Say Al Qaeda Eager To Hit Where They Failed, Just Like 9/11 Following 1993By Marcia Kramer

Updated 12:31 a.m., Sept. 10, 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Just two days before the 10th anniversary, New York City is on high alert.

Federal and local authorities have beefed up security after receiving intelligence about a credible threat. The alleged plot by al Qaeda involves detonating car bombs on bridges and in tunnels in New York and Washington D.C. to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.

CBSNewYork Special Report: Remembering 9/11/01: 10 Years Later

Chopper 2 HD got a look at the NYPD in action on Friday — police cruisers and orange cones marked one checkpoint on the George Washington Bridge. On the West Side Highway, at one of the many checkpoints, police were stopping drivers and searching vehicles, specifically vans and trucks. There is also a threat to bridges and tunnels.

Security was equally tight at Penn Station, where armed guards were keeping watch over travelers as Transportation Security Administration agents performed random bag checks, swiping packs for gunpowder.

The crossroads of the world came to a grinding halt at various times Friday because for police Times Square has become the ground zero of the latest terror threat. Sources told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer that another attempt to explode a bomb there is a key concern, and the intelligence suggests it could be a dirty bomb.

Based on informant information authorities are looking for three suspects. One is believed to be an American citizen. Two others apparently have U.S. travel documents.

Some of the information on the latest threat could be coming from Younis al-Mauritani, the man hand-picked by Osama bin Laden to develop terror targets in the United States. He’s a “most wanted list” senior al Qaeda operative who was arrested in Pakistan last week with his computer, BlackBerry and other tools.

“Remember, an awful lot of the security we have you don’t see,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “I’m satisfied that Commissioner Kelly has deployed all of our resources doing everything that we should be doing.”

“Terrorism is theater and this is the stage,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said. “This is right now probably the world’s biggest stage. ”

There was a lot of security you could see Friday in the Big Apple, especially in Times Square, because, as sources told Kramer, the intelligence includes information that al Qaeda wants to finish the job that started with Faisal Shahzad’s failed car bomb attempt in May 2010.

Top security officials told Kramer this is the al Qaeda way. Their 1993 attempt to topple the World Trade Center failed, so they came back again on 9/11. Shahzad’s car bomb fizzled, so now they want to try again.

But that’s only half of the problem. Officials are worried that this time it could be a dirty bomb.

“We have to think about a dirty bomb, where you take radiological material and mix it with conventional explosives,” Kelly said.

Kramer recently talked exclusively with Kelly about the possibility of a dirty bomb, but now sources said the classroom drills might have to be put into practice. Intelligence sources said the terrorists could be trying to make a dirty bomb this time my mixing radiological isotopes with an explosive device.

That’s why the NYPD is deploying all kinds of radiation detectors, panel trucks with sophisticated instruments. On Friday, cops had personal radiation detectors on their belts, and radiation detectors are being used by police within a 50-mile radius of New York City — in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania and on Long Island.

Kelly told Kramer the NYPD has units trained to deal with terrorists who have bombs.

“We think about how to handle these people. How do we approach them if we believe they have some device, a bomb, something that’s going to explode,” Kelly said. “We have to think about tactics and strategies.”

On Friday night, tourists and residents in Times Square didn’t seem too concerned with the threat of an attack.

“I think it’s the safest place on the planet right now,” Andre Vriese of California told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

“Keep the country safe and keep terrorists out,” added Ken Jennings of Brooklyn.

“I mean, it’s been how long since 9/11? So we kind of get used to having the security around,” said Nigel McFarland of Brooklyn.

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Marcia Kramer

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  1. Jenny says:

    I find it hard to believe that “al qaeda” after orchestrating one of the most complex and sophisticated terrorist attacks EVER in the history of terrorism using planes, government buildings, and multiple organizers…would now be planning on a car bomb.
    I think this terror threat is a false flag yet again. Anything to keep people terrified. Whats more concerning is the fact that during the pseudo hurricane we had, which was just a rain storm here in nyc, lets be honest, that we shut down the trains for two full days. That’s a lot of time for someone to take something out or more worrisome, put something in. Then now FEMA is in the city, and has been here since the hurricane. Did you know that FEMA was flown into the city the day before the 9/11 attacks? Our government was already prepared for the attack because they knew it was coming. And now we have FEMA here again, what do they know this time?

