NEW YORK (WCBS 880 / AP) – NATO says it’ll continue combat air patrols over Libya until all of Moammar Gadhafi’s forces surrender, and this is brining great joy to one mother in New Jersey.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell On The Story

Gadhafi is alleged to have been behind the bombing of PanAm flight 103 back in 1988.

The 747 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland killing all 259 people on board and 11 people on the ground.

Among those on board was 20-year-old Theodora Cohen.

For her mother, Susan Cohen of Cape May Courthouse, N.J., this is a day she has long been waiting for.

“This is wonderful! I feel for the first time that the Libyan people have brought me justice,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Peter Haskell. “For me, it is wonderful. This hideous monster and tyrant is finally being brought down.”

Her daughter Theodora was a Syracuse University student when her plane exploded and Susan believes that Gadhafi was responsible and still wants more answers, and she wants Ghadafi to get what he deserves.

“Personally, I hope they kill him. But if he’s taken to the court, he’s taken to the court,” she said. “I’ll tell you, in my view, justice would be a bullet through his brain.”

Theodora was one of 35 Syracuse students on the flight, one of 38 New Jerseyans on board, and one of 189 Americans.

“Nothing can take away the grief and the loss. My daughter’s birthday is September 10. She would be, God help me, 43 if she were here,” she said.

The Libyan rebels’ top diplomat in London says clashes are continuing in Tripoli, but that opposition forces control 95 percent of the city. He says rebels have not yet found Gadhafi, but he says “the fighters will turn over every stone to find him, to arrest him, and to put him in the court.”

Tanks from pro-Gadhafi forces opened fire at rebels trying to storm Gadhafi’s main compound in Tripoli Monday, a day after rebels took control of Libyan cities one-by-one, and then moved into Tripoli, with the help of NATO forces and armed residents.

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A rebel spokesman says as long as Gadhafi remains on the run the “danger is still there.”

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  1. stuff says:

    As I write these words, Tripoli is attacked by up to five thousand mercenaries from European private military companies, Qatar and other countries. They come from the sea. Ground operation of NATO in Libya, contrary to all earlier assurances of politicians and the public, has begun.

    It’s already not a secret, that the first wave of reports about rebels taking Tripoli with no effort was nothing but a global fantasy, staging, designed to distract the viewer from the far more cruel and terrible reality. Instead of the truimphant rebels’ entry on the streets, basking in the city’s jubilant freedom – urgent landing of Al-Qaeda Islamists and PMC troops. Instead of citizens hailing their “liberators” – a mass slaughter performed by mercenaries from France and Qatar. Instead of the capture of a man resembling Saif al-Islam – an attempt to eliminate Qaddafi family, that failed miserably though. The destruction of communications and blockade of Libyan television did not prevent Saif and Moussa Ibrahim from being interviewed, leaving the media machine in disarray for some time.

    The media drew conclusions. The second wave was more sophisticated: Qatari footage was generously diluted with real videos of Islamists seizing Bab al-Aziz. Here it is useful to recall that the complex was deserted long ago because of continuous bombings, so making the hole in the fence and occupating ruins is not a big victory. But a PR! What a psychological pressure! The tyrant is on the run, his symbols are desecrated!

    And under this cover, you can freely make a second attempt and disembark French troops on the coast next to Tripoli on 24th of August. According to some reports, this is the Foreign Legion.

    “Once in a mans life there is a moment where he should prove that has values” – writes LibyanLiberal in his Twitter, the one who first reported about the French assault. – “My time is now. For allah for Libya for mouamar. TO THE FRONT. MY NEXT TWEET WILL BE AFTER VICTORY. IF MARTYRDOM PRAY FOR MY SOUL”.

    A few hours later calls witnesses confirm that the attack was resumed. French hospital ship that was seen in an Algerian port on Monday seemingly didn’t come there in vain. Helicopters are received 3-4 times a day. Information about the city is now controversial, but if we remember that the first group of mercenaries literally hacked through the crowd (Moussa Ibrahim announced a huge number of dead and wounded) – the blood, most likely, once again will flow like a river.

    Well, the Libyans knew it would happen. They armed themselves at the beginning of the war, they waited, they promised to show hell to invades as soon as they descends to the ground. We wish them good luck. As Libyans say themselves, Allah, Muammar, Libya – and nothing more!

