Says Why Should People Go Away To Wager When They Can Do It Right Here?By Marcia Kramer

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Governor Andrew Cuomo may just be ready to become a “gamblin’ man.”

Cuomo has dropped his poker face and is actively considering legalizing casino gambling.

“The gaming issue is an issue that this state has to come to grips with,” Cuomo told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer on Wednesday.

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Right now in New York you can play slot machines at racinos and gamble on Indian reservations, but what the governor has done is hire an assistant to look at the possibility of allowing companies to build casinos with table games like blackjack, roulette and dice games in areas where there are no Indian reservations.

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“You have gaming in this state and, by the way, you have gaming in neighboring states so it’s really not an issue any more of if we don’t officially sanction it as a government it’s not going to happen. It is happening,” Cuomo said.

Tim Rooney Jr., of Empire City Casino said in these tough economic times it makes economic sense for New York to legalize casino gambling.

“It’s estimated that 2 billion of New York dollars are exported every year out of state to places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. We think if you had full casino gambling in New York that we’d not only be able to keep that $2 billion in the state but attract out-of-state dollars as well,” Rooney said.

Opponents are horrified.

“The function of state government should be to provide for the health and welfare of the citizens. It seems like now the only purpose of state government is to find ways to raise revenue painlessly for the state so that we don’t have to introduce taxes,” said Joel Rose of the Coalition Against Gambling In New York.

But it’s not just the money — the expansion of gambling could create thousands of new jobs. This is why the Cuomo administration thinks that legalizing casino table games just might be a better bet than the one-armed bandits.

Depending on how it is done, the expansion of gambling might require a constitutional amendment, which would take several years, and a public referendum before new casinos can be built.

Do you think this is a good idea? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. Warren Mercer says:

    @DanTe “Atlantic City casinos are going under.”

    Fewer people are going there because, aside from teh casinos, the rest of Atlantic City is an armpit (because AC residents are banned from working in any of the casinos).

  2. nunya says:

    Well Cuomo Jr. must have already legalized crack without telling anyone else because he must be high on something to try to pass this one onto NY. Truthfully, I think he;s just trying too damn hard lately to be Anti-American Indian. Banning their income of cigarettes , denying their right to sovereignty, and then trying to legalize what he’s been barring them from doing If this is the kind of leader NYers want, then I’m leaving ya here with him.

    1. ann says:

      We should definitely allow gambling in NY state. Most people take buses to Conn. or NJ to gamble. Good Idea Governor!

  3. DanTe says:

    Atlantic City casinos are going under. So Cuomo’s bright idea is to do the same in NY?

    I love the LIB TAR DS’ ideas of a sound economy. All flipping burgers or cards.

    1. lydiass says:

      The City’s OTB is gone, because it was a raw deal – the City had to cover all the costs, while the State got most of the revenues.
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  4. j says:

    trump wanted a “catering hall” in jones beach, yeah right, could have seen this one coming.

  5. truth says:

    well… they should legalize gambling and open casinos at times sq! millions of tourists each year. just look at the potential profits!!! many tourists think times sq is boring! there’s not much to do in new york anymore. mostly broadway… but most tourists are sick of broadway, museums, and just nothing to do! there needs to be casinos! then that would also help lift the mental health industry. more gambling addicts = more nutcase therapists! right?

    1. A.battaglia says:

      Have you tough about what this would do to the already stressed traffic there?…I think Long Island would be a better option.The HOV Lane would finally be worth to have .


    The Governor of NY supports man on man relations and gambling. What is this world coming to?

  7. erica c says:

    How about f@#*cking legalizing marijuana. We would balance the state’s budget within three years!!!!

    1. Marty says:

      That would make more sense. They could make Buffalo an industrial powerhouse again making hemp products. The Indian casinos at least pay part of their annual income back to the state. In California, the Indian casinos have an unfair monopoly and pay nothing.

      Another thing New York could do is allow universal health care. Life is not a privilege. It is a right. Why should insurance companies decide who lives and who dies?

  8. JOHN RUSSO says:


  9. Wolf says:

    Know all the facts and consequences. Build casinos. Create jobs. Generate more tax revunue for state without raising taxes. Then many people on welfare, with little money will go to casino and lose what they have. Gambling addicts will drop their rent and kids college money in casinos. Homeless rates will triple or more in NYC alone. Its a catch 22. We need and don’t need casinos.

    1. Mary J. Wanna says:

      i find it hard to believe people would lose their house now if its legalized here, when you could just take a $30 bus ride to AC and have done the same thing at any point up until now.

  10. Jeffrey C says:

    As long as all regions get a fair shake

  11. p says:

    What is the status of Off Track Betting Parlors?

    1. Reverend Rev says:

      The State’s OTB is still around.

      The City’s OTB is gone, because it was a raw deal – the City had to cover all the costs, while the State got most of the revenues.

  12. p says:

    What is the status of Off Track Betting Parlors.

    1. JOSH SUCKS says:


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