MANVILLE, NJ (CBS 2) — As some New Jersey residents begin to return home to clean up from slowly receding flood waters, concerns over looting and repeat flooding on are their minds.

On Bob Kaminski’s debris filled lawn is a sign that demands attention: “You Loot, I Shoot.”

“It’s a warning,” said Kaminski. “It’s a first warning.”

His house is one of hundreds in Manville with mountains of muddy belongings on the curb.

(credit: CBS 2)

Neighbors here have been on the lookout for looters because not all of their water-logged belonging are trash. Some of it salvageable and drying out in the sun.

Valuable antiques, treasured photos and more have been rescued from homes after the Millstone River floodwaters finally retreated.

“It’s not even down yet,” said Kaminski. “It’s got another three, four feet to go.”

Kaminski showed CBS 2’s Dave Carlin the river that just became his enemy yet again.

The same river flooded after Floyd 12 years ago and again four years ago. Now with Irene, it’s overflowed its banks yet again.

“I’ve been here 38 years. I gave a good life to my wife family and kids, we had a good life, good comfortable life. We’re getting ready to retire. This is our nest egg to retire but what are we going to do? We can’t go anyplace. We can’t sell, that’s it,” said Kaminski.

He says all his family can do for now is keep rebuilding.

“Keep rebuilding. Keep fixing. Just buy us and get us the hell out,” said Kaminski. “We can’t go through this year after year.”

New Jersey has been declared a federal disaster area, which frees up recovery funds.

Those in Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic and Somerset counties can apply for disaster aid online or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA.

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  1. Irene Rules says:

    Real Work Man Is Correct. Leave The Junk, Level The Homes That Were Flooded And Make A Park!!! What A Waste!!!

  2. UMSP301 says:

    Hey Real World Man, you are an idiot. My part of Manville is beautiful, with new homes and great families. Some of our yards were flooded too so belongings need to dry off on dry ground. Families are devastated. Use your head and don’t judge what you don’t know. And also, no garbage collectors are going up into people’s driveways. Feel free to tie some cinder blocks to your ankles and take a dip in the river before it receeds.

  3. Real World Man says:

    If it is that valuable and you are just drying it, put it in your backyard. Do you think a trash company is going to take the time to distinguish between junk and drying junk ?? Plus if anyone with any sense lived there, flood or no flood, I don;t think anyone wants to film an episode of Sanford and Son. From the picture though, most of it looks like rubbish anyway. Throw it back in the water and let the insurance company pay you for it…………….

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