NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Several New York City hospitals have landed on the 2011 watch list after reporting deadly patient-safety lapses, according to the Niagara Health Quality Coalition.

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller With The Warning

St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital topped the list at number after reporting deaths in low-risk patients.

Columbia-Presbyterian was ranked second-highest in the state after it was reported surgeons left objects like sponges and instruments inside five patients.

LINK: 2011 New York Hospital Report Card

A hospital spokesperson told the New York Post that they’re committed to providing high quality and regularly rank as one of the top hospitals in the country.

Beth Israel Medical Center came in third for poor rates of heart attack deaths. Brookdale University Hospital followed for poor rates of post-operative hip fractures.

Jamaica Hospital in Queens  also made it onto the list for giving a patient a transfusion with the wrong type of blood.

As for the safest list, the Weill Cornell campus on the Upper East Side was listed along with Lenox Hill Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center.

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  1. MJM says:

    Beth Israel is the pits for inpatient treatment one step above Bellevue
    2 steps above Metropolitan hospital. Can’t tell you how many potential
    mal practice events happened in the Medical care unit,then in Re-Hab
    roaches in the rooms ,my spouse was there and never again!

  2. Steve says:

    Lenox Hill Hospital always prides themselves on caring for their patients! Many people I know have been taken care of there. The patient care is great! excellent!!!!

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