Republican Bob Turner Grabs The Endorsement Of Assemblyman HikindBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The gloves are off.

The special election to replace Congressman Anthony Weiner has turned downright nasty.

It’s as much a referendum on President Barack Obama’s policies as on the candidates’ credentials, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Running in a Brooklyn/Queens district that is heavily Democratic and heavily Jewish, Republican congressional candidate Bob Turner got a two-for on Wednesday — the cross-party lines endorsement of Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

“Bob Turner, getting to know him over the months, is just what we call a real ‘mensch,’” Hikind said, referring to a Yiddish term that loosely translated means “a person of integrity and honor.”

Democrat David Weprin responded with the endorsement of Jon Bauman, “Bowzer” of the singing group “Sha Na Na.”

“Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba dang de dang dang vote for David Weprin,” Bauman said.

Polls show the race to replace the disgraced Weiner is neck and neck and a referendum on the policies of President Obama and Washington, where proposals to cuts Social Security and Medicaid weigh heavily on the voters here. So do the president’s policies on Israel.

“With regard to the well being of the state of Israel there is no question that Barack Obama is someone that we in the Jewish community don’t trust,” Assemblyman Hikind said.

“The Obama administration has pursued a course that is apathetical to Israel. Here is an opportunity to send a message,” Turner said.

As a Democrat, Weprin has had a difficult time distancing himself from President Obama and so he attacked his opponent Wednesday by trying to wrap him in the Republican congressional positions of the last few months — the need to shrink the size of government.

“The main difference between my opponent and I is he wants to solve all the budget problems by cutting, cutting, cutting. There’s no question that there’s fat in the federal budget. I don’t disagree with that, but the way to cut the fat in the federal budget is with a scalpel, not with a hatchet,” Weprin said.

“As a businessman I will approach things from a practical non-partisan way simply to get the job done,” Turner said.

The special election is next Tuesday. In the war over newspaper endorsements, Turner is backed by the Daily News and the Post. Weprin has the endorsement of the Times.

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Marcia Kramer

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  1. Trina says:

    Is it necessary to call Obama names. No one really knows him. And I believe some people still believe in his cause. People just enjoy spreading rumors about people. Without the facts. Get a life and then tell someone how to run theirs.

  2. Gabriel says:

    If the main platform you run on is how much you love Israel, well I’m sure there’s a swanky apartment waiting for you in Tel Aviv.

    I mean, come on, we’d be outraged if politicians were squabbling over who loved France or Turkey the most.

  3. Denise says:

    The story reminds me that the MSM, and the radical lefty politicians really have no clue how angry the American people are at Obama’s insane policies. They’ll soon find learn that lesson.

  4. George says:

    He’s right the budget shouldn’t be cut with an ax. It should be cut with a bulldozer!

  5. Blake S. Davis says:

    Why any Jew would endorse Obama or the Democrat party is beyond me – Obama wants to destroy Israel – there is no other explanation for his actions. Orthodox Jews understand this – there is isn’t a Democrat among them.

    Open your eyes for crying out lod – you want to go the way we did with the NAZI’s? Not that Democrats are that bad, but we have to see what’s in front of us – the Democrat party is the party of the Arabs – that’s it, game over, now go to the republicans already!

  6. TruckerMatt says:

    Soon more and more of the pot smoking 60’s hippies, that demanded Nixon’s head, will realize that their President is also a crook and they will demand Obama’s impeachment for Operation Fast and Furious. Obama and Eric Holder will be gone and Holder may face murder accomplice charges.

