Happened Week After Man Pees On Girl Aboard JetBlue Flight To JFK

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – This isn’t exactly first class behavior.

A week after a member of the U.S. Olympic ski team was sacked for allegedly peeing on the leg of an 11-year-old girl aboard a JetBlue flight headed to John F. Kennedy Airport, French actor Gerard Depardieu apparently said “au revoir” to the bathroom while on an Air France flight.

In the Aug. 10 JFK JetBlue incident, Sara Beth Joren, a Port Authority police spokeswoman, said Robert “Sandy” Vietze, 18, was pie-eyed on the red-eye flight from Oregon to New York when he urinated on the leg of the young girl.

Now back to Depardieu. The 62-year-old actor, on a delayed flight from Paris to Dublin on Tuesday evening, reportedly asked a flight attendant if he could use the bathroom, according to another traveler who spoke to French radio station Europe 1 on Wednesday morning.

When the flight attendant told him he’d have to wait about 15 minutes for the plane to take off because the bathrooms were locked, the star of “Green Card” said he could not wait, unzipped his pants and proceeded to urinate on the carpet, according to published reports.

The jet was forced to return to the gate and was delayed for two more hours while a crew cleaned up the mess.

One passenger told Europe 1 you could tell Depardieu had been drinking.

In a statement to national TV station TF1, Air France confirmed the passenger was Depardieu and that “he did indeed urinate in the aircraft,” but added it was unclear whether action would be taken against the actor since the plane was operated by code share partner CityJet.

CityJet later posted the following tongue-in-cheek posts on Twitter, “As you may have seen on the news, we are busy mopping the floor of one  of our planes this morning. We’d also like to remind all passengers that our planes  are fully equipped with toilet facilities.”

What should happen to Depardieu or others who behave similiarly? Sound Off below

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  1. Jack Arnold says:

    I think that Gerard should have been forced to pay each person on the plane 2 hours of his average hourly salary in compensation for their time.

    1. Gabriel says:

      He should have pee in the attendant´s leg

      1. Gabby Lame says:

        @Gabriel – stupid comment by someone who has nothing to say

      2. Alvar the Fool says:

        So to pee IN the attendent’s leg he would have to first remove the leg…is that what you are saying?

      3. lydiass says:

        It was also outrageous for the airline to tell someone they can’t use the bathroom. This is not a totalitarian State, so part of me is applauding his stupidity here. Not letting someone go pee for goodness sakes!
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      4. mamawati says:

        Lydiass puts out i guess…Get off this board!

    2. AtlasShrugs says:

      LOL. I find it amusing that you call him moral-less (if that’s even a word) whilst in the same breath call for him to be “beatened (which isn’t a word) within an inch of his worthless POS life”. I’m assuming beatened means “beat”. Based on your standards, you should be banned from ever attempting to speak or type English in any country on earth.

      1. Alvar the Fool says:

        Merci Beaucoup!

    3. Mitch says:

      @Atlas- Be careful you arrogant prat. Karma can and will come back to bite you.

    4. japesmcfarland says:

      It was also outrageous for the airline to tell someone they can’t use the bathroom. This is not a totalitarian State, so part of me is applauding his stupidity here. Not letting someone go pee for goodness sakes!@#!?

    5. AtlasShrugs says:


      I’m not worried about my karma considering I’m not Hindu. I was never insulting in my comments, and it seems to me that the only thing you have to add is an insult and a badly drawn allusion to an eastern religion, one which you clearly do not practice yourself. Instead of trolling the comment board with inane insults and poorly phrased comments, perhaps you should consider doing something productive, like using your frontal lobe.

    6. dam says:

      Heed your own warning Mitch!

    7. BRBSanDiego says:

      Excellent idea Jack.

    8. bgd says:

      so $7.35/hour then?

    9. Saurabh says:

      Depardieu should be bobbitised so he doesn’t do it again…..would also serve as a lesson to public that such insane acts attract grave consequences!

  2. Ruffy says:

    He was drunk and thought he was in the Paris subway.

    1. texastart says:

      Now THAT”S funny..but seriously, the world has reaped what its sown.
      In the U.S., it started with the great society…entitlement programs that ask NOTHING of recipients. You know it has to end badly…just like Europe.

      1. Big Tex says:

        ur a f%$#&*in moron. get off your tx soapbox and go f%^&$ yourself

      2. Japes Macfarland says:

        Hey Big Tex. By your response to this guy pointing out the truth re the consequences of prioritizing equality or egalitarianism over individual liberty, I suspect you are a man of the left. I suspect you are annoyed that your world is crumbling, you’ve been proven wrong, and you are coming to realize that you’ve destroyed generations of lives and increased pain, suffering and death on earth. Is that about right? No? Oh, so are you going call me some names or bring out some of your low class F words again? lol 🙂

      3. Alvar the Fool says:

        So what you are saying is his peeing caused the Great Society to occur? WOW

      4. Kathy Cobb says:

        Leave it to at least ONE person to make peeing about politics. So, where is the one person who will make peeing about race?

