CROTON-ON-HUDSON, NY (WCBS 880 / AP) – At the Cocktail Cove in Croton-On-Hudson, boaters sunbathe and kids jump off boats into the Hudson River. While the water looks pristine and sparkling, a new study shows it’s anything but.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi In Westchester County

The environmental group Riverkeeper found that sewage pollution makes the river unsafe for swimming 21 percent of the time at sites from New York City to Troy.

“That’s about one and a half days a week,” says Riverkeeper Boat Captain John Lipscomb.

The study says that’s three times as often as at beaches nationwide.

The report is based on monthly samples taken between 2006 and 2010 that were tested for bacteria linked to sewage. The samples came from 75 sites along the length of the 155-mile river.

There are only four designated swimming beaches on the Hudson. However, the report says there are more than 100 places where people go into the water.

The report says government testing must be improved and the Clean Water Act must be enforced to prevent sewage pollution.

“The Hudson River is being treated as a 155-mile beach. Now is the time to really start answering the question – just how’s the water?” Lipscomb says.

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  1. Lea Cullen Boyer says:

    I swim in the Hudson regularly, making a point, of course, to swim elsewhere for a few days after it rains. I’ve come across currents that tasted like turpentine, turbidity, and most interestingly a slurry of some sort. The slurry feels like swimming through rice pudding. Whatever the stuff is it’s fairly transparent and reminds me of diaper absorbent.

  2. joecarbonaro says:

    come on people just go by 79th street boat basin when hey flush the toilet and you see the poop and toilet paper floating in the river then u had the explosion in the sewer plant like two months ago i mean come on u drive by the water on some days i stinks to high heaven but th city says its safe i would like to see all the city personal and goverment officials take a dip in there ya right they will have more excuses then a aids patient taking pills

  3. Jerry says:

    This waste should not be discharged during the summer swimming season.
    It should be contained (by tankers) and discharged between November and May

  4. Junior says:

    I used to swim and jet ski in that river, not any longer, nasty and disgusting.

  5. I.P Daly says:

    It’s all about the poop. Poop stinks!

  6. Richard Murphy says:

    hiow about cleaning iup the Hudson RIver then??

  7. Bman says:

    Swimming in Raw Sewage sucks.. Dont let any agency fool you… The Hudson in highly toxic and polluted folks! Something dratic needed to be done like 30 yrs ago ..

  8. DanTe says:

    How accurate is this report? I thought they just had a Triathlon a few days ago and the event involved swimming in the Hudson River.

  9. bday55 says:

    Everyone knows poop gets treated with anti-poop and it disappears.

  10. tara says:

    Why wouldnt it be polluted? Anyone who doesnt see the garbage we put down the drain into our waterways must be blind.
    I actually know people who think their poop, detergents and whatever else “dissappears” when they flush the toilet.
    Human beings are destroying the planet with delusional entitlements to dump their garbage everyday and expect it to dissappear.
    The water is only as clean as your lifestyle. think about it–how much did you flush down the toilet today–and mulitply that times 6 million……….

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