NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — First responders will not be invited to this year’s 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero. That’s the word from city officials who say there isn’t enough room for the tens of thousands of firefighters, police and other rescue workers.

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According to a report by the Daily News, security issues and making sure that all of the victims’ families will be able to participate in the 10th anniversary of 9/11, contributed to first responders not being invited to the ceremony.

Phil, a construction worker at Ground Zero, says the city needs to figure out a way to have first responders at this anniversary.

“I think that they should be allowed to go because too many of their brothers and sisters lost their lives and they should be the first ones that are included,” he said. “They should make it happen. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people here who shouldn’t be here.”

First responders will be given a separate ceremony at a later date.

Both President Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush will be at this year’s ceremony as well as former mayor Rudy Giuliani and other dignitaries, meaning extra security will be on hand.

In addition, only a limited number of lawmakers from the Tri-state area will be allowed to attend.

On Friday, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner said the government would be paying for representatives from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to attend the ceremony.

An estimated 91,000 police, firefighters and other first responders helped with the search and rescue efforts in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

What do you think about first responders not being invited? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. Sean says:

    Yep. This is what happens when we are not needed at the moment. Folks want us there when there’s a problem, but the rest of the time everybody would rather act like we don’t exist.

    1. Pat says:

      I can’t believe I’m reading this correctly. Are they kidding? The first responders were the REAL heroes of 9/11. Hundreds went into those towers to rescue people and many never made it out alive.

      What an insult to all the families of those first responders. This is a disgrace.

      1. Katrin Rosinski says:

        I agree! They are the ones that risked their lives to go to the towers. Not right. I say tell the dignitaries that they can’t come. It is like so what you risked your life, you are still not coming to the 10 yr anniversary.

      2. Micaela Sandy says:


      3. Tofu says:

        I believe the first responders who died are considered victims, so their families would be part of the high priority list mentioned in the second paragraph.

      4. Benny H. says:

        I agree with the sentiment that first responders should be given priority over dignitaries, but even if they disinvited all of the dignitaries, there still wouldn’t be anywhere near enough space.

        The figure above indicated that 91,000 first responders assisted in the rescue and recovery at Ground Zero. I don’t know how many dignitaries are going to be there, but I guarantee you that there won’t be more than a 1,000 people from the dignitaries group, including security details.

        So you kick out the dignitaries and let 1,000 first responders come in. Now what do you tell the other 90,000 first responders who still won’t be able to attend because they don’t have space.

        It is incredibly unfortunate, and I can certainly understand people’s anger about the situation, but I don’t think it’s an intentional snub against the first responders, it’s just a logistical fact. If the space they have available can only accommodate 20,000 people, trying to jam 110,000 in that space is just not possible, and you’ll just wind up with 110,000 angry people, not to mention a potentially dangerous situation because of the overwhelming crowd size. Imagine trying to squeeze 150,000 into Yankee Stadium. Not possible. I think that’s probably the case here as well.

    2. Mike says:

      I have a background where I served as a volunteer firefighter, as a volunteer EMT and a sworn Police Officer. This is not the time for the politicians to give their speeches. It is time to remember the civilians who died there along with all the deceased emergency services personnel who died and those that survived. It is a shame that the politicians cannot find space for emergency personnel to be at the ceremonies.

      1. Diane says:

        I concur. this isnt a time for politicians to “make an appearance”. It’s a time of remembrance.

      2. Denise says:

        Unfortunately, in politics these dignitaries take every opportunity they can to push their agenda upon the mentally and emotionally distraught American people. The first responders are not important to the political statement that the “Administration” are making. It is very sad and unfortunate that this is the way our country works. The next time something like this happens, maybe all the big wigs should be the first to go –oh wait, they only care about saving their own hides and no one else;s…

    3. Lesti says:

      I agree with the rest of you.. This is a HUGE Disgrace! Not enough room? REALLY?! They manage to have more than enough room for their new years eve party! They could close off the street, whatever it takes, to make SURE there is room!
      They better hope that nothing happens, God Forbid, since there was no room for the first responders to attend the ceremony there certainly won’t be enough room for them to come assist.
      The first responders ARE the real heroes and will NEVER be forgotten in my book!

      1. Shana Allen Cachola says:

        Good point about the NY Eve party. Very good point. As Mike above stated, this event could take place with noone giving a speech. blech. This leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.

  2. Netty Rodríguez says:

    How insulting is this?!! All the men and women who ran TOWARDS the disaster and LIVED aren’t invited?!! This is such a callous snub to everyone we revered for so long after that tragic day! How is it that they don’t get the respect they deserve on such an occasion??!! They should at least be able to attend the site of the day all our lives changed…they deserve THAT much since no one has done much else to fix the hole in lower Manhattan.

    1. JoeRudd says:

      I just have to post this again so others can see at least one heartfelt thank you from the early days after the attack.

    2. Lynn Dunlop says:

      I totally agree ,what an insult…….why are politicians going when they had nothing to do with the actual event ?If these so called “dignataries” give one iota about what happened that day they can give up their places for our first responders.These brave men and women risked and some gave their lives did any politicians give that much ? I think not.

    3. what is truth says:

      Hey Netty,
      not the other way round, just in case you forgot what a democracy is about!
      There are 312,000,000 Americans in this country.
      Out of over 300 million people, how many people actually PROTESTED this announcement?
      How many of you actually DID anything about this except write how obviously stupid of a decision it is.
      Of course it is a stupid decision to keep the first responders from attending!
      But it was a very safe decision.
      It was made because out of the 300 million people in this country, maybe 100,000 protested. If only one half of one percent of our population had actually protested, that would be 1.5 million people who would have protested!

      One half of one percent is only one out of every 208 people!

      That is how little this country cares about each other and how much we all care about ourselves.

      I am not pointing my finger though. I don’t really care either.
      I am just on pause right now from my video game and I have some pizza rolls nukin up…
      god bless this consumergasm we call a country!

      1. Jody in Jersey says:

        Hello “What is Truth”

        I was so outraged when I learned that the First Responders were *not* invited (not even a fair representation of them!) that I first sent personal email messages to Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama requesting that they *reverse* this horrible decision.

        I also started a petition…in hopes that they will consider changing their decision.
        Here’s the website, if you or any others would like to sign it:

      2. what is truth says:

        Thank you Jody, I signed it right away.

