NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Prosecutors met very briefly Monday afternoon with Nafissatou Diallo, the maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape and it appears charges against him will be dropped, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reported.

Diallo, once described as “brave” and “unwavering” by prosecutors, left the meeting dissatisfied.

According to court papers filed Monday, District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. will recommend that all charges be dismissed. Prosecutors said they grew concerned by Diallo’s “shifting and inconsistent versions of the events.”

Diallo’s attorney quickly addressed reporters after the meeting, which lasted about 10 minutes. Kenneth Thompson said that Vance “turned his back on this innocent victim.”

Attorney Kenneth Thompson Is Outraged, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa Reports.

“He has also turned his back on the forensic, medical, and other physical evidence in this case,” Thompson said.

Thompson went on to say “if the Manhattan district attorney, who is elected to protect our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our wives, and our loved ones, is not going to stand up for them when they’re raped or sexually assaulted, who will?”

Stuart Slotnick, a former prosecutor, applauded Vance’s decision even though dropping the high-profile sex assault case is politically unpopular.

The Meeting Was Over In Minutes, WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell Reports.

“The worst thing a district attorney can do is prosecute people when they’re not sure about their guilt,” he told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey. “In this case here, there was so much evidence that this complainant doesn’t tell the truth, didn’t tell the truth and is not believable.”

Strauss-Kahn is expected back in court Tuesday, when a formal announcement of the prosecutors’ decision could be made.

“The prospect of Dominique Strauss-Kahn walking away scot-free is very disappointing,” said Sonia Ossorio, executive director for the New York City chapter of the National Organization for Women.

“Dominique Strauss-Kahn got lucky.  He attacked a woman with a shady past, and all too often in rape cases that’s exactly what we see.  A woman’s past, her credibility, is what’s on trial — not the incident at hand,” Ossorio told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

However, one-time prosecutor Andrew Johnson, said the accused has rights, too, and argued dropping charges was the right move.

“When the prosecution has substantial doubts, by consistent inconsistencies, and it appears to keep on growing, at some point they said ‘enough is enough,'” he said.

The accusation against the former head of the International Monetary Fund cost him his position and all but eliminated his shot at running for president in France.

Since the start of the case, Strauss-Kahn’s defense attorneys have maintained, as lawyer Benjamin Brafman put it, “this case was not what it appeared to be.” They’ve maintained the case amounted to a shakedown, claims which may have been bolstered by Diallo’s decision to file a civil suit at the same time as a criminal case was ongoing.

Strauss-Kahn’s attorneys have said the suit proves that she was simply out for cash. However, Diallo said she filed the suit to stand up for herself and other women.

Thompson earlier released court papers in which he asked to hold a hearing to disqualify the district attorney from the case and appoint a special prosecutor. He listed a series of issues and problems saying there were potential conflicts of interest in the office that were never disclosed, inaccurate information about the case that was leaked to the press and that his client was treated poorly.

Prosecutors initially said Diallo’s claims were “a compelling and unwavering story” chock full of “very powerful details” and supported by forensic evidence.

Their faith in her position began to crumble after they said they found a series of falsehoods had been told about her background, and her ability to remain consistent with the details of the encounter and its aftermath was also open to question.

What do you think of developments following the meeting? Is this case closed? Should it be? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. New Lamby says:

    If she was white, this case would go forward

  2. Steve says:

    At this point after the Casey Anthony case I felt that the whole legal system was heading straight to Hell. A little case like this makes me feel a little better, knowing not all people in the justice system are complete Moran’s (Jury included)
    Deport Deport Deport Deport Deport

  3. truth says:


  4. Ak says:

    This so-called “victim” seems strong enough to wrestle an elephant, not pathetic old man like DSK. Any jury in their right mind will dismiss this case on the spot. This idiot DA is making one right move to save this useless job.

  5. Tea Bagged says:

    I wonder if she made any more phone calls to her friend
    in prison? A good strategy session would be nice. She needs to
    code the conversation…It’s being taped by the FED’s.

  6. Balldancer says:

    I wish Gary Giordano would take her to Aruba and make this case disappear.

  7. TOOKIE521 says:


  8. R. Breuer says:

    How on Earth, in this Case, can DSK in his Sofitel-Penthouse Suite, force a Maid to perform Oral-Sex on himself, and not been disrupted by at least a Sream or Sramble to get out. There is only one Explanation… She was offered Money, refused money afterwards and then smelled even more money coming.

  9. Stereo says:

    Is this America.or Pakistan ….?

  10. David Heath says:

    Thompson’s client has lied repeatedly- She lied to be allowed to enter, live and work in this country. She lied to take accommodation set aside for the poorest when she has $100,000, unaccounted for, in her bank account. She lied to take tax money set aside for those bringing up more than one kid.
    She then used the media to the media to contaminate a potential jury pool without having to endure inconveniences such as cross-examinations or witnesses, declaring “A lot of things people say about me are not true.”
    But that’s exactly how she was able to enter the country to live! What about those previous accusations of rape she threw around? Why is she not under investigation? Why has she not been deported?

