NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Newly posted audio files depict the horror of 9/11 unfolding in the sky, as air traffic controllers struggled to follow the faint tracks of hijacked planes, fighter jets tried in vain to chase them down and a flight attendant made a desperate appeal for help.

CBSNewYork Special Coverage: Remembering 9/11

The sound files add a layer of emotion to previously published transcripts, as puzzlement and frustration seeps into the voices of controllers, military commanders, and even pilots watching the attacks from the sky. There are shouting and ringing phones in the background — the soundtrack, usually omitted from written transcripts, of a nation suddenly at war.

In one chilling excerpt, screaming and a shouted “Hey!” is heard over the radio as hijackers storm the cockpit of United Flight 93. That’s followed by a strange, strained cry. Stunned controllers and other pilots discuss the sounds, trying to make sense of what they heard.

Photos: 25 Iconic Images From 9/11/01

“No dry words on a page can capture that; you really have to hear it,” said John Farmer, dean of the Rutgers University School of Law and former senior counsel to the government’s 9/11 Commission.

The sound files were posted online Wednesday, just days before the 10th anniversary of the attacks, to accompany a monograph published by the Rutgers University Law Review. The release was first reported by The New York Times.

The monograph was written by Farmer and other investigators working for the 9/11 Commission but was not completed by the time the commission released its final report in 2004.

Farmer and another investigator, Miles Kara, decided to finish the document and add the audio after their draft and the original Federal Aviation Administration recordings were declassified last year.

Law school students helped review and edit the recordings. Most of recordings come from the FAA and are of controllers and the military liaisons working with them. But some come from other sources, including a phone call that Betty Ong, a flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11, placed to the airline.

“Somebody’s stabbed in business class, and, um I think there is Mace that we can’t breathe,” Ong says. “I don’t know, I think we’re getting hijacked.”

After Flight 11 hit the World Trade Center, tapes recorded the conversation among controllers as a second plane streaked past the window of a radar control facility on its way to Manhattan.

“Another one just hit the building,” someone says. Another person responds: “Oh my God.”

And then: “Another one just hit it hard. … Another one just hit the World Trade.”

It’s followed by: “The whole building just, ah, came apart.”

Someone utters again: “Oh my God.”

Some original recordings from 9/11 still have not been made public, including military communications, discussions among White House officials, and the cockpit voice recorder from Flight 93.

Farmer listened to the cockpit voice recording during the 9/11 Commission investigation. He said it is a stirring record of the hijacking and of the passengers’ attempt to retake control of the plane before it crashed near Shanksville, Pa.

Much of the audio released Wednesday has been previously documented in hearings, lawsuits and various government reports. Farmer himself included many of the transcripts in a 2009 book, “The Ground Truth.”

But the actual voices of confused controllers and pilots underscores the chaos in the sky that morning, especially in the first minutes after the hijackers swung their airliners off course and turned off the aircrafts’ transponders, making it difficult for radar to track them.

The military learned about the hijacking of Flight 11 nine minutes before it crashed into the World Trade Center, and was never notified about the other hijackings before those planes crashed.

“The confusion on that day is something that we sometimes forget about,” said Andrew Gimigliano, editor-in-chief of the Rutgers Law Review. “The idea that hijacked planes would be used in that manner just was not something that people were thinking about, and this is really illustrative of what the real tenor was on that morning.”


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  1. ryan says:

    AH hahahahah! LOLOL. This is a monumental sham! Do you really believe this??!??! WAKE UP!!! Building 7!!!! No plane at SHanks or Pentagon….Planes don’t disappear. Give me a break. INvestigate NOW

    1. Dorkyman says:

      Ryan, you need help. Seriously.

      1. Bill Konrad says:

        You give Ryan far too much credit.

    2. omstrat says:

      Where are all the people who were on that flight that hit the Pentagon..? If it wasen’t a plane then where did the REAL plane go and all those people ?
      These people are nut’s not even logical….Dont bother with them .

    3. Mike says:

      Dear Conspiracy Theorists,

      You must all be a pilots, expert aviation crash investigators, physicists and all around genius’! To think that 20,000 lbs. of kerosene (that’s jet fuel) in a confined space (that would be the airplane’s fuel tanks) traveling at 500+ mph and impacting a stationary object (that would be a building or ground) would ever cause an explosion is craziness. Wait, now that you mention it, it must have been an inside job.

      Us Normal Folks

      1. Klaus says:

        9/11 was an inside job. Deal with it.

    4. Bill Konrad says:

      Yes Ryan and Elvis lives. I sure hope you wear your helmet when you go outside wouldn’t want to see you fall and hurt yourself. Please take off the beanie hat with the propeller and put on a helmet.

    1. J Brenner says:

      Red hering!

  2. caseyinaustin says:

    When will the pentagon videos be released?