        The lack of invite seems very clear, extraordinarily purposeful:

        There are fewer brotherhoods stronger than Firefighters and Police Officers.
        These men and women form bonds that are unbelievably solid, like our military.

        What will happen when huge numbers of these brotherhoods become disenfranchised? What is the possibility that those firefighters and police officers, those courageous first responders, what is the possibility that they are now very very disenfranchised and wanting to rally the others at such a unbelievably cataclysmic event such as the 9/11 memorial.

        I think it stands to reason that it may be an extremely good time and place for a rallying of firefighters and police officers, for the nation.

        Hmmmmm. Is it possible that this is the reason why they are not invited?
        Sure makes more sense to me.

        Am I way off track here?

        Is this what a conspiracy theory sounds and feels like?

        Somebody hand me my tinfoil hat!

    4. spring says:

      Rick how can you speak so horribly. To someone one who is just offended by the fact that the people who did not have to be there were not invited to such a major ceremony. True there are many families who lost people in this tragedy and it effected an entire country but there were men and women who ran in that building.knowing they may not survive to try helping someone else to survive and pulled out bodies for many families to see their loved one again before a funeral. You have no clue what netty has done but have you?

  3. Sharon Letson says:

    There are so many large stadiums etc in NYC that surely the ceremony could be sent by live video to all of them so that everyone is included at one time! In my book, you were a victim and survivor the same as anyone who was in that building when the planes hit. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to make sure that there were some survivors!

    1. Denise Fekete says:

      I agree with Sharon there are other venues to use to accommodate! I think they should just crash the memorial. They deserve to be there more than the dignitaries! Especially if their tax dollars are paying for these dignitaries!

      1. Teresa says:

        HERE, HERE!!

      2. ruskifire says:

        I say they show up to the service with invite or without….politicians ran out while Emergency responders ran into the politicians come back looking fancy and getting paid while the people that responded are kept out…crash the party, set up some 2.5 in straight streams towards bush haha

      3. Jewel Wyrick says:

        I do not think they should carsh but I think others should refuse to go without them. The President who did nothing to try to save them that day. Politicians looking for votes. Firefighters & Policemen are a very tight group, brothers & sisters. Many died on 9/11 & many are disabled from it. None refused the call for help that day and it is an insult to all who protect us that they would be excluded on 9/11. Many widows wish they had been excluded 10 years ago. Shame on NYC – it was one of my favorite cities but I am ashamed of their choices. They chose the mayor & they have the power to change his mind, if they cared.

      4. Vikki says:

        I say EVERYONE should boycott the event (to honor the first responders not invited) it would say more than the first responders showing up. just saying

    2. Nancy Barth says:

      just what I was thinking

    3. pat says:

      The first responders were not in a stadium watching a live video on 9/11 and they were not invited then!

      1. Florent (from France) says:

        They were not invited but they showed up and did their job !

    4. Dr. Ed Kendrick says:

      Read Allan Sherman’s WHY LIES ARE BETTER THAN THE TRUTH and read the Mission Statement

  4. tiller says:

    John H. You are an Idiot. There is not enough duct tape in the world to stop someone from spilling the beans if 9/11 was a conspiracy perpetrated by the US Government. As for the collaspe of the towers, it makes perfect sense to most engineers, architects, firefighters, fire behavior specialist and almost anyone else with a brain.

    1. Chris D. says:

      Redardless of a conspiracy or not the first responders did in fact save thousands of lives. Good luck proving whether or not it was a true act of terrorism or not, either way there people in those buildings and the first responders showed up and did their duty above and beyond the call. This is what the topic is about not whether or not it was a conspiracy. Besides people who spend too much time concerning themselves with things that are out of their control and out of their understanding are what is wrong with this country. If more people focused on doing for others and less for themselves we would once again be a model for the rest of the world. Yeah we are a free country and that is great but far too many of us take way too many liberties with that freedom including our so called dignitaries<–( A word meaning Dignity, which few of them actually have). The only people permitted to attend this event should the families of those lost, the survivors, and THE FIRST RESPONDERS.

      1. Larry Tezekjian says:

        Well said Chris

      2. UseBrainPlease says:

        The word ‘dignitaries’ doesn’t mean ‘dignity’ AT ALL. Mirriam Webster: “Dignitaries: A person considered to be important because of high rank or office.”

        There were 91,000 first responders. Where do you propose putting them alongside the families of 3,000 victims, pray tell?

      3. Albert Gwo says:

        really UseBrainPlease what is wrong with you out of all that Chris D. said you decided to correct his vocabulary? i understand that its a lot of people but to say that your are not welcome is… words cannot describe how wrong that is

    2. glenn hansel says:

      Tiller is a shill for the powers that be. 911 was an inside job and there is no way that Building 7 went down due to office fires, etc. That is just one example of many events which did not add up on 911.

    3. Jesse says:

      sorry bud but your wrong. Some of the theories of a conspiracy has more factual information then the official story. Hear are over 1500 architects and engineers who will tell it strait.

      1. mIKE says:

        my roomate was a conspiracy theorist about this cuz of the explosions heard before the towers fell and about how they fell, until i reminded him about the 94 bombing. ever conspiracy theorist i have talked to has forgotten about the bombings in 94.. SO LEARN YOUR DAMN HISTORY.

    4. Jesse says:

      WTC Build 7 collapsed bottom up later that day as a classic implosion. Look at it open minded and you may change your mind. Most the the people who believe this conspiracy theory aren’t foil on their heads nuts. They are people who saw problems with the official story.

    5. Carol Hulton says:

      They must attend!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Bob says:

      Jesse you’re an idiot. they fell because the building was on fire and the heat was so intense that it weakened the beams holding the building up and caused it to collapse, this is the same way the 2 towers fell.. it’s basic physics.

    7. all you need is says:

      seriously. If you are going to talk about engineers, architects and firefighters, then maybe go spend just 2-3 minutes figuring out what ELSE thousands of these professionals have to say on the matter.


  5. Julz says:

    PAYING people to attend? are you kidding me? When there are so many people that WANT to attend. What a disgrace.