  7. gneubeck says:

    In his address to the Congress tonight, as Obama’s head ricochets from left teleprompter-to-right teleprompter-to-left teleprompter without ever pausing to establish eye contact with his audience, one feels compelled to ask if the man-child has the remotest idea of the actual content of the prepared script that he is reading? If he were actually informed/motivated to facilitate job creation in America would he be: obstructing the location of a Boeing aircraft manufacturing plant in South Carolina with the attendant creation of a couple thousand well paying jobs, -or-, would he be destroying the manufacturing potential of Gibson guitars in Tennessee with the potential loss of several hundred jobs? Coupled with Obama’s facilitation of the construction of a GE aircraft avionics plant in China, what the man-child is actually doing is creating the incentive for Boeing to also move its planned expansion of its production capacity to China. If Gibson is prohibited from manufacturing guitars in the USA, what course do you think they’ll be forced to pursue? Ford’s recent decision to locate a major manufacturing facility in China is still another Obama nail in the coffin of American manufacturing expansion. There is a common thread here, each of these self-defeating moves was inspired by Obama’s lackey status for Union assaults on employers who do not submit to their demands. Yes Obama has an agenda; but, it unequivocally is not motivated by a desire for free-market job expansion in America. You would do well tonight to recognize Obama’s televised ‘Reading’ for what it is: a comedic exercise in beguiling them with focus group tested catch-phrases. Greg Neubeck

  8. John says:

    I cannot beliueve the Jews in NY would sell out the Democratic party because Ed Koch said to. That’ is crazy and counterproductive. Don’t betray your party. It could backfire.

  9. bob roomsburg says:

    i do not think that it is an accident that more than 90% of the criminals in this country identify with the democrats. the number is too staggeringly one sided. i would not like to identify myself with this criminal element.

  10. jbspry says:

    “‘the way to cut the fat in the federal budget is with a scalpel, not with a hatchet,’ Weprin said.”
    This gentleman obviously has no idea how pork is processed.

  11. Some Guy in Arizona says:

    The Obama election was our second Pearl Harbor. Like the Japanese admiral said after Pearl Harbor … “we have awakened a sleeping giant.” A Republican in this district will send a message that America has awakened. You folks in this district ave the ability to save the world. Remember Pearl Harbor.

  12. KahaneWatch says:

    “With regard to the well being of the state of Israel there is no question that Barack Obama is someone that we in the Jewish community don’t trust’,’Assemblyman Hikind said.”A couple of weeks ago, Hikind was outraged that Weprin had voted for same sex marriage–something about it being inconsistent with Jewish values (unlike his visit to the grave of Baruch Goldstein). Koch told Turner and his supporters not to “go there”, so Turner shut up and Hikind found other things to talk about.

    1. Cris says:

      Don’t Be Deceived by Weprin’s Ruse, of course he support Obama’s Policies Lock, Stock and Barrel. He claims to be undecided on whether to support Obama, while he could not possibly have received the nomination without President Obama’s approval. He claims to be an ardent supporter of Israel, yet mutually endorses the organizations: The Center for American Policy and J Street. Both of these organizations have held fundraisers on Mr. Weprin’s behalf. Please judge for yourself: Here are the policies promulgated by the two far-left Think Tanks which Weprin is affiliated. Are these policies in the Interest of a Free Israel?
      The Center for American Progress & J Street Policies towards Israel
      • Both Contend that “Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories have, for over forty years, been an obstacle to peace”
      • Both Warned that Israel’s choice to take military action to stop Hamas’ terrorist attacks “will prove counter-productive and only deepen the cycle of violence in the region”
      • Both Cautioned against Israeli efforts to topple Hamas, on grounds that the latter “has been the government, law and order, and service provider since it won the [Palestinian] elections in January 2006
      • Both Support Obama, who has distinguished himself as the most anti-Israel president ever.
      • Both Denounced Jewish property rights in Jerusalem. He is the first president to require Israel to deny Jews property rights in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as a precondition for peace talks with the Palestinians.
      • Both Support the position that Israel must surrender its right to defensible borders in the framework of a peace treaty. He has even made Israeli acceptance of this position a precondition for negotiations.
      • Both Accept Hamas as a legitimate actor in Palestinian politics. Obama’s willingness to do so was exposed by his refusal to end US financial assistance to the PA in the aftermath of last spring’s unity agreement between Fatah and Hamas.
      • Both Believes that US support for Israel at the UN conditional on Israeli concessions to the Palestinians.
      • Both refuse to state outright whether or not Obama should veto a Security Council resolution later this month endorsing Palestinian statehood outside the context of a peace treaty with Israel. As he leaves Israel twisting in the wind, And advised Obama to send his chief Middle East Peace Processors Dennis Ross and David Hale to Israel to threaten Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu into caving to US-Palestinian demands and beg PA leader Mahmoud Abbas to accept an Israeli surrender and cancel his plans to have the UN General Assembly upgrade the PLO’s mission to the UN.
      • Both express fervent support for Turkish Prime Minister and virulent anti-Semite Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
      • Both promote the courtship of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and his massive weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Egypt – incessantly distorts Obama’s record and deflects responsibility for that record onto Netanyahu. Netanyahu, in turn, is demonized as ungrateful and uncooperative.
      • Both tactically and routinely demonizes their political opponents as “terrorists” and “extremists.” And now, with the American Jewish vote in play for the first time since 1936, they are doing it to Netanyahu.
      • Multi-billionaire financier George Soros is the Founder and primary financier of CAP as well as J Street

