Attack On Couple In Pakistani Part Of Town Said To Be 'Target Specific'

BOONTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Morris County say a woman was killed and her husband wounded after both were shot while walking with their 3-year-old child Tuesday night at around 11 p.m.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports: Family Members Baffled By Shooting

The shooting happened in Boonton near Cedar Street. Family members said 27-year-old Nazish Noorani and her husband, 26-year-old Kashif Pervaiz, were confronted by several men shooting at them as they walked between family homes.

Noorani was killed and Pervaiz was shot four times. Their 3-year-old son was in a stroller and was not hurt. The couple also has a 5-year-old son, who was at home at the time of the incident.

Morris County prosecutor Robert Bianchi said in a statement that the shooting appeared to be “target specific” and that “there is not a continuing danger to the general public at large.”

The Mayor of Boonton, Cyril Wekilsky, told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan that “indications are” that the shootings were not random.

Wednesday night, the family was mourning the loss just steps away from where the barrage of bullets flew. They are still awaiting word from investigators on what was ultimately behind the shooting.

Noorani’s brother made a plea for anyone in the public who may know something to say something.

“I just wanted to say like whoever has any information about this shooting or anything, just come forward and…tell the police or anyone,” Kaleem Noorani said.

Pervaiz and his wife were in town from Boston for the holy month of Ramadan, when practicing Muslims refrain from eating during daylight hours. Family members said the couple was breaking fast when the attack occurred.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Friend Says Couple Appeared To Be Targeted

The couple had dinner at a relative’s home two blocks away and were walking back to Noorani’s childhood home when they were shot. According to Hyder Kahn, Pervaiz’s childhood friend, Pervaiz told authorities there were three attackers.

“Apparently someone was waiting for them,” said Kahn. “It wasn’t a robbery, from what it seems like. They didn’t ask them for money. They just hopped out and shot at them. They were looking to kill them.”

Witnesses said they heard five shots. Three suspects reportedly fled the scene and at least one was reportedly armed with an automatic rifle.

Noorani, a native of Karachi, Pakistan, was wearing traditional Pakistani clothing at the time of the shooting. Her husband is from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The couple married six years ago in Boonton and lived in Boston, where Pervaiz is a PhD student in architecture and engineering at Harvard.

Boonton has a large Pakistani Muslim community and relatives said they’ve never been subjected to racism. Meanwhile, Pervaiz’s father, Shafq Hassan, said he is desperate to see his son and grandchild.

“I have no idea what to do,” said Hassan. “I just want to see my son.”

Investigators towed away the family’s car Wednesday morning. They also stopped by the family’s home in Boonton. Her family said she was a loving and caring mother.

The couple’s children are with their grandparents and other family members. Police and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office are still investigating the shootings.

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  1. suffy says:

    You could not,can not,will not trust Muslim. They have always two faces. He killed his own wife. His own kids own mother. so sad. did Khuda said that kill his own wife? so shame

    1. Samrah. says:

      there are good and bad people in every race and religion. just because the press pays more attention to the actions of Muslims doesn’t mean that they are all horrible people.

    2. Limitless says:

      Listen suffy Christians ,Jews and people of every religion kill their wife,children etc its not just the Muslims,you shouldnt target the muslim community. It is a bad act he committed i know but try to understand that this could be and has been done by people of every religion, race so please next time you comment anywhere get your facts straight

  2. Marcia0222 says:

    These comments are despicable! A young mother was murdered, lost her life, her children will never have their mom again. Doesn’t matter what her religious beliefs or practices are, she did not deserve to be murdered and taken away from her family and children!

  3. Saqi says:

    You people are big story makers who have nothing to do but pointing fingers on Muslims with out knowing what happens. Once again you people proving that you are the biggest racist ever in the whole world. If the couple wont be Muslims ( Thanks to almighty they are Muslims) you all would surely show sympathetic behaviors and feel sorry for the loss but once you all know they are Muslims you all started showing the hate inside your skins. Leave the world alone you all racist and let everyone leave peacefully.Don’t fool everyone with your peace drama, the whole world knows who’s the biggest killer.