    1. Baffled says:

      Great question. The most secure building in the world and we’ve only seen a few frames… And it didn’t even look like a big commercial plane.

      1. ryan says:

        That’s because it was no plane.

  3. Christian Long says:

    This is subpar reporting. You misspelled “breathe” in your subtitled text and also showed an image of an F-15 Eagle taking off when you mentioned “F-16s” being scrambled. Do you guys even TRY to stay credible or do your research these days?

  4. Brad Skidmore says:

    ‎2,966 people died on 9/11…
    1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies later…

    We have WASTED $80 billion dollars a year spent on terrorist intelligence gathering and a total of $1.4 trillion spent on all the wars against terrorism…. Not to mention WE LOST priceless liberties which were supposedly guaranteed by our constitution…

    Imagine spending that same amount of money on exploring space, fighting poverty, or heart disease which kills half a million people per year?

    1. Scott says:

      We already spend way more than that “attempting” to fight poverty you moron – know your facts before you speak Bradley you idiot.

      1. Texas Freedom says:

        Amen, brother.

      2. AtlasObjectivist says:

        Absolutely, same old tired liberal rhetoric.

  5. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

    You are either a gullible fool or a paid supporter of the attackers of 9/11.

    1. Canof Sand says:

      Look in the mirror.

      1. Brantmn says:

        You need to shut up now, you don’t even realize how stupid you look. Please stop your comments, and don’t make a bigger fool of yourself.

  6. NowSwimBack says:

    These are not new. I heard these months ago. The depraved media will do anything to run a story.

    1. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

      Nice move. You must be the highest paid government bot of them all.

    2. Jim says:

      Agreed. This is way old and can be found on YOUTUBE….typical of the media to act like this is something new to add to their endless “9/11 anniversary” coverage.

  7. John says:

    Never forget ! It’s been ten years and sadlly, it’s impact and mark in history is becoming just words in a book. I remember that day. My country, My People, were attacked and my life has been affected. It can happen again. Unless we realize that it can happen and prepare to battle against the evil. Be prepared. And always remember. And praise the Soldiers , Past and Present for the work they do that gets so little appreciation.

  8. kyle says:

    I always get caught up thinking about that day. All of the things that took place.

    I drew this yesterday as I thought about it all.

  9. Tex Expatriate says:

    All these things should have been released right away. Among the very bad things that George W. Bush did (and I voted for him twice, sad to say, since he was a liberal Republican) was fail to see all the information about this attack was released to the public. Had he done so, we might not be suffering under a Muslim-loving incompetent Marxist-Leninist President today.

    1. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

      It took them a long time to invent all of this propaganda. They didn’t get around to producing this one until last week.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        You seem to be replying to everyone. Go away, nutjob spammer.

        “You gonna believe me and my pile of totally debunked, insane ramblings, or your lying eyes??” – 9/11 “Truther”

      2. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

        Canof Sand, get your head out of the sand, you suck up to fascism.

      3. Canof Sand says:

        “You gonna believe me and my pile of totally debunked, insane ramblings, or your lying eyes??” – 9/11 “Truther”

        “AND IF YOU DON’T, YOU’RE A FASCIST!!!!!11!!11!!”

        You don’t have an argument. You’re either a nut or a spamming propagandist spreading disinformation to turn other people into nuts. Most likely the former.

      4. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

        Can of Sand. The Government openly admits it hires people like you to spam the news comments.

      5. Canof Sand says:

        So now I’m a government paid shill, am I? (They seem to be severely behind on the payments, then.) Just like everyone else who contests you, from the countless witness to the uncounted throng of scientists (that dwarf the pseudo-“scientists” in your delusional group). Your conspiracy theory requires more suspension of disbelief and buying of absurd reasonings than some guy asking us to believe that the story of “Alice in Wonderland” is nonfiction.

        Hey, moron: Which is more likely: Given that the vast majority of the American people believe 9/11 Truthers are NUTJOBS (WHICH THEY DO), there will be plenty of people to combat said nutjobs in comment threads to big news stories like this, OR that the government needs to pay people to spread the “official story” which the vast majority of people ALREADY BELIEVE. Or are the polls “rigged” as well? You’re irrational.

    2. CH says:

      Monday morning quarterback with no political experience calling the shots 10 years after the worst terrorist attack in America’s history. Run for office if you have all the answers.

    3. Gabriel says:

      I don’t entirely understand the accusation that Obama is a “Muslim-lover.” He’s ramped up the war in Afghanistan, drone-bombed Pakistan and killed OBL (so to speak), he’s bombed Libya, Yemen and Somalia. And we’re still killing Muslims in Iraq.

      What does the body count need to be before you’re convinced he doesn’t love Muslims?

