NEW YORK (WFAN) — Plaxico Burress has taken a page right out of LeBron James’ playbook.

After Miami’s ouster from the NBA Finals in June, the love-him-or-hate-him superstar infamously said: “All the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today.”

Burress has a similar message for fans who celebrated his nearly two-year long prison stint.

“What are you doing now?” Burress says in the October issue of Men’s Journal, according to the New York Post. “You still mad at your job? You still angry about your life? ’Cause I’m back living my life and enjoying my family while you’re still doing the same thing.”

But fans weren’t the only ones to draw Burress’ ire. The Jets’ outspoken wide receiver hit on his relationship with former coach Tom Coughlin, who he called “not a real positive coach.”

“You look around the league, the Raheem Morrises and Rex Ryans — when their player makes a mistake, they take ’em to the side and say, ‘We’ll get ’em next time,’” said the former Big Blue wideout. “But Coughlin’s on the sideline going crazy, man. I can’t remember one time when he tried to talk a player through not having a day he was having.”

The magazine interviewed Burress shortly after his June release from prison on a gun charge.

“After my situation happened, I turned on the TV, and the first words out his mouth was ‘sad and disappointing,’ ” Burress said of Coughlin. “I’m like, forget support — how about some concern? I did just have a bullet in my leg. And then I sat in his office, and he pushed back his chair and goes, ‘I’m glad you didn’t kill anybody!’ Man, we’re paid too much to be treated like kids. He doesn’t realize that we’re grown men and actually have kids of our own.”

Quarterback Eli Manning, who Burress says failed to reach out to him in jail, also was on the Plaxico hot seat.

“I was always his biggest supporter, even days he wasn’t on, ’cause I could sense he didn’t have thick skin,” he said. “Then I went away, and I thought he would come see me, but nothing, not a letter, in two years. I don’t want to say it was a slap in the face, but I thought our relationship was better than that.”

And of course, there’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Burress previously told HBO that he didn’t know who Bloomberg was before shooting himself in the leg in November 2008.

“The way Bloomberg treated me was totally wrong,” said Burress. “Stacked those charges so high I had to go to jail.”

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    there are 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa, what is being done about it?

  2. Rick says:

    What pea brain no common sense jet management gave the fins ok to sign this stupid useless bad role model think who he is idiot they should be banned from the n f l like Plaxico should be barred

  3. Jamel Salter says:

    ii find it funny that we are the ones that pay to go to the games, pay for the merchandise, and the list goes on and then we want to crticize a product of our creation. As long as we throw our money at them they are going to continue living with this high and mighty attitude. His life is better in terms of the materialistic things, but its only because we do not have our own priorities straight. He can talk all he wants to, we are the ones that gives him the power and platform to do so.

  4. T says:

    What a moron. He will be back in jail.

  5. Alan says:

    Too bad he didn’t shoot himself in the family jewels instead of his leg. That way we wouldn’t run the risk of having more little “plaxicos” running around with deadly weapons.

  6. blic says:


  7. karen s says:

    waaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. just shut up. what did you want, a parade? if you really wanted to show your perceived enemies up, you would have come out, and just let your hard work speak for itself. you made the mistake, you had a punishment to serve, and did so. Go quietly about your business. the general public owes you nothing. the fans paid your salary by buying tickets/merchandise. actions speak louder than words. do your job, be a good husband and father. respect is earned, and not a given or a right.

  8. Matt Vierengel says:

    As a Giant fan, I don’t blame Coughlin for any of Burress’ issues. Does Burress expect Coughlin to ‘pull him aside and tell him everything will be ok’ when he breaks the law? NO! Burress complains about being treated like a child, but he has never acted like a professional/role model his entire career (missing meetings/practices and spending Saturday nights in night clubs until early game-day morning). Maybe if he shoots himself again, he will see that even Rex Ryan would have encouraging words for this idiot. I mean seriously…how did he not know who Mayor Bloomberg is?? That basically sums up ‘Cheddar Plax’…. At least he was right about one thing… He is paid too much.

  9. Gary S. says:

    They should give Coughlin a contract extension for having to deal w/ this moron for as long as he did.

  10. R. Goodell says:

    Tiger’s don’t change their stripes; once a punk, always a punk. He’ll be in trouble again. Soon.

  11. MikeD says:

    Hey BURASS!!! Next time carry the gun closer to your head!!!