    1. Catherine Drinkwater II says:

      If they aren’t moved to go to an event or “function” like this of their own accord…they should stay home. It shouldn’t be out of their commitment to their jobs that the politicians go, but out of compassion and respect….if they don’t have that, move aside and make room for someone who does!!!

    2. Phil says:

      Im sure they will get first class flight accomodations and hotels and meals at the Ritz. I live in Maryland and can drive there in my car in 4-5 hours tops. They should all get in a beat down cargo van and make the trek that way instead of high priced flights and meals. They can eat at McDonalds on I-95, take a leak at the great rest stops along the Jersey Tpke and pay for gas out of their own pocket.

      Im tired of the Govt being treated special.

      1. Teri says:

        I couldn’t have put it better myself! Thanks for saying it for both of us!

      2. Larry Tezekjian says:


    3. J. Walker says:

      That is paying someone to show up… If they want to go to the event then they should pay for it not the tax payers… We have already paid out enough… They make enough money they can pay to go not get paid to go…

      1. Denise says:

        I agree J. Walker. Us tax payers have to foot the bill for politicians to attend. But the REAL heroes of 9/11 are not invited. This makes me sick.

    4. Sandra says:

      That was the comment that I didn’t get. They are actually paying representatives to attend??? This is beyond ridiculous. First to leave out our heroes but the secondly to pay for politicians who probably watched this disaster from an office television. Disgusting any way you spin it. SMH

    5. UseBrainPlease says:

      “On Friday, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner said the government would be paying FOR representatives from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to attend the ceremony.”

      Paying FOR them to attend! FFS! Not paying them for attending, read the damn article would you?

  6. Babette says:

    I for one won’t be going – glad to give up any possibility of me having a seat for them.

  7. Lilly says:

    John H, cite your sources

  8. Shocked says:

    The fact that they invited other people in the first place (not including victims and their family) should be and is a total outrage. Politicians and their soulless lobbyists get priority over those who stood tall in hell?

  9. Shocked says:

    So this is how we thank the brave nowadays huh? Next time something even 1/10th the magnitude of this happens let the precious politicians and people with $100 million+ go rushing in there. See how many lives they save. Then they can have seats at the anniversary ceremony. Otherwise, those seats belong to the first responders.

    1. Cherylyn says:

      Agreed, Well said.

    2. Patty Bourne says:


    3. Cyndi says:


    4. Unbelievable says:

      Amen again. Also..any politician should not have his ‘trip’ paid for by the taxpayers. If they don’t care enough to be there on their own, then let them stay home.

      If I, personally, am going to pay for someone, let it be a first responder. I realize it is their job and they get a great personal reward for doing the heroic things they do…but what they did at 9/11 was way above and beyond duty.

      The multiple stadium idea was a great one and I would imagine that those Responders would just as soon have one of their own speak to them as to have a Politician

    5. Pat says:

      Rushing in, they would be rushing in the opposite direction. And, if there was safe shelter nearby, they would probably make sure they had space, average American, sorry the “inn” is full.

    6. Volunteer says:

      I am a volunteer firefighter in a small town near Dayton, OH. I honestly thought this was a tasteless joke when I first heard about it. It makes me very proud to read these comments from you. It is sad to see that members of a very tight professional family are not going to be able to be there to show support for their lost brothers and sisters. I am glad that the public I do my best to protect still has such a love for those of us who feel called to do this. Thanks to all who continue to support us as we try to support you. As for something happening again, we are ever willing to answer any call, perform our duties, and if needed lay it all on the line to help anyone, even those who would spit in our faces. Thank you very much.

      1. Joseph Croissant says:

        I thank you for what you do. I live in a small community in CA and whenever 911 is called, it’s always the volunteer firefighters that show up first due to the distance we live from town. Volunteer or not, ALL, first responders are due Gratitude and Thanks.

      2. Fawn Hammock Acuff says:

        Thank you so much, it is people like you who stopped a recent fire near us and my parents from destroying our homes. All of you are continually in my prayers and hold a very special place of great respect and honour in my heart.

    7. Roni says:

      totally agree!

    8. Steven says:

      100% CORRECT!

    9. Gail Gallagher says:

      Does it really make a difference how it’s said. Who should be there? Who cares what office they hold? The first responders should be given those seats because they truly deserve to be treated with respect. Disgusting NEW YORK!

  10. mae r says:

    They didn’t fall perfectly straight…. the antenna fell to the side, and the collapse started in the middle, not the bottom which would be required to ensure an implode. Not to mention “your own research” shouldn’t entail watching a film created by a bunch of 20 year old guys with nothing better to do than wax and wane about what may have happened. Do some real research (like the fact and then please repost.

  11. Rob says:

    Could we please stop with the conspiracy theories and stop beleiving everything on the fn internent…geez!

    1. Liberty or death says:

      Yes continue to worship and believe the lies of your Federal Government. Freedom and Rights in exchange for security. The terrorist won and the are in Washington DC.

      1. Gina says:

        Oh jeez, do you realize it would take almost 10,000 people to conspire something like this. All would have to keep their mouths shut. You can’t get 2 people to do that.

      2. Republic lost says:

        History repeats. Hitler conspired in the 1930’s to take over Germany. The Fed Reserve has conspired to take over the USA. Americans are more naive then the German People back then.

      3. Angie Goutcher Orona says:

        leave the country if is it so horrible here. go somewhere else where you can’t get on the internet and express your opinions.

    2. anthony Andersen says:

      Google “manchurian candidate” – not that many people had to be in on the 9-11 hoax. And if they were, just threaten their family.

  12. Jim C says:

    NYC Police Officers , PAPD Police Officers and FDNY Firefighters are not invited to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero. They weren’t invited on that day in 2001 either. They just showed up.

    1. Vic Mulhall says:

      HI JIM,

      1. Mary Jane Reissner says:

        1st responders aren’t “invited” into Hell, they rush in to help and save others. This slight is outrageous and disgracefull, I take my hat off to all Police, Firefighters, EMS they are truly the Bravest and the Finest and aren’t looking for accolades or acknowlegement but they deserve our highest esteem, gratitude and respect. God Bless them all and keep them safe. We the little folk will never forget sacrifices they made and the last measure they gave.

