Hizzoner Says Those Who Don't Get Onboard Should Be Named In NewspaperBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –– There’s a new war between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and state lawmakers over more red-light cameras on New York City streets.

The mayor wants to “out” every lawmaker who won’t green light city plans for more of those “eye in the sky” ticket givers, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Bloomberg loves his red-light cameras, and why not? The 150 he has brought in a whopping $52 million last year. What he doesn’t love are Albany lawmakers who won’t let him install more. So on Monday he proposed a way to bring them to their knees.

“We can put cameras on every single intersection. You just can’t use them. Maybe what we should do is do it and start publishing in the paper list of the senators and assemblymen who keep us from having cameras,” Bloomberg said.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With The Mayor

Apparently he thinks the embarrassment or voter anger might help round up the necessary votes. He said red-light cameras save lives — the people who get hit by motorists running red lights.

“Every time there’s somebody hit it would be nice to say, okay, assemblyman and senator so and so didn’t think that person’s life … these are the lives of our people we’re talking about,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor made the proposal at a press conference attended by a number of state lawmakers.

Kramer asked Democratic State Sen. Daniel Squadron of Brooklyn if he’s in favor of the idea of embarrassing lawmakers to get them to support the idea.

“Look, the number one factor with these cameras is privacy, so when you start talking about the scarlet “A” I think that’s a very different thing than increasing the number,” Squadron said.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: NYers Say Privacy Has Gone Out The Window

Added Republican Sen. Martin Golden of Brooklyn, “I don’t know whether that’s the right way to go or not.”\

And if you are one of those motorists who have received a red-light ticket in the mail the prospect of 40 or more new cameras really isn’t inviting.

“Terrible! I get tickets all the time because of that,” said Marcel Saline of the Upper East Side. “I think it’s not right.”

“Not good. I don’t want any more tickets,” added Ruben Correa of Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

“I’ve seen people just run the light for the hell of it or are just impatient, so I’m for it,” Mark Thompson said.

And it’s not just red-light cameras the mayor loves. He also embraced the idea of putting in more cameras to nab speeders. The mayor said the technology is good because it frees police officers to do others tasks.

Do you think red light cameras and/or speed cameras are fair? Sound off in the comments section below!

Marcia Kramer

Comments (67)
  1. G St Anthony says:

    Bloomberg = Hitler

  2. robert buckley says:

    Since many red lights are not timed properly according to road grade and speed limit, the NYSDOT should not allow operation of these cameras until they are properly calibrated ensuring correct timing according to the MUTCD and ITE Engineering Standards as agreed to by NYSDOT. When timed correctly, the state is showing that safety is a concern. When timed incorrectly, improper ticketing of drivers occurs and this then should be interpretted as a revenue generator. Web info at ACTI can provide additional support for understanding the switching times for yellow to red

    1. Joe L says:

      it’s actinet.biz

  3. NYC-Resident says:

    “He said red-light cameras save lives — the people who get hit by motorists running red lights.”

    Do some productive work Mr. mayor and lead by example. Hire at least 1500 workers at Bloomburg L.P. if you are so much worried about safety of the people.

    [Mr. mayor has a net worth of $18.1 billion in 2011, he is also the 13th-richest person in the United States] source: wikipedia

  4. Jeannie Limberg says:

    Who is going to foot the bill for all of these red light cameras?, Im sure it wont come outta Bloomies millions, it will probably be the tax payers whom are gonna haveta pay again. Ill just bet once the money comes rolling in from All these red light cameras not one cent will go to the defict, Bloomie will find some other B.S. to spend it on, like altering the consitution again with another illegal term.

    1. KPMc says:

      What constitution are you talking about? I guess you are referring to the city charter, which can and has been changed several times.

      Why would term limits be in the constitution? If anything term limits are unconstitutional. We already have a system that ensures that no one stays in office too long, especially if their constituents don’t think he/she is doing a good job. It’s called an ELECTION.

      More people voted for Bloomberg than any other candidate. Get over it already!

      1. robert buckley says:

        Here is a little known tidbit. Mayor Bloomberg has had the city coucil reamend the city charter placing term limits on the Mayor of the City of NY back to 2 terms.
        How is that for hypocracy.

        see my webiste on Red Light Cameras actinet.bz

  5. Dan says:

    Mr. Bloomberg.

    You’ve done enough for this city.
    Just keep quiet and go off into the sunset.
    Your great ideas have made this city worse then it ever was.
    I miss the Giuliani and Koch days.

