Tiny Victim: 'He Sniffed Them, Rubbed Them Against His Beard, Kissed Them'By Hazel Sanchez

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On a weekly trip to the Queens library in Astoria, a 7-year-old girl says she was attacked by a strange man who was creeping around the second floor children’s section.

“I didn’t know what to do. I was so petrified,” the child told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

The girl said she was reading on the floor inside the library on Aug. 9 when a man tried to engage her in small talk and then grabbed her feet.

“Sniffed them, rubbed them against his beard, and kissed them. Did it to each foot. And then he did the same and just sniffed my flip flops,” she said.

The man allegedly took off while the child ran to her mother on the first floor.

“I’m beyond sick about it,” her mother said.

What’s sickened her even more was finding out, if caught, her daughter’s alleged attacker would only be charged with a misdemeanor, for forcibly touching a minor.

“It’s a misdemeanor? It’s the same thing as jaywalking? It’s not!” the mother said.

Queens Councilman Peter Vallone agrees.

“Why is it when we catch this guy that he’s subject to a maximum eight months in jail? None of that made sense, so we’re fixing it,” he said.

Vallone reached out to Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas and Sen. Michael Gianaris, who are now introducing a bill in Albany to make forcible touching of a minor 13 or younger a felony, punishable up to four years in jail.

“I want him to suffer, that’s all” the girl said. “I want him to suffer until he dies.”

The girl helped police make a sketch of her alleged assailant. The sketch has yet to be released.

The Queens Child Abuse Unit is handling the case.

The library does not have surveillance cameras. In response to the attack, Councilman Vallone has secured funding to have cameras installed.

Do you agree with the effort to make forcibly touching a minor a felony? Sound off in our comments section below…

Hazel Sanchez

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  1. Sarah says:

    I feel for this little girl. I’m sure she was petrified. Children don’t always know how to react. I once had a friend’s father smack me when I was 6 because I got up to use the bathroom at his daughter’s sleepover. I never told a soul. I didn’t know how to process it. This is why parent’s need to WATCH THEIR CHILDREN. In this day and age you cannot let your young child out of your sight. Shame on that mother for being such a fool. Kids get kidnapped. She should have had her daughter right by her side. I also think this new law is stupid. I was a retail manager and had to physically remove kids from climbing up ladders I was using to put up posters and displays because once again, parents are woefully ignorant when it comes to minding their children. Would I get 4 years in jail for physically picking up a small child who is dangerously climbing up my ladder? Laws like this always cast a broad net where innocent people are jailed and common sense goes out the window.

  2. Dexter says:

    Kaz, so you say it not has been your “experience” with “7-year old girls” to claim that they were “petrified” and want someone to “suffer” for the rest of HIS life? What are YOU doing to them to MOTIVATE them to say that to you, BUT THEY DON’T? That’s something I never expect to hear from a child either, unless one that obviously was traumatize like this innocent little child. This obviously never happened to her innocence before and that’s her individual way of coping with it.

    It’s like waking up from having a nightmare about the boogeyman. You think the boogeyman is still there, your mouth opens to scream for your mommy, but you’re “petrified”. After it is all over, you want to kill the boogeyman.

    Everyone, including adults, act differently when they are terrorized, like this innocent child. Shouldn’t you know that by now in your LONG life experiences? Yet the statements made by this child bothered YOU. You seem concerned about a pedophile having to “suffer’ for the rest of HIS life. You demonstrated it by taking out your angst on this innocent child and her family with your coarse remarks. You live in Borough Park and I KNOW you have a beard. Hmmm.

    Perhaps you don’t mean any real harm and you just have a VERY SHARP tongue, or maybe you’re up to something that will invoke a REAL boogeyman, for adults, to come pay you a visit.

  3. Emmanuel Kozadinos says:

    Hey kaz do you have a phone i can contact you?

  4. Emmanuel Kozadinos says:

    First off kaz, thats my daughter your talking about. Peppe is her STEPfather get that straight. I work 7 days a week for my family so i couldnt be there for her. My daughter is in the talent and gifted program at her school hence her advanced vocabulary and train of thought. Maybe your parents never invested any time into you which clearly you just figured out what the word petrified means. Yes the perv will probably get 8 months, i would probably get 2 years max for breaking your jaw which everyone would applaud me for. Better yet i dont think a jury would convict me. But enough words from me. IF you have anything else to say i highly recommend you contact me personally.

