By Emily Smith

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Sunflowers inspired Vincent Van Gogh, but to a local art enthusiast, they are a way of life.

In Thursday’s Living Large, CBS 2’s Emily Smith takes us to a roomy, but intimate estate on Long Island.

Tucked behind the tall boxwood hedges in Southampton you find a stone pebble driveway leading to a shingle-style traditional home decorated in beautiful sunflowers.

Home owner Henry Buhl rode up in his cheery sunflower mobile with real estate broker Nancy Seltzer. Buhl takes his love for the cheerful plant to another level and sunflowers are featured in nearly every part of the home.

The front door itself is a giant sunflower that is hand-carved out of oak.

(credit: CBS 2)

The interior is a mass of contradictions — roomy, but intimate and made with beautiful old wood plank floors.

It also has beamed ceilings and soft colors throughout. Some of the most expensive sunflowers are in the living room. The rare 16th Century prints are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

(credit: CBS 2)

The backyard has a covered porch and a tennis court. There is also a 2-acre field that is part of the home.

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  1. Sharon says:

    CBS should be ashamed of itself. In this economic climate, when so many people are losing their homes you choose to show us how the wealthy, who are getting wealthier by the minute, are LIVING LARGE! When are these segments going to end? How many more of these obscenely overly extravagant mansions are we going to have to view back to back with stories about the rise in gas prices, tolls, and a general decline in the economy? That’s what we need CBS! A real “Feel Good” story. Way to go!

  2. deering says:

    CBS New York News has always had an awful “treat the viewers like they are Long Island trophy wives” bent, but this series is a new low. Do you really think it’s fine to run a series like this when so many people can barely make ends meet? You’re coming off as gloating and hateful–is sucking up to a bunch of realtors worth the ill-will you’re generating?

  3. joanne says:

    I dont understand why CBS keeps showing these houses when so many people are struggling right now, Why not show them,Maybe someone will help them!

  4. bloomberg says:

    Please copy and repost.
    In September 2007, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of more than 80 female employees, who argue Bloomberg L.P. engaged in a pattern of discrimination against pregnant women who took maternity leave. Michael Bloomberg is responsible for the creation of the systemic, top-down culture of discrimination’ at the company.
    This is the same idiot mayor who says we can’t smoke in the parks.
    I guess shortchanging women is more socially acceptable than smoking.

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