  13. JESTERNHELL says:

    As a businessman I will approach things from a practical non-partisan way simply to get the job done,” THEN RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT.

  14. Hazel Burke says:

    Jews voting Democrat are like turkeys voting for Thanksgiving

  15. Ed says:

    Why would anyone vote for higher debt, higher unemployment, more foreclosures, more poverty, more people relying on food stamps?

    Why would anyone vote to continue to work against Israel?

    This isn’t my dad’s Democratic Party. This has morphed into something unrecognizable.

  16. stevens says:

    The funny part of this story hasn’t happened yet, and may not. IF the Republican candidate wins how are the Democrats (and their minions in the media) going to say, “THIS RACE ISN’T AN INDICATOR NOR A REFERENDUM ON OBAMA…NOOOOOO”, It’s the race in District 29, upstate NY where the Democrat won becuase there were two conservatives (whose combined vote beat the Democrat by 10 points), a Tea Partier and a Republican…Now THAT race mattered, this one …No Way!

  17. ropati says:

    @anne. Obama will not lose to a woman? I guess you’re excluding Michelle from this equation.

  18. Tom Walter says:

    Weaner’s Seat? LOL. Lib’s Suck

  19. bobbyhoying says:

    Jews need to understand the only friends they have in this world are Bible believing Christians, most of whom, based upon their beliefs are Republican. For Jews who are unaware, Christians wouldn’t exist had not Christ, a Jew, died for the sins of mankind, compelling those Jews who believed Christ was God, to accept the Risen Lord, and effectively become Christians. Much of our New Testament was written by Jews. Our Creator chose Jews as his people, and will bless those who bless Jews and curse those who curse Jews. Jews have no business voting for Democrats who pander to groups who wish to exterminate Jews and destroy Israel.

    1. Gabriel says:

      One little problem there Bobby–the same Christians you’re talking about who are “friends” to the Jews, also believe in an end times where every Jew is in Israel, Jesus comes back and wipes every one of them who doesn’t convert off the face of the Earth.

      Somehow, I don’t think the Prince of Peace approves of your grand plan for genocide.

      Good luck though, the extremist religious Jews will certainly take your money and laugh behind your back. And most of you deserve it.

  20. Frank says:

    It’s actually the editorial board that does the endorsement which represents those who own the paper. But you’re right, how can they remain unbiased in their reporting when they are so partisan?

  21. ScottM1207 says:

    What’s the difference between the Democrat party and the Mafia? Absolutely nothing. Both rule by threat, intimidation and bribe. Their model city is Detroit, MI. Their soldiers are led by James Hoffa, Jr., mob kingpin among other organized crime figures throughout the labor cartel movement.

  22. Dwight Mayo says:

    Newspapers are supposed to report the news on an unbiased basis. Do you understand the word Opinion?