    1. ed says:

      YOUR PEOPLE STARTED PLAYING THE RACE CARD 5min. after the shooting.

      The husband is just your average low life.

      As for the mother everyone showed sorrow for her death.

      Why do you yell raciest ?

  4. ed says:

    Muslims killing Muslims ? Please don’t play the race card here.

    Also did you know the father was never registered at Harvard as he claimed ?

    1. meme says:

      How do you know that The father wasn’t registered at Harvard?Muslims are very smart. Muslims love each other more than any other religion. They would never think of killing their own brotherhood.

      1. Darren says:

        Yes, Muslims only fly themselves into tall buildings to hurt non-muslims.

      2. zina says:

        hi meme..

        i think ur taking it in the wrong context..the fact that hes muslim has nothign to do with him not being enrolled in harvard..i know the guy personally to know that he is a pathological liar..he is not enrolled in any ivy league school because he dropped out of college 6 yrs ago. other newspapers have already verified it with harvard that his name doesn’t exist…

        the other ppl r not questioning him bc he’s muslim..but because he lies…let’s not make it a religious issue guys..

      3. ed says:

        Harvard said they have no record of him ever registered. This guy is a low life. Stupid too, cops knew right away. Read the papers.

      4. sillywonka says:

        really zina? and Kash wrote a book on Russian Architecture out of his ass?

    2. Uncle Obama says:

      seriously, a dead muslim or a dead rat…. ill mourn the rat more……

  5. EJAZ HUSSAIn says:

    Althow it is a terrible tragedy , it look to me as it is the story of Karachi Pakistan.

    That is going on in that troubled,cursed city the way target killing went,now the deceased,s husband is the only one ,who will put light on this incident& who were resonsible.the merciless murdrers will beappreheded very soon in a couple of days.&even without formal long court TRIAL shuid be shot in head WHAT would happen.NOTHING, it was in self defense to save some jives.

  6. Meh says:

    It has to do something with the wife..this is sinister. I hope it had nothing to do with any past affairs or personal enemity or revenge. Could be anythng and was very target specific. They wanted to attack this very couple only!

    1. Ahmed says:

      Very possible Meh! Anything is possible with these vermins. Honor killing probably. “Hey shoot me four times in the arm, buttock, and left shoulder and make it appear like a robbery while shooting her in the head” Ok!! My grandpa will pay you while I recover in the hospital. Thank you HABBEBE! 🙂

      1. Umme Omar says:

        Meh and Ahmed, Please do not blame the victims. Please do not add up to the already rising anti Muslims racism and islamophobia and Ahmed, stop using Muslim names. If you are so honest and well meaning, you should use your own name or atleast some name which defines where you came from like Anil, Chopra, Singh, Meet, Milan. Sinister

  7. Raissa Castillo says:


  8. Deema says:

    Those who are speculating and being disrespectful, talking about the father without knowledge need to STOP. Have some decency and understand that a mother has been killed and a father shot 4 times, with their son right there at the scene. May God be with them all.

    1. ed says:

      Shows what a low life the father is HUH !!!!!!

    2. dhimmi doc says:

      Something you & your fellow “believers” are not familiar with (as evidenced by all the murders of cartoonists) is FREE SPEECH. This is America- your creeping sharia will not change OUR way of life. Learn to live here in peace or go the hell back to your country. All of you.

  9. Exjerseyite says:

    I can’t believe this happened in Boonton. Boonton was not like that when I left the area 30 years ago.N.J. has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Unbelieveable.This should not have happened,I don’t care who this man and woman were,or what you think they may have done……

  10. Monica Kerr says:

    Someone needs to investigate the HUSBAND and HIS FAMILY.

    1. zina says:

      i agree..he has a history of violent behavior from before..the wife was just in the wrong place at the wrong time..

    2. sillywonka says:

      and you came to this conclusion from what part of the article?

  11. Mr Merciless says:

    Once again mindless punks (vermin in my book) trying to prove their manhood to the little gang babies by taking a life for no reason. Morons!

    1. sillywonka says:

      really gang babies? are you people on crack or something???