      Marxist-Leninist, perhaps. I’ll give you that. However, the neocon philosophy of perpetual war is based on Trotskyist principles–so maybe give your own beliefs a once-over as well.

      Good luck.

  10. Mike_88 says:

    Why and who decided to release new audio described as “terrifying” two days before the 10 year anniversary of 9/11?

    The need to reaffirm the feelings, to make them fresh again, seems like an odd thing to do unless of course it needs to be affirmed to continue it’s purpose.

    1. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

      No, they are just renewing their psyops campaign in the face of the growing disbelief in the official story, a story more akin to fairy tales than reality.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        You’re a nutjob.

    2. Canof Sand says:

      It’s not odd at all to release new audio, video, transcripts, etc. when there’s an anniversary of some big event. Your conspiracy theories are laughable.

      1. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

        Yes, toady, stand up for the traitors who attacked their own country on 9/11. It fits you well.

      2. Canof Sand says:

        Nice circular argument you’ve got there. Moron.

  11. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

    So, it took the CIA 10 years to come up with this.

    1. Canof Sand says:

      You’re gullible.

    2. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

      I’m gullible because I DON’T BELIEVE the official story. No, gullible is believing something because someone told you it is true, and for no other reason. You rate a full 10 on the gullibility scale.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        “for no other reason” ??

        You’re blind. ALL facts, ALL credible witnesses point to the “official story.” You’re a fool.

      2. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

        Canof Sand, I do not dispute that two airliners were flown into the twin towers and one into the Pentagon. I dispute the claims as to WHO DID IT. Even the FBI admits there is NO EVIDENCE linking any of the proposed terrorists and/or bin-Laden to the attacks.

      3. Canof Sand says:

        “I do not dispute that two airliners were flown into the twin towers and one into the Pentagon”
        Get your story straight with the other nutjobs in the crowd here, then.

        “Even the FBI admits there is NO EVIDENCE linking any of the proposed terrorists and/or bin-Laden to the attacks”

        No, they don’t. Not even close. You tools just lie through your teeth, don’t you?

      4. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

        Canof Sand, you are the most uninformed person I’ve come across in quite some time. Everything you just denied is true.

      5. Reasonable Person living in reality says:

        Complete nut job… Seriously, you “truthers” are about as crazy as can be. Perhaps all the terrorism in the world is a conspiracy of the World Powers, Israelis, and financial powers? Puh-leaze. Listen, go back to arguing about bigfoot, the moon landings and UFOs. It is a historical FACT that middle eastern terrorist attacked our nation on 9-11 and crashed planes in DC, NYC and PA. Crawl back in your hole, you worthless POS.

    3. NoFreedom says:

      The really sad thing here is that 10 years after 9/11, the real murderers and media keep making the victims of 9/11 relive it over and over again when in truth it was they that did the false flag for the sake of war. Quit trying to make the government lovers hear the truth, you’re wasting your time because they don’t want to open their eyes to it. To see the truth would be too painful and it’s easier to call you crazy. They think their government is not capable of killing their own citizens for war?? Google “The Gulf of Tonkin” and “Operation Northwoods”

  12. Bill W. says:

    ‘That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.’ Christopher Hitchens

    You can’t have a logical argument with a conspiracy theorist, because no matter what you say they will never change their opinion. There are high definition pictures of the equipment, tracks, and even footprints on the moon yet people still deny we ever landed there and that all of the pictures are fabricated.

    I find it interesting that the people who generally think the government is a group of bumbling idiots, also believe that they could organize a conspiracy on this grand of a scale without a single person coming forward.

    Steel gets weaker when heated, an aircraft moving 600 miles an hour disintegrates when it impacts, basics physics.

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      You are attempting to apply reason to the insane.

      I applaud you effort.

      If you feel the need to bang your head into a tree at some point. Please resist the impulse.


    2. 2b1ask1 says:

      There were no planes… search YouTube for:
      September Clues Part 3

      It will open your eyes about 9/11 for the first time.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        You’re a nutjob.
        “You gonna believe me and my pile of totally debunked, insane ramblings, or your lying eyes??” – 9/11 “Truther”

      2. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

        Canof Sand, you keep replying to everyone who does not believe the official story. Are you a troll or a spammer? Are you paid to defend the liars who murdered our fellow Americans on 9/11?

      3. Canof Sand says:

        Oh yes, I’m totally “paid off” to spread the “official” story. Just like everyone else who contests you, from the countless witness to the uncounted throng of scientists (that dwarf the pseudo-“scientists” in your delusional group). Your conspiracy theory requires more suspension of disbelief and buying of absurd reasonings than some guy asking us to believe that the story of “Alice in Wonderland” is nonfiction.

      4. Antonio Binggot Talisic says:

        You all are passing that crack pipe around this morning. Go out and get laid. You all sure need it

      5. Samba15 says:

        Are you serious????

