Whopping 342 Reports Of Suspicious Packages Over The Weekend

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — While the 10th anniversary of 9/11 passed without an attack here at home, security in New York City remains ramped up.

Vehicle checkpoints, set up after what authorities described as a specific, credible but unconfirmed threat, remained in place Monday.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon Reports From Tribeca

Joe Russo of T&M Protection Resources is a former Secret Service agent who believes the security could remain the same for a while longer.

“The security coverage that you see out here will probably be out here for as long as it takes, and until they prove this thing one way or the other,” he told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Some people are under the impression that such heightened security stops would be over by Monday. However, police sources told CBS 2 that will continue through much of the week, Guzman reported.

“We were in  a taxi and we got pulled over,” said Marv Williams, a tourist from Los Angeles. “They checked the trunk. Who cares? I think it’s good.”

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Since last Thursday, New Yorkers have been seeing and dealing with the checkpoints, which have included inspections of small trucks and vans.  Subway, backpack and vehicle checks also continued Monday.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane Reports On New York City’s Tight Security

Truck driver Eddie Belfiore was among those pulled over, but he told WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane the delay was alright.

“Whatever it takes, you know what I mean? You can’t let these people, you know, take advantage of this city, of this country,” Belfiore said. “If this is what we gotta do, this is what we gotta do. I don’t mind.”

People will continue to see bomb-sniffing dogs, heavily armed officers and be subject to aforementioned bag checks.

“We will be holding our tours, holding our personnel, for an additional four hours” through today, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said over the weekend. “Effectively increasing by a third the size of our patrol, transit and counterterrorism, highway and traffic bureau.”

All this comes as authorities continue to look into the possibility three individuals may have been tasked to create mayhem using car bombs or by targeting area bridges and tunnels.

At least two of the three purported operatives may be U.S. citizens, officials said. So far, there’s been no evidence those operatives have managed to get other operatives into the United States, officials said over the weekend.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Brown said reports of suspicious packages over the weekend were about three times higher than normal.

“Last year, we had about 92 of those reports and so far, we’ve had 342,” he said.

The jitters on the ground also extended into the skies. Two flights were escorted by F-16 fighter jets, including American Airlines Flight 34 from Los Angeles to John F. Kennedy International Airport.

On that flight, three disruptive passengers continually moved in and out of lavatories, locking themselves inside at one point. They eventually returned to their seats. Once on the ground, they were questioned by federal authorities and ultimately cleared. A federal air marshal was on board the flight, and the cockpit was never in danger.

“We had all these officials come on board,” said passenger Kathy Rankin. “After a few minutes, they told us we could get off the plane.”

The second scare concluded in Michigan. That’s where a SWAT team boarded a Frontier Airlines Jet on the tarmac. Suspicious activity was reported on the flight, which originated in Denver. Three passengers were handcuffed and taken off the plane, but they were later released and no charges were filed.

Police are still looking for a white Econoline van with Oklahoma plates was stolen from a self-storage facility in Jersey City. Phone lines and alarms were cut at the site of the Econoline van theft.

What do you think of the security measures in the city? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. SpareFoot NY says:

    Keep it up NY. Everyone in the city should understand, I hope they do. It is only for their safety and if it needs to continue for a couple weeks, so be it.

    New York Storage

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    there is a mooslime terrorist president in white house, that tells you everything you need to know about state of security in usa

  3. benth165 says:

    Well folks, how do you like that, “If you see something, say something” BS ! You must relaize that when we allowed the CIA’s Psy Ops to create a nation of fearful skitzoids, they will report everything from gum wrappers thrown on the sidewalk to forgotten suitcases. This is a huge waste of money, and also ratchets up exponintially the fear mongering when reported by the news organizations, because they know fear sells.
    You morons must also realize that more people are killed in hospitals or by bees or on our hiways than terrorist have killed in the last fifty years. We cannot stop living because of it. We just go on as if nothing really happened. SO WHY ALL THE BRUHAHA OVER SUPPOSED TERRORIST? You are being lead down the rosy path like idiots. The crazier you become because of fear, the more police they will allow us to hire to control those crazies. This terrorist pretext is a game and we have allowed ourselves to become their pawns.
    WAKE UP AMERICA THE TERRORIST THREAT IS A PRETENSE for further intrusions into our private lives. We are being taxed to death to support this slavery paradigm. Read something about why Rome fell and the debauchery and sickness its society fell into while they watched and yelled with enthusiasm while the lions ripped apart the christians in the coliseum. This decadence will be and is now becomming our undoing !!!

  4. Zaner8 says:

    Tali for prez !
    With just one phone call, I put people to work.

  5. mj says:

    does ANYONE believe that terrorists are stpid enuff to plan something during a state of higher security? just remember they waited 8 years between bombing the wtc and 9/11… they are in no hurry .. when they feel the time / situation is right … THEY WILL STRIKE AGAIN … YOU CAN BET ON IT and there is NO way to stop a suicide attack. if you manage to its just luck .. these displays of ” security ” are just a show to make mindless americans feel safe

    1. nan says:

      yes. totally agree. so i think the best way to prevent it, that is America need to be converted as a Muslim country and we will be safe. actually who fxx care to be muslim or not, there is no ALLAH anyway. only stupid ppl will believe those stupid invisible things.

  6. Satchmo says:

    10 million in OVERTIME for UNION COPS and NO BOMBS!!!!!!


    1. DanTe says:

      And whiny sh\ts like you are the first ones to b/tch and moan when an attack did happen.

      Go back to bed. Your mama is bringing an uncle home soon.