    1. Len says:

      Nothing you have said in your post speaks to the facts and evidence in this case. A woman should not have to be Joan of Arc or Mother Theresa to be granted her day in court if she is alleged to be sexually assaulted. If she is a prostitute, she still has that right. So many want to point to her past, but what about his past. Shouldn’t that also be a part of this grand equation ? Or does his powerful status grant him a pass? I am amazed at the refusal of many to look at the facts of this case. Whatever credibility issues she has can and should be dealt with in the court room and if they are proven to be detrimental to the facts and evidence in the case, then the jury can determine whether or nor not her credibility is so beyond repair that nothing which the facts and evidence proves in the courtroom should be believed because of said credibility issues. Instead, we have a scenario where facts and evidence are being discarded on the presumption that a jury of smart NYers would laugh the prosecution out of the courtroom. Utter cowardice on the prosecutor’s part.

    2. Balldancer says:

      I agree that the case should be closed. If anything, she should be investigated for all her lies and deported. Every time a woman claims rape, everybody will believe her and the accused will suffer while the accuser’s story will not be doubted without further investigation and cross examination. The maid had no right to enter room before checkout. She had not right to asylum when she lied about being gang raped. If she was raped she would not go to clean another room; she would have complained immediately. Moreover if anyone was paid off, the maid was paid off with $100,000 in bank account.

  11. Ian f says:

    Poor, powerless and black is no match for the powerful and wealthy . Is it not possible for a liar to be assaulted in this country or only the honest saint-like people fall into misfortune.

    1. Len says:

      I agree with you totally. The reasoning behind dropping these charges is flawed and misguided. This woman obviously has some credibility issues which could be used against her in a court of law, but to say that she is not entitled to due process is a miscarriage of justice. Her issues do not in any way degrade the physical, medical and forensic evidence against this guy. What about his credibility, if his alleged prior behavior is to be taken into account? The fact of the matter is that wealth and power have conspired to deny justice to a weak and powerless woman whose flaws have been used as cover for the cowardice of the prosecution. It’s safer to offend the sensibilities of the weak than to confront the powerful and well connected.

  12. Emma says:

    Once Vance decided he wanted to avoid prosecuting Strauss-Kahn for whatever reason, he has to discredit Diallo to the greatest extent possible. Instead of building a case against Strauss-Kahn for the courtroom, he is building a case against Diallo in the media. I almost want to move back to Manhattan so that I can vote against this tool, but then I’d have to live in Manhattan.

  13. Persone says:

    And she and her attorney should be made to pay the legal costs and denied a right to pursue another case on the same grounds. If they could not prove the case beyond the reasonable doubt in a criminal court, why drag it any further and waste people’s time and money? She is ‘not after money’, so she goes on and on till she gets some? Deport her, please, before she creates even more mess and damages. Dressed up in a business suit, – what business(?!) – for a media appearance, she will be crying rapes forever instead of dealing with her illiteracy. A thick and greedy madam wants a big buck quick , how else would she get it? She goes on blackmailing and the thickest ones from the black community believe her, because they want this to be true: it makes them feel important. Just look at them: overweight, over-dressed, noisy and slow-witted, – sure, these women are as irresistable as madam Diallo herself, everybody just jumps at them from every corner in New York?

  14. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


    1. Persone says:

      Exactly the low-life opinion shared by the thickest and of the Black church goers, – stupid and arogant black racists, the low life of the deepest end of the NY dirtiest pond!! Agressive and lazy cretins, the lot of them!!

      1. Len says:

        I guess your reasoning explains why this prince of society is also being sued in France. I can’t wait to hear what names you will use to describe the whites who stand by her.

  15. sparviero says:

    The polar extremes of this case are truly amazing. First, Vance goes after Kahn as if the world was ending tomorrow. Now, he let’s him go scott free. He first portrayed the maid as Joan D’Arc and now she is seen as dirty laundry. Where does the truth rest in this case? It is unclear considering the incompentent manner in which this was handled by Vance. If anything, justice has become the third victim here. There are hard working and compentent ADA’s in New York. It’s unfortunate that Vance’s behavior casts an unnecessary dark shadow on them. It’s time for Vance to be booted out of office.

    1. Len says:

      Thanks for a post that’s worthy of the New York I know and love.