        There are HUNDREDS of amateur videos out there of the second plane hitting the towers. HUNDREDS. If you believe that ALL of them were fabricated by the government, then there simply is no rational response to you. If the deaths of 3000-plus people weren’t so sad, your comment would be laughable.

      6. RandyC says:

        2b1, again. Turd in the punchbowl here. If you truly were interested in pursuing unanswered questions, you would focus on a million things other than a no plane theory. There so much more lower hanging fruit. My guess is that you don’t care at all and are in here making wild claims to discredit those of us with legitimate questions. Statements like yours will illicit responses from both sides of the argument and weaken the arguments of those who questions the official story through your adopting truther’s skepticism and inciting official story believers rage. You’re a crafty one but need to be dismissed as a provocateur with no real stake in this debate…

      7. Bill Konrad says:

        No planes you say? Thanks for the heads up, I feel so much better now that I know the truth.

    3. kgirl says:

      “I find it interesting that the people who generally think the government is a group of bumbling idiots, also believe that they could organize a conspiracy on this grand of a scale without a single person coming forward.”

      I would implore you to do your own research sir, then revisit your comment…

      1. kgirl says:

        I would add that the conspiracies go beyond governments…

    4. tv mind control says:

      Obviously, you know nothing about physics.

  13. Goldstein says:

    It’s awesome to see that the majority of the commenters here know that the official 9/11 story was a hoax.

    1. EllieEnlightened says:

      A hoax are you kidding? How did they time everything so well. How did they know they were flying the planes in that exact minute? KSM ADMITTED to doing this and a being a mastermind. Now these comments explain how stupid some Americand really are. Hence BO for POTUS. You just can’t fix stupid.

      1. madashell says:

        you are so right……. so learn how to spell LMFAO

      2. Adam says:

        Apparently someone didn’t get the timing right since the 9/11 commission reported that the air force was scrambled 12 minutes before anyone knew what was happening.

        The blind dismissal of details is just as boggling for tin-hatters as it is for those faithful in the government’s story. Interesting in that those who do believe the story don’t believe the government about a lot of other things.

      3. Canof Sand says:

        It’s completely bunk assertions of “fact” like that which Adam just made that proves these nuts are beyond reason.

      4. RandyC says:

        EllieEnlighted, what would you admit to if you were rendered to a black ops site and tortured for months? Anyone operating with any logic will tell you that admissions from a tortured individual are worthless. Look at the Salem Witch Trials. Girls would admit to two-stepping with Satan after the flames started licking their feet. They were witches though, right? I mean, they admitted to it.

    2. WannaBeShill says:

      Hoax? You’re trolling right? If not, and If you don’t have a tinfoil hat yet, I can sell you one. I’ve got the foil in my kitchen. I can whip one up in a jiffy for you. I warn you, it is expensive, but I’m sure you will find it worth it.

      How do you become so gulliable? Why do you want to believe this “truther” rubbish?

      I wonder how much of this “truther” stuff originated from Islamists. Their Koran tells them that it is OK to lie to the infidels.

    3. Craig Brockman says:

      As a member of the NYPD Search, Rescue, and Recovery team I am offended by your comments, and you smear the memories of the innocent that died on that day day while giving credence to the animals that perpetrated this crime!

      1. inside job says:

        Why did building 7 collapse, you snctimonious tool?

    4. Canof Sand says:

      Congrats, the “9/11 Truther” community are a bunch of spamming trolls. This means you swam comment sections. Too bad for you – and a great thing for humanity – that your numbers here don’t remotely reflect reality.

  14. Edgar Friendly says:

    Wow, the Flat-Earth Society is here in full force.

    Yeah, that’s it…the planes were built in Area 51 and the hi-jackers were actually Elvis and Jim Morrison. All the tapes and footage were made in a Hollywood set and the buildings were actually knocked down by sandworms under the earth controlled by Algore.

    Pass more of that delicious koolaid!

    1. WannaBeShill says:

      If one could sell tinfoil hats here, one would make a killing big enough to retire.
      Hey “truthers,” sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one: 19 Islamists did fly the planes into The Towers, the Pentagon, and into the ground near Somerset, PA. The fires were instense enough to anneal and weaken the steel girders. It can be that simple. It’s an insult to the dead to believe otherwise.

      1. Dr. Bamboo says:

        Traitor and war criminal. See you on TV at the treason trials whilst your family is outside on camera crying … ‘he was only doing his job’.

      2. Rusty says:

        What about building 7? No plane hit it and it you cannot deny it resembles controlled demolition. If you do deny it, then you are a liar. If nothing else this alone should be investigated by We the People with subpoena power. Building 7 was not included in the 9/11 Commission Report.