    1. /v/ says:

      I am detecting a massive amount of buttmad, perhaps you need a prescription of DEAL WITH IT, NERD

      P.S Gimme your lunch money

    2. Deadpool says:

      Wow!!!! Yeah your comment proves what Kaz is saying something is way to fishy about this story. What people wont say or do for their 5 mins of fame.

  5. Samhain says:

    I am appalled by these comments. We have commenters blaming the victim ( a 7-year old girl!), demonizing her for her comment about wanting the guy to suffer, blaming library security, and blaming the parents! The only ones to blame are the pedophile child-touching pervert himself and the revolving door prison system that lets rapists and pedophiles back into society after a slap on the wrist. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I guarantee he is a repeat offender, and if he isn’t, after his joke maximum sentence of 8 months he will do it again, probably worse next time. People like this need to be removed from society.

  6. Frank says:

    @Kaz—hey a**hole–you seem to be defending pedophiles—could it be you’re the library perv perp the cops are looking for? Or are you just a perv in general? What country you originated from…the country of Pedophilia? This man’s family, in particular his baby, went through enough. If he wants to litigate, that’s his prerogative. I would rather have a couple of 22 caliber lead caps pump into your temple, perv. Stop trying to diminish and divert attention to what happen to this family….PERV.

    1. http://boards.4chan.org/v/ says:

      Hey bro, bro, I know you’re suffering from massive anal leakage, but


      Haters gonna hate~

  7. Dusterdog says:

    I bet you 10 to 1 He is a liberal

  8. lloyd roberts says:

    They are right. Ina a lot of states if he got caught with pot in his own home he’d be in more trouble then touching a 7 yr old

  9. Martin says:

    “i want him to suffer until he dies”

    chilling statement from a 7 year old…..

    1. Silly Sheep Martin says:

      Uhh not really … kids tend to make extreme statements without understanding the impact of them. Kids tell their parents they hate them all the time.

    2. james Mc.N says:

      that’s what the mother said, not the child

      1. Mudhooks says:

        No. It was the child.

    3. Samhain says:

      funny how you don’t point out the chilling nature of the actual crime committed….

      1. D.A. says:

        I fail to see the “chilling nature” of the crime… I mean some old man got his rocks off smelling her feet. Sure its wrong, but Its not like he bent her over and brutally raped her, gimme a break. Haha imagine her future boyfriend has a foot fetish XD. You sound like one of those OD super conservative christian types that would rather see the guy burned at the stake. Sorry lady, this isnt the 17th century anymore… get a grip

  10. John Simms says:

    Can we keep him in jail in Nov 2012. If we can, would mean one less obamy vote!

    1. Jake says:

      why do you have to make everything about politics? Why?

  11. Yadkin says:

    I agree that was weird but he’s rubbing her feet on his beard, sniffing them and then sniffing her flip flops? Why didn’t she scream or kick him in the face? Kids today are taught all about strangers and how to yell and alert any adults that happen to be near by. It could be she was just confused about what was going on, but at least scream when a stranger touches you!!

  12. Rogelio says:

    Where was her supervision? I like my brother to be in my line of sight at all times & he’s 14! @Kaz: the world is a much sicker place these days (I’m not calling you old lol) but look at the last 9 year old boy that was allowed to walk home from day camp in a “safe” neighborhood (Leiby Kletzky). I don’t much agree with helicoptering, but it seems a necessary evil today.

    1. Kaz says:

      Hiya, Rogelio,

      I actually live very close to Borough Park, but that Leiby Kletzky incident was, how shall we say it, “an act of Ha-Shem.” (Why folks always thank God for rescue while not questioning the catastrophe makes me wonder about their intelligence, but that’s another discussion….)

      Anyway, the world’s always been unsafe (yes, I’m old — and thank Goodness for it). Somehow, people have just gotten more frightened. Everyone rode bicycles without helmets and survived through high school, when bullying was a matter of course. No one needed a police escort to go to the store on the corner or to school a quarter-mile away. Yet somehow these days parents even do their kids’ college applications for them!