      2. Michelle says:

        “Family” includes every member of the FF/EMS/LEO community that responded that day! I have worked in the business for many years now, and when something happens to one, it happens to all, we are all family. So I say every FF/EMS/LEO service member that survived that horrible day attend, attend as a “family” member to honour the “family” that we lost on that terrible day!

      3. L. Church says:

        First, thank you Vic for your service to the people of NYC. Folks who don’t have family members in public service don’t realize when the tones drop and you respond, you might night be coming home. How many people are willing to risk their lives for others. The First Responders should have been the first to receive invitations. God love our men and women who protect us.

    2. Christy A says:


      1. Katherine says:

        Amen!!! And thank you a million times over to all the brave, selfless first responders and civilians, who withour thought or regard for their safety, RUSHED to the sites to help wherever they could, with so many giving their lives in the midst of it all. They should be there. I think the families would like to have an opportunity to meet these people and have an opportunity to say thank you if they haven’t already, and comfort one another over their experiences and losses. And I believe the first responders would like the opportunity to do the same.

    3. Jen says:

      Very well said. While everyone was running away from the city, they were running in. I can’t beleive what this country is coming to!! I think the politicians should give their comfy seats up .and watch from their offices so that those who were actually there can be there. I’m sick and tired of our government being treated like royalty. They aren’t even close to that status. God Bless the men and women who wear a badge, fight fires and save lives every day. At least we can recognize your efforts and we thank you every day for what you do.

      1. Kc Smith says:

        If they gave up their seats and let a few firefighters in then that would express that the event isn’t important, because those important people didn’t take the time to show up. Even if they did.. no one could decide which firefighters would get to show up. So the solution.. let them all .. and jam up every filght and hotel room so the families with victims couldn’t afford to show up or even get a room since the price would jump to $300 a night. This isnt a respect issue, its logistics.

    4. Maranda Bray says:

      amen Jim C I can’t believe they are being told that they will get a ceremony on another day….well they didn’t save lives on another day they stayed and made sure that they saved all the people they could. this is sad

  13. Bob says:

    Are you some kind of whack job??? Take your meds.

    1. pete says:

      How could it be possible for tens of thousands of first responders to know the truth about the 9/11 without it leaking out. If you know your history you would know that during WWll the Manhattan project the development of the atomic bomb was our nation biggest secret and the only one who didn’t know about it was Vice president Truman. as the Russian knew months before we had it. so grow up, oh and by the way you probably was at the launch pad for Apollo 18.

      1. phil says:

        A lot of them do, there is a massive amount of information out there…

        Do you expect them to be asked on CNN so that they can tell everyone about the bombs they heard go off in the basements of each building, or the countless other explosions starting from the base of the towers going up? Come on, you have to look for it yourself.

        1. Debra says:

          when 9/11 happened..I stood there with tears running down my face..the tears never stopped as I watched the heroes of the day..the heroes are not the politicians!! keep your ass at home like you were when and after it happened..let the families and the survivors have their day to mourn all those that were lost, and yes, those that did survive are heroes as well.

    2. Republic lost says:

      Pistol Pete, spoken like a true GMO fed, fluoride laced, mercury vaccinated zombie shill he is.

    3. cw says:

      are you saying that the us government was behind the 911 attacks……if so you need to rethink that….

    4. Krissy says:

      KC are you serious. Let them Jam it up, they diserve it not the politicians. WHO CARES if things get jammed up? Who cares if they shut down the whole city for the day. AT least the would get the honor they diserve. YOU MUST BE IN POLITICS!

      1. Rob says:

        KC – I find it funny that you talk of the families that wouldn’t be able to make it and fit because of the firefighters – yet – the firefighters lost families too – brothers, sisters – even parents, but there wasn’t room for them??? I guarantee that everyone was happy to see them there 10 years ago – how quickly we forget.

  14. sierraskier says:

    So they can have the dropping of the ball on New Years Eve where the streets are packed with drunk and high crowds (how’s security done then?), but they’re going to limit the people showing respect for the true heroes of 9/11? That’s dispicable! I’m sure first responders would be happy to crowd the streets outside (allowing families first priority inside) just to be there.

  15. Eileen Gingras says:


  16. CapeMV says:

    Love Denis Leary’s comment HOWEVER, the families of those lost do come first, how about having the first responders line the route to the ceremony so all the familes can see the faces of those who searched for their loved ones? It should be a respectful ceremony for the families not a New Year’s Eve crowdfest.
    My heart is filled with gratitude to all that came to NYC to help, for months all you saw in the city were men and women proudly wearing the local FD sweatshirts, but the heartbreak goes to the families one of which is my next door neighbor who was off duty on Ladder 3 but jumped on as he was leaving and was last heard from on the 40th floor. A Boston kid, 3rd generation FF with 9 FF’s in his family including his Grandfather and Dad, no jobs open in Boston at the time so he went to NYC!

    1. quinner says:

      The first responders also lost “family” that day. And paying someone to attend is ridiculous – and “dignitary” or government official should be HONOURED to be present for the 10th anniversary memorial. I’m with a service in Canada and several of us talked about coming down again but now I’m glad we aren’t – sounds like there won’t be room for extras.

    2. Mara Halliday says:

      CapeMV, those of us from Rockaway will always remember Gerald Dewan and the others lost on 9/11.

    3. Kristina says:


      1. Stephanie C says:

        My husband is an asst chief at a Fire Department in PA…I was told millions of times by him “these guys are my brothers,” and it’s true they would do anything for each other. It’s sad that these 1st responders are being told there is no room for them at this ceremony, when 10 years ago on 9-11-01 there wasn’t room for them but they were there when duty called. These men and women lost borthers, sisters, and loved ones. I would personally like to see the mayor of NYC look each of these individuals in the face and personally tell them that there is no room for them when on that day 10 years ago they ran into hell knowing there were possibilities they may never walk out. I believe that these politicians should be at home or in their offices where they were on 9-11-01. I feel that it is our duty to stand up and say there will be no ceremony until those that were there that day 9-11-01 are in attendance. there shouldn’t be a ceremony later for these individuals…like others have said these individuals didn’t wait until a later date or until the scene was safe to save the lives of those people.I don’t believe that these people should be in a different location watching it on a tv…i believe they should be at the place that they risked their lives to save others and where so many of their brothers, sisters and loved ones lost their lives.