      3. Canof Sand says:

        It’s been investigated many times. You just didn’t like the results. You are the ones with blinders on, not us, the vast majority of the American people, who view your ilk as the nutters you are.

    2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      Your handlers are not going to be impressed with your lame abilities, old haggard banter and obvious lack of knowledge and creativity. You’ll be fired soon or have your pay lowered lamer. You also get a D minus for your grade. Expect to be arrested someday for accessory after the fact. Translation: war criminal.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        Oh yes, “handlers.” Because we’re all TOTALLY “paid off” to spread the “official” story. Just like everyone else who contests you, from the countless witness to the uncounted throng of scientists (that dwarf the pseudo-“scientists” in your delusional group). Your conspiracy theory requires more suspension of disbelief and buying of absurd reasonings than some guy asking us to believe that the story of “Alice in Wonderland” is nonfiction.

    3. EllieEnlightened says:

      Unreal. Read above comment to Goldstein.

  15. David Allen says:

    Speaking on behalf of the rest of the nation:

    Why is Bloomberg still mayor of NYC? Anybody in New York want to explain that one to me?

  16. Tom says:

    Jews did not hijack the planes. Muslims did.

    1. Arthur says:

      how do you know? you only know what you’ve been told. they could have been Chinese for all you know. I wouldn’t believe the building actually fell if I hadn’t volunteered down there in the aftermath

      1. Canof Sand says:

        How could YOU know otherwise when ALL credible evidence points to Islamists, you blind fool? And you wouldn’t believe the building even actually fell?? What kind of moron are you? Do you not believe there’s such a place as Japan, either, cuz you haven’t seen it? You’ve got SEVERE confirmation bias to the point that it could be diagnosed as a mental illness.

      2. inside job says:

        Why no grand jury investigation?

  17. Joe Doakes says:

    September 11, 2001 . . .

    September 2, 2010

    Dear President Obama,

    Part of my life I spent as a photographer. One of the subjects I photographed was the World Trade Center. I loved that place. Every chance I got I wanted to get up to the top of the world and shoot photos and cavort with my friends. I can’t describe what it is, was, like to view the world from that high up, feel the wind, the crisp air, peer into an azure blue and endless sky, and have so much of the this great nation in ones view. I was so nuts about the place I photographed the lobby. Who takes pictures of a lobby? With no one in it? I do. What caught my eye was the flags of all the countries along the walls, and those massive arcing windows just below them. I did it all in black and white, and when I look at those photos now I see a ghost of myself, and this nation. I see what this nation once was, and will be again. Bigger and better than before. As Americans we have earned the right to dream bigger, and build better, than any nation on the planet, it never ceases to amaze me what a free people can accomplish on a voluntary basis. We did not build one of the tallest buildings – we built two of ‘em!

    Shortly we will honor those souls who were lost on September 11, 2001. We do this to commemorate the countryman and women we lost, and to thank those who gave their last breath, and their lives, to save people they have never met. Some succeeded, others died as heros to forever rest on Gods’ shoulders; for who would God want more to keep him company for eternity then a few NYPD firefighters and cops! There’s no more pleasant a sound then to listen to a cop and a firefighter yak about absolutely nothing. On that day, Islamic Militants boarded planes, and made a conscious and calculated decision to kill my fellow Americans, and the day after, America, dusted herself off, and went to work facing an enemy that we had pointed lawyers and judges at, and not bullets and bombs, that failure and miscalculation caused that day, President Clinton cashing the peace dividend on the backs of our national defense, and our intelligence efforts caused that day, failing to pull the trigger on Osama caused that day, weakness in the face of evil caused that day . . . but on September 12, 2001 we didn’t care the cause, we all wanted to go to war to keep that day from happening again. Then, President Bush climbed onto hollowed ground and validated our desire and need to kick some tail. When a foreign enemy hits us, we hit ‘em back and when they fall we get the next guy, and the next guy, until the rest of ‘em decide to quit. We know that day has arrived when the next guy decides to pick a plow share, and not a suicide belt – that day, unfortunately, is not today.

    At some point something went awry. I’m betting that the notion of proportional response crawled into our leaders minds, and the geopolitical ramifications of this or that counter-attack on what ever country that gave rise to this brand of evil, and then we committed the greatest sin of listening to those voices – even giving them merit. Some of the purveyors of those voices are now leading this nation, in fighting for the enemy politically, they won, and now they are giving those same men and women fighting for this nation their orders – ponder that for a moment. That occurred because the purveyors of those voices had a more than willing far left wing media to amplify them, and tell us that our rage was nothing more than “islamophobia.” Sound familiar? As I write these words islamic militants are planning their next attack, while our President blindly seeks peace with those same people. Do you trust a person who says one thing to one person, and something else to another? Why should we as a nation do that?