      I fear for this pampered, entitled, scared society of torts lawyers and investment bankers.

      1. Samhain says:

        your comments make me wonder about your intelligence.

    2. bad parenting says:

      I agree 7 years old and alone the mother should face charges thank god it was not worse.Parent have to be punished for not watching there kids I am so sick and tired of people thinking it is ok to give kids so much freedom before they can handle it .Teach kids to scream or run .This mom should be ashamed to be a parent.

      1. Samhain says:

        you should be ashamed for even leaving such a comment. the only perosn who should be facing charges is the pervert.

  13. former library lover says:

    Forgive me for being politically incorrect, but I actually support budget cuts for these libraries. The Internet is making libraries so useless now, which is why I haven’t been to one in years. People need to understand that everything you need to know is on the Internet, which has become so much easier to access, even on your phones.

    1. former library lover says:

      (follow up) Only the Central and Flushing branches are worth saving. I don’t know about the Astoria branch, but many of the smaller branches really are not worth our money, in my opinion, and I won’t be surprised if they close down eventually.

      1. Kaz says:

        Interesting comment. I am also a former library lover — it’s thanks to books that I learned English on my own “way back in the day.” But it does seem like the neighborhood branches serve no other function than as after-school day-cares. Which I wouldn’t mind as much if only the kids were actually interested in reading instead of chatting, destroying books, and running around screaming!

        Frankly, I don’t even support libraries anymore. They never have the books I’m looking for — quality non-fiction. But romances, mysteries, the latest feel-good self-help garbage you will find in abundance. And what’s with that “teen room” in the Flushing branch, complete with ambient hip-hop soundtracks?? Libraries were quiet back in the ’80s….

  14. jj says:

    @peppe – I’m on vacation until September if you want to go “perv hunting.” Im a father, and a public servant that works with children everyday and this sickens me.

    1. Samhain says:

      I’d love to join you too, but unfortunately we would probably face more severe punishment since we live in a society where you go to jail for defending yourself or your loved ones. In the meantime it’s a misdimeanor for touching a child. unbelieveable.

  15. neil says:

    Too bad the girl didnt have athletes foot or plantars warts some kind of contagious skin disease he could have gotten from doing that justice would have been served and it would have taught him never to do that again! I hate hearing about things like this now this poor kid will always be scared.

  16. chris says:

    why was the mother of a 7 yr old on one floor and the child on another. where was the security in library. why would an adult male be allowed on the children;s floor of a library alone?

  17. Kevin says:

    If the woman is concerned about her daughter, she would had her in her eye sight!!

  18. Phil says:

    okay. I agree that this was pretty perverted and completely wrong, but suffer until he dies? I think that is a little much. 4 years in prison?.. I think thats even a little much. I can see him going to jail for 8 months to a year as an appropriate sentence. He didn’t harm her or do anything more than touch her feet. Its very weird and very wrong, but its not as big of a crime as felonies are. Everyone needs to calm down.

    1. Cassie says:

      Wow, you must not have any kids our know anyone that does.

      1. Kaz says:

        American parents are crazy. You people either allow your kids to do sex and drugs ASAP or you hover over them constantly (and for all that they still manage to find the sex and the drugs!)….

        It’s no big deal. Weird, yes, and offensive, yes; the foot fetishist just needed a good kick or two in the pants. But four years of prison, or a lifetime of suffering? Come on, relax.


        Will probably grow up to be a foot fetishist or prostitute! Or politician or investment banker….

    2. Kaz says:

      I agree, Phil. And this seven year-old…something smells fishy to me (and it ain’t her feet!)….

      She was “petrified”? She wants the guy to “suffer” all the rest of his days?? Really makes you wonder about the parents.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin once just rolled up a little boy’s shirt and kissed him on his belly. When asked later about it, he merely shrugged that it was too cute to pass up!

      Weird, yes. But something someone needs to go away for years and years?

      The funny thing about weirdos is that they draw out all the other weirdos!

      1. Samhain says:

        implying the victim is at fault? what muslim extremist country are you from?

