BURLINGTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is putting in his two cents when it comes to the proposed massive toll and fare hike from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney With The Governor

“I said, ‘You’re kidding, right?’ and they said ‘no,'” Christie said when asked for his reaction when he got the call from the Port Authority. “This is, unfortunately, a testimony to the mismanagement of the Port [Authority] for years. We shouldn’t have to be in this kind of situation.”

He said he and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will talk things over to see if they’ll support or reject the proposal. He said they will come up with a decision in 10 days.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon With Commuters Protesting Possible PATH Fare Hikes In Journal Square

“There’s no doubt that what’s paramount in our mind is the effect that this will have on the citizens of our state,” Christie said. “Governing is about making choices. We have a full range of options, including the veto, but neither of us is sitting here threatening anything because we want to get all of the information.”

The Port Authority said it needs money for projects like suspender ropes on the George Washington Bridge, post-911 security and rebuilding at the World Trade Center site, which is way over budget, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

“They need to find other areas, or other ways, of trying to get revenues,” said Yolando Philpotts of New York City.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane Along Route 4

The proposal, announced Friday, will raise tolls on all six Port Authority crossings to $12 next month and then up to $14 in 2014. PATH fares would also go up $1. The hikes would be especially harsh on those who pay cash, with tolls nearly doubling.

“I don’t think that’s right. I really don’t. If you’re going to pay cash, a credit card should be penalized more,” said Jersey City resident Dennis Naecker said.

A Port Authority spokesperson told Sloan cash-paying customers are being hit hard in the proposed increases because they want all drivers to use E-ZPass to ease congestion.

“They want people to go to use E-ZPass. The problem is that you’re really taxing people who can afford it the least the most, because if you don’t have a credit card and you can’t do E-ZPass, then you got to pay more,” said Jeff Kirschner of Long Island.

The Port Authority plans on holding meetings in New Jersey and New York in the mornings and evenings to get the public’s input before its board votes on the proposed hikes on Aug. 19.

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  1. Hani Jereis says:

    Tolls collected by Port Authority of NY/NJ:

    George Washington Bridge-$8.00
    Lincoln tunnel -$8.00
    Holland tunnel -$8.00
    Verrazano Bridge $13.00
    Goethals Bridge-$8.00
    Bayonne Bridge-$8.00
    RFK Bridge $6.50 each one way
    Troggs neck $6.50 each one way
    white stone $6.50 each one way
    Brooklyn battery $6.50 each one way
    Henry Hudson bridge $4 one way.

    something is wrong with NYS budget and you as governor and Attorney General should investigate. Question is where is all this money going, and they want to increase toll where the economy is bleak at this time. there are several CASH lanes and rest is EZPASS and we still sit in traffic, roads are terrible. The State must look into this! I was told 100,000 cars cross the GW daily which equals to $800,000 per day, with these tolls collect we should have a surplus, and this is not including the casinos which is destroying my neighborhood (Empire City) in Yonkers, property taxes, payroll taxes, etc

    As Governor, I urge you to take action on the proposed Port Authority toll hikes on bridges and tunnels between New York and New Jersey. These new toll increases represent a shocking and unprecedented imposition on drivers. The proposed increases constitute an unbelievable and outrageous 50% increase for peak E-Z Pass users to $12 and a more than 85% hike for cash customers to $15.

    As Governor, you have the power to directly veto Port Authority toll hikes.

    The toll hikes could also have the unintended effect of diverting thousands of commuters to other routes such as the Tappan Zee Bridge, a facility already carrying far more traffic than it was designed to.

    As you know, New York area drivers already see an enormous amount of their money diverted to the general budget or mass transit-related projects.
    Surcharges on tickets, licenses and vehicle registrations, taxes on gasoline and major percentages of intra-city bridge and tunnel toll revenues are used to fund the MTA. The state Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund has seen only one-third of its $33 billion spent on road-related projects. All this while the majority of roads and bridges in our region are rated fair or poor. While most drivers accept some degree of transit subsidization, they should not be asked to bear the burden of paying for the Port Authority’s ambitious capital plans.

