BELMAR, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The notorious cast of the “Jersey Shore” has had its run-ins with the law, but now it’s three Belmar police officers who are in trouble after pulling over a member of the popular MTV reality TV show.

A video posted on TMZ shows the three officers talking to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who is behind the wheel of a red Ferrari two-seater  convertible with two women in the passenger seat.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Serious Situation For Belmar Cops

According to police, one woman was illegally seated on the other’s lap and neither of them were wearing seat belts.

Instead of issuing Sorrentino a ticket, the video shows the officers getting his autograph before letting him drive off.

Belmar’s police chief has launched an internal investigation and the officers could face disciplinary action.

The hit reality TV show is currently in its fourth season which was filmed in Florence, Italy. The cast is back in the surf and sand at Seaside Heights filming the upcoming season.

Do you think Sorrentino should’ve been issued a ticket? Let us know below…

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  1. Snooki's Hair says:

    It’s NOT “special treatment” – it’s called CELEBRITY IMMUNITY. All celebrities should be exempt from all laws, and any cop who stops a celebrity should be subject to immediate arrest and imprisonment.

  2. Bob Fowler says:

    Reality TV…the signs of the times. How debase and ignorant have Americans become? We now entertain ourselves watching morons act like morons, and then revere them in society? More Americans know who Snookie is than know who Abe Lincoln was.

    No wonder our government takes us to the cleaners on a regular basis. We’re happily too stupid to pay attention because Kirstie Alley was fat on Dancing with the Stars, and J-Lo is breaking up with Marc Anthony.

  3. midknight says:

    So whos the bigger D-bag, the Belmar Police Officer (Belmar cop notoriously suck) or the D-list juice head?

  4. LT55 says:

    Yes he deserved the ticket

    Yes the cops were foolish with a camera in their car

    Yes this should not make the major news

    It is sad that so many people who can truly contribute to the world could live for a year on the insurance payment for a car of a minor actor.

  5. M.A.D says:


  6. p8nt says:

    Just because you act like a tool on “fake reality tv” doesn’t mean you have to act like a tool in real life also. Its astonishing that people would waste their time watching these tools. Wait, we also live in a world that has a show called “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.” And they wonder why people laugh at Americans.

  7. junior says:

    Well, yes, he deserved to get at least 1 summons, but, it is always officer discretion, so on that fact, the officers should not get in trouble, but, since they were too stupid to figure out it was being videotaped, they should ge in a little trouble.

    1. Idiots says:

      Police officers must avoid any conduct that might compromise integrity and thus undercut the public confidence in that particular law enforcement agency. This is clearly a case of lack of integrity not to mention childish. Perhaps they shoudl read the Poice Code of Conduct and if they can not uphold the requirmeents, they should find a different career. Peersonally, I would fire them just for being idiots.

      1. richard l abertahny says:

        These policemen need to be fired immediately. This department is known for conducting business that includes harrassing kids for riding bicycles on the wrong side of the street. In addition to “the situation”, this is yet another embarrsment for those of us that call the shore home.

    2. KPMc says:

      It’s at the officers discretion to let two people sit in one seat with neither wearing a seatbelt?

      I don’t think so…. besides… if these morons had any discretion they wouldn’t be getting an autograph from a no-talent meathead.

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