      2. Frank says:

        @Kaz—hey a**hole–you seem to be defending pedophiles—could it be you’re the library perv perp the cops are looking for? Or are you just a perv in general? What country you originated from…the country of Pedophilia? This man’s family, in particular his baby, went through enough. If he wants to litigate, that’s his prerogative. I would rather have a couple of 22 caliber lead caps pump into your temple, perv. Stop trying to diminish and divert attention to what happen to this family….PERV.

    3. Pei says:

      This type of perv…starts with looking. Then touching. Next…the unthinkable. Any perv that goes to touching…can escalate if not punish. How would you feel if your daughter is being felt up and touched in this manner? Just imagine how this guy was getting excited over this type of action… And please…a speech coming from a little girl…that sounds like her mom said it…and she repeated it. You took that speech a bit seriously.

    4. Susan says:

      Kaz :
      I totally support your comment. USA parents (most of them) are overprotecting and paranoids, and these weirdos probably growth up in the same kind of enviroment when they were little, overprotected with paranoid parents.
      What really concern me is the statement of this 7 year old girl ““I want him to suffer, that’s all”, “I want him to suffer until he dies.” Wooow that is showing something about the parent educating her (too much violent video games?), she was not even rape, she was just touch on the foot, and move on…do not make this a bid deal , reserve that for those cases that really needed. And about making touching ( I am not talking about sexual related) a child like that a felony, woooww you need some reality pills.
      Some USA parents need a year abroad learning from other cultures if they can learn,….and see how your child need to learn how to deal with this unperfect world, and when things are really a big deal ….., you guys are creating the new generation of USA weirdos!!!!….

      1. Samhain says:

        so you are more concerned about the statement of a 7 year old female victim than the adult male who fondled her? i really hope you don’t have children of your own.

    5. Off with the head says:

      Phil sounds like you have the same fetish.This guy should have his hands choopped off.This guy being so brave to do that in the library is telling you he did this before .Sickos like this should be shot or put to death .

    6. Samhain says:

      4 years too much for touching a child? wow.

  19. RandomThgt says:

    As horrific as the incident was, what kind of values are the parents teaching that child—she wants him to suffer in jail until he dies? WOW…too much caffeine or too much TV, in neither case is this good.

    1. Kaz says:

      Yeah, some real trashy folks. I wonder if they’re trying to scam some money out of the city for this incident…might even be complete b.s.

      They’re not “Gypsies” are they? In Astoria there are some swarthy families who go around just asking for money, just like that, on the street, but obviously in no need of it, something about their whole attitude is so “off”….

  20. altheajj says:

    Why was the child not taught to s-c-r-e-a-m for help. From the reporting … “I want him to suffer, that’s all” the girl said. “I want him to suffer until he dies.” … the child seems to be vert articulate. Again, why was the child not taught to s-r-e-a-m?

    1. shirel says:

      she was probably in shock, it has nothing to do with being articulate. how do you know what she was taught to do you moron?

  21. Slim Pickens says:

    It seems to me like these nut cases have been coming out of the woodwork more frequently lately. Or is this just part of everyday life NYC?

  22. peppe says:

    sorry, but again you are mistaken. i never said librarians are babysitters. i simply said adults are NOT allowed up those stairs unless they are with a child or with library staff. in this branch, this is how it is. hence, you consider it safe to let your child go upstairs on her own,for 10 minutes, to pick up a weekly supply of books.

    1. Aceof Spades says:

      Dude just give it up. You are going to get slammed all day. Now that they know you are the father they are just going to keep getting at you. This is not a place for people who are the victims. Not trying to be rude or anything but it’s the truth. If you been on here for long you would know what I am saying. Sorry this happened to your child but focus your energy on the issue not this news post.

      1. Sally is a Sheep Bah Baahhh says:

        Aceof Spades have it right. This place is filled with geniuses (sarcasm) like Sally or silly unthoughtful comments. Anyone making comments about watching their kids never had kids themselves usually. A library in the kids section is a safe haven which obviously you would not use as a daycare but certainly not watching your kids like hawk as if they’re running on the streets or carnival.