  2. Askari says:

    mac – no, you nitwit, it will “feel like the terrorists have won” when that dull sword blade makes the first dragging cut across your neck.

    1. mak says:

      What? We all are to live in fear now? Or how about a police state? That should keep us safe from guys intent on killing us … not.

      I refuse to live in fear and I will not jump up and down everytime a terror threat is revealed. These terrorists took so much from us that day in terms of human lives. I’ll be d**ned if they get my psyche too. If you want to live in fear, that’s your choice.

      1. Askari says:

        No need to live in fear, or jump up and down, neither of which helps anyone in the least. Just recognize that we have enemies, don’t be in denial about it, and expect them to try their worst to hurt us. The debate should be about how to identify them and defeat them, and that doesn’t mean waiting for them to strike and then wringing our hands over it for the next decade.

        “Police state”? How about a sense of proportion? Now it’s you sounding like an alarmist. There a plenty of examples of real police states out there, and believe me, this isn’t one.

  3. mak says:

    Hark! What is that song I hear? Oh, yes …

    “Ah, freak out
    Le freak, c’est chic
    Freak out
    Ah, freak out
    Le freak, c’est chic
    Freak out …”

    We lost so much after 9/11. It feels like the terrorists have won.

  4. Stop all arabs this weekend says:

    Wow 2 dumb Arabs decided to post .Have fun getting stopped everywhere you go this weekend.

  5. Alex Thomas IS wacko says:

    Alex Thomas is what the USA people are worried about crazy PEOPLE LIKE HIM.

  6. 911 fool says:

    RIP to the dead victims. To the living proletariat,
    have a Happy September Fools Day!

  7. Dr. O, MD says:

    Look who’s talking about meds!!!!!

  8. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  9. Pete Nole says:


    (From another ‘tea-baggin’ loon’)

  10. Rob Blob says:

    No, sorry… you guys are alone. Find a psychologist.

  11. rhyzoolie says:

    Should anything happen, show no mercy in retaliation, hit these mooselimbs with everything we have, all foreign national mooselimbs have their assets seized, deposited in a bank account for victims, and ship em out and totally ban any mooselimb from ever entering the USA, ever!

  12. Meme Meyagi says:

    there are 7 million mooslime terrorists inside usa, what is being done about it?

    1. rhyzoolie says:

      If an attack should come, they will have no where to hide from the vengeance that will descend upon them regardless!

  13. Pounce Kitty says:

    Who cares what CBS News has to say about 9/11? They are complicit in the destruction of America by shilling for Obama and pretending 9/11 was a “tragedy.” It was an ATTACK on the US by our enemies. We need to stop listening to liberal media and start thinking for ouselves!!!! Repel Islamic terrorists! Repel Obama! Repel liberals who refuse to stare TRUTH in the face and call it was it is. ISLAMIC TERROR!!!

    1. Pete Nole says:

      Remember a few years back when US Rep. John Conyers of Michigan was discussing the 9/11 commission and could not find the right word to describe what happened on that day? He stammered around looking for the right word and finally called it …’the 9/11…er…umm…aaah…INCIDENT!”

      Yeah! he wanted to avoid such ‘incendiary words as ‘attack’

    2. Pete Nole says:

      Problem is no country’s official government has been identified yet as committing terrorist acts against the US — only groups of individuals acting as terrorists who are not beholden to any nation or govt. but, instead, cross international lines. They are not in allegiance to any nation or govt., though they may get unofficial logistical support during some phase of their actions from some nations (i.e., Iran, Somalia, etc.). Yet, even these nations are not in open war with the US.

      So, how can we retaliate against any nation or govt. when no nation or govt. has been identified as waging open war against the US, only these trans-national individuals from many Middle East countries waging war against us?

  14. eka says:

    i can’t believe the ignorant comments posted. I am a New Yorker, an FDNY kid, ran from the buildings on 9/11, went to funerals and I still can’t believe the idiotic commentary. There are over 1.5 Billion muslims in the world and you think bombing innocent people will solve anything? Obviously it didn’t – and please don’t dare say “we haven’t been attacked since 9/11 b/c we retaliated” Let’s not forget the 2 wars started under Bush cost us $1.3 TRILLION, and has killed over 4500 US troops. Oh and do we dismiss the 132,000 innocent civilians killed? Don’t you think that created thousands of terrorists in training?
    Please move to the deep iSouth and keep your comments to Fox news.