  23. Dwight Mayo says:

    Kenny apparently you either cont know what a socialist is or havent paid attention to a thing in the last three years!, What do you think Obamacare is?

    1. rc33 says:

      Unsure but I think Kenny was agreeing with you RE: the Teleprompter in Chief being a Socialist, Dwight.
      A poor, poor example by Becklel, needless to say.
      Obama a Socialist?
      How dare they!

  24. BARNEY in D.C. says:

    “Did somewon say “perverted sexual predator?????”

  25. hillcoguy says:

    Battle For Weiner’s Seat

    They must think it’s still a cherry!

  26. W Jefferson Clinton says:

    Shouldn’t someone ask Dem Weprin if he is like WEINER, a perverted sexual predator? After all, that NY district all ready voted in a perverted sexual predator last time. Wouldn’t want to make that same mistake again, right?

  27. SNOOPY says:

    Why do people think this electorate in this district will pick the right candidate.They voted thie perv weiner in because he is jewish and a democrat.So do not hold your breathe thinking they have the ability to pick a responsible representative.

  28. Chaz54 says:

    Funny how things ae going. I for one am most happy that obama is in the WH. His failed policies, racist attitudes, glib approach and wanton fiscal irresponsibility has awakened America. There is a palpable surge in the voters to end this era (decaades if you will) of liberalism, buying of votes and waste.
    Nov ’12 can not come soon enough for this old codger.

  29. D Stone says:

    Apathetical? A new word that means the opposite of ‘pathetic’. Yes?
    Or did you (or they) mean to say Antithetical?

  30. Cris says:

    Weprin is a disgrace. He lies that he is undecided on his support for Obama, when in Fact it was Obama who had to approve his candidacy. He is an has always been strongly supportive of the Center for American Progress and Think Progress -both Soros organizations with lengthy Anti-Israel records, which are currently funding a multi-million dollar campaign to smear conservatives as Islamaphobes.

  31. mixplix says:

    Forget the scalpel and try a machete.

  32. BASEBALL BILL says:

    Rowdy Boots Has most of this figured out except that he leaves out one small but important thing:
    The only way Obama and his type can get elected is because they depend on the uneducated, the affirmative action recipients, and just downright dumb and stupid people that will believe anything Obama says as long as they think he will give them something for doing nothing but voting. Acorn, NAACP, The Black Caucus, and all other black and Hispanic groups think they are getting back at the White Race and this is how the Democrats playbook is written. It’s just like the Field Goal kickers play:” I keek The Ball between the polls and we win.” Keep the minorities hating the Whites and we win! If any Black would read back on the history of the Civil Rights Movement that would find out that Democrats (Dixie Crats) of the 40’s, 50’s and 1960′, tried everything they could to keep the Black race down. (Look up Al Gore’s fathers voting record on civil rights for example.) The democrats are laughing themselves silly thinking how they have pulled the wool over the minorities. Page 2 of the Democratic Playbook: Keep them uneducated (No School Vouchers allowed), keep them hating the founding Fathers of the USA (The last NAACP rally in Washington they bordered up a statue of George Washington because it might offend someone), and rewrite history to suite the Obama’s regime. Isn’t America great? Muslims can block of city streets in New York so they can have their mass prayer rituals but Mayor Bloomberg will not let any clergy to speak at the 9/11 ceremony. Maybe if the Clergy had a Union they could speak!

  33. RS says:

    Let’s see.
    Threats of higher taxes, unrestrained spending and borrowing, more regulation, higher energy costs, more union power, increased entitlements, crony corporate welfare for his pals, and government micromanagement of everything.

    What ELSE could Obama do wrong?

  34. Fredly19 says:

    Republican endorsement: “Bob Turner, getting to know him over the months, is just what we call a real ‘mensch.’”
    Democrat endorsement: ““Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba dang de dang dang vote for David Weprin.”

    Clearly the Democrat party has won this round. For Pete’s sake, I thought I was reading the Onion.

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