    2. Here's a good one says:

      I’m going to have to agree with Ace on that one. I’d focus on what you have to do to find your justice and not read up on this post or any other article that was written. And to be quite honest and no I’m not a parent yet but when I become one, my child will never and I repeat, EVER be out of eyesight from either myself or my wife because in the world we live in today no place is safe from molesters, stalkers, kidnappers, or to sum it up, sick and twisted people.
      Sorry that this happened to you and best of luck in your quest for justice.

  23. Truth says:

    What was Bloomy doing in a Queens library. If not Bloomy, probably was a NYPD officer

  24. peppe says:

    yup, you nailed it on the head. you must be a qualified little Nietzsche.

    ps: the “missing father” is right here.

    1. Kaz says:

      You’re the dad? “Peppe,” is it?

      It’s not been my experience that little seven year-old girls claim to be “petrified” and want someone to “suffer” for the rest of his life.

      You’re not trying to sue the city for some money, are you?

  25. Frank says:

    Simple, if that’s not your kid, hands off. If the kid’s parent is not around, don’t talk to the kid, unless you see the kid is in some kind of trouble (like lost). I am always suspicious of adults that try to strike up conversations with little kids for no reason and I keep my eye on them until I see a parent entering the picture. For those that say that animal in the library shouldn’t do hard time. What the hell is wrong with you? If I caught him doing that, hard time is the LEAST he has to worry about.

    1. peppe says:

      thank you for a realistic input. after reading some of the comments, i was wondering if i had been moved to another planet without knowing it. the detective in charge of the case has warned me, in case i see the guy, to stay away from him or i will go to jail. how funny is that? my baby refuses to sleep by herself because she’s scared of her own shadow, now. but this guy will get a slap on the hand if caught. meanwhile, if i find him and send him to the hospital, i’ll do 1 to 4….
      yes, the law needs to be changed.
      before guys like this move to bigger and better things (rape-kidnapping-murder) because they got away with it the first time…

      1. CSI says:

        Well it’s the reality of the system we live in. I got hit by a car reversing up a one way street. The guy didn’t even bother to get out the car. He took off. I got his plates and type of car. But the police said if i do not have any injury do to the car hitting me that all he was going to get is a fine sent to his house. That’s it. I hope they do the right thing but sometimes you have to fight over and over and maybe get some type of result.

      2. Frank says:

        I’m sorry for your troubles. Kids are resilient, your baby will eventually be ok. Thank God there is an alert for this bas-turd now before he gets worst. I have a little girl whose mother takes to the the library practically everyday and sometimes no matter how careful you are…shlt happens. Fud-gedda-bout what these ignorant armchair football coach a**holes comment here. The detective is right, it’s best to stay cool and let them handle it. I know how you feel, but your little girl needs you at home, not in jail. Be well.

      3. Samhain says:

        my thoughts exactly. if we defend ourselves or our loved ones we do more time than the actual perpetrator. you know damn well if someone were to fondle the child of some cop or politician, that person would be shot dead on the spot. in the meantime the system does virtually nothing to protect honest law abiding citizens and lets criminals back on the street after a slap on the wrist.

  26. Max VonMeyerling says:

    Look, would you people please settle your petty squabbles without drawing me into your inane dramas.

  27. Moon Him says:

    That should be 4 years in SPACE CAMP–not rotting in a jail cell at our expense. Get rid of this archaic prison system. Sign a contract with the Baikonur Cosmodrome to transfer prisoners to Kazakhstan so that they can be rehabilitated into Astronauts. Remember, the Andromeda approaches.

    1. Slim Pickens says:

      What about Elenin?

  28. Smogen 25 says:

    “I want him to suffer until he dies” This kid has watched to many Law and Orders.
    A felony to touch a child under 13? I can see a lot of angry 12 year olds putting
    away their parents, and anyone else who gets in their way.

    1. Kaz says:

      I once dated a single mom whose five year-old accused the previous boyfriend of corporal punishment — physical assault! Poor guy got a record now as a child abuser over a single incident of spanking.

      I’m sick of all this to-do about kids in American society. It’s phony. Americans don’t want to educate kids, don’t want to provide health benefits or nutritious food at school, but make a big deal out of silly incidents like this.