  6. Robert says:

    This is your worst idea yet.
    As a NY driver I can tell you, these not only
    do not save lives but cost them. Drivers
    become desperate to avoid getting caught in
    an intersection and so speed up rather than slow down.
    The lights have been altered so that the yellow
    is so short that no one can react to it in time.
    Your DOT is a hotbed or the worst civic ideas
    in NYC history. If you drove yourself, you’d
    understand what a bad idea this one is.
    Robert Lederman

  7. Brad says:

    I think Bloomberg needs to focus on creating jobs, thats right jobs instead of installing red lights cameras on every street corners. Have the cops do their jobs for the sake of the city. Please ban Bloomberg from office. His job is done for now.

  8. joey from B'hurst says:

    That is not a problem. Most cameras in Brooklyn have been “corrected” to take pictures of the sky or a brick wall.

    Or just go out and buy that black film that goes over the license plate like most city cops put on their personal vehicle.

  9. John says:

    Don’t let his low voice fool you, this man is and always be a BUSINESS man. What does a business man do to his pockets again people? Exactly, more Dough in his own pockets. This is one slick @#@#$.

  10. karlson says:

    It’s all about the money.

  11. nygrump says:

    Doomberg wants to release a list of lawmakers with guts and conscience? Do it! Being on that list is abadge of honor! We need to know who the good ones are and not these wanna be stalinists who see no end to the surveillance of the American people.

  12. Drive a bus in NYC says:

    If Bloomberg would use some the money to have traffic engineers study and correct the timing on a lot of the lights…at some intersection in Manhattan if you wait until you’ve got green AND can clear the box..you could spend a half hour at some intersections. Yesterday on 10th Ave, when 35th got green, a bunch of busses would turn onto 10th..there goes my space when i get the green…what are you supposed to do????

  13. Peter says:

    I hate Bloomberg lets put a camera on him 24-7!!! MF!!

  14. yellowcabdriver says:

    Manhattan is already in a much worse shape. Used to be there was little parking space for everyone but not anymore (with bikelanes) only 3 cars can be parked in a block on one side of the street (more business for parking garage charging 21.95 an hour). This is just one example of his failed policies. With the presstitute on his side and ready to tow his lines, Mr. mayor thinks he can do anything he wants.



  16. diablo says:

    Free up cops to do what?- Rape women while their partners sleep in the living room

    1. cop out says:

      Lol funny but true

      1. nygrump says:

        What is funny about raping women? Is there something particularly funny about cops raping citizens? Kelly’s NYPD is out of control.

  17. Emma says:

    Thank goodness Manhattan’s little dictator has no idea of the existence of the other boroughs. Does anyone really think he would stop at looking at just cars passing through red lights once he has cameras installed on every intersection?

  18. goblin says:

    If Bloomberg was so worried about drivers running red lights, he should increase the yellow time to help cars clear the intersection instead of playing Simon Says with drivers who are faced with pucnhing it through or risk being rear ended by standing on the brakes. It’s a proven fact increasing yellow times reduces collisions.

    Of course this will never happen as the city will lose revenue and the cameras will not generate enough to sustain themselves.

  19. Mike Diesa says:

    worst mayor ever, who keeps voting for this jerk?

  20. Bryan Pazyk says:

    After witnessing a multiple car pile up on 2nd Ave n 81st this past week , where an innocent by stander was trapped in between 2 cars, I applaud the Mayor’s action. Having fostered a puppy this past year and being out and about ; I can tell ypu that reckless driving is pervasive, cops writing parking tickets and those on the strret beat seem to ignore blatant violations ! Again this Mayor has continued to show action towards improving the quality of life for all NYorkers !! another ie bldg smoke conversions… I wish I could vote for him again, even w/ reservations about stacking the Housing Board w/ pro landlord appointees.

    1. Naive Bryan says:

      Are you really that naive Bryan? We hope you enjoy your red light tickets as an upstanding citizen taking it from behind.

      Its quite clear these lights are for PROFIT and safety is not even a thought. Safety is being used as an excuse and not even a valid one for a strong arguement!

      1. not so naive says:

        what is wrong with you people? if you don’t run the red light, you won’t get a ticket! It’s like a bug bunch of crybabies because they can’t break the law anymore without getting caught!?

    2. NYrByChoice says:

      Red Light cameras do not cure reckless driving. Most red light running does not happen at the 2 seconds after the light turns. Other cities are removing them because they do not reduce collisions, they only make money by catching

  21. karlson says:

    Of course this is a revenue grab. A lawsuit has to be filed to challenge the legality of the red light cameras just as it was done in LA, where the courts have ruled the red light cameras are not legal and drivers don’t have to pay the fines.

