Unpopular Decisions, Coupled With Economy, Have Hizzoner Down To 45%By Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s popularity has hit a sinkhole. His job approval rating is the lowest it has been in six years.

So why is it that many New Yorkers currently don’t like Mike?

Talk about taking the plunge. The mayor’s job approval rating is continuing a dizzying downward spiral that has seen fewer and fewer New Yorkers support him as the years go on.

“I do think he’s starting to suffer from that thing that happens to [people] who have been in power for a long time, which is he starts to think he’s infallible and he can’t make a mistake and so he does make mistakes,” Upper West Side resident Dan Oreskes told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer on Wednesday.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On The Curse

The mayor’s popularity has fallen 9 points since last October. In the intervening months there has been the blizzard debacle that left the streets unplowed for days; the disastrous hiring and firing of Schools Chancellor Cathie Black and a difficult economy that has forced service cuts.

In the summer of 2008 the mayor’s approval rating was 67 percent, according to a New York Times/CBS poll. It fell to 60 percent in 2009, 54 percent in 2010 and it is now at 45 percent.

To some it’s the arrogance of being Mike.

“I would compare him as a better hairstyle than Donald Trump,” one man said.

“I don’t think he has the touch on people who actually make this city run, you know?” added Stephanie Miller of Washington Heights.

“He’s the non-populist mayor who told people not to smoke, not to take salt and to exercise at the same time; having Cathie Black; the blizzard and the garbage dump in his third term, so you put that together and what do you come up with? Bloomberg fatigue,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.

Greg David, contributor to Crain’s New York Business and director of the business reporting program at the CUNY graduate school, told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond Bloomberg is suffering through the curse of the third-term mayor.

“It’s almost like he didn’t look at the history books when he decided to run again, or you know, he decided that he was above the history books, because third terms in New York have been disastrous for everybody who has had one,” he says. “Remember that mayor said that he was going to steer the city through the tough times of the financial crisis when he decided to run for reelection and people don’t feel like things are that good.”

Although some are clearly tired of Mayor Bloomberg, he’s not at the low point of his popularity by any means. Believe it or not in the summer of 2003 just 24 percent of New Yorkers thought he was doing a good job.

The mayor’s spokesman said that despite a failing economy the mayor is making headway by keeping crime down, helping to create jobs and improving student test scores.

The mayor may be unpopular, but he is getting support from purse-tightening New Yorkers for one of his pet projects – bringing a Walmart to the five boroughs.

What do you think of Bloomberg? Let us know below…

Marcia Kramer

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  2. true NYC says:

    He came he saw and destroy every street in NYC.

    1. lydiass says:

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  3. Shubyannuab says:

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  4. Aquila729 says:

    The guy is a hypocrite anyway. Right after 9/11 it was proposed that Rudy Guilianni should run again to help New Yorkers through the process. Bloomberg was one of the most outspoken opponents to this suggestion and demanded an election. When it came time for his attempt at a third time in office, he “sold” himself as the great financial wizard to save New York. Self righteous, pompous, and bombastic. Over-all, he leaves a very small impression on NYC history and will never have the elan of Rudy Guilianni.

    1. midi-man says:

      Aquila729 Totally agree. Bloomberg or Doom berg as I call him. Bloomberg could not save himself on a rainy day with and Umbrella.

  5. NY-KER says:

    Mr Bloomberg, Please save the city! Just leave!…you done enough damages. If you are going to do one good thing in all the years as a major ….do this! LEAVE YOU M0..F0!

  6. cherie says:

    Dictator Bloomberg is about to fall and you know what he doesn’t care – he is finally showing his true colors because he knows that he can’ run again. Between destroying the Board of Education and making it into a place where people are hired from the outside with no experience at outrageous salaries. This City has gone from bad to worse for the working class. I can’t wait for his term of terror to be over!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. rocky says:

      Dont forget about the CITY TIME he put in and the City got Rip off for


    2. goblin says:

      Sounds like another sore union member.

      1. goblin says:


  7. Rod says:

    Mr Bloomberg seems to think that an arrogant aristocracy is the best way to govern. From his cuddling up to developers who create little if any housing for the middle class and poorer New Yorkers, to his so called green campaign that fails in many respects to seriously meet the test of real sustainability or good sense. to his electioneering videos that show him as a man of the people involved with regular New Yorkers – the man is a posturing lie. He is a rich guy looking out for the rich, everything else is eye wash.

  8. Igor Shpak says:

    He is a liberal who ran as a republican, who will switch parties to get elected, who will change the laws to stay for another term. He has people with guns protecting him, while denying everyone else an ability to protect themselves. While the city was digging under snow, he was on a beach in Bermuda. One of the biggest hypocrites this city has ever seen.

  9. goblin says:

    I could fix the financial crisis too if allowed to legally extort money from city residents through fees, fines, and parking tickets.

  10. goblin says:

    I could fix the financial crisis too if allowed to leagally extort money from city residents through fees, fines, and parking tickets.

    1. Scott says:

      Great point !

    2. midi-man says:

      Please do not forget the yearly hike in property tax.
      Finical wizard Need MONEY HIKE Everything. Who cares about the working class I’m rich.

  11. rocky says:

    What i have to say would be DELETED Immediately about this so called Buying his way as Mayor Enough Said

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