      It wasn’t right of the foot fetishist, if this story is true, but everyone up in arms over the Village Idiot is…idiotic.

  29. LMHfd says:

    Rasputin, do you really think a 7-year-old child is capable of “ma[king] up” a foot fetish story? “Silly Sally Sheep, the first Sally is right. Kids have gotten sexually abused and raped in libraries. Parents these days are too often using libraries for free daycare. A parents’ place is with the child unless they know there is adequate supervision. For this man to be skulking around and then do as much as he did suggest that there wasn’t an adult presence in that section. You cannot trust that strangers will look out for your children and that every library visitor has good intentions. The mother is lucky this situation didn’t end worse and that library needs to get its security act together. No, I don’t have kids. Are you saying that you do but you’re fine with letting them wander out of your sight in public places?

    1. Ron Wallenburg says:

      She used the word “petrified”, sounds like an imaginitive child.

      1. shirel says:

        really? what line of work are you in? do you have a pediatric psychology degree? how many child word studies have you conducted to reveal this epiphany to us all? all kids are imaginative.

      2. Kaz says:

        Bingo, Shirel: all kids are imaginative.

        So many people were convicted of sex crimes during the ’90s on account of the theory of repressed memories…and now we know that kids are highly imaginative and can be easily influenced. Indeed, we know that memory itself, even in perfectly healthy adults, is suspect. For example, eye witness testimony is no longer enough by itself.

    2. peppe says:

      let me repeat this: the children section of this branch is off limits to adults. no grown-ups are allowed upstairs UNLESS they are with their children. the entrance to the stairs is USUALLY monitored by library staff. apparently, that day, they were so busy that they left the stairs unattended.
      after i’m done with them, trust me, they will never do it again.
      and blaming my wife for considering a children’s library a safe heaven is a little out of place, i believe. she has been taking our child there since she (the child) was 4 years old for a weekly “reading adventure”. you don’t expect a perverted piece of human garbage to be allowed in a children’s sanctuary, do you?

      1. Sally says:

        But you are wrong the children’s section is not officially limits to adult, they have the right to look for book there to. Usually the are not allowed to stay up there. And all this about librarian supervision is just wrong. They are not paid to watch out for your kids if a 5 year old who has been left wants to walk out we do not stop them. We ARE NOT BABYSITTERS! My belief is we should call the cops for any child under 10 who has been left alone. Stuff happen and libraries at not staffed to be able to pay attention to everything.

  30. aron pieman klay says:

    this sick pedophile needs to pay for this sick act!!! rip his balls out by the roots

  31. aquafina says:

    This happens to be a case of poor reporting. AA small child would not be saying ‘i’d like him to suffer’. I guess it’s falsified.

    1. Kaz says:

      Yeah, I found that weird, too.

      Probably trashy kid with trashy parents. Seven years old and already thinking about making someone suffer? Then again, I guess kids grow up fast these days. In which case, a foot fetishist shouldn’t be so scary!

      1. Samhain says:

        You are really out of line. Either you are the pervert child toucher mentioned in the article or you are a pedophile yourself. You have no consideration for the victim or her family. Let’s see what happens when some pervert who got the slap on the wrist that you say is suitable punishment for such a disgusting act fondles a child in your family. According to your logic, it is worse for a victim to want her attacker to suffer, than it iis for a grown adult to sexually assault a child. You have some serious issues.

  32. Rich says:

    No a felony is too much. It’s good the way it is.

    1. Bob says:

      I agree with you. The law is good as it is already. 8 months in jail with a misdemeanor. What he did was scary and abusive, but not to the same extent as kidnapping or killing. Now I’m going to have to be careful when I go to the library never to accidentally step on a kid’s feet, I might go to prison for 4 years. The laws just keep getting more ridiculous in this country.

      1. Rich says:

        Your totally right man. I had an incident like this one a few years back, I kissed a girls feet around 10 years old, and I was 18 in the library.but only because she WANTED me too. It’s a difference between when it’s ok and a girl consents to something small like that, and when a man who’s creepy forces something like that. Either way, a misdemeanor is ALL it should be. Our prisons are already stuffed as it is. SAVE THE TAXPAYER MONEY!

