NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The family of the young boy who was abducted, killed and dismembered in Brooklyn has filed separate $100 million civil suits against the suspect and the suspect’s father.

Leiby Kletzky, 8, went missing July 11 while walking home from day camp. Police said the boy’s severed feet were found in the freezer at suspect Levi Aron’s apartment in Kensington.

Aaron has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping. Prosecutors say the boy was killed after he met Aron on the street and asked for directions because he was lost.

The lawsuits stated Aron’s father should have known what was going on with his son and could have stopped the crime. He owned the building where his son lived.

Aron’s father didn’t respond to a call seeking comment.

What do you think will be the outcome of the lawsuit?  Share your thoughts in the comments section…

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  1. toro says:

    Horrific crimes like this are rare acts from Jewish hands but nevertheless evil can reside in any human heart. The CHosen people from Abrahamic bloodline lineage also need redemption provided by Yeshua Hamashiach.

  2. macullough says:

    You can’t sue a parent for the actions of an adult child, it doesn’t make sense

  3. jose maricone says:

    The punishment should be identical to the offense!!!

    Also the liberal DA should request Capital Death penalty

    “an eye for an eye”, (עין תחת עין‎, ayin tachat ayin, literally ‘an eye under an eye’),

    1. jose wake up says:

      What a stupid comment it is quite clear to anyone with a brain that guy is insane

  4. Menachem Finkelsteinbergerwitzbaum says:

    How dare anyone question anything we Jews do!
    We are the Chosen People!

    1. I can be pushy too says:

      Your name and post is probably sarcasm (and very rightfully so).

  5. Dan lawyer says:

    the entire reason of the lawsuit is to prevent Levi Aron or his dad from making money from interviews or articles. if they do make money it should be passed on to the kletzky family. smart lawsuit

    1. blahblahblah says:

      You call it a “smart lawsuit” because it appears you are a lawyer. But to others it may appear as “greedy lawsuit.”

    2. jtorres says:

      The Son of Sam law will prevent Levi Aron from making any money from interviews, articles or any other source. He cannot profit from his crime by selling his story. The father’s a separate story. If I were him, I wouldn’t even admit I was related to that monster. I’d dye my hair, change my name and move to a different country.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        The Son of Sam Law in New York was struck down and held unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court in 1991. Thus, criminals can profit from their crimes.

        However, a new law requires “victims” and their families to be notified whenever a convicted criminal comes into a substantial amount of money. The law extends the statute of limitations, so that the victims and families can now sue the convicted criminal for the crime.

        Thus, the only way to get the money is through a lawsuit, but to sue less than two months after the death of their young son is just bizarre. Add this inappropriate timing to the fact that they sued the father, to whom the law does not apply, and this whole things smacks of greed.


    Yes Gruber, sit at home and surf the net looking for an opportunity to show the world your ugly heart. We will pray for you.

  7. Brian says:

    Hanz gruber and r guilani your comments are disgusting you should be ashamed. You are ignorant fools

  8. Pat says:

    Ouch! I guess the feelings of humanity have faded. The racists are back in force. They don’t like blacks. They don’t like Jews. They don’t like …

    1. stick to the facts says:

      Wow just because this lawsuit is beyond stupid you think people are all racist.If parents would watch there damn children we will not have any problems.

      1. Pat says:

        It looks like the worst of the racist comments were removed by the moderator. However, there is a new posting of “How dare anyone question anything we Jews do! We are the Chosen People!” which is obviously meant as an attack on Jews. That’s pretty racist, too.

        With regards to “watch their damn kids!” That is called blaming the victims.

      2. Dov Hirschengoldblattsilverstein says:

        We are the chosen people, and no one can deny that. Just look how well we have done in history, I mean with the Italian ghettos, Egypt, the pogroms, the great purge, and, of course, Europe in the 1930s and 40s.