  17. Dawn Campbell Nelson says:

    They somehow figure out a way to have a gozillion people in Times Square on New Years Eve…how is this harder?

  18. Aprill Derzypolski-Chobert says:

    Any Politician worth his salt would give up his seat to a First Responder

    1. Michael Bair says:

      If it was New Years Eve in Times Square, The crowd could be handled. Sounds like a money thing to me.

  19. Mimi says:

    How could they leave out these men and woman? SHAME ON YOU BLOOMERS!! You Work for the people of NY… Your a servant to the City just like these people. WHY DON”T YOU STAY HOME! The people say INVITE THESE Brave Souls.. Shame on you!!!! SHAME ON NYC…

  20. Chris says:

    Absolute BS. The City of NY should be ashamed of itself…

  21. Mike says:

    I responded that day. I made it home.

    At some point you have to stop looking back and start looking forward. That point for me happened when my second son, who was scheduled to be born on 9/4/09, stuck around so that he could be born in the wee hours of 9/11.

    I will not forget what happened on 9/11/01, but I am happy to leave 9/11/11 to the politicians.

    1. B.J. says:

      Well said Mike, I’ve been retired 16 months from Amarillo FD Texas, after 31.5 years. I was in NY the first week of January 02, and visited with a number of your brothers about their personal thoughts of those tragic events that day! I’ll never forget what they shared! My son has been on the AFD for 3 years now. I so proud of him. You give that boy (2) a big hug and let him know that everyone is in town for his “BIRTHDAY!” I ‘m riding my harley up with other’s from here. You be SAVE now!

    2. Laurel says:

      You are a hero Mike. I respect your decision to spend 9/11/11 with your family.

    3. Megan says:

      It’s not a matter of looking to the past all the time. The trouble is that most people outside of NYC really DO forget! I hate the term “Move on” because it implies that you’re supposed to think and behave as if nothing ever happened, which is clearly not the case. We’ve never “moved on” from Hitler either. These kinds of evens can and do effect our lives for 100’s of years. In order to even understand this problem we HAVE TO REMEMBER how 9/11 happened. I think they are making the right decision if it is indeed a security issue. No point in going back to pre-9/11 behavior…..

    4. Angel Brown Kemph says:

      But the politicians don’t deserve it. You all do. Very brave indeed. Congrats on your son being born. But if you forget, others will follow. God Bless

    5. L. Church says:

      Thank you Mike! It is brave men and women like you that help us sleep better at night. We know when the need arises, you will be there. May God continue to bless you and your family. Happy Birthday to one lucky little boy who has his dad with him.

      You are one of the heroes of our great nation. We honor you every day!

    6. Allen says:

      Mike you are true hero and a great American. You and your kind have been and always will be the best among us and you will continue to go in and help when we need you regardless of what direction the political wind is blowing. I only wish that we had true leaders in this country and not a bunch of politicians out for thier own gain. If one of these representatives wants to be the next president he or she should start leading and stop following. Instad of being a true leader and offering thier seat and the seats of their family to the people that we ALL call on when we cant help ourselves.
      Congratulations on the birth of your son. I am glad to know that you now have such a positive memory to associate with 9/11.
      Looking forward, I only hope that we can finally get some true leadership in this country.

    7. Brian James O says:

      I wish I had 1/10th of your courage, Mike.

      You have my deepest and sincerest respect and admiration.

  22. Jeff Kozma says:

    Denis Leary said it perfect with his tweet: NYC firefighters not invited to 10th anniv of 9/11 at Ground Zero. They werent invited on that day in 2001 either. They just showed up.

  23. Mark L says:

    To the politicians who are going to be at this anniversary event, STAY HOME!

    The only people who should be there are the families of the victims, and the people who risked everything to save what they could

    To the present Mayor of NYC, let me just add; God DAMN you!

    1. Brandie renae says:

      don’t invite the first responders?? DON’T “INVITE” him back to be mayor.

      talk about political suicide!

  24. valerie lasciak says:

    The first responders are my heroes, they gave selflessly for their fellow humankind. They above all others should be there.

  25. Margo Johnson says:

    As a person who works in the EMS system, I find all of this whining and carrying on about not being included embarassing. First responders in the form of cops, firefighters, paramedics respond to events, disasters every day and lose people they care about some times. You don’t here them wanting to be recognized publicly about it. There are people who have assisted with disasters all over the world with NO public recognition and they don’t expect public recognition.

    No one is denying that this was a horrific event for our country, but the way people have used it to get recognition for themselves, to further their self importance and ambitions, is just as horrific.

    It is time to move on from the 9/11 disaster, to recognize the lessons and always be grateful for the sacrifice, but move on. Dragging it up to go through all of this serves no one.

    1. Shelle M says:

      Shame on you Margo Johnson!!! No one said anything about the first responders “whining” about not being invited…this is the outcry of AMERICA that is IS WRONG that these selfless people who risked their lives to help others are not being allowed to attend this ceremony….what happened is a tragedy…have you even considered that maybe…just maybe this will provide closure for these people as well…have you thought that maybe…just maybe some of these people have made a connection with some of these families who lost loved one….it is people like yourself who allow AMERICANS to “select” who is “appropiate” to attend…were YOU a responder to this particular disaster? Did YOU hold the dying & bleeding in your arms? Did you go into these buildings and have to listen to the anguished cries of those not able to be saved? If not then maybe who shouldn’t be in the EMS field….I surely wouldn’t want a cold hearted self-serving individual on the other line trying to disparage MY crisis if one were to happen to myself or my very muched loved family and friends! For one to be able to bear their grief…one must be able to express it and walk thru the steps of such things. Be an AMERICAN and allow those the oppurtunity to decline if they so wish …THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY…by the way…or did you forget that?

    2. Kari says:

      You obviously were not a first responder that day. Had you been I doubt you would be able to publicly criticize your fellow responders even if you disagreed with their actions or stance. The bond is too strong. Sounds like jealousy to me.