  2. 23/08/2011 says:

    Tripoli is defended… Apparently until I with my efforts of not falling in the disinformations have been mistaken since the journalists Dr. Hansa and Dr. Hauls Almusarati are perfectly and by the sight it was a disinformation. 25,000 at the moment Libyan by the tribe of Warfala and Tarhuna, that is to say two greater tribes of Libya, they are surrounding Tripoli. They are not the Libyan army but voluntary of the great families or tribes who organize themselves to collaborate. There is a commentary of a person who wants to know if the celebrations and joy of the Libyan town are farces. No, absolutely and in addition it consists to me. Not if you can be done to the idea than it means to be bombed every day by the airplanes of NATO, to live under perverse a so hard siege and. Nevertheless the Libyan town follows united and strong and continue going out to defy to the airplanes when they bomb, send fireworks and they pronounce in the places of the cities to celebrate the victories because the Libyan town is victorious and must much celebrate. Libya continues controlling its country and nevertheless it has the world against her, 42 countries besieging it and bombing to rob the country and its wealth to him. I hope that nobody creates, at this point, that the figure of ” Gadafi” it is the reason of this massacre. Ignacio informs to us: Network Voltaire, Monday 22 of August of 2011, 13h20 GMT – the Network express Voltaire by this means its restlessness before the death threats that weigh on two of their collaborators in Tripoli. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, associated investigator of for Center Research on Globalization, and Thierry Meyssan, president-founder of the Network Voltaire and the conference for Axis Peace, are in the Rixos hotel, around which intense combats are being developed. It has been become ordained, apparently, the physical elimination of both members of the Network Voltaire.

    1. Sword of Dreams says:

      Warfalla and Tarhuna tribes can kiss my ass if they think they can take the Libyan people.

      Good bye Gaddafi goon…next time write in English and don’t use Google translater…your comments look like desperate self-induced diarrhea!

  3. Adam says:

    I’m glad Susan Cohen feels the Libyan people have given her justice as she spent so many years making derogatory remarks and insults towards the Libyan people who had no hand in her suffering. She blurred the obvious difference between ordinary Libyans and the Gaddafi’s regime. Libyans were all painted as culprits and terrorists and she even encouraged attacks on Libya. With respect, hopefully she acted out of grief and ignorance and now she can see the error of her ways. Losing children is no excuse for demonising innocent people.

  4. Stop killing libyan childrens says:

    To [raskudrit] you [Obama] – by sun marked barracks, you [poshto] of [putem] of fraud stir up in Libya [bardak]?! Indeed to you in advance gave reward that b peace to fasten, A you pour ” [Tomagavki]” To the pearl of deserts… Indeed rocket – the same bullet – fool – simply stated: Brings down all recklessly – I who ” [Protiv]” and who ” [Za]”. [Il], [pardon], by this [makarom] to you to more cheaply and more rapidly sow the darnels of democracies for the oil, the profits? That you bustle – the child of defect – states the deceitful President: Allegedly, despotism not in the mode… But how – Yemen [il] Bahrain? Or there they do sit in the authority, their [sukiny] sons I for the slaughter of demonstrations execution to them your does not threaten? In than zh of [kramola], where the ambush if almost in the united moment it became Muamar, again – ” [diktator]” – Did trumpet your media outlets? Indeed still yesterday with Khadafi well, almost [vzasos] Rome with Paris kissed by I it kissed itself Washington, A today it and ” [dyavol]” , I of ” [nasilnik]” , and ” [zlodey]” – Not from that whether ch

  5. heywoodjablome says:

    Just pray Islamic fundamentalists dont take over.

  6. steffi says:

    Mrs. Cohen is correct, the libyan people did get justice for her daughter and all those who died on Pam Am. That is more then she got from the British goverment who released that killer Because he only had “months to live.” It was all about the oil. He is still going strong after 2 years. The doctor who said he had months to live should have her license revoke

  7. pugphan says:

    Way cool, Syria is next, Iran, then Burma and all others causing their peeps grief.
    Too bad China is such a humongous place, way too many peeps to wake up over there. smokersodysseycom

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