    1. Pounce Kitty says:

      Read Sharia law and FEAR what Islamic terrorists would like to do to you! You probably voted for Obama, which disqualifies you from serious discussion.

    2. eka says:

      You just proved my point.

    3. cogito ergo sum says:

      I agree with you. Before I get called a liberal, let me just say that I’m not. Barack Obama is G.W.Bush the Second in my opinion, just as corrupt or even more so, it’s hard to say, they’re both puppets controlled by the same banksters and corporations, so they’re pretty much equal. I’m Libertarian and I believe that the faux two party system in this country is only serving as a divide and conquer tactic to maintain the corruption and status quo. I find it odd that many of these people will call themselves Christians. Even if you do believe in the phoney 9-11 official narrative, wasn’t it Jesus Christ who said to turn the other cheek, replacing the long-held Old Testament practice of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”? Let’s not be hypocrites, eh?

      1. Kahne O says:

        You only have one other cheek to turn. After that kick ass. That is my interpretation of that passage. The Bible is filled with passages about vengeance, and God uses humans for that.

    4. Jim Henley says:

      Hi, eka. I’m a Tea Partier who thinks the current president is doing serious damage to this country, who supported the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, continued to say Bush was doing a pretty good job straight through to the end of his presidency, and today am only trying to choose between Perry and Paul for the 2012 primary… and I am so, so, so sorry (and even more embarrassed) by the insane ignorant religious bigotry these fellows are spewing.

      I honestly thought we were classier than that in the Tea Party. C’mon guys. Get your act together. Let’s pray that we not face another attack, regardless of whether or not President Obama’s policies have made an attack more likely, and, if our enemies do succeed… we cross that bridge when we come to it.

      Until then, show a little freakin’ respect to somebody who was on the ground on 9/11! For goodness’ sakes, he’s an Obama voter second, and an American first!

    5. Rob Blob says:

      Wow, I thought firemen had to past a pass test to become a fireman.

      1. Michael mouse says:

        Fortunately for you, Rob, it is not a grammar test.

    6. Aram Karibian says:

      What is an FDNY kid? I don’t believe you “ran from the buildings on 9/11”. If you did and this is your response, you need to get some red corpusles. Your analysis of the effects of retaliation is pure fact-challenged delusion and sophism.

      1. Willlllssss says:

        Fdny people are dirtbags

    7. BRING BACK DRAFT says:

      Bush did not kill 4500 troops Bad soldiers who have no experience and are in it for education is what got them killed.Military is way of life You have your hardcore life military .And people looking for some college money and 2 or 3 years service that is our weakness in military.Bring back draft teach these kids to fight and lets wipe out the middle east clean.

    8. Mark says:

      I didnt know firemen are stupid.

    9. Kahne O says:

      Your ignorance about the Deep South is pretty hypocritical since they are the majority of the people who answered the call to blow Afghanistan to hell and back. 911 was an act of war. Had we pretended to be Bill Clinton, we would have been attacked again because those islamist extremists didn’t think we would do ANYTHING. Their Religion and Politics are the same thing and it is all about power and control, just like every conflict in the world. These guys are EVIL and should be destroyed. We didn’t ask for them to attack us, but they did, TWICE. When Clinton did nothing about it the first time, we were sitting ducks. Anyway, spending only 1.3 trillion dollars for a war is nothing compared to the almost 5 trillion Obama has spent in 2.5 years aiding and abetting his crony capitalist corporate and union thug bosses. If you want to know where all our borrowed money has ended up, check Trumpka and Hoffa’s pockets.

  15. Stella Bailey says:

    President Obama needs a crisis. Let’s hope that it is not now.

    1. cvahawk says:

      How true!

  16. Adam says:

    How can they detect a dirty bomb if it’s encased in lead?

    1. Rhyzoolie says:

      A government agency known as NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team) has very, extremely sensitive capable of detecting even the slightest trace of nuclear materials, even thru lead as the materials decay they give off particles that pass thru lead and can be detected and that is from thousands of feet in the air. So worry not, unless Obama has decided we dont need NEST anymore! See –

  17. J says:

    We need names Mr. Mayor and Commissioner!

  18. unemployed says:

    The fact of the matter is our economy is dying and governtment will do something to distract from this issue. The presstitutes will continue tow government lines like they have done in the past. one can ignore the reality but can not ignore the consequences.