    3. B.J. says:

      Margo, Your comments are well said! I’m a 31.5 yr. veteran of the FD. I understand your point of doing the job for self gratification, and not “LOOK AT ME, I”M A HERO!” You Keep it up! You’ll be Blessed by those who recognize your selfless acts and go out of their way to tell you. I was not invited either! But like Shelle M said THIS IS FREE COUNTRY and I WILL be there! Whose stopping them? I pray you have a save and fullfilling career

    4. Zaida C a Proud wife of a first responder says:

      I agree with Shelle M 100% . as a person who claims to work in the EMS system, probably works as an administrator, who never responded to any emergency, and probably never been at ground zero on that tragic day. I’m the wife of a first responder. I watched my husband come home after working 12 hours shift with that sad and heartbreaking look on his face for months. 10 years later it still haunts him. I tell you Margo Johnson its not all about the recognition but the respect that they deserve. bottom line Margo if you haven’t walked the walk, you shouldn’t talk the talk.

      1. Susan Lowell-Kenney says:

        There are though many people that have talked the talk and then some, with out ever even taking a single step. If you want to go, go. Go proudly for a job well done by many that was not asked of them. Do not go to seek attention for yourself or milk the system somehow, selfishly and with out merit. Thomas Holleran and Michael Brennan went and died helping people because it was a job they loved and wanted to do and their broithers and sisters sould, damn right, be able to go and recognize that, rather than the ones who are 7 times removed from this tregic event.

      2. Angel Brown Kemph says:

        Very well said Zaida! My respect to your family and husband

      3. Krissy says:

        Well said Zaida. And I know I wouldn’t want Margo to be the person my life depended on. I’m betting Margo sits on her butt behind a computer as an administrator as well.

    5. Katie Lynn says:

      So you think politicians looking for a photo op should be invited over some people who actually were there trying to save lives? That is disgusting in itself to say.

    6. Wayne Haney Ardmore Pa. says:

      This is not about First responders whining or saying hey look at me I’m a hero. It’s about whats right.I was a fire fighter. I wasn’t there that day or the days and months following and I’m not whining about the people that are being left out. These are the people who did the hard sad work.9/11/2011 isn’t about the first responders that came to the rescue It’s about what happened on that September morning. It’s a day of remembering and mourning. The people who where there should be the first invited to take part in the memorial.

    7. Roger says:

      Your a disgarce to ems if that’s ur point of view lady. Do us all a favor and get out of this field if that’s how you feel we don’t need or want you as a fellow ems sister. We go to work and put our lives on the line everyday and we are the ones who raan into the inferno that tragic day to save lives and we shed blood sweat and tears and some of us even gave out lives and we are not invited to the mamorial service that’s a slap in the face to all of us. I’m not saying the families of the civilians who died shouldn’t be there but to exclude the people who ran into it all when others ran away is an outrage. So once again YOUR A DISGRACE TO US ALL GET OUT OF EMS AND BECOME A TAXI DRIVER

      1. Angel Brown Kemph says:

        My respects to you Roger. I reposted this article on my FB after another friend posted it. I want others to know that you all are not getting the respect you deserve. There’s alot of us who are grateful to you for going out and trying to save as many as you could. God Bless you all!!!

    8. Wes says:

      I understand your point of view (and yes, people, she has room to speak unlike a lot of us because she works in the EMS system). While I agree that those who put their lives on the line do not do so for public recognition, it is the duty of citizens to commemorate those who have fought and risked so much for the safety of others. To me, the fact that these people are not invited is bothersome, as is the fact that politicians are being paid to be there. On the other hand, having thousands of people at Ground Zero is in itself a security threat, and it would be horrific for a cruel blow of irony to occur and suffer yet another tragedy at Ground Zero.

      1. Angel J says:

        Listen this is very simple. Nobody is saying that this is an outrage because we think that the first responders want to strut around puffing out their feathers…if they don’t feel that way who cares? This is about a come one, come all MEMORIAL, so that everyone can REMEMBER. If there was a huge multiple-car accident and a memorial service was held on the highway, the families and friends of the loved ones who died and the police offers and fireman and EMS would be there. Some might chose not go, some might go because by helping they became a PART of the accident. Point being, this a MEMORIAL, not a parade, and if you were digging through rubble and finding dead bodies and saving people, NOBODY has the right tell you that you can’t attend a memorial if in your heart that is what you want to do. They should just go anyway, if men who sat in their offices watching the disaster on their fancy TVs with all their paid “intelligence” can be there, so can the people who bled, cried and toiled mercilessly. This is America. Everyone needs to start acting like it. Freedom of CHOICE.

    9. J Eberly says:

      I agree with Margo it should never be about just public recognition but thats where our opinions seperate. This memorial is about recognizing a tragic event , those that where involved should be the first invited with priority going to those that lost. To this date I dont recall the Mayor or his staff losing anyone on that day, so give their spots to someone who did. You wouldn’t build a War Memorial and not invite the Veterans that fought in it!! The only people here fighting over public recognition are the politicians and their cronies that really have no right to be there to start with. As a 20 year firefighter/medic I tire of politicians using us as tools to gain public favor when it benefits them and discarding us like trash when they are fighting for publicity at an event such as this. Everyone has the right to their opinion but I disagree with Margo that these folks are whining, I feel that they are just fighting for what common sense says is right. I hope all of the Fire, Police and EMS personnel show up to this event and when Mayor Bloomberg speaks everyone should turn their backs to him.

  26. Ret. P.O.P. Cruz says:

    Soon it will be the 10th yr anniversary of that tragic day. as a first responder who spend 42 days at the site, first as a rescue worker then as recovery and then as clean up we never looked back as we put our personal life and family aside. never thinking of the consequences that it would take on our health. we were consider hero then. now 10 yrs later we are a over crowding problem to the city. a security burden to the police department and yes even drunks to some of the families. As a first responder I will not attend any ceremony held by the city on a later date. I hope that other responders agree with me and not attend.

    1. JoeRudd says:

      the video clip I put on my post was made about PA first responders, but you should know I watched that and thought about all first responders. You are not an over crowding problem — 10 years later– to many of us who remember. thank you from the bottom of my heart

    2. Angel Brown Kemph says:

      I respect your decision, but you have every right to be there. From the first ceremony to the very last.

  27. Janet says:

    Make it work. First responders have every right to be there front and center!
    Put the politicians in the stadium.

