NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As construction continues on the Freedom Tower at ground zero, some residents in Lower Manhattan say the noise is getting to be unbearable.

Nick Oram lives above the construction and understands there is going to be noise, but he’s complaining about the Port Authority’s constant construction.

“They’re being egregious about the whole thing. They are not being good neighbors,” Oram said.

While Oram understands the need of workers to meet deadlines, he said the noise was “way above and beyond the expectations of what we thought it would be.”

And it’s not just the noise that Oram has had to deal with.

“I’ve had paintings fall off the wall and break, like I had a TV break. It’s incredibly exhausting not getting proper sleep and sleeping with ear plugs,” he said.

Oram is not alone as those in his building said the noise from next door is something else.

“In the morning, it’s noisy. You can hear it,” Lana Dai said.

“Now even in the mornings with the AC on, you can still hear inside that drilling,” Mark Scott said.

The Port Authority released a statement saying: “We continuously reach out to residents to update them on construction developments and minimize issues like noise.”

Still residents said that the noise is getting “progressively worse.”

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  1. kidsneedsleepinBPC says:

    Many people seem to feel that jack hammering through the night for months is part of living in NYC. It is not. There are laws that ARE being broken by doing this. I have lived in BPC since well before the 9/11 tragedy and was one of the first to come back. We are all for building the area back up but don’t think it is fair to be jack hammering into the wee hours of the night. Most people here have young children who have to sleep at night. I know that they want these buildings finished. They should have started them sooner and planned better. Now we have to pay. It is not fair.

  2. JRIVER says:


  3. junkman4708 says:

    If you dont like the noise move .simple solution

  4. john says:

    Noise seems pretty bad, but these whiners will be the first people to BRAG about how GREAT it is to live so close to the NEW World Trade Center that they can walk to it in 10 seconds! Can’t have it both ways, you NY newbies!

  5. edouardo says:

    Tough! these whiners moved in knowing full well that the construction was in progress. They are like the fools who buy property near an airport and then want to do something about the air trafic patterns.

  6. diver says:

    How exactly do you put up a building quietly?

  7. Vik says:

    And for all the other wussy, woe is me, trust fund humping P.O.S.’s that live there — you don’t like it, Get the F out!!!! Where were you when the towers came down?! ANSWER THAT, YOU JERKS!!!!!!

  8. Vik says:

    Mr. Oram — nobody gives a rat’s A$$ that you’re bothered by the noise of the World Trade Center being rebuilt. NOBODY!! You don’t like the nosie — move the ‘F” out. You self-righteous, bleeding heart, wimp!!!

  9. jimmy says:

    Too bad!

  10. michaelfury says:

    And the sound of the WTC demolitions will never cease.

  11. iggy says:

    sounds like the self-important ones that moved into williamsburg brooklyn. opening shops and bars until it was east village east, and now the same people are complaining there are too many bars and it is too noisy

    1. edward says:

      You have the profile down exactly!
      All the hipster wanna-bes become NIMBYS so fast.

  12. Wait... says:


  13. UnionCancer says:

    Is it the construction that’s noisy, or is it the drunken hard-hats?

  14. Linda says:

    Let me get this straight – people moved into an area that was clearly going to be doing a lot of construction and now are complaining about it? Amazing.

  15. NYC IS A CESSPOOL says:


  16. Vernon Hell says:

    Blame it on bin Laden. Take away a few of his virgins.

  17. Bernie Sanders says:

    get over it everyone complains to much !

  18. joey from B'hurst says:

    You moved into the most contaminated place on the planet, and now you are moaning. Live it up; you got 4 years to go!

  19. Billy says:

    Please. They were jack hammering by me 2 months ago nightly at 3am.
    Like JJ said you wanna brag about where you live – BUCK UP

  20. Snag Petersen says:

    That’s all New Yorkers know how to do *itch,*itch,*itch

  21. JJ says:

    TOO F-ING BAD, Mate! PROGRESS ISN’T WAITING FOR YOU! If you can afford to live THERE, then MOVE elsewhere. You want all the elan of living in BPC, but none of the pesky inconvenience. The WTC isn’t on YOUR schedule. Buck Up! I hear it’s very quiet in Staten Island…Oh heaven forbid, then you couldn’t brag to your cohorts where you reside and that would never do!

  22. Buttbisquit says:

    I suffered for years in numerous locations around the city. The consensus is they don’t care. Residents are not important and they get issued permits for it anyway. The person you are complaining to on 311 come from the same department that issue the permits more or less. They would have to go through the city.

    Listen if you don’t like to pay for someone else’s mistakes then don’t live in NYC. You were silly for renting there in the first place.

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