    I urge you to promptly veto the latest proposal by the Port Authority.


    Hani Jereis

  2. Sendai says:

    How easily you forget Governor Christie! We haven’t forgotten about the “get tough” measures you imposed on train fares last year.

    NJ Transit Princeton to NYC off-peak round trip, March 2011: $22.50
    NJ Transit Princeton to NYC off-peak round trip, April 2011: $33.00

    Looks pretty close to a 50% increase to me! Why don’t you care just as much about people who ride the train??

  3. Jeffrey Clark says:

    TOLLS ARE FOR PAYING OFF THE BRIDGES AND ROADS NOT TO BE USED TO PAY OFF OTHER PROJECTS.Just another ripoff of the people of each state must face

  4. unemployed says:

    Nothing more then a pure FARCE. These are blood thirsty organizations MTA, USPS, PA for common people.

  5. Mal says:

    Dont plan on the Gov Duo to save you…They are the reason why the PA has to raise tolls and fare. PA has always been used as a private piggy banks for NJ and NY Governors. Cristie had taken 1.8b in PA funds to fix NJ infastructure , Cuomo 380mil. The PA has always raised their rehab revenue through bonds but with all the capital investment projects they are “ask” to fund for NJ and NY they are not able to generate the need revenue at current rate. So they are basically telling the Governors now that if they wanna keep taking our money to fix non PA operations .. we just gonna take it from your citizens…
    Anyone who dont believe me. “do a little research”

  6. I'LL PASS says:

    I never thought a toll hike would change my life or the lives of my company and employees. I have now decided to research the benefits of moving my company and residence to another state. It is so hard to stay in business in this economy and foreign competition. Florida and North Carolina look so good now. Had enough of this liberal spending, spending spending and crazy laws. Say goodbye tri-state area, Im taking my money and jobs elsewhere.

  7. Concern says:

    Are your pensions funded?

  8. Concern says:

    Are your pension funded?

  9. Concern says:

    charityusa.com, goodsearch.com, upromise.com, isearchigive.com, & fundraising-solutions.org

  10. mak says:

    The first poster is correct. This is a just a ploy to get the citizens softened up for the hike that’s coming. They figure if they put an outrageous increase out there, everybody will get up in arms about it, the governors will ‘negotiate’ and get the Port Authority to drop the amount of the increase, and us citizens will be so happy to pay the new amount because it could have been much, much worse. All hail the govenors of New York and New Jersey!

    We’ve been through this dance before. Why do we even bother to show up? They are going to do what they d*mn well please.

    1. TomNJ says:

      You are exactly right.

    2. lydiass says:

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  11. Johnny Handsome says:

    Rather strange that the PA would announce fare increases without clearing them with their bosses.

  12. macasa says:

    Talk about needing a citizens watch-dog group. How about we all get a good look at where the $ go. the city of Charelston has a brand new bridge as big as the Verrazono, not a peny for a toll!

  13. UnionsRCancers says:

    Waaaahhhhh. I’m a union worker…Waaaaaahhh I want to retire at 50, with a six figure, annual, pension..Waaaaaahhhhhh. And I want YOU to pay for it!!! Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  14. WTH NJ/NY says:



    NOW NY/NJ Wants to do that.

  15. Peter says:

    There is no toll when you use a helicopter,right?

    1. Tom Owens says:

      The Port Authority is raising the tolls, NOT the Govenors. For many years now the PA has been mis-managed and at times corrupt. Every time the PA says they need more money, because of mis-management, they take it out on the citizens. It’s Pathetic. We as commuters need to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Jenny Craig says:

      He was mistaken he thought they said hike the price of rolls

  16. Mrs Christie says:

    Christie and Cuomo? Are there 2 bigger idiots than these crorrupt wall street puppets?

  17. BLACK LEROY says:


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