  28. James Dean says:

    Typical of big Government Politicians. Another media photo op where they can get up and read the really sincere speeches about the “heroes” , while all the time putting them in the place they believe they belong, which is anywhere but with the eliter oyalty running this country of OURS? I’m starting to wonder about the “OURS” mentioned here. The Politicians believe it to be theirs. Maybe they’re right. Self-serving egotists that they are.

  29. Don says:

    Ridiculous – they should be front & center. Let there be a
    Celebration for others at a later date.

  30. Debby says:

    How would the families of the victims feel if they were told that their ceremony would be on a different date because there is not enough room for them ? Why should the First Responders not be there ? Leave the politicians out of it. My husband was a First Responder, Guiliani didn’t show much respect for the NYPD, FDNY, EMT’s unless the camera was on him. Only then would he Shake hands. President Bush got his boots dirty and climbed onto the rubble & fire truck, shook hand even when the cameras were off. Obama just needs to stay home, it’s only a campaign run for him. No disrespect to the families of the victims, but if it were for the First Responders, there would have been more victims. 23 NYPD & 37 Port Authority Officers were lost that day, along with members of the FDNY….they should be there.

  31. David Chen says:

    How can anyone in there right mind not include the First Responders! This goes to show what the city really thinks of us. All we are to them is a problem that won’t go away and to allow us to be seen would be an embrassment to the city and the government. This way of thinking has to stop.
    9-11 should be a day of remembrance and celebration. To remember the one’s lost and to celebrate the strength of this nation, showing how we can all come together and work as a unit to over come this tragedy.
    As a First Responder here is what I say to the city for choosing a different day to have a ceremony for us, New Years Day is not in February, Christmas is not in November and the Fourth Of July is not August!
    Needless to say I will not attend any ceremony held by the city on a later date. I can only hope all First Responders feel the same way and choose not to show. Maybe this will wake the city up to our pain!

    1. Sandy says:

      Very well said! I was recovering at home from my 12th major operation when I saw the NYPD run into the 1st tower. God himself laid it on my heart and I immediately began to cry! It did not go long before that first tower went down. I continue to shed tears even now as I remember not one hesitation! I thank God for all of you who were there, who gave so selflessly and never received much more than a THANK YOU! GOD BLESS the FIRST RESPONDERS!

    2. kygal says:

      @ David…sounds like your local “officials” may have not respect the First Responders, but know that the officials don’t reflect the sentiments of the public. Thank you!

  32. Joe Coppeta says:

    Disgrace to the American People. That is what NYS and the ROTTEN APPLE is to the USA.

  33. Kristin Ilchert says:


    All those who responded are victims of 9/11 If they didn’t die @ the towers they certainly carry the scars!

    Politics aside, it isn’t a day for politics! It is a day for remembrance and yes even celebration! Celebration that we have and had so many men and women running to the scene to help out fellow Americans! To sacrifice their own lives, their families lives to HELP and save lives!

    The list shoudl read politician wise, The President Obama, George Bush, Guiliani, Bloomberg….That’s it! All the others stay home, celebrities stay home and let these first responders be remembered for the HERO’S they are!

    1. Clark A. says:

      I agree 110%, Kristen!!!

  34. Hellen McGurk says:

    Please keep the intoxicated firefighters away this year so I can morn my daughter and my cousins death in peace. Every year these youn men in uniform show up and then make a party out of it. Please show some respect for the people that died and your fallen workers.

    1. Drunks Stay Home!! says:

      Thats right Hellen. And the larger majority of them were not even firefighters during 9/11. It is just an excuse to overdrink to many of them. They spit on the Heroes of 9/11. The true heroes that responded on 9/11 and thereafter, including the Police, Construction and Demolition Trades and all others who worked and volunteered should have a place that day if they desire one. I know many will avoid downtown that day because of the horrible memories that took place ther. I will.

    2. Mike says:

      Your “morn” your way, we’ll mourn ours.

      1. former VFF says:

        oohrah Mike. I cannot believe a family of a victim actually said that! If not for the FR’s there would still be a mess, more bodies and all of them still there under the rubble that would still be there. I know that you are all family of the fallen as well. Have one for me, will ya? Mourning is something unique to each individual! Personally, I would rather have people party in my memory than cry and whine about THEIR loss, but that is me I guess!

    3. maryssa says:

      Go to hell you selfish b***h. You’re not the only person who lost someone. Let people MOURN their own way. How could you not celebrate someone’s life? Man, you’re an idiot.

    4. Kc Smith says:

      Bravo.. well said.

  35. Paul Archibald says:

    Now, this is incredible. First responders (including those who drove down from northern NY) did just that: they responded first, and worried about the consequences later, and all too late in hundreds of cases. Compare that to the responses of the “important” people invited to the celebration; those who considered the consequences first, and then decided whether or not they could safely act.
    Politicians talk much about patriotism. The real patriots are those who see the need and act – cops, FD, EMS, and the like. Let’s call this a patriotic issue, and invite the “important” people to go to — well — Sixth and Dean to play with the other giant rats!

  36. Ellen Coffey says:

    I cann’t believe it!!! If it wasn’t for the 1 responders you WOULD have a HELL OF alot more dead. Is the Nw York City government out of there minds??? Guilliani, Bloomberg, Obama and all of the rest politician should stay where they belong and do the jobs they were elected to do. They CAN NOT.Balalnce the Budget, but they will spend all the TAX PAYERS money to come here. STAY HOME. Bloomberg is cutting Fire Houses, aND Police. Get rid of hjm.. The real first RESPONDERS OF 9/11.are The REAL HEROES> and THEY SHOULD BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND!!!

  37. doc in NJ says:

    as humans, we benefit from time to allow healing to occur once a tragedy is over. It is not easy, and it takes each his own days, months, years. Some prefer speaking, while others remain quiet.

    and this evil event caused hardship the world wide, not just the obvious loss of life – from the mother in cuba who lost her immigrant son and doesn’t receive stipends home anymore to the conductor , on the 3 line who’s train was re-routed during the cleanup and beyond.

    it’s unclear when this somber ceremony become a gala affair. We’re all grieving, each in our own way, and that will continue.

  38. Wendy J. Colby says:

    I wonder if they just don’t want to take a chance on any of the diseased and dying Responders showing up to talk about how they are being repaid for their bravery and sacrifice by those standing close to them.