  19. rachel says:

    more fear mongering to justify increasing spending on police and security. Someone makes money off this.

    1. omstrat says:

      and if you got hurt in a terrorist attack you’d be the first prick out there screaming how the government didn’t protect you and you’d be suing everybody and his brother. What a fraud

      1. cogito ergo sum says:

        How can you ever know that? What a ridiculous assumption! I believe the same thing Rachel does and I would NEVER want the government’s so-called “help”. Gimme a break! That is not a very intelligent response, unless you’re some sort of psychic, sheesh!

  20. Pulaski Pete says:

    Dear CBS: Please do not rely on spell check and actually proofread your articles. Thanks!

    “Who do we approach them if we believe they have some device,…”

  21. Doug Huffman says:

    Who fails to do arithmetic – specific activity – is doomed, not least to nonsense.

    1. streetofwallsdotcom says: supports our brave police and fire fighters. Wall Street is having a tough time, but we are behind you in every way!

  22. nuisance says:

    Be afraid!!! That’s what they want you to do. The “terrorists” have won…they did a long time ago. The government wants you to keep being terrified, keep giving up your freedoms, and most importantly, keep that money flowing to the military industrial complex.

  23. rockit says:

    Obama’s new jobs initiative is a new cabinet level agency – the dept of dine out for our beloved food stamp populace. The jobs bill creates an army of highly paid federal workers to cater to food stamp and welfare recipient dining needs – this is not a joke – . So where is the incentive to get food stamp and welfare recipients into real jobs and off my tax dollars?

  24. John Resseger says:

    Cleveland Biolabs’ CBLB502 Granted Fast Track Status From FDA
    Posted July 22, 2010
    Cleveland Biolabs Inc. (CBLI)’s CBLB502 for Reducing the Risk of Death Following Total Body Irradiation During or After a Radiation Disaster Granted Fast Track Status From FDA

    BUFFALO, NY–(Marketwire – 05/31/11) – Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBLI – News) today announced that the Company and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority of the Department of Health and Human Services (“BARDA”) have recently concluded advanced stages of contract negotiations for funding of certain CBLB502 development activities included in the Company’s 2010 Proposal to BARDA.
    BARDA has indicated that further contract-related negotiations will require clarification of the development path for CBLB502 with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), which is in the process of actively reviewing the Company’s IND for CBLB502 as part of its recent transfer to a new FDA Division. This review, which is an anticipated step in the drug development process, is currently underway. BARDA has indicated that the Company may resubmit an updated proposal upon confirmation from the FDA there are no objections to the Company proceeding with its development plan as a result of this review. The Company is actively working toward obtaining this confirmation in the shortest time period possible

    Ok now it is September 9th 2011. Ten Million doses of his drug CBLB502 should have been purchased last year after it was proven safe in Two Human safety studies.

    Dear Kathleen Sebaleus

    You have a drug that will save perhaps a million lives and you want to test it some more? MS Hamburg? Mr Pinenta? Senator Jack Reed? President Barack Obama?

    John Resseger

    1. mj says:

      the drug kept mice exposed to radiation alive one week longer than the mice that didn’t get the drug.. ALL of the mice still died . i think it still has a ways to go before its considered useable .

  25. mj says:

    tjhere is NO antidote for radiation exposure . its just a matter of physics and physiology how radiation effects living cells. people have NO idea how bad a dirty bomb attack would be on those in the immediate area.

    1. Jubal Harshaw says:

      Absolutely. All the more reason that retaliation for such an attack must be as rapid and devastating as possible, without resorting to nukes. It must be abundantly clear to terrorists and the nations that host and supply them that the cost of such actions is more than they wish to bear. The flip side of that is that such foolishness as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and the rest cannot happen any more. Let the politicians that start the wars lead the first charge personally. Enough of these stupid ‘wars’ that do absolutely nothing but get people, particularly Americans, killed.

      1. Pablo says:

        If such a solution were possible, I’m pretty sure someone would have taken care of terrorism a long time ago. It’s impossible to decide who is (or will become) a terrorist, and so it is impossible to kill them all without also killing millions of innocents. Let’s be realistic here.

  26. rodel says:

    If there is another attack we should go and nuke them all. This should have been done on 9/12/01.

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      why wait for another attack?