  22. littlestar says:

    Don’t you see that this has already been decided ? Did you think that the displayed numerical count down system now being installed on pedestrian crosswalk signs was to help the elderly safely cross the street ? No, it is to assist in His arguement that the proposed legislation is fair ! This lunatic mayor and his like minded group would put cameras in our toilets if they could.

  23. loco says:

    beat it dude. you have out lived your 15 mins of fame.

  24. sue says:

    Also, We Do NOT NEED REd Light Cameras.

    We need WIDER STREETS without the enormous potted plants that people just dart out of while j-walking. And why put a parking lane in the middle of a street. So that traffic will get so jammed up that DRIVERS GET STUCK UNDER A RED LIGHT because there is NO WIGGLE ROOM.

  25. truthhurts says:

    I wish he would release the names, so I can write everyone of them a thank you letter from the citizens of New York City.

  26. sue says:

    We need new STREET SIGNS on every corner. Not just on one quadrant of a corner — put street signs on all 4 quadrants of a corner. How about STREET SIGNS THAT ARE LARGE ENOUGH TO READ.
    How about requiring bike riders to wear light colored clothing so that they can be seen by drivers who stop for red lights while bike riders speed right through the red lights, often not even looking to see if a car if coming.
    BLOOMBERG – We don’t want you and we don’t need you. Resign now. You are the Illegal Mayor of NY that pays off everyone to get your way.

  27. sunshine says:

    I don’t mind the red light cameras but did you know that many cops and some other city employees with parking placards cover their license plates so that they do not get photographed by the cameras. I have complained about this to the mayor’s office and it is still being done. The covers are dark or reflective so it obscures the license plates. Ticket agents don’t give cars a ticket with a parking placard. If you know you won’t get photographed by the red light cameras, the cops will run the lights without worry. How dangerous is that?

    1. sunshine says:

      Just to clarify, this is on their personal cars. Mayor, please do something about this. Ms. Kramer, please do a report on this.

  28. frustrated driver says:

    Any new cameras will not suddenly make people law abiding behind the wheel, it’s a money grab pure and simple. It wont free cops to do other things, they don’t enforce the driving rules as is in NYC..

    The only thing larger than the Mayor’s ego is his disdain for cars and those who drive,

  29. LES PINES says:

    i can not wait for bloomberg to leave office bike lanes ridiculous, more red light cameras, install toll collections at brooklyn bridges and other ones, get a life leave nyc please i would love the next mayor reverse all he has done, is that you CHRISTINE QUINN! DO YOU WANT MY VOTE

  30. James says:

    Mike it is a shame you don’t give out of town Handicapped people the same rights and you do manhattanites. You give out these Manhattan live and work only Handicapped placards letting them park in No Parking zones at will fir all the time they need. The out of town and state Handicapped plate and or placard are rendered null and void. Are we not worthy of the same rights as Manhattanites? Are we not good enough to have the same rights as someone who live and works in Manhattan. I guess it’s money over constitution law. Thanks for making every non-manhattanite feel less important than those who have the manhattan Handicapped placards.

  31. littlestar says:

    This person, this mayor is freaking sick ! ! ! Please go away ! Go away !

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      clearly Aids has infected his brain

  32. bal says:

    i ge tticket s on ocean pkwy bklyn those cameras arent timed correctly

  33. Rogelio says:

    This won’t work. People will be having epileptic fits walking down the street from all the flashing.

  34. Signs in the area says:

    These additional RED LIGHT cameras are no longer about public safety, it’s all about generating revenue for the city coffers. If our benevolent politicians are really concerned about public safety then they will post signs about cameras in the area, and the red light runners will still run the red lights.

    In Australia there was such a public outcry about it that they were forced to put signs about cameras in the area… and they still make money from the cameras.

  35. Nick says:

    Since there will be cameras at every intersection, than make it legal for a car to hit jaywalking jerk0ffs that blocks traffic. Or those b0neheads that just loves to stand in the road, off the sidewalk. Only fair that the cameras apply to EVERYONE, not just drivers.

  36. Ronny says:

    Thank GOD he will be gone soon, but not soon enough. This is the clown that was illegally given a third tern because he is surposedly a money expert. Why hasen’t he explained the 700 plus billion dollars that walked out on his watch. That got covered up very fast. When he goes he better take his idiot traffic commissioner with him. They definately deserve eachother.

