Craig was not pleased when he learned this morning that Mary J. Blige will not be performing our National Anthem Sunday night prior to the Cowboys-Jets game at MetLife Stadium.

Instead, country music group Lady Antebellum will do the honors.

Word is Blige has a scheduling conflict, therefore will not be available to perform. Craigie says this is just unacceptable, wondering what in her life could possibly take precedent over such an honor.

Eventually Craig gave a listen to Lady Antebellum’s rendition of the Anthem and called it “run of the mill” after calling Mary J. a name I’m not comfortable writing, but it sounds like whoosh…

LISTEN: Lady Antebellum – Not Mary J. Blige – Will Sing the National Anthem Sunday Night (9/08)

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  1. Alan says:

    Carton is a bufoon, he shouldn’t even be on the air. He’s foul mouthed, obnoxious, and crude. Boomer is fine, how he ever got hooked up with this fool is a mystery. LIsten to the M&M guys on at the same time to hear a class act.

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