NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s not the news Upper East Siders, who are sick and tired of the Second Avenue subway construction project, wanted to hear.

The $4 billion mega-project might not be completed until February 2018 — about 16 months later than the Metropolitan Transportation Authority had planned, according to a report from the Federal Transit Administration.

Agency spokesman Kevin Ortiz disagrees with the assessment saying, “A project of this magnitude does not come without risks.  We continue to work to mitigate those risks, adhere to the current schedule and keep the project on budget.”

Business owners along Second Avenue are fuming saying construction trucks, jackhammers and countless detours have been driving their customers elsewhere. 

Residents have said it has become a nightmare living on Second Avenue thanks to some of the odors and dust created by the construction.

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  1. Jerry_Leigh says:

    I recently read an article on the line color designation for the T train, which is the Second Avenue subway line designation for the second phase part of the project, which will go downtown. For years they have been saying that the terminal will be Hanover Square. This article stated that the line will terminate at Houston Street. Cut, cut, cut…

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