    2. seanpatriot says:

      No, He was drunk and thought he was in Paris.

    3. BRBSanDiego says:

      He just didn’t want to pee in his pants, so the floor was the logical solution “any port in a storm”. Hard to look good when the front of your pants are soaked and you reek of urine,

      1. Alvar the Fool says:

        Hey he is famous so can I get a hunk of that carpet and sell it on eBay…wait, I have some old carpet downstairs….I’ll pee on it and say that he peed on it….off to ebay!

  3. Huxley says:

    Had he not unleashed the sprinkler he easily could have ended up with uromysitisis poisoning and died.

    1. graphx says:

      to bad his little brother stole his public urination card. He’s probably peeing all over France.

    2. eristic says:

      Well done on the Seinfeld quote! George would be proud. Google uromysitisis people.

      1. dam says:

        Actually, Jerry would be proud.

      2. Alvar the Fool says:


    3. Kathy Cobb says:

      Works for me. Just kidding. It can actually be quite painful if you have to really go. Perhaps, he should have asked to exit the plane to go since there were 15 minutes. Better yet, tell the flight attendant that it is an emergency and that unless she wants the carpet soaked, to unlock the bathroom door? Just saying . . .

  4. WEEEE WEEEE says:

    weee weeeee

  5. Duude says:

    Good thing they reminded us they had restroom facilities on board. I might have just whipped it out the next time I fly Air France.

  6. joe says:

    Mon Dieu, quel cochon!!!

  7. HTuttle says:

    but he’s French, so that’s normal.

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      I’m french and i have to get on a plane on Monday, so i guess I will have an urge to pee on the floor, is that what you are saying? WOW, I guess I am 1000 flights behind, i better get peeing!

      1. Kathy Cobb says:

        ROTFLMAO. You silly French fool. 😉

  8. buhbleah says:

    Fat french a-hole. Hardly a bulletin.

  9. Ed Cole says:

    Hey Gerard, W.C. Fields called. He wants his …everything… back.

  10. Ken Puck says:

    The French have a word for it: Les affairs sont les affairs, n’est ce-pas? Gotta take care of business. Le venue n’importe pas.

  11. yourdream says:

    A BAD actor is always a BAD actor. Unfunny fat jerk.

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      So you are saying this was his best performance to date?

  12. aholeol says:

    C’est dommage.

    Tant pis…

  13. Hank Warren says:

    Gerard Depardieu, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    1. aholeol says:

      The operative word in your post is “STREAM”

    2. Marconos says:

      Searching on Amazon.com for your “banned” book show you can purchase it for $10. So where exactly is your wonderfully accurate book banned at or are you just too stupid to use a standard search engine?

    3. Kathy Cobb says:

      Ok, two comments about politics. Come on guys, let’s make an actor peeing about race, religion, or how about former child stars? I will take former child stars for 500 Alex.

  14. rj says:

    well, how about indecent exposure, assault with a dead weapon, and a lawsuit by the airline for all their expenses plus a lawsuit by ALL passengers ffor Delaying their flights. Time to teach these idiots who think they are something just because they are entertainers,etc a lesson.

    1. jet setter says:

      Spoken like a Communist.

  15. L.Davis says:

    They should make him pay all expenses for the flight delays, cleaning the plane and the inconvenience of the rest of hte passengers. Then he should be banned from flying on Air France for severl years, while he attends AA meetings.

  16. James T says:

    Hey, he’s an old guy, probably with prostate problems. If you’re about his age, you would definitely sympathize. I hope he sues CityJet for not accommodating was in effect a medical issue, drinking or not.

    1. You Re Kidding Right says:

      Self-entitled schmuck. Why is his ‘need’ to urinate immediately anybody else’s concern. “If you’re about his age, you would definately sympathize”–are you insane?? People thinking like you do are what is causing the older generation to accept the assinine behavior of the younger generations. YOU!! are what is wrong with the world today. Idiot

      1. Alvar the Fool says:

        But people who yell at old folks are what is right with America!

    2. Mama sez says:

      My Mama taught me to go before getting in the car or on a plane. Maybe his mama was a pig.

      1. Alvar the Fool says:

        No she had to be human, none of my pigs have given birth to a human child yet…but I keep on trying! Weeee Weeeee

  17. bill.1942 says:

    Ah! The French. Style, class, and a pain in the ass!

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      Thanks! Remember Napolean’s letter announcing his return home from war, “Josephine, returning home, don’t bath.” I love a strong woman!

