By Al Jones

NEW YORK (CBS New York) — A push by some Park Slope Food Co-op members to boycott products from Israel because of the country’s Palestine policy is raising eyebrows and courting controversy.

The popular Brooklyn food co-op is known for taking political stands and boycotting certain products to protect the environment or rights of workers at the request of some of its members.

Plastic bags and bottles were previously banned for environmental reasons. Coca-Cola was also banned due to labor issues in Columbia.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With Reaction In Brooklyn

But now, the board could consider boycotting Israeli products because a number of members take issue with policies in the Palestinian territories. Some in the community, however, are questioning the idea.

“I think in times when people are not sure what they stand for, people make local political decisions and I don’t agree with that boycott, but I can see why,” Howard Segan told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones.

Another man, named “Seth” wondered aloud why the organization would stop with Israel if such a boycott was enacted.

“Every country does productive and unproductive things in this world. So, it doesn’t really send the right message,” he said.

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