    2. yknip says:

      Put your raincoat on cry baby!

  7. Nunya says:

    Why come they always find the most braindead propagandized sheep to comment on the intrusion of the police state?

    “Whatever it takes, you know what I mean? You can’t let these people, you know, take advantage of this city, of this country,” Belfiore said. “If this is what we gotta do, this is what we gotta do. I don’t mind.”

    “We were in a taxi and we got pulled over,” said Marv Williams, a tourist from Los Angeles. “They checked the trunk. Who cares? I think it’s good.”

    WHO CARES? ME YOU IGNORANT A-HOLE! This is AMERICA. No, you can not search me without PROBABLE CAUSE.

    No, the right way to respond to this is not “who cares”, it is to recognize the terrorists have won as we have already sacrificed freedom and liberty for the fraudulent promise of security.

    In America, if I have done nothing wrong, then no, you can not search me.


    What about those dead people in New Orleans who were shot execution style by the police and had a weapon planted at the scene to cover the state sanctioned murder?

    1. Nunya says:

      The point of my last sentence, the idea that “if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about” is such total b.s.

      A militarized society and police do not need any legitimate reason to harass and intimidate you. The examples are far too numerous to name, but a glaring example is the people in New Orleans, WHO DID NOTHING WRONG, and were killed by state insignia wearing jackboot thugs who then attempted to plant evidence on the murdered.

      And if you think that the state does not plant evidence, lie in court for convictions and send otherwise innocent people to prison (in the country with the largest prison population on the planet), then you are completely naive or just a total fool.

    2. TomNJ says:

      I agree. Sadly, terrorism is meant to “terrorize”, and that is exactly what they have done. They have won in that regard. We have a country today that thrives on fear. Once the “alert” is over, we will go back to worrying about cancer from cell phones and fat in our foods or cigarettes or whatever other “problems” we need to be afraid of.

  8. Iraq Vet says:

    I can’t believe I was such a sucker and fought a war for lies.

  9. JBar595 says:

    These packages are probably guns sold to the drug cartels by the Obama administration

  10. Sanjaya Washington says:

    That’s how the new Democrat shakedown goes. The payoff money is put in a package and hidden on public transportation. The government bag man goes to where it is found, takes possession and gets it to the proper Democrat politician.

  11. On another note, not a single police or security officer complained for lack of overtime…..


  12. Schmellma Arss says:

    Security is not as tight as money, so do you bozos out there feel safe? You should because no one’s smoking cigarettes. New Yorkers are the biggest asseaters in the world, they are afraid of everything.

  13. Rusty Shakelford says:

    Red Scare #3 (on a much larger and more oppressive scale then the previous two). And people continue to let this happen….Not too long before we live in a full on Orweillian state.

    1. m says:

      RIght. Better to let security lax and let morons fly planes into our office buildings. That makes me feel much better.

      1. Iraq Vet says:

        To bad that’s a fairy tail. Baaaahhhhh baaahhhhhhhh.

  14. mike says:

    If there are really three bomb suspects, then bring them in. Or, do you just want to create hysteria, BO?

  15. NYC says:

    What’s the big deal? worries too much.
    Sigh. . .

  16. Sal says:

    I thought only Bush hightened the threat level for these made up threats to divert from his unpopularity. Don’t tell me Obama is doing the same.

    1. joe Blow says:

      Why not?

  17. Saltine says:

    Probably good ole gal Jan Napolitano and Homeland Security working on locking us down completely. NO ONE SHALL ENTA NO ONE SHALL LEAAAAVE WITHOUT THEIR PAAAAAPAAAAAEEERS!!!!! NO?

  18. saltine says:

    This is another step in the process of becoming a complete Police State.
    Glad to see the ppl on here actually get it!

    1. Jason says:

      Hey dbag – see comment below addressed to James. Same goes for you. I’d venture to guess that you did not know anyone personally who died on 9/11 as as result of the attacks and our lack of preparation or belief that such a thing could actually happen. Now, we know. Taking a step back in security because of liberal idiots like you is exactly what terrorists are waiting for to strike again. They tried it once on the World Trade Center in the 90s. Once we “forgot” about that….they decided to fly planes into the buildings instead. .

      1. Tony says:


        Google “Israel did 911, all the proof in the world.”

        Otherwise, STFU about the “muslim terrorists” conspiracy theory.

  19. james says:

    I’m surprised all these people are perfectly fine with the police state they live in. Searching random vehicles and other areas does not prevent terrorist attacks. And the more we allow it, the more it wears away at what made us a great nation.

    1. Johnny says:

      Disgustingly liberal? Maybe in the classical sense that comes with a full understanding of the INHERENT rights outlined in the Fourth Amendment.

  20. HOW DARE YOU says:

    NYPD gets their marching orders from the FBI so therefore, it is the FBI that will sponsor the next upcomming white van episode,In a neighborhood near you……….

  21. michaelfury says:

    “Police are still looking for a white Econoline van with Oklahoma plates was stolen from a self-storage facility in Jersey City. Phone lines and alarms were cut at the site of the Econoline van theft.”

    Same old MO?


    1. Saltine says:

      Sheesh! Do they have any idea in blazing hell just how many out of state OK/AZ/CA/NV/GA/AK plates there are in NYC???? Thousands! It seems every Russian lives in Ohio and commutes every day to park their OH plated Jag in Brooklyn!!!!!!

      1. Saltine says:

        And I’m quite certain these are ILLEGAL plates with no LEGAL registration/license or INSURANCE connected!

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