  39. Brian Branco says:

    Now they know how the survivors feel – we got kicked out – stuck outside the fence with the tourists looking in.

    If you get rid of the poilticians there will be room for everyone else.

    Bloomberg really needs to go…

  40. John says:

    Tell the mayor of New York and the City council to sit in the Back Ground along with Obama and all the political hack that have been given an invite which they do not deserve. The only people deserving of an invite are the victems families and the olice and firefighters,all others are a first come first served basis.
    As far as Obama is concerned he does not deserve to be there for any reason.

    1. Brian Branco says:

      You need to put survivors in the category also…

      1. Dr J says:

        People tend to forget about the survivors Brian … thanks for reminding them !!!!

  41. PeoplePower says:

    The first responders have just as much right to be there as anybody–including the families and politicians!

  42. Rhiannon says:

    Disinvite the politicians. Most of the current “leaders” were not even in elected office in 2001. What did they do on that day?

    1. PeoplePower says:


    2. Kc Smith says:

      Those politicians organized supplies. roads, and homes for the people running.. everyone had to step up for this not just the ones fighting the fires.

    3. Brian James O says:

      Send in Rudy. Tell the others where to stick it.

  43. PeoplePower says:

    I am sick of the families thinking that 9/11 ground belongs to them and only them. Many firefighters are sick with cancer now because they worked there. Personally, I am getting real sick and tired of these families who have seized control over the memorial site and lets not forget that they held up progress in NYC, which was never the same after the attacks. We get that it is scared ground but to honor your loved ones who worked there would be build a building there so other Americans may have a job. No, you all would rather go to the site each year to have the names read and continue to mourn.

    1. Karma says:

      Interesting, I’m a liberal and I think PeoplePower was completely out of line. I don’t agree that the 1st responders should be left out, but really…the families of all the victims should absolutely come first and that’s families of 2606 killed in NY, not to mention those injured. Add 91,000 1st responders to that. Have you SEEN ground zero lately? There’s no where NEAR enough room for all those people. But they should at least try to come up with a way to include them. They could have everyone down at battery park. But I’m willing to bet PeoplePower isn’t a democrat. I would guess republican conservative religious zealot. So there.

      1. US Citizen says:

        I am a “republican conservative religious zealot,” and I take complete offense here, Karma. Because PeoplePower was completely out of line, that means he/she couldn’t possibly be a liberal…because liberals are always right, right? I was with you on until your last three sentences where you managed to show your stupidity and lack of maturity when it comes to debate or making your point. Mudslinging solves nothing.

  44. Peggy Gernon says:

    The FIRST RESPONDERS have every right to be there!! NOT the politicians!

    1. PeoplePower says:

      Agree 100%.

    2. Pat, East Windsor Ct. says:

      I would put my life in the hands of a fire fighter or the police any day before some politican..Stay home have some respect for a change. This day belongs to the poeple who lost loved ones and the first responders who were there to save lives. Didn’t see any politians then, and really don’t want to see them now.

  45. D says:

    If the city cannot do it right, they shouldn’t do it.

  46. yknipp says:

    Why does the city make such ass decisions is beyond me. Time for new leadership ASAP!

  47. Jack Rumph says:

    The First Responders are really “LIFE SAVERS’. The only thing I saw of Giuliani on 9/11 were images of him running from the debris while the “LIFE SAVERS” were running into hell. I can just imagine what genius in the city made this decision.

  48. Robert Richardson says:

    Very sad, goes to show that the “little” people, the ones who always make the sacrifices are always left to second place

  49. In Disbelief says:

    On 9/11 I was conducting a business meeting in Northern New Jersey, just over the bridge from Manhattan. When we heard the news several of the attendees who were part of local fire department rescue teams asked permission to leave and participate in the rescue mission. Many were gone for over seven days. They not only were part of the rescue but also remained and were part of the clean up.

    Later on I received news that my daughter-in-law was missing. For two hours my son kept calling her on her cell phone. No answer. We found out that a rescue team put a group of World Trade Center employees on a boat to Hoboken, New Jersey and secured their safety. The call came, and she was safe.

    I would like to know which politicians participated in this rescue mission. Not only have we ignored the rescuer’s health issues, but now we are ignoring their bravery. The only people who belong at this ceremony are the immediate families of the loved one who was lost and the rescuers who participated in the saving of lives. Everyone else is secondary.

    1. Dr says:

      And as was said above .. the survivors. They must be included in your list of ONLY …

    2. Ashamed of my home town says:

      @In Disbelief, you have said much more eloquently what I was thinking. I am disgusted that whomever is putting this together thinks it is OK to ignore the brave men and women who ran to that tragedy first. The people who worked tirelessly to rescue whomever they could, many losing their lives. Shame on President Obama, former President George Bush, the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, and the current Mayor and Governor of New York if they do not step up and insist the first responders be present on the 10th anniversary. If there are to many people coming, set a separate event up for those less important. Or perhaps maybe the first responders should ignore the great city of New York the next time something tragic happens they same way that are being ignored. Now that would be real interesting wouldn’t it.

    3. Savta in San Diego says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Invite all the 1st responders, firefighters, police, emergency personnel, families of the victims, survivors. Dis-invite the politicians. Any politicians (Fed, State, City) should go at their own expense. There are many public facilities (stadiums, concert halls, Lincoln Center, the Met, Carnegie Hall, etc.) that can be utilized for overflow crowds with live streaming. There’s no excuse for not having first responders and clean-up crews attend this ceremony. Shame on the decision makers for omitting the real heroes of 9/11, and sucking up to the politicians

      1. Angel Sz Grace says:

        You are so clearly correct! I sit in total disbelief at the lack of respect and stupidity of our gov! Stand up Americans! Do something..write letters.Stand for something or fall for anything!!!!!Pray for all of us!

    4. Lisa Semple Bryan says:

      Well Said!

    5. Tony says:

      Well said! Unfortunately, in this country politics always take precedence over what need to be done AND, at tax payer expense.

    6. Lizz Beth says:

      Let us not leave out the survivors.

  50. susan says:

    have a lottery system where people , othr than the families, pick a number and are allowed to attend by that number, or have 2 ceremonies the same day..surely one of these 2 ideas would work..

    1. Reality Check says:

      There is a lottery system already in place. The drawings are the first Tuesday of September and November.

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