  12. BostonSteve says:

    My response to Plax’ question “What are you doing now?” would be: “I have continued to work and live in a lawful, productive,manner and have spent the last two years with my family and loving every minute of it; none on my time has been spent in jail feeling sorry for myself and figuring out whom to blame for my own crimes and mistakes, In other words I am living happily as a mature, law abiding citizen- that’s what I’m doing Plax.. oh one more thing- I aint seeing any Parole officer though- so you got me on that one.”

  13. Jason Gusmerotti says:

    What an immature, self centered, irrisponsible, dangerous dope.

  14. ff says:

    “He doesn’t realize that we’re grown men and actually have kids of our own”

    he doesnt see u as a grown man because a grown man with children and a wife wouldnt be out on thanksgiving nite going to strip clubs and clubs–a real man would be home with his children and wife

  15. TOM says:


  16. Gary N. says:

    Plaxico Burress is overrated, overhyped and overpaid. He sucks. His game stinks. He thinks he’s bigger than the team. But whatever the diva says, the Jets will stink with him and will not advance to the playoffs.

    This guy’s talent is a waste because he could not put it all together mentally.

  17. John says:

    >>> He doesn’t realize that we’re grown men and actually have kids of our own.”

    Grown men with families aren’t playing gangsta wannabe dress-up and cruising the bars looking for action. They’re also smart enough to NOT shoot themselves.

    This moron fires a weapon in a crowded bar and he’s upset that there’s not enough concern *for him*.

  18. Deuce says:

    What a complete jerk!! He’s the one breaking the law, as evidenced by his 2 year hiatus from his “job,” and he wants someone to coddle him and stroke him to say “It’ll be okay??” Talk about being treated like a kid? That’s exactly what that is saying, it’s okay you did something stupid, lets go get em next time. Instead of saying, you F’ed up now suffer the consequences, last time I checked thats how adults deal with situations. Cry me a river dudes making millions after he got out of prison, he has NOTHING at all to complain about, just alot to be thankful for!

  19. Matt says:

    Burress, you want to talk about not being there for someone when they need you, how many times did you show up in the off-season to train with your teammates? None. You annually showed up until right before the start of pre-season games, choosing to practice in Florida and forcing the team to design plays for you but having to practice them with other guys. And you wonder why Eli, Coughlin, some of the other Giants weren’t up in arms to try and bring back a felon. Just because you did some incredible things with the Giants, and the punishment may of been harsh, doesn’t take away from the fact you were in jail for 2 years. Not many people get to return to there normal job after being in jail for a month. Be happy you’re playing football for a team with a legit shot, and shut up.

  20. E. Accorsi says:

    Plaxico is 1 skill set away from doing sqweegie work at the Lincoln Tunnel. Let’s be real: Plax is a THUG, a GANGSTA. As evidenced by being a gun-toting lowlife. So who cares what he says!

  21. Matt says:

    Every time this clown opens his mouth I get more and more glad the Giants let him go. Is he for real? Has he learned nothing while he was in jail? Hey Plax, if you don’t want to be treated like a kid then perhaps you should stop acting like one. This clown deserves to be on a team that hasn’t won in over 40 years.

  22. Scott Jones says:

    e does have point about Bloomberg, gangsters, dealers and pimps get collared all the time with weapons and it is usually reduced to misdemeanor, rarely a jail-able offense unless it is conjunction with another offense.

  23. hectt56 says:

    He’s right

  24. NoFunLeague says:

    Pure ignorance. Unfortunately this is what you get from pro athletes these days. I hope the bubble bursts and these athletes all get a dose of reality. The NFL and NBA are the worst with all the mega rich idiots that no one should root for. I actually find it hard to get excited about the NFL any more, forget the NBA all together, the NFL has gotten just as bad. Case in point a 100 million dollar contract for Vick. That guy is a pathetic excuse for a human being how can people root for him? Buress is a dumb ass that shot himself. He is lucky that he didn’t kill someone. He let the Giants and all the fans down and I never heard an apology. I expect him to cause trouble with the Jets sooner than later.

  25. Mike in Chicago says:

    Typical thug. Always a victim.

    “how about some concern? I did just have a bullet in my leg”

    Who put it there you dope?

  26. John Baldwin says:

    Wow it’s everyone’s fault except his. I don’t know about everyone else but my life is pretty good and I didn’t have to go to prison for 2 years. How can you even root for this guy?

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