  27. Edge says:

    I fear that these idiots will be in a car as they are passing into the Lincoln Tunnel with a bomb in the vechile. Itwouldn’t suprise me a bit. They don’t care who they hurt and they think it is all for some higher calling. What is wrong with that cohort of people. They are mindless and to me murders. In order to solve this problem we need to tighten up security to a point where yes there are checkpoints. Too bad if no one likes it; I think it is going to become a way of life until we secure our boarders and stop illegals from entering our country that hate us. Yes, we need to screen and screen well beyond a test or search but I am calling for background checks between countries. These people that do us harm do not believe in Alah they beleive in the devil and that is why they are so heartless.

    1. StartProfiling says:

      Simple solution: Target profile; middle-aged, Arab, Muslims.

      1. HadEnough says:

        Right. Until those Arabs finally get it through their thick turbins who really runs this world, profile them. In the meantime, continue bombing them into submission. I’m sick of this kitty-footing around, lets go get our oil! Who’s with me?!?

    2. owen says:

      Actually, we just have to make it more painful and negative to do the terrorism than to not do it.

    3. Nick says:

      The problem we face here is that they’re already here. Millions of them… and they’re just multiplying. I wish we could just simply secure our borders, but it’s too late for that.

  28. nan says:

    we should not just kill osama and threw him into the ocean. what we should do is put his body with pigs and bury in the white house’ garden. and let those stupid mus-lim to see what happen if they kill our ppl……

  29. BigBoa says:

    Fear not! If there IS an attack, O’Bozo will apologize IMMEDIATELY!

    What SHOULD happen is this. If the mighty Boa were in charge, he would release a statement warning against ANY such action. Each event taking place either on our soil or against US citizens will warrant immediate destruction of a “Holy Site” at the mighty Boa’s choosing. Dome of the Rock, etc. There are 3 or 4 sites they really consider special. Once those are gone, we commence nuking their nations from the face of the Earth. If the people of THOSE nations don’t like it, leave or do something about their leaders. Anyone protesting in OUR nation will suffer summary execution. It is time to stop playing games with this bs……

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      good post

  30. BigBoa says:

    Stop worrying. We have O’Bozo at the helm now…..He apologized to all the muslim leaders and said he’ll pull our troops out. According to the marxists and other lib morons, that is all the muslims want so we should be just peachy…..Now of course, if muslims really want MORE, like say, to control the Earth and force people to submt or die, THEN we’d have something to worry about. But as O’Bozo has told us, it is a “religion of peace” so we got NUTHIN to worry bout…..

    AH HAHAHA! What an idiot….

  31. Jack Stephenson says:

    If the terrorist succeed in blowing up a dirty bomb in NY or DC, they will regret it. America was angry enough when they blew up two buildings with planes. If they do this, we will be angry enough to relax the rules of engagement in Afghanistan and slaughter them all in revenge.

    1. byebyebarry says:

      Not a chance with this administration

    2. Meme Meyagi says:

      i doubt it jack, when amerikans elected mooslime terrorist as president, that should have been your clue as to where amerika is heading

  32. HansJurgen says:

    Have no fear. Obummer’s new job program will help clean up the “dirty bomb”. Hope it doesn’t happen, but I’m sure Obummer will come to the rescue as he continues his “tour” and plays another round of golf on the west coast.

  33. nan says:

    there is only one solution ….that is let America convert to a Muslim country. then we will be saved.

    1. chai says:

      are you NUTS?????????????????? No way, ever…..

    2. Moon Them says:


      “Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is a Muslim, and as his time in space coincided with the last part of Ramadan, the Islamic National Fatwa Council drew up the first comprehensive guidebook for Muslims in space.[1][3] The 18-page guidebook is titled “Guidelines for Performing Islamic Rites (Ibadah) at the International Space Station”, and details issues such as how to pray in a low-gravity environment, how to locate Mecca from the ISS, how to determine prayer times, and issues surrounding fasting. The orbit of the ISS results in one day/night cycle every 90 minutes,[1][28] so the issues of fasting during Ramadan are also addressed. “

    3. Meme Meyagi says:

      nan, with amerika having mooslime terrorist president, it is well on the way, but the results will be very disappointing. all mooslime countries are 3rd world dumps

  34. Klaes Holgreen says:

    The US Government can attack any city it wants to and frame anyone. They have dirty bombs and real nukes, when they do, that means FEMA Camps and
    RIP to the Constitution.

    1. Kevin Scott says:

      .Maybe a little more medication is in order. That’s a hell of paranoid fantasy!

