ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a law to ban smoking on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North platforms to protect other passengers from secondhand smoke.

The new law prohibits smoking in outdoor spaces for ticketing, boarding or platforms of train stations operated by the MTA or its subsidiaries.

“It is important that commuters are not unwillingly subject to the dangers of second-hand smoke while waiting on train platforms,” Cuomo said. “This law will make outdoor MTA train platforms, ticketing and boarding areas a cleaner, healthier place for all commuters.”

The New York State Department of Health estimates that second-hand smoke kills 2,500 New Yorkers every year.

The law will take effect in 90 days.

New York City and New Jersey stations already have similar restrictions.

Are you happy with the new law? Let us know below…

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  1. Smokers sam says:

    Next is pay $4.00 for a gallon of gas but you
    Can’t drive because the exhaust is bad for the
    Enviorment. The city and state reap the tax dollars
    But then tell you , you can’t smoke outdoors.
    If you stand next to someone that is smoking
    Who is the stupid one?

  2. whatacroc says:

    More paranoic nonsense catering to the current big evil of smoking.
    the next target will be second hand brain cancer from cell phones…….it’s going to be the next politically correct thing to villanize.

  3. pj says:

    it not going to work. i seen lot of nj commuters , conductors and engineers still smoke o platforms when sign are posted. where the cops to enforce these people?

  4. TomNJ says:

    Breaking news for all the people worried about second hand smoke outdoors: your still going to die. Sorry, but it will one day, happen no matter what imaginary bubble you try to create around you. And believe me, I do think it is imaginary. Toxic fumes hang over the entire area on most hot days. But go ahead, take a long, deep breath there on the platform, knowing the lady next to you has about 500 different chemicals rising off her from her perfume and cosmetics.

    1. Breathe deep, the gathering gloom... says:

      Hey, TomNJ: don’t forget about my own special blend of post-digestive toxins that I painstakingly crop-dust over the unsuspecting hordes of platform dwelling commuters!

      1. TomNJ says:

        LOL – ah yes, who could forget the lunch crowd, always a treat for the nose. lol

    2. enughisenugh says:

      why don’t you get a new script…every post is about your looking for a hook-up.

  5. James says:

    I hate it when I get my wool coat out of the cleaners and then I end up behind some smoker on a croweded side walk.

  6. Michael H. says:

    Go ahead. Blow that smoke in my face and you’ll quickly find my fist in yours. Don’t be a prick. Smoke in your own dam home and let the rest of us breathe in peace.

    1. Richard Simmons says:

      Try that on me and you will be reduced to the simpering fruitcake you know you are.

  7. Mr. Nicotine says:

    I guess those against this law are mostly smokers. I don’t care if you want to damage your body, but the second hand smoke is bothering others around you. Maybe all of you smoker should chew tobacco instead, so people around you won’t complain and you can die faster!

    1. grits says:

      Worries about 2nd hand smoke outdoors is just being extremely paranoid. I would think that those who withstand the filthy fumes from transportation in NYC are not likely to keel over from the few people that may smoke outside. It is the extremism that I object to.

      1. Cate says:

        It is the lack of knowledge that we object to. Your belief is unrelated to any of the facts.

      2. grits, FTW says:

        Cate, kiss my grits!

      3. matt says:

        fumes from electric trains?

  8. Peter says:

    just a matter of time before you won’t be able to spoke at all!!!!! What a great way to reduce revenue from the smokers

    1. Cate says:

      Especially revenue from lung surgery, chemotherapy, oxygen tanks, etc.

  9. BOB says:

    so they can stand in the parking lot Stupid law

  10. American Lung Association in New York says:

    “Governor Cuomo’s action today will greatly improve public health and will ensure that commuters are better protected from the very real dangers of secondhand smoke,” said Irwin Berlin, MD board chair of the American Lung Association in New York. “Exposure to secondhand smoke can trigger asthma attacks and can even cut lives short. No one should have to endure being exposed to toxic secondhand smoke as part of their daily commute.”

  11. grits says:

    NY liberals. Today is smoker rights, tomorrow is your rights. NY has to be the least free state in the US.

    1. Mary says:

      …calm down. Go grab a smoke.

      1. grits says:

        lol…good one

    2. Omar says:

      Maybe you should move to Texas.

      1. grits says:

        oh, I would love to move to Texas. Wagons I go!

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