        You are right to say that, even a pro Jewish arrogant post like Finkelsteinbergerwitzbaum’s is against the Jews because anything that any Jew interprets as being even remotely critical of us is anti Semitic.

      3. watch your damn kids says:

        Well then the victim shall be blamed for being idiots

  9. Jack says:

    I do not see why every time a horrific crime is committed that someone see’s the need to sue. In this case it is even worse because they are suing the parents of an adult who committed this crime. What good will come of it ? My heart goes out to the family of the child that was killed but I also have feelings for the parents of the murderer as their life has been turned upside down forever also.

  10. IgnoranteElephante says:

    He should sue the Rabbinical Leaders of the community and the Shomrim. They had a list of known pedophiles that they refused to hand over to the police because the Rabbi did not approve of secular law enforcement within the community. I am sure that once the list will come out this Aron guys name will be on it. Maybe the law suit will bring reforms to religious controlled neighborhoods and shed light on the dangers of their vow of secrecy.

    It’s easy to go against and sue a confessed child killer. Let’s see if the Kletzkys have the heart to turn on their own community and disclose the hidden suspicions, prejudices, and separatist “us before them” culture that certainly played a role in this child’s horrible death.

    1. Sylvi says:


      1- ” I am sure that once the list will come out this Aron guys name will be on it.”

      PROVE IT, BUDDY!!!! Youll be famous if you can prove it! That would be newsworthy!

      2- “Let’s see if the Kletzkys have the heart to turn on their own community and disclose the hidden suspicions, prejudices, and separatist “us before them” culture that certainly played a role in this child’s horrible death”.

      PROVE IT, BUDDY!!!! Youll be famous if you can prove it!Now youre predictng the future too, Ignorante Crystal Balli!

      Not to say that any community is perfect, but everything you say is TALK TALK TALK. Hateful prejudiced suppositions, Buddy Ignorante the Ranter!

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        What’s there to prove? The father’s actions in bringing a law suit less than two months after his son was slaughter speaks volumes.

        As for proving Aron was on the list, why should we have to. The Rabbi has the list of pedophiles. All he has to do is turn it over to the police. If Aron’s name is not on the list, I’ll be proven wrong and will apologize. But, we’ll never know that, will we, because of some righteous Jew who feels his community is excluded from the law.

        We have an orthodox Jew tolling the streets for orthodox Jewish boys, a Rabbi with a secret list of known pedophiles, and you are asking me to prove that a secretive, reclusive lifestyle led to this. I’m sure the mother told this poor kid, always trust an Orthodox over a goy.

    2. GREEDY PEOPLE says:

      @Ignorante, ,are you kidding me, why would the Kletsky family want to bite the hand that feeds them? They have obviously no intentions on doing that, turning on their own blood and flesh, would you?

      Greed, Greed and nothing but Greed by the lawyers and the Kletskys!

      I agreed they should be suing their religious leaderrs and security force for not coming clean to begin with.

    3. Dr. Meh says:

      You really have no evidence to say the secular separate views of the shomrim community contributed to this tragedy. You really should be smart about your comments and conspiracy theories;simply unfounded.

  11. NYGirl says:

    This is not the father’s fault and what good is money going to do in a time like this? It’s certainly not bringing their child back. These lawsuits are really out of hand and ridiculous. Go adopt a child or shelter pet, help the homeless or do something useful with your time instead of wasting it on a stupid lawsuit.

    1. Sylvi says:

      How do you know that the father had zero knowledge of this crime, before the discovery? The detectives might have found otherwise. Time will tell!

      1. Sylvi needs HELP says:

        Wow that is one stupid comment seriously if you belive what you just wrote I have some nice dry land in Lodi new jersey to sell you.

    2. max says:

      its not about the money
      nothing will bring back the child
      it might be about satisfaction, revenge or something else but it is a shame and a terrible situation

  12. Tom says:

    The father should not be sued. Suing parents for the actions of adult children is unfair.