  33. truth says:

    must have a been marine just returning home.

  34. Ellen Seel Anello says:

    This man obviously is sick and needs help…I imagine as an RSO he would NOT be allowed in the children’s section of a library…I’m just very surprised that a 7 year old would say she wants this man to “suffer until he dies”…did she reallly say this? Or poor reporting? Crazy story…

  35. kendra says:

    i just don,t understand that yes she is supposed to be watching her child while she is intending on surving the library whAT is simply wrong with this picture i don,t understand it at all u are morally responsible uno supposed something would have happened to her?

  36. Sherri says:

    What exactly was the mother doing leaving a 7 year old child alone on the second floor of a building while she was on the first?

  37. Brian says:

    forcibly touching a minor a felony? Hmm, though I agree with the sentiment, I wonder if this will hinder parenting. A mother or father who has a child that is troublesome may find themselves with a felony charge for forcing their child into a car or out of store.

    1. Bklyn mom says:

      I would think the law would exclude such instances as regular discipline.

  38. cassie says:

    A childrens section of a library is supposed to be a safe place for a child, regardless. They have workshops for kids only there, no parents. Then what? This is different than a store where anyone can walk into, this its an area that an adult isn’t allowed to enter unless they are with a child…

    1. Ron Wallenburg says:

      It seems they don’t monitor this area, they don’t even have a camera in place and you think it’s safe? Yeah, SUPPOSED to be safe….. If it’s so safe, why didn’t anyone see this person?

  39. Silly Sally Sheep says:

    Sally, did you bang your head or something? Why are you not with your mother? I think you should ask her what you done in the same typical situation in a library and what would you do with your kids? Oh wait, I bet you don’t even have kids. Move along Sally.

    1. Sally says:

      Well I work in a library and I would never leave my kids alone. The library is not what it was when you grew up and people need to realize that. Did you not hear about the molestation that occurred this spring at a New York Public Library Branch? And the library is a public place, adult are allowed on the children’s floor if they are looking for children’s material. You CANNOT deny someone total access to a section. Parents have a false sense of security when it comes to the library – wait everyone does.

      1. peppe says:

        check your facts before you spout nonsense. the children section of this branch is OFF LIMITS to adults, unless they are with their children. so, yeah, you don’t know what you are talking about….

      2. Sally says:

        I have I have worked in a library for the past 11 years in different cities and it is the same, adults are allowed as long as they are looking for material. What generally is not allowed is sitting and staying in a children’s section. I know my facts.

      3. Bahhh Bahh Sheep says:

        Sally, we see why you’ve been working at a library for 11 years. Thanks for your comments.

      4. Kaz says:

        Sally, you are of a scholarly mien, obviously, unlike the vast majority of people here (and in the libraries, too, it seems these days).

        Thank you for your insider’s contribution to the attempt at dialogue here.

  40. Sally says:

    While what the man did was horrible, why was the mother not with her child. Libraries ARE NOT DAYCARES. If her mother had been with the child and not on another floor this probably would have never happened. It is not the librarian’s place to watch the children, they are not paid to do that. Would you leave your child alone in the grocery store? Why should the library be any different. Also if people want more security in libraries quit cutting the funding. Would you rather more security guards who do nothing (and yes the security guards have no affect at all, if you don’t trust me go to your local library and observe they are useless) more new books? That is the choice that is being made.

    1. Kaz says:

      I generally agree with you, Sally, and I hope the library can’t be sued (I think I smell an extortion attempt, like that lady who supposedly found a finger in her Wendy’s fries a few years back) — but I must say that we really can’t blame a parent, either, for not helicoptering over their kids, hovering over them all the time. Maybe it’s ’cause I come from another country, originally, but since coming to America way back when I was seven my family carried on the same as ever, sending me off to the library on my own, to school a quarter mile away on my own, sending me with money to the store on my own…I thought American children are supposed to grow up faster or something? Looks like that’s only true when it comes to sex and drugs!

      Yeah, kids have sex and do drugs here in middle school but God forbid they should be allowed to wander the library on their own….

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