    On November 6, 2012 we will be asked to render a judgment, and select a new leader who is willing to make tough economic calls based on common sense that we all know in our hearts to be true, and make difficult choices, rapidly, under immense political and emotional strain. While simultaneously resisting the strong desire to prosecute President Obama and his administration for their failures – I think we have had enough of that. Our failed spend first borrow more and open hand foreign policy is a sign of weakness, and stupidity, that our enemies are relying on, and our friends now use as a basis for their mistrust – I don’t blame them. If a murderer came into my home and I gave them access to my bedroom and my children, I have only myself to blame for not being prepared to meet that challenge. Well, ladies and gentleman, we have challenges ahead, we need politicians who will meet them, head on, with enough force to not only check, and reverse the spread of socialism, if not communism, but to have the stomach to fight evil without remorse so the next guy decides that it is not worth the trouble.

    You numb nuts in Washington DC may own the clocks, but we’ve got the time, and on November 6, 2012 – times up baby.

    Joe Doakes

  18. murder on the orient express says:

    Remember the book ‘Murder on the Orient Express’? Or the idea that “our” sins caused the crucifixion of CHrist? Or the bloody assasination of Julius Ceasar? Well, there you have it. Read between the lnes. That is 9/11.

    1. David Allen says:

      Remember that little slip your doctor gave you to take to the pharmacist?

      It was your prescription for thorazine, the anti-psychotic drug you are supposed to be taking.. Why don’t you go get some more and start taking your doses as you are supposed to?

  19. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Attention government paid shills, blogger and traitors:

    As you sit in your cubicle typing away, expect people in uniform to show and say; ‘Mr. Fake Blogger you are under arrest for high crimes against humanity, after the fact, treason, and you need to come with us now.’

    Have a great day.

    1. TheRealKingMax says:

      Yes, you are correct.

      BTW, do you know what size you would take in a strait jacket?

      “9/11 Truthers”.

      Now, THERE’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one!!!!!

    2. Canof Sand says:

      Oh yes, “shills.” Because we’re all TOTALLY “paid off” to spread the “official” story. Just like everyone else who contests you, from the countless witness to the uncounted throng of scientists (that dwarf the pseudo-“scientists” in your delusional group). Your conspiracy theory requires more suspension of disbelief and buying of absurd reasonings than some guy asking us to believe that the story of “Alice in Wonderland” is nonfiction.

      As for “traitors,” on what grounds can you POSSIBLY call us that? Oh, that’s right, circular reasoning. You’re a fool.

      1. RandyC says:

        Can of Sand, Steafan Dubhuidhe isn’t BSing you when he says it’s on record that our government hires individuals to defend official versions of events online. Look that up before you jump back in with your relentless defense. There are still questions. No planes hit Building 7, a 47 story building. It fell at free fall speed. The 9/11 commission completely fails to investigate or mention building 7 at all in their report. Larry Silverstein, the buildings owner, said that they made the decision to “pull it”. A common term in demolition referring to implosion. Your relentless assertion that those that have questions are “nutjobs” is getting pretty weak. Given the reality of government sponsored trolls, you very much appearing like one.

  20. candy says:

    I think most of these people insulting 9/11 truthers are paid shills, selling their souls for 10 bucks an hour. Pathetic.

    1. WannaBeShill says:

      Where can I get that 10 buck an hour job? Is it full time? Non-exempt? Do I get time and a half for overtime.

      As Bugs Bunny said, “What a maroon.”

      1. RandyC says:

        Why don’t you give yourself a pearl waaaay more valuable than $10/hr. It’s called critical thinking. Do an ounce of research. Many governments pay individuals to monitor and comment on politically sensitive online discussions. For most, you included, it is a difficult concept to imagine that commonly held views aren’t true. You have to go through a very difficult period of breaking away from the comfort of mainstream thought. Most people don’t have the internal resources to turn on their critical reasoning and apply it ceaselessly to the world around them. It’s tough. You have to be honest with yourself though. Ignorant comments are a basic defense mechanism. The fact is, you are trying to deny an uncomfortable reality that your government and the paternal voices that provide you with information and shape your world view, might not have your best interest at heart. The world becomes an uglier place. The truth sets you free. Come on step into the rarefied air. Google “government sponsored trolls” for a start.

  21. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    110 story buildings, steel framed, collapsing into their own footprint in less than 10 seconds … sure that can happen through the path of most resistance. That’s called high school physics that got a D minus on the exam.

    How about those fingerprints from the people on the plane that hit the Pentagon and then ‘vaporized’? Now that’s some Beltway/Military science.

    911essentials dot com

    1. Madashell says:

      The towers were built to withstand a 747 hitting it. LOL It amazes me that people don’t look at the facts. I really have a hard time believing that people are that stupid to believe everything Hollywood tells them.