  12. Trish says:

    once again stupidty reigns, my heart and prays go out to the family and community as a whole. when will ppl realize killing is not the answer, and that hate is never a good excuse for something like this.
    Please for the sake of us all learn to take ppl as they are and not judge them for where they come from, their religion, sexual preference, color, or the myriad of stupid reasons for this kinda of thing.

  13. Nancy E Biddle says:

    Despite all the conjured up motives and associated stories about interracial or inter religious hate or conflicts one thing remains plain: A mother is dead and the child in the stroller was a witness. I pray the child gets the appropriate trauma care and quickly. Amen.

  14. The Facts says:

    Automatic rifles are generally restricted to military and police use and are not easily obtained by members of the general public. The weapon was more likely a semi-automatic. Investigation should precede just repeating something “reported” by an unidentified source.

  15. ed says:

    Sounds like drugs to me.

    1. Schmellma Arss says:

      Can I have some? Please??

    2. mona mayy says:

      Ed, sounds like hate to me.

  16. Shadhili says:

    Wrong Ashraf, our country is a free country and that comes with risks. Don’t blame the gun, blame the person. All Muslims who are citizens should own guns legally. The police can’t be everywhere at once and it is our personal responsibility to be protectors. In a perfect world I would say abolish all weapons but we are not in a perfect world yet (soon God willing).

    1. Fuzzy says:

      all AMERICANS should own firearms…. not just Muslims brother

  17. LG says:

    Uh…let me guess…the husband wanted her dead???

  18. uphold5pillars says:

    May ALLAH put you in Jannah sis. You died as shaheed druign the holy month of Ramadhan. Meanwhile, we will keep on praying for the peace in this world.

  19. Ashraf Meer says:

    Once again, too many guns in this country.

  20. Aric says:

    I don’t know about the who’s and why’s of this, nor will engage in speculation into if the nationality or religion of the victims had anything top do with it. I will however say that it takes a fairly twisted human being to try and kill people while they walk their child. That fact by itself removes any concern I might have had for a reason to kill. Some things are just wrong and do not require discussion.

  21. TruthBTold says:

    I’ve visited friends in Boonton just recently, and heard people make racial comments about us in our presence. Our friend tried to to talk around the matter, but when it happens to you, you know it. Some people are easy to accuse, yes, I admit, but other times, it just is what it is. People are racist, I just never realized it was right in my backyard until that day…I thought people who thought like ‘that’ lived in the stix, miles away from what’s happening in our metropolitan cities and continuosly changing societies, far from the realities of our world. It’s just so sad. It wasn’t a family thing, I can say that. It is most likely a racially motivated crime. Needless to say, I’m not black, white, arabic, muslim or whatever….I’m quite america (with asian lineage, so a little tan) but I won’t be returning to Boontown. Not now. Not ever.

    1. Andrewkl says:

      I live in Boonton.. Just 3 blocks from the incident.. We are a 2 square mile sleepy suburb. We are a racially mixed community: Asian, Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Indian.. you name it… Racism is NOT a problem here, so I think that perhaps you were subjected to something of an exception in this community. It’s unfair to speculate on the motives of this horrible crime until the facts are laid out. Right now, the local police ARE speculating a family dispute; this is a small town and the (usually true) rumor mill gets around fast… Your insistence to never return to Boonton shows that you are just as much a racist as those who you claim showed a racist attitude towards you

      1. Samrah says:

        You are completely correct! ive lived in Boonton my whole life too and ya friends tease and joke around but thats normal for anyone to do. Boonton has always been a supportive town. never have i or anyone i know ever faced any serious problems because of our religion. And the vigil that the non Muslim church held proves this.

  22. Audrey says:

    This is not a cultural thing… is s human thing. It could happen to any of us. My condolences to the fmaily. May she rest in peace.

  23. globaltopdog says:

    Can we mourn and be appalled by this tradgedy before we start speculating and blaming the family! You are no better than the gunmen.

  24. family affair says:

    Sounds like it was a family issue.I bet a relative or friend of family will be arrested soon.

  25. KalTheMan says:

    My sister, my cousins and many friends live in Boonton for many years and I live in the adjacent town …. We are Muslim and some of my family wear the cultural headdress including my wife and I am appalled by this…. I hope they find the culprits would did this and they are put away for life…

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