  18. craig eliot says:

    well, it’s true that when you drink you usually have to go and can’t wait.

  19. J. Fred Muggs says:

    Typical frog….

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      Typical American…..

  20. Klaus says:

    Why do adults need regulations of any kind on airlines?

    If he’s in the toilet when the plane takes off, who cares?

    It’s nobody’s business.

    1. tomhoser says:

      Exactly, It’s no big deal; crews used to be more accommodating. I have flown a million or more miles years ago all over the world all types of airlines and aircraft and I don’t do it now because of the lack of service and the lack of civility. A package on Fed Ex gets more respect than a passenger now days!

      1. Renelda Moorehead says:


  21. Conan says:

    Zee French are a dirty race.

    1. Alvar the Lover says:

      But when we make love we do it with the same dirty gusto…it is why they always come back for more….

  22. Rupert Pupkin says:

    Who knows what he would have done when the captain announces “you are now free to move about the cabin”.

    1. Conan says:

      Maybe he thought it was “you are free to pee about the cabin”?

      1. Jason says:

        LOL. Comment of the day!

  23. jet setter says:

    It’s understandable. Have you been on Air France?

    1. jackak says:

      This explains the smell on the Air France flight to Paris last summer. It’s not him so much, it’s the French. Centuries of no sanitary systems.

  24. Auric Maston says:

    Seems censorship is alive and well at CBS. Third time’s a charm. Well, makes sense he was thirsty. II suppose he really worked up a thirst in those Parisian rape gangs as a lad. Only two decent things he ever did was Green Card and punching out a paparazzi.

  25. Rod Anders says:

    I thought that was the French custom.

  26. buhbleah says:

    The french are such nasty a-holes.

  27. Jimbo Jr. says:

    Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Easy for the steweardess to say wait 15 mins. When it’s coming you ain’t waiting 15 minutes. They got what they were asking for, dear old Gerard behaved appropriately not only relieving himself, but also giving the uncaring airline a good object lesson.

  28. Auric Maston says:

    I guess he really worked up a thirst in those Parisian rape gangs as a lad. Only two decent things he ever did was Green Card and punching out a paparazzi.

  29. Michele Lloyd says:

    Hey, the French as a matter of course publically whizz on their buildings, statues etc., therefore it naturally follows that a Frenchman will whizz on the French airplane.

    1. sistaelle says:

      there’s a difference between “on” and “in”..

    2. Alvar the Fool says:

      Let me guess how many times you have actually seen this happen in France….uuuuhhh….never, because you have never been here, You are very much like your president, you open your mouth and allow the urine to flow from that hole…and actually believe what you have just said…..thanks for the worldwide depression! We french fart in your general direction!

  30. Michele Lloyd says:

    Hey, the French as a matter of course publically whizz on their buildings, statues etc., therefore it naturally follows that a Frenchman will whizz on the French airplane.

  31. JohnW9540 says:

    If it was a French jet I have no problem.

    1. Alvar the Frenchman says:

      The carpet was made in Dalton, GA, I have no problem,

  32. Tom says:

    He was a troll when he was younger and now, he looks like a FAT troll.

  33. Darrel says:

    Present-dent Obama heard about this and released a statement: “That’s wee weed up.”

  34. TheOldMan says:

    Fine him for the salaries of the cleanup crew, two hours of flight crew salaries, and $150/hr/passenger for the delay.

  35. Ken Puck says:

    I think celebrities shouldn’t have to conform to “rules.” By virtue of their special looks and abilities they’ve demonstrated that they are able to do things the rest of us can’t. They’re a breed apart and deserve special consideration. That goes double for French celebrities.

    1. Herr Direktor says:

      Absolutely. Poor Gerard was suffering the indignity of traveling on a commercial flight.

  36. dork dumande says:

    Funny frenchie. Probably doesn’t use deodorant, either.

    1. Alvar the Smelly says:

      Why? I aura of our body oder extends the sphere of our influence!

  37. werbaz neutron says:

    This guy is really fat!!! He is an actor? I understand old guys like that often have these sudden intense urges to urinate. I guess it was just an unfortunate nexus of bureacratic regulations, obesity, age-related urological disfunction.

  38. Apocalypto says:

    You stay classy Depardieu! I bet he wets the bed every night. Old geezer.

    1. Alvar to Adventurous says:

      Only, if she is into that kind of thing…and if she is…all the better!

  39. Rebecca J Duff says:

    The stewardess should have given Gerard a cup! When you have to go, you have to go! Should he have peed in his pants on the seat? That would would of been more difficult and expensive to clean up, having to replace the seat and all.

    1. Tom says:

      Oh, PULEEEEEEZE!!! Next thing you’ll suggest is for planes to be equipped with bedpans. He could have held it.

