NEW YORK (WFAN) — Did A.J. Burnett flip the bird at Yankees manager Joe Girardi?

After Girardi pulled Burnett in the second inning on Saturday night, the erratic starter stalked off the mound and appeared on television to turn to the side and yell “That’s (bleeping) bulls—!”

Girardi and Burnett both vehemently denied after the game — and on Sunday — that the outburst was directed at the skipper. They said he was merely upset at the umpire’s strike zone.

“It’s more a media circus,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said on Monday. “It’s fair to ask the question about what happened, but some don’t believe what happened, happened.”

But there might be more to the Burnett-Girardi story.

WFAN’s Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton noticed a subtle slip in a photo taken from a previous game (hint: Girardi’s jacket) by New York Post photographer Charles Wenzelberg.

In the image, as he’s handing over the baseball, Burnett appears to be giving Girardi the middle-finger salute.


“This is now the photographic evidence you need,” said Carton. “Add the f-bomb … and now you’re building what we call in the legal world, Boomer — a case!”

Carton argued that there’s only one way the baseball could have ended up in Burnett’s hand like that, with his index finger curled and the bird on display — on purpose.

“It really makes you wonder what the hell is going on,” said Boomer.

But not everyone on the FAN airwaves agreed with what Boomer & Carton saw in the photo.

“It’s much (ado) about nothing,” said Marc Malusis. “As Cashman said, it’s a media circus right now — and he was right.”

Girardi won’t be pleased if he’s forced to field questions about Fingergate. Just take a look at the manager’s postgame comments from Saturday as an example.

“I’m tired of people looking for something between me and A.J.,” an irate Girardi said. “Me and A.J. have mutual respect for each other. I cheer for this guy. He cheers for me … I want the guy to do well.”

This was the second public outburst for Burnett this month. He stormed off the mound and pulled at his jersey after being yanked against the White Sox on August 3.

Do you think Burnett flipped off Girardi? Check out the photo and comment away below…

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  1. charlie b. says:

    AJ Burnette must go, he pitching stinks to high heavens!!

  2. jersey mike says:

    if anyone should be replace on the fan it is Mike Francesssa because he is an a hole. He only talks about the yankees and giants. He should talk about the jets because they are the best team in new york (jersey) ,giants will be killed on saturday and christmas eve. Can’t wait to show everyone who is the team to beat in the nfl. Jets will take home the super bowl this year no doubt they will be playing with something to. plax knows the truth thats why he came to a real team.

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    This is BS journalism.
    A.J.Burn-out should only get paid when he wins.then he might
    give a krap about the Yank’s.

  4. connarch says:

    fingergate??? how about jacketgate!

  5. CJ says:

    This radio show stooped to a new low today. Making up news because there is nothing to talk about? Pathetic.

  6. Carton Isajerk says:

    The only person who should be getting the finger is Carton. What a dingbat.

  7. John D says:

    Carton is awful, a howard stern wana be. The morning show is man talk not sports talk. Melusus is a nice guy but not that good

    1. Larry Marchfeld says:

      Amazing. I thought I was the only one who thought that. He burps like Howard does, tries to imitate Dice like Howard does. Such a kiss ass when it comes to celebrities. Give me your number and we will text each other.. A Howard Stern want to be !!!!!

  8. hesh says:

    The picture with the story isnt from saturday night you morons, the picture where he is giving the finger is, look at the background this is not the game where Burnett gets upset. There might be nothing to it, but the jacket is not the issue.

  9. Rickster says:

    Carton is a joke. He’s supposed to know something and this is just rediculous. Now he is saying Nick Swisher should have taken a 2-0 pitch down the middle instead of driving it 408 feet. He obviously has never played the game at any competitive level. Nick works the count to a hitters count then gets the pitch he needed and just misses. That’s baseball – if Carton were coaching no one would swing with less than 2 strikes in that situation. Sounds like little league to me.

  10. Joe D says:

    The picture was not from Saturday but Carton doesnt pay attention to facts its what is in his mind that matters.This clown should be in the circus…WFAN replace Carton

  11. Jon says:

    I recorded the game on Sat night. When Burnett hands the ball to Girardi he IS NOT wearing a jacket. In the photo in the NY Post he is clearly handing the ball to someone wearing a jacket! So clearly this photo was not from Sat night’s game.

  12. DM says:

    Has anyone else notice that the person he’s handing the ball to is wearing a jacket? Girardi wasn’t wearing a jacket that day..

  13. Bill says:

    Malusis said much “to do” about nothing, several times.

    1. Joe D says:

      Bill so now a guy called in and said he is on vacation and was looking at the picture for 3 hours ………lol

      1. Bill says:

        I can’t stand Malusis. He’s the worst.

  14. Joey D says:

    Carton is a fool and hopefully WFAN dumps him like a bad cold …this picture proves NOTHING

  15. dabooch says:

    Why go to a game that AJ is pitching? The only reason the Yankees hierarchy isn’t concerned with Burnett and will keep running him out there is because the stupid consumer keeps coming. If you make tainted sausage that gives your customers diarrhea it wouldn’t be long before your business dries up and it gets flushed down the toilet.

  16. Bronx Bill says:

    Carton’s a loon and is blowing this up purely for ratings! Boomer: Where’s the voice of reason you’re suppose to bring to this show?! This is a “picture” of a “pitcher” handing the ball to his manager with a bent index finger. (That’s your case?!) The photo doesn’t clearly show the other fingers to make any determination that the “bird” was actually “flipped!” And even if you make that stretch on this alleged “bird flip,” I still don’t think it was directed at Girardi, but instead maybe at the umpire’s call or his (Burnett’s) own situation, in general.

  17. LG says:

    Oh, for crying out loud. Why do people look for things that aren’t there? The photo wasn’t “definitive proof” of anything except that A.J. Burnett is a pitcher practicing a grip perhaps unintentionally. It could be a defense mechanism for him, perhaps a way for him to soothe himself using that grip, but I didn’t see any evidence of “the finger” in that exchange. He wasn’t even looking at Girardi.

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