    1. itsnotme says:

      don’t be naive. they aren’t suing the parents because they think the parents are responsible for their adult child’s actions. Were they responsible for their 8yr old’s actions? No, the parents are being sued because the father’s name is on the deed along with the son. so they have to sue both the son and father. they want the property…it’s just their “way”

      1. GREEDY PEOPLE says:

        makes sense, they want the property and to do that they must sue the father heartless people like we all know it……

        They should be sued for not taking care of their kid in the firste about that?

  13. DUMB LAWSUIT says:

    Why sue the father.The parents should of watched tere kid.I hate lazy parents who cant take time out of the day to take and pick kids up.

    1. Stephanie says:

      Why sue the father? Because that is where the deep pockets are…he’s a building owner!

      I think it is very sad that these people lost their child, but a LAWSUIT? REALLY? DISGUSTING! They dishonor their child’s memory to know make this about money.

      1. GREEDY PEOPLE says:

        You know something I bet the Foundation they put up in memory of their beloved kid is all a big scamm.. It really is to raise money for themselves to get a new home etc. That foundation is all a front a scamm. Stupid people who believe everything donate blindly. Give the money to real agencies making a different in the life of people like the Red Cross etc.

  14. Sylvi says:

    Peter, thats outrageous. The neighborhood in question is one of the safest in the USA. Leiby was 8, not 2 or 3! He was supposed to make a turn after walking 3/4 of a block on the block of his camp, onto the busiest safest avenue of the entire neighborhood.

    Perhaps youd suggest that all kids be shackled unti their teens? I say shackle them then! Thats when they cant be trusted.

    1. Tom says:

      I agree with most of what you say, but that neighborhood isn’t any safer than any other for the kind of crime that was committed. It’s pretty safe for crimes with an economic basis, but crimes like those happen everywhere.

    2. Jade says:

      Safe because they do not report crimes to the police not because it is absent of crime or Pedophiles. This is a community that lives on secrecy, and I honestly think this lawsuit will bring them more grief than closure…afterall who allows an 8 year old to walk home alone in NYC even if it is a community where people know each other or of similar type people. We do not live in an age where parents are ignorant to the dangers of unaccompanied minors…furthermore this is a community with known pedophiles and sex offenders that have NEVER been prosecuted by the law. The parents should not be rewarded for their own negligence…if they want to sue, then they should sue the Rabbi that had them wait 3 hours before contacting the police rather than allow the community to be seen as unsafe.

    3. Peter says:

      Im not saying any such thing.Read the intent!I am saying what the lawyers will infer and what the family will have to endure.I believe the parents make the best decisions for the children that they have raised and taught throughout life. Attorneys obfuscate and convince people ,like you,who do not pay attention to details that something exists where it does not.

      1. blame the parents says:

        Parents made extremely bad choice there is no safe place in new york.

    4. blahblahblah says:

      Sylvi, you think a neighborhood in NYC is “one of the safest in the USA??” Does it have a big all around it??? Get your head out of your _____! And the kid is 8! And obviously NOT ready to walk around by himself. How do you know? Because he got into a car with a stranger! Should you ‘shackle’ your teen? Well…that’s going to an extreme but if your teen will get into a car with a stranger then maybe they should be supervised or need a stern talking-to.

  15. Peter says:

    What I think is that the lawyers are opening a can of worms that will end up costing Leiby’s family dearly.The father’s attorneys will say that Leiby’s parents are more to blame for allowing him to walk home unaccompanied.There will be child Protective Services inquiries into their fitness and possible separation from the other children,at least temporarily.At the end of the day,more misery for the family and more Moolah for the attorneys.

    1. ARG says:

      I agree with Peter

      1. Steve says:

        Your 100% right Peter.

      2. GREEDY PEOPLE says:

        I agree with Peter too… is just not good for the Kletsky family and their beloved boy. They should be really playing it low so as not to get any more unnecesasry attention and possibly getting invloved with ACS…stupid move by the family they should not be taking the bait from their greedy lawyers.

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