  16. Sarah Goldberg says:

    Absolutely disgusting, how does Vance sleep at night? Hopefully for him he doesn’t have a daughter that could possibly someday be raped. This guy is animal, a perverted geriatric animal. He knew he did wrong, he darted out quick on the next thing smoking. He told his daughter he did something wrong. The “justice system” was blinded by who..what and where he is from. He’s a crook and so are they, a woman where he’s from said she was assaulted by him. He’s a pervert who evidently is not as happy as he appears to be with his wife. What justifies his semen on her clothing ? The system used who and what she did in the past to label her a “sexual liar’. Had this animal been a black man and the accuser a white high class woman, he’d be hung by his testicles from the GWB. I’m speaking on behalf of all women.

    1. Nate says:

      Sarah, you are a bit off on this. The DA’s office won’t pursue a conviction if the charges are based on tenuous allegations that can easily be shot down in trial, especially inconsistent accounts of the alleged criminal events. It’s got nothing to do with the color of his testicles or her social class.

      1. Sarah Goldberg says:

        @ Nate, Since we’re all just opinionated spectators are you telling me that she possibly went into his room to clean..unaware of his presence and volunteered/agreed to perform oral sex on him ? They could care less about her claim, all they know is that they refuse to allow this “woman” to be the one to bring him down. They dug and dug to find something “incriminating” to avoid prosecution. He bought his ticket out of prison.



  18. Jeffrey says:

    I don’t know her past, and I don’t know if she’s lying, but what I DO know is that she deserves her day in court. People can make all the smart-aleck comments they want, but that doesn’t change that truth. This is still America, folks.

    1. nate says:

      Her day in court, according to the prosecuting attorneys that were gunning for S-K, would have been a fiasco because of her inconsistent accounts of the alleged events. Essentially, it would have been a waste of time and money to try and ultimately lose this case.

  19. RBC says:

    Her real revenge is that it was reported early on that she has AIDS.

  20. j says:

    This is what happens when people talk fantastic B U L L S H I T!

  21. French Man says:

    All thick, big boned, black women lie and make up stories, it is in their genes.

    1. THICK AND TENDER says:

      @ frenchman…..based on the stench of comment, it smells as though you’re interested. Sounds like you’d like to get in those “JEANS”. HA HA HA..jokes on you…its safe to come out the closet.

      1. French Man says:

        Just because they lie doesn’t mean I won’t take them to bed. All women are good to me, just different flavors.

    2. THICK AND TENDER says:

      @ frenchman, I smell a different scent now. Next time try not to make such a stereotypical statement. You could miss out on a whole new world of fun if you just be human and possibly think of all women as human. Life is like Baskin-Robbins, many flavors and some amazing taste.

  22. Glenda says:

    DSC Should Bring Charges Against Her. I Think She’s Out For Money. That;s All!!!

  23. The Facts says:

    She should be prosecuted and deported.

      1. ellyneap says:

        Amen, Amen.

      2. Think outside your racist minds says:

        Mike & ellyneap..The ignorant peanut gallery, I’d like to hear those Amens’ when your daughters…mothers…or wives are raped. But you know even if they’re telling the truth, they’re still LYING !! AMEN ??

  24. Piotr says:

    Illiterate hotel maid from third world country changed the course of history….this should be enough for her and her lawyer. There will be no payday this time.

  25. Schmellma Arss says:

    Well, she’s a right pretty woman when she wears a bag over her head.

  26. Inspiration says:

    Thanks for posting this. Feel free to stop by sometime

  27. Bman says:

    MAn shes busted! DSK has tons of money and could easily afford a escort out the village vouice ordered up like room service.. THeres no way he tried to rape this hemogloban.. Case closed folks.. man she must feel stuopid now…

    1. MikeD says:

      Learn to spell Bman!!!

  28. nyc says:

    As one of the most powerfull men in Europe, she is so beautiful, he couldn’t help himself !

    1. Len says:

      Rape and sexual assault are not about beauty contests. They are about power. The sooner you understand that, the better it will be for you to relate to women who experience these violations.

  29. Len says:

    That black face has really gotten under the skin of people on this site. The depth of racism in this country knows no bounds. If this were a white woman who had accused a powerful black man of rape and there was supporting evidence proving that a sexual encounter had taken place, this site would have been filled with voices of support for her no matter her shortcomings. As you continue to malign her, just remember that today it’s her, but tomorrow it could be a female family member or friend.

    1. edouardo says:

      Sorry, you are way off course here.
      Initally, the alleged “victim” gained sympathy and support on many sites, this one included.
      This is not about race but about her giving conflicting information, her being caught in countless lies going back as far as her entry into the US seeking assylum here under false prestnses.She lied on her application for assisted housing, etc. etc.
      The events of her continuously contradicting herself in several interviews tainted the case.
      Don’t play the race card on this one- a liar is a liar .

