NEW YORK (WFAN) — Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon, who famously tweeted “talk is cheap” to Jets coach Rex Ryan earlier this year, is at it again.

Hanlon’s pro-Giants twitter tour took a not-so-social turn on Wednesday after former New York wide receiver Steve Smith signed with the rival Eagles.

His night started off with a benign tweet: “The condensed offseason has led to hysteria in many quarters – good and bad. I find the hysteria hysterical.”

And then things got interesting.

One fan wrote to the Giants spokesman: “All teams need to rebuild at one point, I’m not going to panic until the season begins.” To that, Hanlon responded, “Re-build my a–! I got your re-build.”

Hanlon went on a tear, responding to fan after fan. It was the critics, however, that drew most of the eye-popping responses from Hanlon.

“This is great,” he tweeted. “We usually get to play two regular season games before people tell us we aren’t worth a sh–.”

Maybe Hanlon is just taking his lead from Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, who exclaimed that critics can “can line up and kiss my a–” at the conclusion of last year’s 10-6 season.

Check out a few more choice cuts from the Giants’ PR man:

Fan: “Can you say definitively the Giants are better than last year?”
Hanlon: “Can you say we’re worse, knucklehead?”

Fan: “On paper they ARE worse. no matter who signs your checks.”
Hanlon: “We don’t play on paper. You know what you can do w/ that paper? ”

Fan: “Giants off-season can be summed up w/ one word: Debacle.”
Hanlon: “Thanks Lombardi. Cause I know you know.”

Fan: “Because the giants are making barely any noise while the eagles are ‘the dream team.’
Hanlon: “A lot noisemakers end up in the ditch.”

Fan: “Your job is to be a company man but how can Giants fans be excited when they did nothing.”
Hanlon: “You like winning? Sit tight.”

“I’m done. Good night,” Hanlon wrote before signing off. “It’s a long season.”

Were Hanlon’s responses out of line or just plain funny? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. KPMc says:

    These aren’t your father’s Giants anymore and that iS NOT a good thing.

    Once the class of the NFL we are now just like the rest.

    Greedy owners… belligerent, idiotic, childish VP…

    If we wanted a team representative who was a blow-hard spouting nonsense we’d be Jets fans!

    I miss Wellington!… and my seats in section 326!

  2. Craig says:

    The Giants have gotten significantly worse since last year. The idea that someone in the front office is making immature comments like this to fans just adds to the embarrassment the Giants fans will deal with in the near future. This has become a Jet town and no matter how much we hate it Jerry Reese and company have not at all helped stop it. The broke apart a team that was a 7 minute collapse away from a two seed and probably a trip to the NFC Championship game. Way to go Reese. You have rebuilt something that didn’t need rebuilding…awesome job. I never thought i could see an off season that was more of a failure to fans especially with a baseball team in the same city that is having money troubles. To say you out did the Mets is nothing to be proud of. The Coughlin and Reese romance has ended after 2007…time for them to go.

  3. Michael says:

    Oh my Lord…Waht an embarrassment you are Pat. Mr. Mara must be rolling in his grave. You embarrass all Giants fans when you speak like a high school drop-out. check your anger and stop drinking while you tweet!

  4. nick says:

    Hanlon needs to act & talk like a professional. He works for the giants. Talk like a professional when you talk to the fans & when he camera is on. He’s failed at both.

  5. Tommy C says:

    Way to go Pat . Stick to your guns . I’m concerned with the TE position , O-LINE / D-LINES will be fine LB a conern also as is Wide-outs . I’ll wait till the pre-season’s completed before i chime in …………………..Lets Go Big Blue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Peter says:

    I agree Joe !!! gmen need to get it together

  7. JP says:

    I disagree. The way he’s writing is inappropriate, this is no way to speak to the fans. If you were representing your company would you be allowed to speak like this? I don’t think so.

  8. joe says:

    no shot for playoffs this year again1

  9. Omar says:

    Hanlon looks like he was flexing his twitter muscles. If the Giants suck, I’m sure he won’t be the first to admit he was wrong. He might have to be dragged, kicking and screaming to a podium to apologize to the fans he was antagonizing last night.

    This is wonderful.

  10. evan says:

    funny stuff. I agree nothing is one in the off season, as bad as this looks lets wait till the games are played to judge. if we have an awful season, we can let him have it.

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