      1. UseYourBrain says:

        Go educate yourself:
        Architects for 911 Truth

        Next, realize that some of us don’t get our info from Hollywood…ever. You idiot.

      2. DGS says:

        747s didn’t exist when the towers were built. They were built to withstand the impact of a 707. Still, the impact of a 757 or 767 should not have resulted in the collapse of the towers. Fire doesn’t cause steel to turn into fine dust, which is what happened to most of the steel in the towers. Some sort of exotic weapon was used, a weapon whose very existence the authorities don’t want people to know about.

        P.S. the link that says LISTEN TO THE AUDIO FILES HERE seems to lead only to the transcripts, not to audio.

      3. Canof Sand says:

        You guys are blind fools with severe confirmation bias problems. I’d point you to the thorough debunking of your nonsense by Popular Mechanics, but of course, they’re all apparently “government paid shills,” along with the vast majority of all other experts who’ve ever published research about 9/11. Useful idiots, the lot of you.

  22. johnny99 says:

    Let’s see, our government has never lied to us before, has it? The Social Security program is perfectly solvent. We’re going to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq has weapons of WMD. (Yet when it turns out to be untrue the troops still stay there. Hmmm.) Obama will pull troops out of Iraq and Afg. The $15 trillion debt will be repaid, etc.. The fact is that politicians tell so many lies it’s like the boy who cried wolf. No wonder people think politicians will lie about terrorist attacks as well.

  23. Ritch says:

    Just STFU troll

  24. Matt says:

    Its amazing that people are still clinging to disproved conspiracy theories. Ignorance is bliss!

    1. john says:

      Your right. Like the Governments explanation of 9/11. It was a bestselling fiction.

    2. UseYourBrain says:

      Ok…explain building 7. Or explain Norman Mineta’s testimony about Cheney’s actions. Or try to explain how the evidence at is wrong.

      It’s amazing that people still cling to their unfounded security blanket of lies.

  25. Scott says:

    I see the tin-foil hat crowd is alive and well…

    1. Madashell says:

      Thank the good lord that there are more people awake now than ever before and you choose to believe the official story than it is your right to be a sheep. Follow your herd to hell. Bye bye

    2. timmy says:

      did you think of that one yourself? have you ever had an original thought in your life? but everyone else is stupid right?

  26. mcnertny says:

    Condoleeza rice also saod she was clueless that “aircraft could be used as suicide weapons” the supposedly brilliant woman had no knowledge os ww2 history,,or she never read tom clancy

    1. Kyle says:

      I love how you politicize a national tragedy. Never too late to bash Condy or the Bush administration, right?

  27. NotaSociailist says:

    this makes me sick to my stomach… i hate radical islam

    1. truth says:

      yea! those scary cave dwelling, uneducated, poor farmers. We’re lucky they didn’t decide to have a full on invasion. Frontal assault we would be annihilated.

  28. drdarby says:

    LOL John go back to your crack pipe.

    1. RandyC says:

      drdarby, you, my friend, make your comments because believing anything else would be too devastating of a blow to your worldview and your psyche. The 9/11 Commission didn’t provide adequate answers and that is from their mouths, not just mine. Gov. Kean said “The commission was set up to fail”. While popping onto a chat room and making disparaging statements might make you feel good in some way, there are still a preponderance of questions remaining. Crack pipe comments don’t provide any answers to lingering questions and, honestly, mock those who died in the tragedy. Weak men are content to let sleeping dogs lie and get on with their lives despite admissions of failure from the 9/11 commissioners themselves. It takes a bit more fortitude to carry the memory of the fallen by seeking way more clarity that what we’ve been given.

  29. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Where was the U.S. Air Force on 9/11?

    Whenever contact is lost with any airplane, fighter jets routinely take to the air to investigate. This commonly occurs about 100 times per year in well under 20 minutes. But on 9/11 nearly two hours passed without any interception.

    1. Madashell says:

      so right! As Americans we have a right to know who was behind it. Of course the intelligent people are the ones fighting to get our country back from these criminals.

    2. eddiethegeek says:

      TWO HOURS? None of the 9/11 planes was even in the air for two hours! Do better!

    3. CommonSensePlease says:

      Genius…the scramble time of a few minutes is because of 9/11. That’s how it is now. IN other words, it took longer before 9/11. OMG..some of you are simply insane. And for those of us who lost a friend on one of the aircraft that day, you’re truly disgusting.

  30. paul scipio says:

    Hey John your a F ucking Moron

    1. john says:

      and youmust reort to insult, or threat, It means you lose.

  31. Karpal says:

    You’re an idiot.

    1. john says:

      hitting a nerve, shill?

