Craig was thrilled to hear the kind words Alex Rodriguez had for his teammate Mariano Rivera after he collected career save No. 600.

Craig has an admitted ‘man-crush’ on the Yankees 3rd baseman, but also admits he isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. So to hear him speak so eloquently brought a smile to his face, right up to the point to where he said that people 100 years from now remembering this day.

Craig pointed out that anyone who is alive today and saw last night’s game is not likely going to be alive in 100 years, which brought on a conversation about mortality, as Boomer talked about his grave plot and how he would like to be cremated when he dies.

Al Dukes suggested they get together with the folks over at Steiner Sports and try to sell the Boom’s ashes, while Jerry expressed a desire to snort them and Eddie wants to make jewelry out of them.

Then it was a case of John Sterling accusing Nick Swisher of not paying attention and Terry Collins getting all sorts of tongue tied…

LISTEN: Monetizing, Memorializing & Snorting Boomer’s Ashes (9/14)

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