS CAN"T BLEED ANYMORE CASH so the billionaires could feel good about themselves. SHAME ON THESE HOLYier THEN THOU LEFTYs The working class taxpayers of this city see right through YOU

  29. Cameron says:





    1. AGAINST RASCISM! says:

      so much rascism it’s laughable and sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about what your great parents did to your MIND!!!! : )

      1. Dr Pill says:

        It is not my concern what was done generations ago; I should not be paying for it today. Get on with your life and don’t be fruitful and the expense of another party. Be responsible for your own actions. Wild animals that have no control are caged away. So should people with low expectations on living in a civilized society.

  30. Foghornleghorn says:

    How many of these peple are illegal? How about an incentive based on income, rather than race?

    Talk about pandering for votes…..

    1. AGAINST RASCISM! says:


      1. Mr. Bean says:

        Speaking the truth, soes not make me a racist.

        Illegal happens to mean ILLEGA_L as in against the law as in unlawful.

        If this is the case, why do I have to support you?

        Get your life in order, become a citizen, stop having all this babies and have the decency to give these children a name – get married.
        Becoame part of American society.

        Why is the program based on race? Isn’t THAT racist?

  31. Lieutenantdan says:

    Reverse Discrimination!
    Why not spend millions on a program that would help all races of men.
    Mary, women already have enough free social programs.

  32. joey from b'hurst says:

    They all ready have all the incentives in the world to succeed. Some races are just destined to fail.

    I can’t wait to see the newly revised FDNY firefighter test specially designed by minorities, for minorities. The results will still be the same, and Judge Garafulis will look like a clown in a robe.

    1. CHRISTINE says:

      Joey from B’hurst

      ..and some people are just destined to stay ignorant and racist… : )

      From a black woman who did not come from poverty, who has succeeded in life and who is probably more well off than you….would not put another human being down because of their race or otherwise! A person who does that (you) more than likely, have nothing in life and nothing to offer anybody else but negative words to try and validate your sorry life…….crawl back into the GUTTER A-hole!!!!!

      1. joey from b'hurst says:

        @Christine: My father was a British seaman with the the Royal Merchant Marine. He was a British citizen of Sicilian extract. He met my mother , in St Kitts, WI, she was of Afro-Irish heritage. Atypical women from this area. I should have let you know this earlier. I have well defined black features; but can be observed to West Indian.

        But I believe the inner city NYCHA dwellers have no future. When I meant race, I was referring to this group. I should have explained further.

        I have succeeded in life very well. I am an owner of a large rental property, as well as my own house.

        My regards to your success.


  33. BronxByBirth says:

    You would have thought by now that someone would have learned you can’t through money at a problem and expect it to be solved.
    KPMc — good quote and quite apropos.

  34. Mary says:

    What about the Young WOMEN????

  35. KPMc says:

    What a friggin’ joke!

    Fatherhood LESSONS? Really?

    First lesson.. stop impregnating women when you can’t take care of yourself and are unwilling and too selfish to take care of another human being.

    Lesson 2… When you impregnate someone she is not you baby momma. You are the father of another human being with several responsibilities. Own up to them.

    Lesson 3.. Your mother, grandmother, aunt nor those of the woman you impregnated made this child. Stop pawning them off on grandmas that have already raised their children.

    In summary, hopefully in language you can understand… Chuck D said it best…

    “You ask me where I got it? I got it from my Pops… With a MAN in the house all the bullsh!t stops!”

    1. chris says:


      Lesson 4….stop having children and damaging their minds by instilling them with racial trash…… : )

      1. KPMc says:


        So Mayor Mike and another billionaire put aside millions, along with tax payer state and city money, to teach black and hispanic men how to be fathers and find jobs and “I’M” the racist?

        No… I am a realist. Why the hell do you think they even thought of this program if my comments weren’t right on.

        Keep ignoring and denying the problem. That will fix it… along with 127 million dollars. Friggin’ ridiculous.

  36. KPMc says:

    How about I leave my comment one word at a time so we can figure which harmless word CBS finds so offensive?

    1. KPMc says:


      1. KPMc says:

        OMG… CBS filters out cla sses? because of the word within it that is not even a curse?

        Let’s try again using a non-offensice synonym.

    2. Michael H. says:

      they filter out the dumbest stuff. you can’t say h o m o s e x u a l, but “gay” is just fine

  37. KPMc says:

    Are comments turned off are you just filtering out innocuous words?

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