    2. john says:

      Do you even KNOW that almost half of those faces we all saw posted on the news that they said were the hijackers were still ALIVE after 9/11? Or that Larry siverstein’s investment group who purchased the WTC lease from the Port Authority had DEEP ties to Israeli Intel? Or that the only plane in the air on 9/11 was the Bin Ladens, departing from their cozy visit with Bush Senior at the white house so they could watch the fireworks? Or that israeli intelligence had infiltrated corporate phone operations and monitored chatter between US intelligence and security agencies?

      Anyway, they did such a sloopy job, they WANT us to know they did it now. Go do some research.

      1. lance uppercutt says:

        Loose Change does not count as research you gullible moron.

      2. tv mind control says:

        Comeon John..too many facts, they can’t handlelogic and reason! These guys are still using “nutjob” and “tinfoil hat”..who the f still says “tinfoil hat”? That’s paid debunker speak.

  32. Victor Ward says:

    Cuck Coo!

    1. madashell says:

      not cuck coo it is facts.

    2. Amerika says:

      Seems like more and more Americans are “Coo Coo” these days.

      Or maybe they are just Awake.

  33. Annoyed at Goblin says:

    Annoying? You’re annoying ahole. I wonder if anyone going to the memorial is annoyed? You have to be one of those sissies that think we all just need to move on…forget about it right? Goblin. You Suck

  34. Robert says:

    These recordings have been out for some time, the history channel and others have had these for some time. How about just releasing EVERYTHING anyway what are we afraid of the scary TRUTH!

  35. Heywood Jablome says:

    “The confusion on that day is something that we sometimes forget about,” said Andrew Gimigliano, editor-in-chief of the Rutgers Law Review. “The idea that hijacked planes would be used in that manner just was not something that people were thinking about, and this is really illustrative of what the real tenor was on that morning.” Foemr Centcom commander, General Tommy Franks, wrote in his book “An American Soldier”, that he was concerned DAILY that ‘someone would fly planes into those buildings’

  36. EileenQ4 says:

    The muslim fundamentalists have not forgotten. There is a high terror alert for NYC and DC this weekend. We must never forget the face of hatred for the USA. NEVER!

    1. jake says:

      I think the Muslims are showing considerable restraint, seeing how many Islamic countries we are invading, occupying, propping up the regimes of, launching drone attacks etc.

    1. BobSmith says:

      Uuuh, if it’s banned, how can you read it…?

  37. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    And no one is explaining Build 7 to us? Pathetic re-traumatizing with no facts or truth.

    1. Mojo says:

      I suggest you extract your head from your anal cavity and accept the facts. However, I highly doubt that will happen because YOU ARE A LOON!

      1. I P Standing says:

        and yours is jammed up there also sheep

      2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        You’re showing your age grandpa … that stopped working in the 1990’s and we all see what a pathetic degenerate you are … hysterically lame and please … wave your banner of decrepitude for all to see.

  38. DisturbedMary says:

    No prayers at Ground Zero says Mayor Bloomers. What fools these mortals be!

  39. michaelfury says:

    “The idea that hijacked planes would be used in that manner just was not something that people were thinking about”

    Unless those “people” were Richard Myers and his wargamers at NORAD:

  40. michaelfury says:

    How did Osama and his merry men know to use the NORAD wargames to mask their attacks?

  41. Bec says:

    Some of the comments here are very sad.

    1. Retrick says:

      Yes it is sad to wake up to the reality that we as a people have been Hoodwinked.

  42. Mr. spi says:

    Why is this being released now? Two days before the 10 year anniversary? I seem to remember our illustrious government telling us there was no reason to replay the images of 9/11 as it will just stir up hate and bigotry…. I seem to recall even Obama not releasing osamas death photos as it will just be offensive to some…. So why are these being released now? Its almost like its being used for political purposes…just sayin..

  43. disenchanted one says:

    annoying? move on? NEVER. Our country must never forget there is an entire culture that wishes to eradicate each and every one of us that does not believe as they do. That includes you too,

    you just can’t fix stupid

    1. Gabriel says:

      Take a look at our actions in the Middle East since 1953, and you tell me who’s trying to eradicate who.

      You might need to read a couple of books on our foreign policy before you continue to make such ignorant comments.

      It is not a good thing that the US population is so profoundly uninformed and misinformed. Don’t be part of the problem.

  44. MIKE says:


      1. lcs says:

        I certainly don’t trust you.

    1. Matt says:

      I think you need to adjust the antenna on your tin foil hat.

  45. Christine says:

    Yes, I’m sure the people who perished that day found it to be “annoying” as well. You insensitive twit.

    1. wratican says:

      RIGHT ON lady!

  46. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Never ever trust Muslims.

    1. Susan says:

      You are correct.

    2. Gabriel says:

      Or Jews, or Chinese, or Russians, or Mexicans, or Buddhists, or Canadians.

      They’re all the same I tell you!

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