      1. Len says:

        Please tell me what your argument has to do with the facts and evidence in this case. If past actions can discredit, then what this guy’s past with everything that’s been alleged about him. Even now there is a case pending against him in France. What does that say about him? Your argument would suggest that only those women whose past lives are free from lies or indiscretions should be entitled to their day in court if raped. If that’s the case I would suggest that you sit all the women in your life down and educate them to this new standard for justice, because we are headed down a slippery slope here; one which gives perverts a feeling that if they are able to pick their victims right, they might not even have to face the courts.

      2. William says:

        For God’s sake, enough with the race card already… When on Earth does THAT stop, HOW can it stop if guys like you use it whenever ANYTHING is said???? The DA jumped way TOO fast on this case because of his fear of bad PR and didn’t get all of the facts. The press these days are way too friggin’ involved in every little bit. For all we know, this was her plan from the beginning. We don’t know what was her plan, we don’t know what exactly he did. She doesn’t appear to be an angel and neither does he. Stop with the poor balck woman, rich white man thing. This is NY. It wouldn’t make a difference if he was the owner of a diamond mine in Africa and she was a poor blonde from Brooklyn. I am sure that he was inappropriate in his behavior and he opened the door for all of this- rape is sodomy is another story. This was rich vs poor- like always, not black vs white… This is NY, not Alabama!!!

    2. MikeD says:

      I guess her lies were righteous? Black or White leaves no room for a grey area, she lied!!!

    3. E says:

      This isn’t about race – this is about lying repeatedly. She’s a schemer that lied about aout a powerful guy, who has hundreds of thousands of dollars deposited into her bank account with no explanation, by friends of her boyfriend who is in jail and has a taped conversation. It’s the people standing by this lying schemer because of her color and not how untruthful she is – they are the racists.

      1. Persone says:

        Absolutely agree with this, – the Afro-americans shoved themselves as rasists by supporting a greedy cheat and a compulsive liar just because she happened to be black. The black prostitures force themselve agressively at the white men in West Africa – a well known fact, what is different about Diallo? She is supposed to be a ‘good muslim’, so, why is the the black church congregation is so upset for the case to be dropped? Just because she is black. The Blacks are the racists here, howling ‘perv’. ‘Jew’, ‘rich Frog’, etc.,even though they all knew the woman cried rape falsely before for gain. She has tried the same trick once more and run into difficultes. These thick, agressive and quick to lie black women think the whites, are stupid and owe them money, just because? Serves her right!. By identifying your daughters with her, you are not doing any favours to your self and your women.

    4. Xyr says:

      @Len: Truth.

      1. Nate says:

        @Xyr and Len: FALSEHOOD

    5. Persone says:

      It is not about which colour her face is. Her whole nature is against her, her compulsive lying and inconsistency. She kept embroidering her story, she went out on TV to make some dosh and more gullible supporters, – this worked against her own interests. Her greed, lies and her bad acting work against her, – who cares about her colour? This is not a real issue these days anymore, you have got a Black president, stop whining about your dark skin, get real!. This ’cause I am black” old times tune is truly pathetic.

      1. Len says:

        I am not, nor will i be ever foolish enough to believe all this post-racial nonsense. The fact that America has a black president doesn’t blind me to the fact that racism and discrimination persists in this country. Yes, this country has come a long, long way, but there’s a lot more to be done.

  30. Liriano's brother says:

    I guess I’m the lone semi-skeptic among the above respondents (some of whom possibly can’t do simple math, but know all of the characters from JERSEY SHORE by heart –

  31. Pplrfunny says:

    Her attorney needs to stop acting like the prosecutors don’t care… At the very beginning, I remeber this site alone had hundreds of comments from people wanting DSKs blood, the cops, the DAs office and the public were behind this woman. However, when you can’t keep your story straight and you’re supposed to be the “victim” it looks kinda bad. Then we find out that not only is she changing up her story, but she has done nothing but lie since entering this country in order to milk the system the best way she can- it’s kinda hard to have faith in her. DSK is a dirty old man, no doubt- but thats no reason to lock him up for rape. I hope the DAs office sues this woman for money wasted on the investigation and I certainly hope she will lose her gov’t subsidized housing for people withs AIDS since that was a lie as well.

  32. Carlos Liriano says:

    send back to Africa where she belongs, we don’t need more liars in the our country, get ready of dutschbag

  33. ? says:


    1. Mr. Incredible says:

      She has a face??? I thought she was bending over!! Who on earth would want to touch her,, much less anything else??

      1. Len says:

        Seeing that you are making such educated comments, I am sure that you also know that rape and sexual assault are not about sex, but about power. Therefore, her facial beauty or lack thereof has nothing to do with it.

    2. Scott says:

      And the calculated, twisted, unethical, sociopath personality to turn you gay even if you didn’t want to.

  34. edward says:

    Let’s hope that justice is really served here by the deportation of this scheming liar and the disbarment of her attorney.
    They made a mockery of the system and she betrayed all the real victims of rape and assault.

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