RHINEBECK, NY (WCBS 880) – This is not your typical college application process.

WCBS 880’s Deborah Rodriguez In Dutchess County

Over the summer, many high school students sit and think of experiences they’ve had when writing their college application essays.

One local teenager took it a step further and created a new experience for himself.

Eric Rosenzwieg, from Rhinebeck, went to Emory College in Atlanta this summer for a two-week course in neuroscience and technologies.

“I looked at Cornell‘s. I looked at Columbia‘s and I found that Emory’s was probably the best fit for me and I really wanted to go somewhere new because I’m from New York,” Rosenwieg said.

While volunteering to go to summer school may not sound like a boatload of fun, Eric had a blast.

“We got homework every night that took a couple of hours, things like that, but there was a lot of fun. I mean, we went to Six Flags. We went to a Braves game. We really explored Atlanta,” he said.

“You took your SATs. You applied to colleges that were, for most people anyway, close to home,” is how Eric’s mother Margaret described the process of getting into college in her day.

Just in case his Emory experience doesn’t set him apart enough, Eric and his mom are already checking out a trip to Costa Rica for next summer to save sea turtles.