  35. Hazel Burke says:

    Well I’m in NYC and I did run out of the buildings that day. I also think this fear mongering does us no good. Let us get on quietly with securing of our country and borders. Also lets remain realistic about just who the Muslims are and just what they want to do with us. Don’t tell me it’s just a radical few. It isn’t It’s the overwhelming majority of them. Even a whole let of them here in the city.

  36. dave says:

    Thank you, Radical Islime. Take Moo Ham Head and kick him in the ass for me. He’s done us just as much bad as he’s done you ‘peaceful people’.

  37. confused bonafide american says:

    If the arabs would bomb his friends (obama – muslim brothers) – wonder what they would do to their enemies? Or maybe this is just a made up event brought to you by the republicans to take away from the jobs news.

    1. 000 says:

      It’s OSAMA, not OBAMA … brain surgeon

      1. HansJurgen says:

        No, it is Obama or Obummer.

  38. john connor says:

    If one bomb goes off in the U.S. then I believe the U.S. will Nuke (wipe-out) the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia.

    1. Kurt says:

      Not with a Moooslim in Chief at the helm they won’t…

    2. dave says:

      He will apologize to the Muslim world and spend another Veteran’s day in Indonesia like he did last year.

    3. James Foye says:

      Yea, good luck with that. I think anything other than an actual nuclear bomb that wipes out a city and this administration would just shrug its shoulders and then blow some things up with some drones.

  39. I Give Up says:

    Well, Obama let the Muslims come into the whitie hous for a religous event,,,Ramadan, what ever in the hell that is, but will not let christians in…hmmmm I guess these are his people..wouldn’t you think they would swiitch the red phone from russia, to the terrorists?” why would his people want to attack a nation his is presumeably the head of…hmmmmmm

    1. Kurt says:

      oBUMa is without a doubt a Treasonous, Mooooslim supporting, limp wristed POS who has put shackles on America. He needs to be deported back to his home Country post haste…

  40. BJ says:

    Ron Paul told me this is my fault.

    I’ll keep NY in my prayers. Scary stuff. Hopefully, law enforcement is able to stop any impending attacks.

    1. Alec says:

      No, Ron Paul stated that it was the foreign policy, cia meddling, etc. that is partly to blame. Not ordinary citizens but meddling politicians. Sovereignty should be respected.

      1. average Joe says:

        Thanks fake fraud, appreciate it!

  41. Teddy Ballgame says:

    After 911, I started to view cities as obsolete. That they are vulnerable to terror, nukes, contagions. Now add racial mob violence.

  42. PacRim Jim says:

    First dirty bomb, we take out Mecca, Medina, Gom, and a few other sites.
    Then we get down to serious business.

    1. Red WaLker says:

      Right on, brother!

    2. James Foye says:

      Yea, good luck with that. Our current leaders don’t have the balls beyond shrugging their shoulders.

  43. Dave says:

    So in this way, the terr orists have won.

  44. XenZao says:

    Bet none of the previous commentators were on the pile at WTC after 9/11. I doubt theyare even New Yorkers..Some varient that thinks they are New Yorkers.. Go head Kelly.. do what it is you do best.. keep our city safe from terrorists..

  45. Michale Stalin says:

    Michael Bloomberg does resemble Josef Sta;in, In the winter, he should wear a coat an a hat like the creep he portrays with his policing policy

  46. 911 permits the surrender of our freedom, Who really Won? says:

    As far as we really know, the Government could say anything so as to enable them to do anything. Here, the only thing apparent, is we have the presence of an enormous police action, if you wish, the appearance of a POLICE STATE.
    Most likely, the only thing substantial that will result from all this is that we will loose more of our freedom, while the rest of the world perceives us as becoming more and more of a Fascist Dictatorship,
    So remember. Rat on your neighbor or friend or family if they look suspicious, and, If you see something, say something.

    1. joel says:

      Oh, shut up. Lose more of our freedoms. What freedoms have we lost in the last 10 years? You have the freedom to, as most libs like yourself, ignore radical islam (non U.S/European born citizens who commit crime) and cry about the evil U.S/white man. Same shtick, different year. Go away.

      1. Meme Meyagi says:

        joel its you who has to go away, perhaps to afganistan, its suits your preference for totalitarian states

  47. CN says:

    Not sure what towing illegally parked cars has to do with fighting terrorism.

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