    2. Herb says:

      They should drop a cup on him anyway as he’s probably full of controlled substances. And taking care of business before call for boarding, that’s too easy. By the way, I’m 62 and I don’t know what these uncontrollable urges are. Maybe it’s Sudden Aging Actor Whizzinating Syndrome.

  40. Tom says:

    They should present this jerk with a urine smoothie and make him drink it.

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      That would be assult.

  41. Cornywebb says:

    Someone asked him if he was French.
    Depardieu responded, “Oui, Oui!”

  42. Tom says:

    The word is defecating.

    1. WhoDatMan says:

      Bird bird bird bird is the word.

      1. dam says:

        I love a good non sequitur.

  43. JOhn says:

    He should pay all the passengers $10k each in reparations.

  44. Charles Rand says:

    Yeah, you have to watch for people *dedicating*.

  45. Gatorman says:

    Another French reprobate living up to his stereotype. What a POS

  46. nickc1969 says:

    Authorities can tell you where you can’t go, but not when. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    1. Rupert Pupkin says:

      Nick, the “authority” in this case is COMMON DECENCY. “When you gotta go you gotta go” is the way of animals. You’re not an animal are you Nick?

    2. Pahlavan says:

      Before my back injury I would have said “suck it up, buttercup, and hold it” but now, when the urge comes, a locked door or the command to wait, carries no weight!

      1. Palaver says:

        Then throw on some Depends, and shaddup.

    3. Rocco Henderson says:

      Exactly. I’m probably the polar opposite of the actor policicallly (don’t know for sure), but I do know that there should be some means of bathroom accomodations at all times. Like the previous person said, “when you gotta to, sometimes you just gotta go”.

    4. Josh says:

      For peeing on a French plane I think we, the citizens of the USA, should take immediate steps to award him for DOING what we all are THINKING.

    5. no mercy on this loser says:

      another drunken moron………….

    6. Coffee Girl says:

      Buy some Depends.

    7. Robert says:

      Exactly! A shopkeeper once told me that her restroom was not ‘public’ .. she quickly changed her mind when I told my five year daughter she would simply have to pee on the floor.

  47. A B says:

    Let us not forget his enlightened views on “rape”. The man is a pig. Always has been.

  48. heatherfeather says:

    Smack that fat fcuk with a rolled up newspaper!!

  49. Tim says:

    They should not lock the bathrooms, urination is a natural body function.

    1. Mike says:

      Are you really that ignorant? The plane was preparing for departure and people are not allowed to get up and move around when the plane is about to leave the gate.

      1. Big Jim says:

        I’m 54 – when I have to pee, it is RIGHT NOW! Waiting even a minute or two to get to a washroom could cause an accident. Somehow, knowing that you are in a position where you can’t get to a washroom makes it worse.

        When I get fully hydrated, I have to go about every 15 minutes. Trying to hold off results in excrutiating discomfort.

        How would you like to be locked in a plane, delayed in take-off and being forced to wait until the plane is at cruising altitude before the washrooms are unlocked.

      2. Mitch says:

        @BigJim- You are responsible for your own toilet habits. If you are boarding a plane and are not smart enough to void yourself before boarding that is your fault. The world is not here to cater to little babies that can’t remember to go potty before their trip. Men used to be men and accept their responsibilities. You should try it and stop moaning about your bursting bladder.

      3. tomhoser says:

        No, you’re the idiot; it would have been a simple matter foe the crew to accommodate him just like they used to when air travel was civilized. They could have saved all the wasted time and hassle if they were just a little flexible. Not everyone is as well physically or as emotionally perfect as you so you might just show some compassion . Many of us would return the favor when you are in need.

    2. Tom says:

      It would be smart if people took care of their bodily functions prior to boarding a plane. That’s why they have rest rooms at the airports.

      1. pdq says:

        That’s not always possible. Some folks have to go minutes after having gone. What these people should do is wear an adult diaper. Drinking too much can be considered another good reason to do so. I’m so sick of alcoholics not getting help to stop, or something! Alcoholism is a huge problem and affects all aspects of health and society in general, both fiscally and socially. Even though I don’t smoke pot, it might be better to get addicted to that rather than alcohol!

      2. Kathy Cobb says:

        Tom, you must be young. Seriously I am almost 52, I go all the time. If I have to board a plane, I go right before. However, even then, many times, I have to go again. However, that being said. He could have gotten her to change her mind if he had warned her first of what would happen. Bet she would have opened to door. I mean, I try to never be in a place where to not be able to go is a possibility. But if someone told me I could not go, I would quickly try to persuade them or leave the plane and go. I think he just used it as an excuse to behave badly.

    3. SockRayBlue says:

      …..and in your 60’s it is much more immediate!

  50. They should've rubbed his face in it says:

    What a d0uche.

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