NEW YORK (WFAN) — Many Giants fans were upset with general manager Jerry Reese for allowing Steve Smith to sign a one-year deal with the rival Philadelphia Eagles last week.

After reading the wide receiver’s latest comments, Big Blue followers may find their ire directed toward Smith instead.

“I used to hate the Eagles, now I don’t like the Giants,” Smith told the New York Post. “I’ve still got ex-teammates that are friends there, but I definitely want to get on that field for the Eagles now. I want to say I won a Super Bowl for both teams.”

Smith said one of the biggest reasons — and biggest differences between the teams — is the style of Eli Manning’s passing attack vs. Michael Vick and Eagles coach Andy Reid’s schemes.

“It’s really exciting because they throw the ball so much here, so many downfield throws,” he said. “I was used to short (and) shorter stuff in New York, but here, they’re running.”

Giants coach Tom Coughlin was upset at how Smith’s deal with the Eagles went down, saying it was “like lining up for the race, you’re in the locker room, and nobody tells you the race is going to be run.”

Smith sees things differently.

“It was how many days since free agency (started) that I was out?” Smith told the paper. “The Eagles made a great offer. … The Giants had a lot of time. Let’s put it that way.”

“I don’t want to get into a he said-she said situation, but you do expect some feedback,” Reese said after Philadelphia inked Smith. “It’s free agency. Guys can do whatever they want to do in free agency.”

Coughlin said previously that Smith would likely need six to eight weeks to return to the field after microfracture surgery on his knee. Smith told the paper that he plans on playing in the Eagles’ season opener against the Rams next month.

“The Giants might have (taken the situation for granted),” Smith said. “But the Eagles didn’t.”

Giants fans: what do you have to say to Smith? Be heard in the comments below…

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  1. Larry says:

    Pleeeeaassseee….u stupid insignificant wanna be on the best coast nobody’s.. Why u think u guys fell apart after Steve went out?? That goofball weak azzzzz QB of your’s didn’t have neone to bail is sorry azzz out. You guys make me sick. So uninformed, wanna be sports enthusiasts. Just stick to baseball, that’s ur game!!

  2. scales says:

    you know there smith, it’s not like u were all that anyway…. u barely could keep your feable azz on the field, and u cant catch the long ball…. im glad ur gone… ur game will not be missed…

  3. Bill G says:

    Oh, and btw….now I don’t like you!!!

  4. Bill G says:

    Ok Steve Smith, is that how you want to play it?? FINE!!! Now that you are a member of the HATED Eagles you are now the enemy!!! Thou I appreciated the contibutions you made to the Giants I hope that the first pass you try and catch against the secondary you get your bell rung BIG TIME!!!

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