  37. Rich Scorce says:

    if there was a way to catch jay walkers and bikers who ignore red lights i would be for such a plan.

  38. Kevin says:

    These cameras are an infringement on our right to freely move about the country. We should not have to drive with a monkey on our back, thinking at any moment we can be deprived of our earnings. Think about who these cameras victimize the most; Hard working people who are on the move furthering commerce, working, delivering, moving to and fro. These cameras aren’t catching flagrant law violators, they are catching people who’s rear gets stuck in the intersection at the very last nano-second of a yellow light. These minor violators, if you can call them that, aren’t the ones causing accidents. A sane, live, human police officer does not usually even write summonses for such a violation, as the human eye cannot differentiate if you went through the very last second of a yellow, or the actual red light. This is NOTHING but taxation.

    1. badman says:


      the cameras take a picture of the front of the car as it runs the red light.

      If you don’t want a freaking ticket, don’t run the red light. that simple.

      1. Rich from Queens says:

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve gotten about 3 of these since they came out and they take a picture of the rear of the car, not the front. Maybe you were driving backwards, in reverse when the front of the car was photographed.

      2. badman says:

        you still ran the red light. if you don’t like it, slow down when you see the yellow light. try to drive safe. what a concept.

    2. chris says:

      Really, the only thing you are deprived of is freely breaking the law..you can still do it but you will have to pay EVERY time not just when a cop catches you. I drive the city streets EVERY day and have not gotten 1 ticket.. just stop when your supposed to and your fine.. treat every light like someone is watching and it will become second nature to stop at red lights. The ONLY reason I do not like these lights is it lets the cops ignore the traffic.. many many bad people have been pulled over for running a red and been found to have guns, drugs or been drunk driving.. these people now get off with a cheap ticket.

  39. Schmellma Arss says:

    I think they should insert a red light and a camera in his butt ….. TAX &TOLL FREE!

  40. Albert says:

    Red light cameras cost $60,000-$100,000 each, a lot of states consider abolishing it because the operating cost cost more than what they can generate in tickets. Most people are already broke, and struggling to keep whatever money they saved up. Why make their lives harder? You also have to factor time and money fighting the fines in court, and also how many police officer jobs are going to be replaced by cameras.

    1. littlestar says:

      thank goodness for people like you Albert !

      1. chris says:

        Ya let the poor run the lights and kill our elderly and children.. it’s thier right!!

  41. FrancofromQUEENS says:

    I understand what he’s doing about safety and all that, but these red light cameras causes accidents all too often too! People tend to stop suddenly to avoid these lights and boom! Mr Gloomberg doesn’t drive, so he doesn’t know!

    And it doesn’t give you a fair amount of time to cross either! Toll hikes, GAS, Rent, MTA fares, Mortgage hikes? DON’T YOU THINK IT’S DAMN ENOUGH MR MAYOR??!! Try to produce money in other ways for the city!

  42. bobk says:

    If you follow the traffic rules, you have nothing to fear

    1. littlestar says:

      You don’t even ride a bike. You can’t even pedal. Shut up ! ! !

  43. Vik says:

    Hey Mayor A-Wipe. Unless you plan on driving your own sorry behind around the city in your own car, do us all a favor here — take your sorry A$$ self, your staff of beaches like Sandik-Kahn and get the he!! out of New York City. Nobody wants you here, you arrogant, disrespectful jerk!

  44. Judd says:

    Yep spend the money and then they can start putting bar codes on the people so they can nab us for j-walking, blowing bubble gum or whatever can make them money. Cops off and on duty and city workers are the worst offenders of red lights anyway

  45. Jody says:

    NYC is slowly but surely becoming a police state, but only for the things that will generate money. It would be nice if he could put some of his energy into doing things that would actually make the city safer, like reducing crime. He wants to put the names of people who run red lights in the newspapers. NOT the people who are caught with guns or drugs. Priorities are all wrong.

  46. joannie says:

    Will he stop bicyclists from running red lights and almost hitting pedestrians in the crosswalks?

  47. yellowstone says:

    Mr. mayor just pay your real bloomberg taxes. Trust me everything will be okay or you just need our blood.

  48. Jeff Rosen ret NYPD Sgt says:

    Great research by your reporters. The cameras were first installed in NYC in the mid 90’s, not 2007. But then again, when does the press ever get anything right?

  49. Amatt says:

    Mike, get yourself and your illegal third term out of my life.

  50. ProFromDover says:

    Anything to make a quick buck!

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